Rides to Work

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Kaylee and I worked in the same up and coming warehouse. I saw Kaylee walking around here and there and couldn’t help but check her out. What stood out most was the giant set of tits she had. She always had cleavage showing and it was clear she loved showing off her massive tits. She had a full round ass that matched well with her tits.

I was head of my department and always looking for extra help around the warehouse. The boss from the outbound department asked if I needed extra help. I said yes of course and as luck would have it Kaylee was one of the extra hands given to me. I started showing them one by one how to do the task at hand, and Kaylee was the last one I got to.

I hand her the RF scanner and introduce myself. She smiles takes the scanner and tells me her name. As I go through how to work the scanner and what she will be doing the rest of the day she begins to make dirty jokes and flirt with me. Trying to be professional, I just said nothing and continued to show her what she should be doing. I hand her the scanner and tell her to try one. She squats down to scan the location that popped up in the scanner giving me a view right down her shirt into the depths of her cleavage.

As I continued to look at her tits and cleavage she finished up with the scanning. She stood up slowly, as if she knew I would be checking out her tits. “You can see more if you want” she tells me with a smile. I ask if she has any questions about what she is doing and she says no. I tell her to come find me in the office if she runs into any issues.

Later in the day Kaylee comes into the office and asks me if it’s possible for her to switch departments and work in mine full time. I tell her that’s up to her boss, not me, and that she needs to take that up with him. Her boss and I talked a few mins later. We decided she was going to sincan escort bayan stay in his department but if their work was slow or I needed extra help I could use her at anytime. While it wasn’t the answer she wanted, she was happy with the results.

A few days later Kaylee was again in my department. This time she was wearing very short shorts that clung to her ass. Her ass looked amazing! Her tank top was snug and showed her body off well. Her bra pushing hard against the thin material. The outline of her bra visible if you got close enough. She was a tease and loved it.

Since she wasn’t in my department full time, I was unaware she came to work everyday with her stepfather who also worked there. He had a medical issue one day and was taken to the hospital. Shortly after he was taken from the building, Kaylee asked if she could get a ride home. After asking around to see if anyone lived around her and would be willing to give her a ride home it was clear I’d need to give her a ride. I told her to hang out and wait for me when she clocks out and I’d take her home.

After the work day ended Kaylee followed me to my car. Throwing my lunch can in the bag I told her she could put her bag in the back if she wanted to. She jumped in the front seat put her bag between her feet. As we leave the parking lot we small talk, but she quickly turns things dirty. I quickly fire back and tell her we aren’t on the clock so I don’t have to watch what I say. We flirt and joke the rest of the ride. As we pull up to her house I give her my number and tell her to let me know if she needs a ride to work the next day.

Later that night I get a text from an unknown number. After reading the text it was clear it was Kaylee. “Hey. I asked a few people for a ride for tomorrow and no one wants to get up that early to take me in. I’m sorry. eryaman escort Can you please pick me up?” I told her I would get her.

The next morning I show up at Kaylee’s house and she is already outside waiting. She quickly gets in the car says thanks for picking her up. She tries to hand me money for giving her a ride, but I tell her I don’t want it. Asking her what that is for she says for giving her a ride.

“You need to let me give you money” she said.

“I don’t want your money. Don’t worry about it just keep working hard and you are fine”

“If you won’t take my money let me blow you then. I need to give you something for all the gas. I know I live out of the way”

I was dumbfounded when I heard her ask to blow me for a ride, but I would be a fool to say no. After taking a few seconds to make sure she was being serious I pulled over. Before the car was even in park Kaylee was leaning over trying to get my cock from my pants. Within a few seconds she had my now growing cock in her hand. She adjusted the seat and looked at me smiling before leaning forward and taking my almost fully hard cock into her mouth.

By the time my cock enters her hot mouth I’m fully hard. She starts by wrapping her tongue around the shaft just under the head of my cock. She licks up and down my shaft moaning in approval of the size of my cock. As she begins to work her mouth up and down, I reach behind her and slide my hand into her shorts. As I slide my hand deeper, I quick to realize she isn’t wearing any panties.

My hand slides over her ass cheek as her head continues to work up and down my shaft. As she begins to try and deep throat me my fingers reach her pussy. She gags slightly as I push her head down forcing my cock into her throat as my fingers slip into her wet pussy.

As I begin to work my fingers deeper into etimesgut bayan escort her, I grab a handful of her hair and tell her to suck hard. As her cheeks cave in I begin to face fuck her as I finger her pussy. She moans and wiggles as I bring her closer to getting off. The car is filled with the aroma of her pussy and the sounds of her sucking my cock. I force her down as far as possible onto my cock. Holding her head down as my cock sits in her throat. While I hold her head still, I push my fingers as deep into her as I can.

I can feel her pussy beginning to tighten around my fingers as she gets even closer to cumming. I release the grip I had on her hair. She pulls her head up but never pulls my cock from her mouth. Her lips sealed around the head of my cock. Her hand quickly finds my shaft and begins jerk me off as her tongue works around the head of my cock. My focus is in making her cum with my fingers as I continue to work them in and out if her while I wiggling them inside her.

As she continues to work her mouth and hand on my shaft her hips being to buck. She slams her pussy onto my fingers as I push my hand forward. Her pussy spasm on my fingers. My cock slips from her mouth as she lets out a groan of pleasure. I keep my hand buried inside her spasming pussy as I again grab a handful of her hair.

This time I work her head up and down at a slower pace. Her finger and thumb wrap tightly around my shaft and work in rhythm with her mouth. I unload a huge load into her mouth. Her mouth stops moving as she begins to swallow my load. She swallows every drop and works her head up and down a few times making sure she didn’t miss any.

I pull my fingers out of her pussy and she sits back in the seat. She grabs my hand and pulls my hand to her face taking my fingers into her mouth. “I love the taste of my pussy” she says. I put my cock back in my pants and off to work we go.

Kaylee would blow me anytime I picked her up… so lets just say I picked her up a lot. A few weeks later this I would begin fucking her. Let me know if you want to hear about that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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