My Stud

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All characters are 18+


I pride myself on being a pretty open guy.

I try not to be sexist or racist or prejudiced unlike a lot of folks from home.

So I know lots of people, including Betty.

Betty is hot, she’s also Bisexual and kinda like one of those pin up girls from the old posters with some muscle girl in there and the singer Pink.

And we’re usually just friends.

Drinks down at Ducky’s our local pub, playing pool, stuff like that.

Until we were talking one night about how she can take her strap and hook anyone.

Guy or girl if they’re willing.

I looked at her. “Guy or girl if they’re willing?”

Betty grinned. “Sure, my strap game is fucking strong, been like that since college.”

“Sure right, and guys too.”

“Damned right but they got to be willing.”

“Willing for what?”

“For anal, for taking my strap.”

“And why would a guy do that? I mean unless he’s gay or bi?”

“Well there’s curious, or well if he’d like to bet something.”

“Bet something?”

“Blowjobs whenever asked for a month?”

“I’ll take you up on that.”

Betty looked at me. “Seriously?”

“Yeah seriously.”

She ordered some shots. “Let’s seal this with a handshake and pendik escort shots.”

We shook hands and had three shots of tequila each before starting to make out in the cab back to her place.

We made out hot and heavy on the way over and her place was a old converted loft of some old warehouse or store and was as cool as she was.

It took us very little time to get to her bedroom and then we started having sex.

Betty was awesome, wild, horny, into it all and started and ended things on a great blow job.

We cuddled for a bit before she slid out of bed.

“You’re turn, time to get cleaned up.”

“Cleaned up?”

“Inside Rob, if we’re going to do this then let’s do this right.”

I swallowed. “Anything to drink?”

“Sure baby.”

Betty got out a half bottle of Southern Comfort from her freezer and poured drinks as I used her bathroom and things she had in there to have an enema and clean my ass out. I then had a shower so no funk lingered and she had another drink waiting for me.

She got more music out and we danced and drank from the bottle some and when we were both fairly tipsy again she walked me back to the bed.

And pushed me down then straddled me and kissed me.

I only actually noticed there tuzla escort were other things there when she started lubing me up with her fingers.

Teasing at first, feeling me out despite my nervousness, slickly massaging around it and then actually massaging my hole until that and the booze relaxed me enough she slipped in.

It didn’t hurt, it wasn’t painful or shocking just strange.

Strange that made me moan as Betty fingered me and massaged my insides and that felt good, like my insides were starting to melt with relaxation.

Then she hit that spot inside of me making me gasp and I heard her laugh,

“There we go Rob, there we go sweetness.”

Betty started fingering my prostate while sucking and stoking me until I came like a sudden gunshot but deeper?

Like she drew it out from deeper.

I was panting and seeing stars as she stopped sucking and kept up the massage and pushed the pads of her fingers harder until I came again with a shaking breathlessness and no boner, not a spurt.

What, what was that?

I was so caught up in it all I barely noticed Betty adding more lube.

I noticed the vibe sliding into my ass.

It was turned on from the time it entered me and I knew exactly what it was and moaned as the waves kartal escort of vibrations send pleasure and soothing vibes through my body until Betty found and pressed it to my spot, my cum spot and that’s when I lost it.

Lost track of the time, the pleasure, the number of times she made me cum like that in between this torture of getting so close…and just riding it.

I was begging. “Betty please, please more, please oh fuck.”

“You want my cock, you want my cock sweet thing?”

“Yes, yes please Betty fuck my ass.”

It took zero time for the vibe to be replaced by her strap and it was hot, not too hot but warmer than flesh but it just.

I had one of those cums just from the huge size of her big long really thick strap sinking into my ass and it was heated.

My body just gave in too, just stretched and stretched as she filled me more than anything.

And then she started to move and ride me and fuck my ass.

And hard, hard pounding strokes like any I’ve ever dished out and on target hammering my spot and making me feel amazing, feel blissful.

Betty fucks me until I’m close to begging for her to stop and she’s tired.

She’s sweet as much as she’s sweaty and we kiss.


I nuzzled her. “Okay, okay you definitely win the bet.”

“So I get your ass whenever I want for a month?”

“Hey that wasn’t…oh fuck it…definitely.”

I knew, I knew I was going to want more of this and more of Betty being my stud.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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