Rainy Day Ch. 03

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Big Dick

Justin and Melanie lay naked in bed, remains of takeout Chinese spread around them. They had eaten, fucked, slept, then awaken and eaten some more and now were sleepy and lazy. “I need to go home,” she murmured, stroking a hand over his belly.

Justin looked over at her. She was everything he wanted and his dick, amazingly, stirred again. “I suppose I should let you,” he murmured, rolling onto his side to look at her.

“Walk me down?” she asked, breathlessly. He nodded. They climbed from his bed and gathered the remains of their meal. Dumping it in the trash, they foraged for clothing from the piles spread around the living room. Her stocking were a lost cause and she dumped them, then collected her bag at the door. Justin wore his tee and pants, his boxers still on the floor. He saw her line of sight and grinned.

“Fun?” He teased. He knew he’d remember this afternoon every time he wore them.

“All three,” she laughed and kissed him. They left his apartment and got on the elevator. Someone else from his floor got on as well, so they had to behave. Or so Justin thought, until Melanie pressed back against him and rocked her ass against his cock. Without boxers, the zipper was bare against his penis and it created a painful, yet incredibly arousing sensation. As the door opened for her floor, he followed her closely, hoping his neighbor couldn’t see the enormous bulge she’d manage to create in 6 short floors. She fumbled a little opening her door, then, surprisingly, hooked his arm and pulled him in.

Melanie shut the door, but left it unlatched. She flicked the light switch on, also starting the myriad of digital video cameras hidden around the room. Then she pulled Justin into the spacious, comfortable living room. It wasn’t as grand as his, but there was a huge leather sectional and a velvet chaise lounger. She sat on the lounger and looked up at him.

“What are you up to?” he grinned. She slid her hand over the bulge, pressing along the zipper to see his eyes narrow and darken.

“I lied,” she whispered, flicking the snap on his pants open.

“What?” his grin faded.

“I had four promises,” she confessed, unzipping his pants and letting his dick surge free, “I wanted to taste and feel you in both your place AND mine…” Grasping his shaft, she opened her mouth and took him in.


Lance grinned as he monitored the images coming in. Digitals meant he didn’t have to worry about the amount of tape and they got incredible quality from the numerous cameras stationed throughout the apartment. Melanie was a gold-caliber whore, he thought watching her mouth stretch around their target’s thick cock. He rubbed the bulge in his own jeans. She was his favorite of all the women he’d fucked to keep this business running. Her mouth was incredible, her pussy tight and horny, and her ass made him want to shout for joy. Plus she wanted sex constantly. Her needs and his business had made it hard to hide their work in their last apartment, with the constant in and out of strangers. But that was before he’d decided to let her be the sole video queen. He taped all her encounters and had her satisfy all his own needs in her free time. It was the perfect arrangement.

Lance settled into the office chair and tugged open his jeans. He might as well get some pleasure while she primed their stud. He saw the guy’s head fall back and heard his groan as Melanie’s hand disappeared into his pants. In a little escort ankara while, Lance would be savoring their threesome…


Justin was groaning and humping her mouth as she sucked his cock and her finger twisted in his ass. It wasn’t just the tip this time. She’d slid her whole hand into his pants, between his thighs and worked her middle finger deep into his hole. The fact that he was still dressed, that she was still dressed, that he was in a strange apartment – nothing mattered except the draw of pressure around his throbbing penis and the hard little rod thrusting in his ass.

He came in a rush, grunting like a pig as he jerked and spewed in her mouth. He managed to watch this time, seeing the white spunk ooze out around his red cock, then groan as she slid him out and his head popped free. She licked her lips, cleaning the cum away, as she pulled her hands free from his pants.

“I can’t believe you let me do that…” he groaned, his body still shaking with reaction. She grinned at him.

“You taste incredible,” she teased, “so hot and salty and sticky…” She licked her lips and his cock jerked in mid-air, making her laugh. She turned over, kneeling on hands and knees on the lounger and looked at him over her shoulder. “Fuck me, Justin,” she begged, “Fuck me right now.” She flicked the skirt of her dress up with one hand, baring herself from the waist.

