Atlanta Ch. 02

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Author’s note:

This is a continuation of Atlanta Ch. 01. I encourage you to read that story first, as I do not recap here.

Thanks again to Woodthrush555108 for editing help. Go read her poems!

This is a purely fictional account of my horny imagination while on a trip to Atlanta. If you enjoyed this story, please remember to rate it. If you hated it, please tell me why, so I can get better.


* * * * *

I slept like the tired baby I was all night. The alarm went off at 5 a.m. I jumped in the shower and got ready for work. I was all set to head out when I noticed the pink thong Veronica had handed me the night before. I snatched it up and put it into my pocket before leaving the room.

All day long at the quarry, my hand would reach into my pocket to feel the silky tiny undergarment, and my mind kept coming back to Veronica. Each time, this caused an erection that I struggled to hide.

It was a hot and steamy day in Atlanta, and I was sweating through my shirt. At 4 p.m., as I was about to leave the plant, I was stopped by the plant manager who wanted to hear all about our day. Filling him in took way too long, but I eventually got away. After driving the 30 minutes to the Holiday Inn Express, it was close to 6 p.m. I hoped Veronica was still waiting for me.

I changed into my bathing suit in record time and made my way to the pool. As I entered, there she was, sitting on a lounge chair wearing the skimpiest white bikini I had ever seen. She was talking to Megan, the assistant hotel manager who had been on duty last night. I took a chair on the other side of the pool directly opposite Veronica. She looked at me once and smiled but continued with her conversation. As I settled in, she widened her legs giving me a great view. It would get even better.

Veronica continued talking with Megan who was standing to her right, but she moved her hand to her lap and pulled her bikini bottom to the side to show me her beautiful pussy. Megan could not see what Veronica was doing, but I had a perfect vantage point to see Veronica insert first one, and then two, fingers into her obviously wet nether region. Megan glanced over at me and caught me staring at Veronica. I looked down at my phone, pretending not to be watching. When I looked up again, Megan was headed my way with a smirk on her face. She looked down at the barely contained bulge in my swim trunks and just said, “Have a nice swim.” She headed out the door, leaving the pool area to just the two of us.

Veronica stood up, walked over to my lounge chair, and put her fingers to my lips. Her scent was heavenly, and I sucked both fingers into my mouth, savoring the taste of her. I stood up expecting to kiss her, but she wrinkled her nose and asked me why I was so obnoxiously smelly! I apologized and said I was so late from work and I didn’t want to miss her, so I didn’t get a chance to clean up properly. I suggested a quick dip in the pool to dowse my B.O., but she got this really wicked grin on her face and said, “Follow me.”

She grabbed my hand and led me to the locker rooms. She went directly into the ladies’ side, pulling me behind her like a whimpering puppy. We went straight to the showers, and she untied my suit and pulled it down as I stepped out. She turned on the water, and I protested (not very vigorously), “What if someone comes in?”

Veronica just laughed and said, “I am the only female guest in the motel. Who else could possibly show up?”

I laughed with her and calmed a bit. The warm water felt heavenly, and as I turned back to Veronica, she was shedding her suit and looked fabulous. I was still in awe of her near perfect body.

I stood under the water and watched her let those hefty, round, beautiful tits free of the skimpy white fabric. As she massaged her breasts, my cock hardened. Veronica turned her back to me and slid her bikini panties down, showing me her firm ass.

She turned me around to face the wall and pushed my arms down to lean against the tile. There were three dispensers on the wall: shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. She started with the shampoo. Her fingers felt magical as they massaged my scalp, lathering up my hair. Her body was close to mine, and I could feel her hard nipples brush my back as she worked the shampoo into my hair. After a heavenly few minutes she said, “Rinse,” eryaman escort bayan and I moved back into the shower stream to rinse my head.

As I reassumed my position with my arms out against the tile, Veronica was already loading her hands with body wash. Her hands slid over and down my back, worked around to caress the soap into my hairy chest, and then rubbed vigorously under my arms. Her hands and fingers felt so good on my body. Then, she hugged me, crushing those magnificent tits into my back, swirling around on the soapy film. Veronica’s left hand trailed down my chest over my stomach and grabbed my erection. Her soapy hand was moving quickly up and down on my extremely hard member. I pushed my ass back into Veronica and let out a loud sigh as her hand stroked my cock. I was so horny after thinking about her all day that I was getting worked up very quickly.

Veronica whispered in my ear, “You seem tense. Let me help you release that tension. Assuming you can recover quickly. I have plans for that cock.”

I nodded and moaned loudly as she sped up her stroking. It felt so good to be in the shower all soapy and slippery with a gorgeous woman. She used her other hand to pinch my nipple as she kept stoking my dick. I could feel my willpower melting as she kissed my neck, tongued my ear, and pulled my nipple. I grunted loudly and then came all over the tile in front of me.

