Swim Coach Rewards Pt. 03

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Part 3 – Monica

The next day as my team gathered at the poolside, I could see all the smiles. I got the feeling that Suzie had told them all the hot details, and another one of the team was hot and eager for me.

After practice, they gave me a grin as they trooped off to the showers. I quickly hurried over to the coaches’ quarters, pulled on shorts and a T-shirt, and went over to the door to the team’s locker room.

When the door opened, Suzie emerged, giving me a big smile.

She cooed, “Hello Mark,” as she came up to me, purring, “Kiss me.”

Our mouths came together in a sizzling duet of tongues, I felt her hand reach down, stroking at the quickly growing bulge. When we broke the kiss, her face was flushed, and my prick was rock hard.

“Ummmm, now that I’ve had my turn, time for you to get Day 2 of our special thank you. Enjoy, Mark, and I hope that sometime soon, you can take me and fuck me again.”

I growled, “Oh yeah baby, once was definitely not enough.”

Her hand squeezed my bulge, she purred, “Mmmm, until then, enjoy the next of the team who’s hot for you.”

With a big smile and a wiggle of her sexy ass, she left. A few seconds later, Becky Larinson came out, purred, “Not me today Coach”, and she gave me the same tongue-twirling kiss and cock feeling up. With a big smile, she left, and she was followed by Deanna Lostrin and Lisa Persley, repeating the tongue-filled swirls and the feeling up, smiling as they felt me very hard and ready. Down to Tina Sutter and Monica Moore. The door opened, and Tina Sutter came up, cooed, “Monica’s all hot and ready for you Coach, we all gave her sweet pussy some hot kisses,” just before she had her lips on mine and her hand cupping my crotch. When she broke the kiss, she purred, “Ummm, Monica’s going to enjoy giving you her personal thank you, as will we all”, before smiling and giving her ass a sexy wiggle as she left.

I entered, and Monica greeted me with a big smile. At 18, she has short red hair, green eyes, looked to be about 5’4″ and about 105 pounds or so, looked like a nice perky 32C, nicely curved hips, and the strong sleek swimmer’s legs that made her the favorite in the freestyle race. She was wearing just a set of black string bikini panties, stitched in white on the front panel covering her pussy was the invitation, “Cum On In.”

She stepped up close, and cooed, “Hello Mark, since Suzie told us all about last night, I want to start my night off right. I want you to do all those wonderful things to my body, that Suzie told us about. So let’s not waste time, take me to the Coaches quarters, and let me give you my personal thank you.”

Like yesterday, it was a thrill to cross the short distance with Monica, naked save for her panties, and we were quickly behind the locked door.

Monica’s eyes glowed with green heat, she purred, “Come here Mark, and peel off my panties for me.”

I took to one knee and peeled them down slowly. Uncovering her tight, sexy little butt, I saw a carnation tattooed on her right ass cheek and I gave her soft kisses all over her sexy moons, enjoying Monica’s purrs of pleasure.

“My turn.”

Monica stripped me, her hands eagerly feeling my cock.

“Mark, I’m no virgin, but I’ve only had sex with 2 boys, and I just know that a real Man’s prick will make me feel what a real fucking should feel like. I’m so wet, god, I need it now!”

She went over to the bed and took to her hands and knees, she cocked her ass up higher to me, raising herself for entry. Her hand reached down and cupping her mound, her fingers parted her lips, giving me a look at her luscious inner femininity, rosy pink, her inner labial lips swollen and dewy wet with desire, inviting me to power my cock deep into her.

“Do eryaman otele gelen escort me from behind Mark, give me your big hard cock!”

I quickly took the position, nudging against her, then I gripped her hips and drove in, Monica moaned deep in her throat as I thrust into her, not stopping until my balls smacked against her pussy.

“Ummm, oh yes, so deep, oh yeah, fuck my tight little pussy, feels so good.”

The sight of Monica in heat, her ass up-thrust with my cock deep inside her, egging me on to fuck her, drove me onwards. I started the rhythm, oh yeah, the feel of the slick heat of her fiery, tight, hugging sheath wrapping around my hard cock, told me that she was no slut.

“Oh Yeah, Mark, give it to me!”, Monica cooed. “Umm, it feels so damn good to have your hard, eager cock fucking my tight teen pussy, let me have it!”

Fired up by Monica’s excitement, I was happy to oblige. Gripping her hips tightly, I plunged into her again and again, going right to the balls. I had my eyes on the tattoo, watching the carnation going back and forth as I jackhammered my hard cock into her, plowing her most inviting furrow.