“Mel…” He wanted to. He really wanted to. Especially with her bare ass tilted up, her sex swollen, pink and glistening under the overhead lights. But he should give her some foreplay, should make this more than just animal lust…


Lance groaned as the guy hesitated. Melanie was positioned perfectly for a little dog action. “Come on, man,” he groaned, his own dick aching to plunge into her hole. He flicked a button to change to another camera and caught his favorite angle, her hole exposed, wet and ready. He wrapped his hand around his own straining cock…


“Fuck me, baby,” she moaned, dipping her head low, tilting her ass up. She spread her legs as wide as the lounger would let her, enticing him. She could feel the wetness on her sex, on her thighs. Her pussy ached, quivering for the invasion of his hard flesh. She loved it rough and primal – when a man couldn’t hold back and hammered her cunt was the absolute best sex…

Justin hesitated one more second, then he grabbed her thighs and buried his face against her sex, slurping and sucking and licking her.

Melanie cried out as pleasure crashed through her. She pressed her sex back against his mouth as his tongue swirled in and out and around her hole and Justin loudly feasted on her juices. His fingers held her folds open, exposing her to the air, to his mouth, and he covered every inch of her sensitive flesh with his attention. She was shaking with arousal, her core tightening, her hands fisted in the cushions as he ate her greedily. Then, he shoved his thumb up her ass as he thrust his tongue into her pussy and she came, bucking and screaming, gushing into his mouth.


Lance came hard, cum shooting inches into the air as he watched, stunned, while their stud drove Melanie to orgasm with his mouth. He’d flipped to multi-angle view just a second before the guy had moved, so he’d been treated to the full panorama view of Melanie’s glistening etlik evi olan escortlar pink and the surround sound sucking. The guy thumbing her ass had been the final straw for Lance as he remembered the first time he’d fucked her ass, how she’d screamed for him. Lance groaned again, as he watched her cream spill over the guy’s face. Damned if this video wouldn’t make millions…He stood, shaking, and fixed his jeans. It was about time for his entrance.


His face wet with cum, his body shaking, Justin stripped in seconds. He mounted Melanie from behind, bunching her dress at the waist and fisting his hands in it, then plunging his cock into her. She cried out again, her head coming up in shock, as his fat penis suddenly filled her quivering hole. With one knee on the lounger, he used the other for leverage and pistoned his dick in and out of her wet sex. She cried out with every stroke as he hammered her cunt. Her body shook, lurching forward with the force of his thrusts, the slap of flesh on flesh adding to the sexual frenzy. He pulled on her dress as he drove deep, pulling her to meet his strokes, his head slamming into her core.

“Oh, yes, Justin, fuck me,” she cried, “Stuff that big cock up my pussy…” She knew how dirty talk helped sell videos, but usually she had to put more effort into it. Right now, with his shaft working her pussy, it was the most natural thing to beg for more.

“Man, you fucking bitch,” Justin groaned, not even realizing what he was saying, “You’re so fucking tight, man, oh man…” His hands tightened in the material, ripping it as he tilted his hips and drove deep.

A sudden crash had them both crying out, had Justin pulling back. A strange man stood in the doorway, a box of plastic containers spilled at his feet.

“What the fuck?!?!” Lance shouted, playing his part. He loved this game.

Justin staggered back, naked, aroused, interrupted mid-sex and unable to think. Melanie also staggered to her feet, her dress ripped over her obvious nudity. “Lance?!” She gasped, looking between the two men.

Lance strode forward and tore the dress from Melanie, building his own arousal with the violent act and the way she now stood naked.

“Listen….Mel….what…” Justin gasped and panted, confused.

Melanie went to him, sliding her hands over his naked body, keeping him confused. His cock was still erect, still magnificent, and she hid a smile. Her threesome…mmmm.

“Listen, bud,” Lance ordered, striding over to the couple, “No one plays with my woman without me.” He looked Melanie up and down. “Ain’t that right, babe?”

