My Good Fortune

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What can I say? I love anal! I really do! I don’t even know how I grew to love it. It just happened. I remember seeing it for the first time in a video and thinking it was interesting. Before I knew it though, it was in every other video I watched.

I mean, I love regular fucking as well, but there’s an animal quality to anal that pussy fucking can’t seem to reach. Think of a woman’s vagina and you’re thinking of something sacred. But a woman’s backdoor? Anything goes! If you find a girl that’s into getting fucked in the ass, you both know it’s just about pure, raw, animalistic pleasure. Just rough and dirty fucking! The forbidden quality to it is just icing on the cake.

Not that I’d knew what that felt like at the time. I’d only read stories about it and jerked off to countless anal scenes. Don’t get me wrong. I’d laid my fair share of girls and managed to get some anal fingering out of some of them. But I’d never managed to get my cock up into that one place I secretly wanted. So imagine my delight when a girl I took back to my place bluntly said: ‘Do me in the ass!’

‘What?’ I asked unbelievably.

We’d been fooling around for the better part of an hour. Her breasts were laid bare before me, her blouse undone and bra wide open. Her pants lay on the floor in a little pile along with most of our clothes. I was down to my undies, aching to dive into hers. But she insisted we take it slow. The teasing was agonizing as she had rubbed all along my body like a snake., especially those few times she kissed around the top of my boxers. I returned the favor by kissing and moving my hands all around her. I could tell I was getting her worked up. She really seemed put on edge when I took those tits of hers and sucked on them while I had a hand rubbing the outside of her panties. Needless to say, her request was far beyond what I could’ve hoped for.

‘You heard me. I want you to fuck me in the ass,’ she said, almost demanding.

Again, I looked at her, wondering if she was joking. Most guys would kill to be in my shoes, but I’d never had it dropped in my lap like this. ‘You can’t be serious.’

She reached over into the nightstand, taking out a bottle of lube and dangling it in front of me. ‘Why not?’ she said in a playfully innocent way. ‘I thought that’s what every guy wants.’

‘Well, yeah. But I never had a girl outright offer it.’

‘God you’re being silly! Here I am giving it up for nothing and you’re asking questions?’


‘I even cleaned myself out for it.’

‘Cleaned yourself out? As in…’

‘That’s right. I gave myself an enema before I went out tonight.’

‘Just in case?’

‘Mmm hmm. Just in case. So what do you say?’ She started rubbing my cock through my boxers. It was hard beyond belief at this point. ‘Clearly he’s excited about it.’

‘Mmmph. Yeah, well, he can’t help himself,’ I said, catching my breath at her touch.

‘Don’t you want it too?’ she asked.

‘Oh God yes!’

‘Well then what are you waiting for?’ She threw me the bottle, chuckling a little. I was grinning ear to ear.

‘There is a catch though,’ she warned.


‘Yeah,’ she said as she kneeled up on the bed. ‘You can fuck me all you want back here,’ she said, placing a finger on her ass. ‘But this…’ She place a finger on her pussy mound. ‘…is off limits. Deal?’

It was a strange request, but I had no issue with it. ‘Deal!’

‘Great! Now, relax and let me warm you up a bit.’

I was entranced as she slinked her way to me, leaning her head between my legs. She pulled the band of my boxers down, making my cock bounce up and down to greet her. Gripping my length, she smiled and slid it into her warm inviting mouth. I shuddered as I felt her tongue moving around the head. I just couldn’t believe my good fortune.

She bobbed her head tantalizingly slow, engulfing me. Her hot tongue rubbed along my shaft, licking all around it. She was wildly talented at this, letting saliva coat the tight skin as she slurped on my dick.

She was getting me very excited as she let her tongue slide up the underside. Withdrawing my cock with a lewd pop, she sucked it back in, moving her head faster. She cupped my balls as I bent my head backwards, moaning in ecstasy. She moved them around, fondled them, and sometimes pulled down gently. The sensations were incredible. My fingers found themselves in her hair, pushing her further down on me.

Using some excess saliva, she coated a finger and pressed it on the area beneath my scrotum. I inhaled sharply as she rubbed it up and down, inching further back towards my sphincter. I even arched my back a little. I’d played with both these areas before and was amazed to find a woman that wanted to do the very same. She was just full of surprises. All the while, she continued sucking down on my dick.

She slowed her ministrations until she finally came up for air, my cock trapped between her pumping kurtköy escort fingers.