The feel of her fiery, tight teen cunt wrapped snugly around my cock, her sounds of joy and delight urged me on as I power reamed her steamy depths over and over again. My grunts of passion joined hers, as I could feel my nut sack cinch up tight, my balls locked into firing position. I could feel the cum building, I knew I was gonna cum massively. The feel of her tight milking walls took me to the boiling point, I could feel my cock getting ready to explode.

Just before I went over, Monica cried out, “Oh Yeah, let it go, Mark, shoot off that thick load, flood my horny cunt with that thick juicy load of spunk you have for me, cum in me, cum in me NOW!”

I could feel Monica’s hand reach under and wrap around my balls, giving them a gentle squeezing. Monica let out a shriek of pleasure, and the milking pull tightened up, taking me over the edge. With a roar of pleasure, I let it go, my cock buried deep up her tight cunt, pulsing wildly, erupting in her, as I shot my hot cum deep inside Monica’s tight cunt, splattering a thick juicy load against her cervix, filling her womb.

As we drifted down, she said, “Ummm, so much better to have a man’s prick fucking me, that was glorious.”

In the shower, we washed and soaped each other, Monica cooed, “Mark, let’s drive out to Watson Lake, and have some sexy fun on the shore.”

We left school quickly, and in 20 minutes, we were at the lake. Monica directed me to take a side road at the parking lot, and it took us around to the far side of the lake.

“This is the side to be on, see how far away the shoreline is across the lake? My last boyfriend brought me out here and took my cherry on my 18th birthday.”

She got out of the car, ginned, and stripped naked. Walking up to the shoreline, she stretched up, exposing her body to the sun and the breeze.

When she turned around, she giggled, “Unless someone had a telescope over there, they won’t see us over here.”

She turned back towards the water, looked over her shoulder, and smiled at me, as she wiggled her ass at me sexily. As she strode into the water, my cock throbbed, wanting to be inside her.

The sight of Monica’s nudity, her beautiful naked ass heading into the water fired me up, and I stripped and followed her. Monica saw me coming for her, then lay back in the water. She lay floating on her back in the water, spreading her legs wide for me.

“Come and get me, Mark,” she called. “Come and fill me up!”

My stiff, throbbing cock pointed the way, as I waded towards her. I walked into the V of her spread thighs and I felt her legs sincan escort going around my waist. I put my hands under her back and lifted her upper body to mine. Monica’s eyes were alight, and her face was flushed with excitement. She lay her head on my shoulder as I slid my hands down to the cheeks of her ass, and cupped them in my hands as I positioned my cock. I nudged against her warm opening.

“Oh yeah, Mark, you know what I need, so let me have it, put out the fire, I’m so hot for you!”

I brought her down, and I could feel my cock penetrate her, sliding into her slick tunnel of tight, squeezing heat, as I impaled her on my stiff cock. Monica growled with pleasure as her fiery hot cunt engulfed me, and I slid my stiff cock into her right to the balls, and I groaned with pleasure as she took me as far up her as I could go. She grunted with pleasure as every inch of me was stuffed snugly up her quivering pussy. The feel of her fiery tight wrap was something else.

“Yes, oh yes!” Monica exclaimed, “Let me have it, Mark! Give it all to me!”

I was more than happy to oblige, as I got a steady rhythm going, sliding into her hot, buttery depths over and over. Every stroke, Monica took my steely hardness deep, right to the balls. She was gasping with pleasure, as I reamed her burning pussy wildly. The feel of her tight, hot, hugging sheath, wrapped tightly around my aching prick, made my toes curl with pleasure, and I took great pleasure in fucking her, thrusting deep and hard into her steamy depths, and I could feel my cock throbbing, my nut sack was cinched up tight, my balls in firing position, ready to spew their hot load into Monica, she was gasping, as her orgasm closed in on her.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she gasped, “It’s too good, let me have it, Mark, give me every drop, flood me, flood me, squirt it, I’m cumming, oh fuck, cum in MEEEE!”

Her voice rose to a scream as she shuddered in the climax, her pussy clamping tightly around my cock, rippling and spasming wildly. My cock swelled and the tight hug of Monica around my aching shaft took me over the edge, and I could feel the cum surging up my shaft. Her pussy was fiery hot, wet, and alive, the spasms milked greedily at me, and I exploded, my cock squirting wildly inside her hot tunnel. I slammed my spurting cock in as deep as possible, gushing wildly, splattering her insides, letting her spasming tightness milk every drop out of me, draining my balls deep inside her. I could feel the shudders of climax racing through our bodies as she clung to me. I kept her clinging tightly to me, as I walked out of the lake. I let her down on the shore, by the towels, and she looked up at me dreamily, her eyes alive with pleasure. We lay down on our towels and felt the warmth of the late afternoon sun warming us.