“Do you want to play with us, Justin,” Melanie cooed, her hand sliding over his cock, stroking his hard flesh.

“You…him…you…me…what…” Justin moaned, his hips moving against her hand. Melanie guided him back to the leather couch, pushing him down onto it.

“I love the way your cock feels,” she murmured, straddling his lap and sliding down onto Justin’s erection. He groaned and she sighed, arching her back to press herself completely against his hips, his long length throbbing, impaling her. She smiled over her shoulder at Lance. He grinned back, starting to undress.

“You don’t mind letting Lance play too,” she murmured, nuzzling Justin’s neck as she lifted and lowered herself on his cock. From this angle, the friction made her want to whimper and shiver. God, he had the most demetevler genç escortlar incredible cock.

“Too,” Justin groaned, then manage to put the pieces together, “Two as in two men…” He groaned again, her movements perfect for his aching manhood. Lance stripped silently, watching the thick red shaft disappear in and out of Melanie’s body. Her juices coated the man’s penis and as she tipped her hips, glancing once more over her shoulder, she exposed her asshole for Lance. He grinned, knowing he was getting the best part.

“Two men, two holes,” Melanie murmured, her hands on Justin’s shoulders, her mouth trailing wet kisses over his chest and shoulders as Lance rubbed his cock against the crack of her ass. She shivered. Lance shifted and pressed his head to her hole. “Oh, Justin, you and Lance will make me scream with pleasure,” she whispered as Lance began to push, working his cock against her hole, burrowing.

Justin groaned as the pressure around his cock increased. He wasn’t sure about this two men thing, although Melanie seemed to want it. Then he thought about the new things he’d done with her and how intense the pleasure had been. Maybe…Lance surged deep and all three of them groaned. Justin felt the other man’s cock, pressing against his own. Every movement, his own, Lance’s, even Melanie’s breathing, shifted them all and created rubbing and friction. Lance’s weight pushed Melanie down onto Justin and he couldn’t move. Then Lance began to thrust, groaning as he drove his cock in and out of her ass.

Justin remembered the feeling of fucking her ass, the intense pleasure. He was surrounded by her body, she was stroking him through the movement of Lance’s cock and creating new pleasures in his groin. He saw the naked emotion on her face, the way she was enjoying their raw act. Everything built in his groin, swelling like a balloon, until he was groaning, pushing up against her and the other man. Then the balloon burst.

Justin came first, shouting in pleasure, his cock straining and erupting, shooting waves of hot semen into her core. Melanie went over the edge at the first rush of his seed, the splash of heat in her womb sending her into shudders. Lance was last, thrusting into her tight body, pumping against her and then let go with a shout of his own, his seed exploding deep inside her as well. Groaning, he pulled back, spilling seed over her ass, onto the carpeting as he emptied himself. He shook it off, then grabbed his clothes and headed into the bedroom for a shower.

Melanie slowed her breathing, wondering how Justin would take the whole thing. She lay against his chest, his penis still buried inside her, but not hard anymore. She was finally sated. Her body deliciously relaxed.

“I can’t believe you…I…him…” Justin murmured, stroking his hand down her back. He was sated as well, his body still saturated with pleasure, his mind still numb.

“It was incredible,” Melanie murmured, kissing his chest, “I love having two cocks move inside me.”

“I could feel him, then…” Justin shuddered and his cock let loose his final release, going limp inside her in a puddle of cum.

“Did you enjoy it?” she murmured. He nodded, then hesitated.

“I should go,” he said.

“He’s my roommate,” she whispered in his ear, “Not my husband or boyfriend. You and I can still get together.”

“We’ll see,” Justin answered absently, easing her out of his lap as his brain kicked in. He got up and dressed, then left the apartment with one last look back at Melanie. She gave him a little wave. Once he was gone, she went down the hall to the office. With a few keystrokes, she settled in to review the video, sliding her hand down between her legs as she watched Justin and Lance fuck her.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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