‘Mmm, I love how you taste. Think you’re ready to go?’ she asked. I nodded my head quickly. A rhetorical question if I ever heard one!

She shed what remained of her clothes, revealing the rest of her amazing body. I drunk in the sight as she got on her hands and knees, presenting her lovely round bottom. She looked back at me as she spread those globes wide.

I could see her asshole pucker right above her pussy. She was wet and dripping, her lips fully engorged and pink.

‘Rub some lube here,’ she said, using a finger to touch on the center of her anus.

I applied a small amount on two fingers and pressed it on her rosebud. She shivered at the cold, but then started moaning as I moved around her hole.

‘Mmmm. That’s it. Go slow. Get that lube all over.’

I’d never before had the opportunity to be up this close to a girl’s asshole. I was utterly mesmerized by it, savoring every sensation as I moved around that forbidden hole. I knew there were quite a few nerves bunched up in that area, as it seemed like I was shocking her with each movement. In turn, her moans were driving me wild. It was clear she was enjoying my slow motions.

‘Oh God, please, put a finger inside me!’ she squealed.

I was more than happy to oblige. Dolloping more lube, I pressed my finger until eventually, it started entering her.

‘Unh. Oh. Ooh.’ She started grabbing the sheets as I plunged all the way up to the knuckle. She let out some more surprised moans as I pumped it in her.

‘Oh yes! Oh God, yes! Finger my ass! Please baby! Finger fuck it!’

Her words just drove me on as I continued. I moved myself up to kiss along her back and shoulders. I wanted to get closer to hear those noises she was making. As I lay on her, I used my hand to grab her tits. I massaged them for a bit until I moved further down her front, dangerously close to her off-limits area.

‘What are you doing?’ she asked between breaths.

‘I want to touch you.’

‘We had a deal,’ she warned as she continued enjoying my fingering.

I had the funny feeling that if I really wanted to take her pussy, she wouldn’t object that much. She was in no state to deny such pleasure. But I’d never forgive myself if I ruined this opportunity for her ass. I decided to offer a compromise. ‘How ’bout I just rub your clit then?’

She lightly chuckled. ‘Oh you’re so damn naughty. Alright. Just my clit!’

I felt around her pussy lips gingerly until I found where they met at the top. Slowly, I began to rub the hood, hoping to coax that little nub out. I felt her start bucking under me a little.

‘Ooh, that feels good!’ She let herself get lost, moaning almost uncontrollably. ‘Yes baby! Keep fingering my ass! Oh God!’

I sucked on her neck and ears as I kept moving, my cock throbbing hard against her ass. Withdrawing, I took two of my fingers and pushed them inside.

‘Huoh!!’ she screamed, pressing herself onto the mattress as she took handfuls of the sheets. I caught her off-guard with that surprise. But she found no trouble adjusting quickly. To top it off, my clit rubbing was obviously driving her wild.

‘Oh fuck! Oh God! Please don’t stop! Keep rubbing my clit! I’m close! I’M CLOSE! OH GOD!’ she yelled as she came. She bucked her hips like a wild animal under me, trapped in continuing pleasure between my hands. She grabbed back at me for what seemed like a while, steadying herself as she started coming down to catch her breath. I kissed her then. She returned the kiss fervently and reached back to grasp my shaft. I let out a surprised moan as she chuckled devilishly.

‘Fuck, take it easy, will ya?’

‘I just want to make sure you’re still ready. You still want to fuck me don’t you?’

‘Oh fuck yes I do!’

‘Good, cuz I still want the ass fucking I ordered! Get it in gently, but let loose once you do. I want you to ram that nice, thick, hard cock in me over and over until my brains are thoroughly fucked out!’

My God! I’d never heard anyone talk like that before! I was absolutely speechless!

‘Can you do that? Can you do that for me?’ she asked.

I didn’t say a word. I took my fingers out of her anus and grabbed the lube. Squeezing it generously on my hand, I rubbed it up and down her crack and on my shaft.

She looked back at me, making eye contact. She looked so wanton with her ass hanging in the air, willing and waiting for me. She probably saw nothing but lust on my face as I threw the bottle to the side. Moving closer, I placed a hand on her back forcefully and pressed her shoulders down onto the mattress, her ass still high up. I placed my cock at her back door and starting pressing in while she closed her eyes and prepared.