After resting for a while, Monica cooed, “Mark, Suzie told us that you licked her to the best orgasm ever. Could you…”

I was between her thighs immediately, Monica making a sound of joy as I quickly went down, her moans started up as I licked at her wet, dewy lips, tasting the musky juices starting to rise. I parted her lips, and drove my tongue in, eager to taste as much as possible.

Monica moaned, “Ohhh, yes, god that feels so good, I love to be eaten!”

I eagerly went after the rush, her sexy snatch was churning with juices, and I would scoop up the juices with my tongue, pull back, and swab the juices all over her clit. Her breathing was choppy, gasping as I worked on bringing her off.

“Mmmmm, oh god, do it lover, make me cum!”

I quickly shoved two fingers up her pussy as I wrapped my mouth around her swollen, stiff clit, sucking and licking hard.

“Fuck, fuck, nnnggghhhh, yah, fuck, FUCK!”

Monica’s elvankent escort voice rose to a full-on shout, she came with a force as she pulled my face tight against her spasming pussy, her juices gushing all over my hand, riding her wave as she sailed through her orgasm.

When she slumped down, getting her breath back, she cooed, “Suzie was so right, I just came so hard, I felt like I was gonna explode! Too many guys want to get their cock sucked, but returning the favor, they just want to either say goodnight or get their cock inside if the girl is willing.”

We drifted for a while, until Monica said, “Well, I guess I’d better get home soon since my Mom and Dad both like me to be home for dinner.”

She gave me a big grin, and added, “After I’ve sucked your cock Mark, I want that sexy prick in my mouth! I was the lucky one who got your hot cum in my mouth at our group cock suck. It was delicious, and I can’t wait for you to spunk my mouth again! Stand up, I want to be on my knees, like a classic subservient cocksucker, it really turns me on to suck cock in the correct cocksucker position!”

The sight of Monica, naked and on her knees, helped bring me back up, as I felt her soft hands stroking me back up to a full bore hard-on. She cast her eyes up, looking into my face as she took my prick into her mouth and sucked me. I grunted as I felt a rush of saliva around my cock, as Monica eagerly applied her cock sucking ability, making me moan and grunt as my prick rode the hot wet rush, in and out between the tight grip of her crimson, wetly sucking lips. When I felt her hand come up, fingers playing with my balls, gently caressing my sack, I felt the lurch, Monica’s mouth tightened down as she felt my prick ready to blow. With one last thrust, my cock was exploding between the tight grip, moaning with pleasure as streams of hot jism jetted out, filling her mouth, then the feel of her swallowing my hot cream, her face was full of bliss as she felt my load sliding down her throat. She wouldn’t let me go until she’d gotten every drop.

When she stood up, she smiled and cooed, “Just as delicious as it was the first time.”

When I drove her home, as I was approaching her area, Monica said, “Turn into the parking lot there, in front of the grocery store. It’s only two blocks from my house here. If my parents see me step out of a car, they’ll be bugging me about it all night long. They probably think I’m still a virgin, wonder what they’d do if they knew I was on the pill and had sex with two boys, and a Real Man!”

When I stopped the car, she grabbed me and her lips were against me, our tongues came out to play. After a minute or she, she broke the kiss, her face was flushed and her eyes were bright.

“Mark, you were amazing, the best sex I’ve ever had. When I go to bed tonight, I’m going to have an epic jilling session, pumping my tight little pussy with my dildo and polishing my orgasm button, remembering what we did, is going to make me cum like crazy!”

She paused, and continued, “And like Suzie, I want more of you after this week. You’re too great a lover to just stop, once was definitely not enough.”

I smiled, and replied, “Monica, I look forward to that!”

When she got out of the car, the view of her tight jeans tightly wrapped around her buttocks, outlining every smooth, soft curve held my vision. I could see the crack of her ass clearly defined by the tight hug of the fabric, and I could see the lines of her black string “Cum On In” panties. She looked over her shoulder, smiling as she saw me staring at her ass, and she wiggled as she walked, letting my eyes drink their fill. I watched the sweet sway of her ass cheeks, until she was out of sight.

Driving home, I reflected on what a week this was turning out to be, two very hot teens satisfied, and four more wanting to thank me personally. If they were all as eager as Suzie and Monica to want more of me after their thank yous, I would have a very full group of hot teens to take care of my cock.

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