It was such a relief to cum after having numerous hard-ons all day. I turned around and kissed Veronica for the first time that day. Her lips were soft, tasting of cherry lip gloss. We stood in the warm water enjoying kissing each other as our tongues took turns exploring the other’s mouth. I could not resist reaching down to grab her left breast. It felt both firm and soft. Her nipple was sticking out and I started tweaking it with my thumb. I reached my other hand over to the body wash and got a nice handful that I rubbed all over her right breast. So slippery. I spread the soapy suds all over her chest and shoulders. I slid my hand down onto her stomach, spreading more soap. I hugged her close, so that our bodies were snug but soapy, slipping and sliding together. I took my soapy hands and grabbed her firm ass and pulled her into me, but she slid too far to the left. We laughed and each used soapy hands and arms to try and hug each other as we continued to slide our parts against each other.

I moved us back into the water so we could rinse some of the body wash off.

I then moved to my knees and put my face into her crotch. As I dipped my tongue into her folds, they were wet from the inside, and I savored the taste of her nectar. I really wanted to make her come as she had done for me.

I put my hands on Veronica’s ass and pulled her toward my face. I was still amazed that this gorgeous woman was naked with me in the hotel pool locker room. My tongue explored all of her it could reach. I felt her hands nudge my head even tighter into her. My tongue found her clit and I felt Veronica shudder. My hand trailed down her ass crack and then over her puckered anus. My fingers caressed her folds before slipping inside that warm wet pussy. My lips clamped down on her clit and sucked, and that was all she needed. She called out, “Oh shit! That feels amazing. Yes! Yes!” My fingers were stroking in and out while my tongue ran circles around that hard nub. She exclaimed quite loudly, “I’m coming! Don’t you dare stop!”

She then showered my face with her juices. I lapped all I could before she pushed my head away. I stood up and hugged her, moving under the shower. The water was noticeably cooler as I think we were running out of hot water.

As promised, my cock had recovered and was now a hard object poking between our stomachs. Veronica reached down between us to grab my penis and said, “That was wonderful, but I need this big cock inside me now. Enough with the shower.”

I grabbed two towels as Veronica turned off the shower. We helped to dry each other off paying close attention to our tender bits. I loved it when she was drying my legs and gave my erection a kiss. When she stood back up, I pulled her into an embrace and a passionate kiss. Veronica’s kisses were like something out of a romance novel. I could never get enough. She wrapped a dry towel around herself and grabbed my hand, leading me out of the locker room. I stopped ankara escort and gave her a questioning look. “Won’t someone see us? What if someone is swimming?”

She laughed and said, “In the first place, there are only about twelve people staying in this motel and the pool closes in a half hour, so if no one is out here we are all set.

Secondly, the lounge chairs by the pool are going to be way more comfortable for what I have in mind than the floor of the locker room. And three, I promised Megan we would put on a show for her. She is probably beside herself now, wondering what we were doing in the locker room where they have no cameras. She loves to watch!”

“Did you know about the camera in the fitness room?” I asked.

Veronica shook her head “no” and said, “Megan approached me at the pool earlier and wanted to let me know that there were cameras located around the hotel.”

I raised my eyebrows with a surprised look.

Veronica continued,” She thought I would want to know so I could take my ‘activities’ to my room., silly girl. I knew Megan was trying to be helpful, but I could see in her eyes that she really enjoyed watching us. So, I thanked her for alerting me and then, with a smirk, asked if she enjoyed what she saw. Megan turned bright red and looked quite flustered like you looked yesterday. I love that look.”

Veronica added, “Megan stammered, ‘Yes, it was the hottest thing I have ever seen! Mostly the cameras are boring, occasionally catching someone damaging something or injuring themselves. When I glanced at the camera yesterday, I saw you removing your shirt, and it was erotic as hell after that!'”

“So, you promised to give another show today?” I asked.

Veronica nodded “yes,” and with a towel wrapped around herself, ventured out to the pool area. After taking three steps, she shed her towel to display her beautiful naked self and said, “Come on out — the coast is clear.”

I wrapped a towel around my waist and came out of the locker room. I checked the area and saw that the glass wall towards the hall was frosted and would conceal us well from any stray guests. I walked over to the glass door, lowered the blinds and locked it. I was not ready to be interrupted by a wandering guest.

All this talk had deflated my cock until I turned to see Veronica sitting on the cushioned lounge chair with her legs spread wide. The view was so sexy that my erection came back to life quickly, pushing up against the towel. I looked up at the camera and saw it swivel toward me as I dropped the towel. My cock was standing at attention on full display for Megan.

Veronica barked, “Stop posing for Megan, and get over here and fuck me!” as she rubbed her breasts and licked her lips.

I walked over and climbed on top of Veronica kissing her hard. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me close. Our chests were crushed together as her hands stroked my back. She kissed back, slipping that talented tongue into my mouth. My hard cock was pressing into Veronica’s stomach, and her hands slid to grab my derrière. I loved how her hands felt squeezing my ass.