Slowly, I starting slipping pass her sphincter, invading her asshole. She started tensing up a little, but adapted quickly after and started malatya escort relaxing. I think my dick was thicker than she was expecting. I was only six inches, but girls mentioned they liked how thick I was. She moaned as my cock stretched her open. The feeling was intense as I could feel her shuddering, her ass muscles spasming around me. Finally, I stopped as my hips met her ass cheeks, my balls resting on the outside of her pussy. I could feel the heat radiating from it.

‘Oh God! Oh. You’re so deep!’

I withdrew until it was just my head inside. For a moment, it looked like she was afraid I was going to take it all out until I rammed it back in.

‘Oohhhh! Oh!’ she cried out. She got what she asked for as I placed my hands on her hips, grabbing her for all she was worth. I started pumping myself into her deliciously tight ass, bottoming out with every plunge.

I felt the walls of her colon gripping my cock relentlessly, sucking in each time I shoved it in and getting dragged out as I withdrew. The sight of it was so dirty that I couldn’t help but go slow just to drink it in. All the while, she moaned loudly, clawing at the bed.

‘Oh, faster! Faster! Fuck me harder!’ she demanded. Who was I to deprive her? I started driving into her with more force, pressing a hand right above her crack as my hips pumped. She raised herself on her hands and started pushing back to meet my thrusts, her tits undulating back and forth.

Her head bent back as she cried out with every motion. I grabbed her hair, pulling it as I continued fucking her, our bodies lewdly slapping together. I leaned over her, my mouth close to her ear.

‘Is that what you wanted? Is this what you were craving?’ I asked, lodging my cock deeper inside her.

‘Oh yes! Oh fuck yes! Fuck my ass! Your dick feels so huge! Don’t you dare stop!’

‘Oh baby! You have no idea how tight you are. How warm and tight your ass feels. It’s like a goddamn vice!’

‘Oh God yes! Keep telling me! Keep fucking it! Keep fucking me! Make me your anal whore! Your anal slut! Oh yes! Oh fuck yes!’

‘Oh girl, I’ll fuck your ass any time you want me to!’ I leaned up and grabbed her shoulders, fucking her harder and faster until I felt like changing positions. I slid my cock all the way out of her wanting ass and sat back.

‘Hey, don’t stop!’ she said.

‘Shut up,’ I replied coldly, roughly rolling her over onto her back.

I was possessed! The animal inside me didn’t care how that comment came out. All it wanted was more of her. More of that ass.

Spreading my knees wide, I placed my cock at her asshole and stuffed it back inside. Closing her eyes, she rolled her head back as she moaned. I grabbed where her legs and hips met and started fucking her with quick, shallow thrusts. I could see her arching her back a little, her tits bouncing as I continued assaulting her quivering ass.

She moved one of her hands down almost as if to keep my hips at bay. I unchivalrously moved it out of the way and pressed myself down on her, making my thrusts harder and longer. I leaned down to suck on her tits a little. She grabbed my head as I did so.

‘What’s the deal? I thought you wanted to be fucked!’

‘Sorry! I wasn’t thinking. Keep going! Keep fucking my ass!’

‘Will do, baby!’ I said as I continued enjoying plunging into her. I sat up again and moved to place her legs over my shoulders. Pinning down her wrists, she moaned as I shoved myself as deep as I could inside her. I moved forward to kiss her, bending her in half. I then resumed thrusting my hips, moving her ass up and down on the bed as my cock pistoned. At this proximity, her moans and yelps bombarded my ears. I think she even started squealing at one point!

‘Oh God, you’re amazing! Yes, please! Fuck me! Take me! Use me! Own my ass with your cock!’

My God, she was an absolute freak for this! The fact that she was so into it made me want to take her however I wanted to. She really did become my anal whore; my own little anal slut; to use her to make her, my cock, and me happy. Her ass was literally mine to fuck and use how I saw fit.

‘God you are loving this so much! I can’t get enough! How many guys have you let fuck your ass like this?’

‘Oh God, I don’t know! 14. 15 maybe!’ she managed to say between breaths.

‘Damn! You really are an anal slut! And just your ass? Never your pussy?’


It was hard to believe, but believe it I did as I shamelessly kept using that anal vice on my cock. ‘Oh fuck, baby! Why not?’

‘Who cares?!’ she yelled. She had moved her hands out from under mine and grabbed my head firmly. It brought us to a halt.

I was a little more than surprised. I stared into her beautiful hazel eyes, which only bored right into me. I had triggered something. But what, I didn’t know. I could tell there was a reason she wasn’t willing to share.

The silence between us was palpable as we studied kayseri escort each other. It was very intense, being buried deep inside her while being so perfectly still. Corny as it sounds, it was like we were one. I didn’t know where I stopped and she began. I was willing to bet she felt the same.

