Hubby Wants to Share Me

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For over a year now my husband has been wanting to see me with other men. I guess it has been a natural progression from listening to stories from my past sexual encounters. A month or so ago we had our very first “experience” which I shared here on WL. It was tame by WL standards but wild for me since I have no desire to be with anyone else but hubby. The only thing that keeps me from dismissing this altogether is the fact that I love him and want to please him at every level as he does me!

We had a little get together on Sunday and being so hot we were mostly outside by the pool. My friend Gina came over with her new boyfriend, Burt. He was very charming and attractive. According to Gina he was “packing” a very large package. A few weeks ago she told hubby and I all about the first time she made love to him and Gina can be very descriptive and explicit. Truth be told hubby has shared with her his desires of sharing me and she thinks it’s “hot as hell” that I have a husband like that.

As it got later Gina and Burt were the only ones left. Gina was helping me pick up around the house and the guys were outside smoking cigars and drinking whiskey. We have a heavily landscaped backyard and an outside covered terrace with a large sectional sofa. Soon we rejoined the guys and the drinks were flowing. Gina lit up a blunt and we smoked. The conversation began shifting to how they both met and quickly escalated into sex.

Gina always likes to share stories about our crazy adventures from our younger years and the men always love listening. My husband has heard most of them and loves to hear them. This was the first time for Burt and he was mesmerized by Gina’s story. Gina was standing telling her story about one of her European vacations and an “accidental threesome” that she was involved with one of our friends. Burt’s expressions were priceless. Even hubby nudged me to look at how Burt was glued to Gina’s every word and gestures. Burt was fixated on Gina and kept adjusting himself. I noticed a definite eryaman escort bayan bulge growing under his cargo shorts.

Hubby and Burt were shirtless at this point and Gina was wearing a bikini. I had a floral sundress on with a thong and bra underneath. I was baking a dessert and heard the oven timer go off so I went inside and left them outside talking. I was gone for no more than 5 minutes. On my return it was very quiet and I couldn’t see Gina. The only lights on now were coming from the Tiki torches. I was carrying a tray with the dessert and noticed Burt with his head back and hubby was staring at him. As I got closer I found Gina bobbing up and down giving Burt head.

I didn’t say a word but I was like, “WTF?” in my head. I look over to hubby and he simply nodded to come over with a very devilish grin on his face. He took my hand and sat me on his lap.

“Shh Babe. This is so fucking horny!” he whispered in my ear.

I had to admit that it was. The pot and drink combination certainly helped with any inhibitions so I just sat on my hubby’s hard on as Gina sucked on Burt’s cock. As my eyes adjusted to the light I noticed Burt’s ample length. I had seen Gina give head before multiple times and she was magnificent. This was hubby’s first time seeing her in action and I could tell he was extremely aroused.

Hubby started rubbing my thighs and quickly worked himself up to my punani. I have to admit I was very aroused at the whole thing. The torch lighting provided a voyeuristically romantic backdrop that kept you hyper focused on them. I felt my bra being unfastened and removed completely. My breathing became heavier and I could feel my wetness between my inner thighs. Hubby inserted a finger and gently toyed with me as Gina masterfully licked Burt’s shaft from top to bottom.

Unconsciously I began rubbing myself on hubby’s hard on. I was sitting on him facing away to watch Burt and Gina. He parted my legs and he was humping me from behind. Here we were a few feet away from my friend ankara escort as she devoured her new boyfriend’s cock when my husband removed my panties. I was now wearing only a sundress as I was watching a private sex act in front of me.

Hubby had one hand on my breasts and the other one on my punani. Hubby’s hard on kept poking me to the point I had to feel him. I leaned back and kissed him. My tongue was swirling around his mouth and my eyes closed or a brief moment. I was lost in the moment when my hubby suddenly said, “Oh shit.” I look up and Gina had just straddled Burt. She was facing him but that position seemed challenging for her. She turned around and was now facing us as she lowered herself on Burt’s massive member.

She was looking straight at us as her facial features contoured under the pleasure she was receiving. Her moaning kept getting louder as Burt was playing with her beautiful breasts. Hubby stood up and began removing my dress. I feebly tried to resist but soon I was stark naked facing Gina and Burt. Hubby removed his shorts and his cock sprang out. His cock head was dripping pre-cum profusely showing his arousal.

I tasted him but he quickly turned me over and entered me from behind. I saw Gina say something to Burt and they changed positions. Burt stood up and that’s when the massiveness of his cock really became apparent. His cock was not only very long but really thick. Gina had one leg on the floor and her head was resting on the sofa. Gina motioned us closer and said hoarsely, “Get closer. He’s so big!”

My husband grabbed Gina’s butt cheeks and spread her apart as Burt entered her. I was inches away watching this thick veiny behemoth slowly disappear inside Gina. His cock was glistening with her juices but there was clearly a few inches dry near his pelvis. I marveled at how Gina’s pussy lips were clinging to his cock as he gently went in and out of her. My husband was inside of me and I was resting my hands on Gina’s lower back. I lowered my head and sincan escort bayan not so gently bit Gina’s sweaty lower back as we were both getting impaled at the very same time.

“Mi loca, you want to switch?” Gina spurted breathlessly.

“Hell yeah!” exclaimed my hubby!

I simply grunted no. I was not ready for this. Truthfully I was also a bit intimidated with Burt’s size. I have had some very well endowed men in my life but it’s been years since I was with someone this big. I was also scared of how my husband would react watching me handle Burt. My husband has a wonderful cock and uses it artfully to make me orgasm wildly. I do not want to do something we will both regret. I have to be ready and convinced it will not change our relationship.

I moved over to be in front of Gina. I was now in doggie with our faces touching. Gina looked directly at me and grabbed my face and kissed me on the lips. We had kissed before so it wasn’t a big deal. My husband had never seen this so needless to say he was thrilled. His pounding increased intensity and I remember putting my face down on the sofa and struggling to breathe when I felt a warm spurt on my back. I look up to see Burt grunting and stroking himself as he came. Another huge spurt landed on top of Gina’s hair with enough force to splash my face as well.

Hubby begins grunting and he jumped over and rubbed his cock in both our faces as he came like a gusher! He rubbed his cock al over Gina’s face and then mine as he kept grunting like a wild animal. Gina grabbed his cock and sucked him dry while looking straight at me. She then motioned over Burt and she took him in her mouth inches away from my face. Without saying a word she rubbed his semi erect cock in my face and before I knew it I sucked his cock head. He was HUGE! I could taste his cum and her juices. I struggled trying to get more than his head in my mouth but couldn’t. He was just too thick.

Gina and I were sweaty and had our faces covered in cum. I could feel my juices running down my thighs. The guys simply propped back in the sofa with their cocks spent. I have to admit that watching these two men covered in sweat with cum and our juices still dripping down from their cocks was one of the horniest things I have ever witnessed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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