I moved lower, letting my cock move into her pubic hair. I reached between us to position myself better, and the head slid over her pussy lips, lubricating my penis. I teased her opening with my head and then pushed just enough to get the crown to slip in. Veronica sighed and stopped kissing. She licked my neck and whispered, “Please fuck me now. Hard and fast. I need your fat cock to ravage me.”

I teased her for a few more moments, just working my head in and out of her wet folds. She was squirming under me, trying to pull me in. I gave in and pushed hard to glide all the way until my balls slapped onto her ass. It was so warm, wet, and snug. We seemed to fit perfectly together. To follow her wishes, I started to stroke in and out with my full length. I pulled out to the point where just my tip was inside her, and then plunged deep until our pubic hairs meshed.

I kept this rhythm going. I knew I would have plenty of stamina after coming earlier. Veronica was definitely enjoying the pounding as she moaned and sighed at each stoke. She was getting louder with each passing minute. Her hands on my ass were urging me to go faster.

As I sincan escort bayan sped up, the strokes got shorter but faster. We were really into the same rhythm. Her thrusts met mine, and our bodies were slamming into each other over and over. Her vocal urging got louder and louder. I raised up on my arms to get a better angle and continued the fast, hard fucking.

“Oh, yes! That is the right place! Please keep fucking me.”

I said, “My pleasure. Now come for me Veronica!”

Her legs wrapped around my waist, and we kept at the fornicating hard and fast. I felt her stiffen and pull my ass hard into her. I bottomed out and hugged her tight as she came. I could feel her pussy spasm and grip my cock. It was such a great feeling. I loved making her come.

I continued to hug Veronica and let her recover. My cock was still very hard and ready for more. Veronica looked up at me and reached up to pull me in for a kiss. I kissed back, loving this whole past couple of days.

To my surprise, I heard a lock click and the door open. My back was to the door, but I saw Veronica looking and smiling. The door locked again, and I whispered, “Megan?”

Veronica nodded and asked, “Have you ever had a threesome?”

I replied, “No, but I have always wanted to.”

Megan came over to us quickly. As she came into view, I saw she had already removed her Holiday Inn shirt and was unzipping her pants. She looked up at us and exclaimed, “It was so hot watching you! Ms. Carter said to come join if I could get away. I have a twenty-minute break, and I am so horny! Please, can you fuck me while I eat Veronica?”

I could not believe my luck. This only happens in porn films.

I reluctantly slid out of Veronica and watched Megan shed her clothes. She was a thirty-something blonde with smallish breasts and a trim figure. As she shed her polka dot panties, I saw she was a natural blonde. She came right over and kissed me.

“You both seemed to enjoy kissing each other so much on the camera that I needed to see!” she exclaimed, after finishing our kiss. Megan then turned, bent over and kissed Veronica. I moved up behind her and rubbed my hard cock up and down her slit. She was very well lubricated. I reached a hand to grab her breast, very pert with long hard nipples.

Megan and Veronica’s kiss lasted much longer than mine had. Megan finally came up for air, and Veronica pushed her down in the lounge chair and said, “If you only have 20 min we should get started.”

Megan grinned from ear to ear and turned her head to look at me before she slid her body down to position herself with her head at Veronica’s crotch and her ass up in the air.

I could hear her slurping at Veronica’s pussy as I lined my cock up to Megan’s slippery hole. I found the right spot and pushed hard until I filled her all the way up. She pushed back and wiggled to suck my penis even farther in. I started an in-and-out motion while holding her hips and controlling the rhythm. I looked up into Veronica’s face and saw her eyes were closed. She seemed to really enjoy Megan’s ministrations.

Megan was really bucking back into me trying to speed up my strokes. I accommodated and started to push the action harder and stronger. She was moaning into Veronica on every down stroke.

Megan finally lifted her head from Veronica and looked back at me, saying, “Please keep this up. I am so close!”

I kept the tempo high and felt stirrings of my own. I started to think about this whole adventure and how sexy everyone was and how lucky I was to be fucking two women. Veronica sat up and started tweaking Megan’s nipples, then took one in her mouth to suck. Megan started moving more erratically, her voice rising with moans. I grabbed her hips and gave her three forceful thrusts. I could feel her pussy clench onto my penis, as she yelled some unintelligible gibberish and pushed back hard to keep my cock firmly seated. She shuddered and slumped down limply onto the chair.

As she moved down, my cock popped out and Veronica quickly engulfed it with her mouth, taking me deeper than any woman had ever before. As my tip hit the back of her throat, I spewed my pent-up demand of cum. She swallowed three times and released my cock. We all collapsed on the lounge chair. Veronica spooned with Megan, and I sat at the foot end.

I asked Megan, “Who is manning the front desk if you are on break and here with us now?”

Megan responded, “Fred is on front desk duty. I turned off the monitor for the cameras so we should be fine.”

“Great,” I said, as I watched the camera zoom in to get a better view of us.

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