She pulled my head down and gave me probably what was the most passionate kiss of my life. I wanted her and she wanted me! We used our tongues to try and relay that sentiment. This was oddly intimate for a one-night stand.

Afterward, she stared at me for a few seconds more, looking so vulnerable, yet warm at the same time. I can only imagine what she saw on my face as I was only starting to come back to reality, realizing that I was still balls deep in her ass.

‘Just keep fucking me!’ she commanded finally. I complied. Taking out my entire length, save for the head, I plunged it back in.

The fucking resumed and it grew more urgent as she wrapped her arms around my back, clutching me for dear life.

‘Please! Please! More!’ she said.

I buried my face in her hair as she grabbed the back of my head. I felt consumed by her as I could feel her muscles clamping down even more on my cock. I was starting to get close.

‘Fuck me!’ she whispered in my ear.

‘Fuck. Uh!’ I started grunting uncontrollably as I couldn’t tell who was fucking whom. ‘I think I’m gonna cum!’

‘Yes! Cum! Cum in my ass! Come deep inside me!’ she whispered, kissing the side of my face, grabbing me harder.

I closed my eyes as I focus on nothing else but thrusting into her. In and out, long and hard! Her ass was a whole hot mess that my slippery cock could not get enough of! The feelings were beyond exquisite.

I eventually sped up as I approached that threshold. Our bodies slapped violently together until finally, I sank once more into that glorious ass and came for what felt like an eternity. I shivered as she held me even tighter.

‘Oh yes! Mmmm,’ she said as she grabbed my head again, kissing me all over.

I was utterly spent as I fell onto her. Maneuvering her legs off my shoulders, I kissed her back as I started coming down from the high of it all. We panted together for a few moments until I let myself off of her. We lay next to each other for a while, still trying to catch out breath.

‘So those other guys. What happened to them.’ I asked.

‘What do you mean?’

‘I mean are they alive, or did you fuck them to death?’

She playfully hit me as we both laughed. ‘No. They’re still alive…barely.’

We laughed again as we started getting into a good cuddle position under the sheets.

‘And they let you get away? Pfft. Idiots!’

‘Yeah, well, I’m not totally blameless. More times then not, it was my fault they left.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Some just couldn’t handle me.’

‘Couldn’t handle you?’

‘Yep. I don’t know if you noticed, but I’m an anal freak! I love it! And my ass is very demanding!’

‘How demanding?’

‘Like it gets fucked every other day! Dick, toys…vegetables!’


‘What? I can’t help myself!’ she said, laughing.

I chuckled, both at her and my amazing circumstance. ‘That’s awesome! What about the other guys? They cheat on you or something?’

‘No, it was more physical stuff.’

‘Physical stuff?’

‘Yeah. Like some couldn’t handle having just my ass.’

‘I find that hard to believe.’

‘It’s true, though. Sometimes they wanted…more than I was willing to give.’

It was a cryptic thing to say, to be sure. From how she worded it, it sounded like they wanted a chance at the off-limits area. But I wasn’t about to think about this too much. Well, I was gonna try not to overthink it.

‘What about you? Are you going to want more?’ she asked.


‘No? You sure?’

‘Yeah! At least I don’t think so. To tell you the truth, anal’s kind of my thing.’

‘Really?’ She sounded excited. ‘You’re not just saying that?’

‘I think you’d be surprised.’

‘Good.’ She laughed as she stroked my chest idly. ‘You know, I wouldn’t mind doing this again sometime. If that’s okay with you.’

Did she seriously think I’d turn her down? Still, I tried to act cool. ‘Sure, that’s fine with me!’

She smiled. ‘Awesome. And know this sounds cliché, but I’m not looking for anything serious. Just fun!’

I didn’t really know why she felt the need to confess that. It seemed pretty obvious that was the case. All it did was make me wonder more about those other guys. I mean, for me, it felt I had hit the anal fuck buddy jackpot. I wasn’t even remotely planning on ruining this.

‘It’s okay. I’m not either.’


I kissed her deeply. ‘Really. I mean, what guy wouldn’t want to have your ass again?’

It looked like she was about to say something else, but resorted to kissing me back. She then started fondling my cock.

‘Again?’ I asked. I didn’t have to wonder as moved to awaken my cock with an amazing blowjob, after which she got me to fuck her insatiable ass two more times that night.

I suspected I was going to like this arrangement.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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