Radio Plays My Favorite Song

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Big Ass

She left the house with her cell phone in her hand and her head hanging low. She didn’t even know why she was leaving the house, but she promised she would meet her friend at the show. A local show down at the bar a few blocks away. The cold air hit Lynn’s face hard and she pulls her collar tighter around her neck. “A good metal show and some shots of vodka will surely kick me out of my rut.”

Lynn’s life took a drastic turn for the worse when her love affair with a co-worker turned sour. Mark had treated Lynn with just the right amount of tenderness to make her sit awake at night craving more. But when he left for New York, all she had to remember him by was his sweatshirt he had left in her house. It killed Lynn to look at it, but with the cold winds in the midst, she always seems to wake up in the morning wearing it.

Today she wasn’t wearing it. Her long, brown hair fell on top of her dark brown suede jacket. Her jean flares curved her legs and hips, wish small rips at the knees. Before she knew it, she arrived at the “Midnite Club”. Lucky for her it was a few blocks away from her house so when she’s trashed she doesn’t need to worry about a ride. Opening the door to the club, she drops a 5-dollar bill on the table, holding her wrist out. The man behind the counter placed an orange band around her wrist and waited for the next person to pay. The bar looked fairly empty except for a few people and the first band setting up.

‘Was this a mistake?’ Lynn thought to herself. ‘Maybe I should have stayed at home, and cuddled up with a bottle of Jack’. Just when she thought that, she had turned her head to get a view of her friend coming up to her.

“Lynn, I’m so glad you made it!”. Ginger was already holding a bottle of Mike’s Hard lemonade when she gave Lynn a hug and guided her to the table she was sitting at. A bunch of her friends all sat in a booth in the corner diagonal from the stage. Lynn took a seat, patiently eyeing the waitress to come over.

“Honey, what would you like?”

“Um.. A Smirnoff Ice.”

She quickly returned with her drink and then resumed her position away from the table. The club quickly filled up and about 3 drinks later the first band came on. Lynn swiveled in her seat to catch a glimpse of the show. The lights had dimmed and 5 men took the stage.

She had heard of this band before, but never HEARD them. “Dead Inside” revved up their guitars and began the intro to their first song. The spotlight switched on and focused on the lead singer. Lynn’s mouth dropped as she saw the most gorgeous creature she had ever seen.

He was amazing. His layered black hair fell just right over the frame of his face. As his mouth opened to sing the lyrics of the song, she saw the perfectly straight teeth accompanied by a tongue ring in the back. His eyes shut tight with passion but when opened they were a warm brown. His gentle hands cradled the microphone as he screamed the chorus. Lynn was in love. It didn’t take much, and it happened fast.

“Lynn?? Hello???”, Ginger knocked Lynn back to reality to tell her she was leaving early.

“Yeah, I found this really hot guy the plays bass for ‘No Additives‘, and after their set we’re going out.”

She pointed to a man leaning against the bar glaring hungrily at Ginger. ‘He was hot’, Lynn thought to herself. But escort kızılay wasn’t her type. This man was perfect for Ginger. He was buff, with tattoos and his lip and bridge pierced. He had a shaved head and was completely a metal head. Ginger really dug guys with goatees and piercing. Lynn desired preppy indie rock guys. Ginger walked over to her man and cradled next to him, nuzzling her nose on his neck. ’Good, now she’ll be occupied while I watch MY man.’

She watched them play, and watched the lead singer dance and go crazy. Then, it came to the last song of the night. The singer said, “This last song is for all the ladies in the house. Thanks for everyone who came out tonight. They began the song that was more of a rock love ballad. Before he began the song, he looked right over at Lynn and smiled. He winked his right eye at her and started the song. Lynn lost it. She was enthralled! Lynn just completely melted in her seat.

The song ended and the club filled with applause. Lynn joined them clapping so hard her hands began to hurt. Her sight followed that lead singer. He packed away his gear and was congratulated by people left and right. ‘I have to talk to him’, she said to herself.

Slowly and casually she made her way to the side of the stage where he stood talking to his guitarist. He stopped talking and looked at Lynn, “Hey man, I’ll talk to you in a bit.” He approached Lynn and said, “Hey, so did you like the show?” Lynn froze for a second but managed an answer, “It was great, and you guys are really good. And your voice is incredible.” Lynn saw his cheeks gets a little red as he said, “Thanks, it’s always good to get criticism from new and beautiful faces.” She looked away in embarrassment then back up at him.

He held out his hand and said, “My name’s Kyle”. Lynn shook his hand and introduced herself. She didn’t want to let go of his hand, but she had to. Eventually she let go and had a conversation with him. She wanted to know everything about him. Their conversation was cut short when the next band took the stage. Lynn said, ”Do you wanna go outside before it gets too loud in here?” He smiles and agreed, leading her outside to the icy, cold air.

“I didn’t think it could happen, but I think it got colder.” Kyle turned to Lynn to see her smile, “Well, if you don’t mind a walk my house is only a few blocks away.” Kyle’s face brightened up as he said, “Sounds good. If it‘ll get us out of the cold, I‘d do anything.”

Their conversation continued during the walk and they talked about anything they could think of. Lynn didn’t care; she just wanted to hear his voice. Whenever his mouth opened, she wanted so bad to kiss him. She felt he wanted to kiss her too, but she couldn’t. She didn’t know him, she didn’t know if he had a girlfriend.

They reached Lynn’s house and by then they were freezing. Her fingers could barely hold the keys to open the door. When she finally opened it, her house was almost as freezing. “Damn” she said, “I forgot to turn on the heat.” She walked over to the thermostat and turned up the heat. She walked over to the couch were Kyle sat, rubbing his hands together and breathing in them for warmth. “Aww… are you cold?”, she said in a little baby voice. He laughed and said,

“Yeah, come over here and keep me warm.”

Lynn didn’t need to be told ankara yabancı escort twice. She cuddled up next to Kyle and he rested his head on her shoulder, curled up on the couch. She turned on the TV and found a movie to watch, but she couldn’t concentrate on it. All she could concentrate on was Kyle’s hand on her thigh. He may not even know it‘s there; he may not even care. He might even know. But Lynn was thrilled.

Kyle saw Lynn looking at his hand and said, “Hey, could you do me a favor?”. He sat up and said, “Are my hands…cold!” and stuck them under her shirt on her bare skin. Lynn jumped and screamed as Kyle laughed as hard as he could. Kyle jumped on top of Lynn as she tried to break free of his icy grip and found herself gazing in his beautiful eyes. Lynn had stopped struggling and one of Kyle’s hands moved from her stomach to her cheek, ever so gently.

She wasn’t sure what pushed her but she knew she was going to kiss him. He bit his bottom lip, wanting the kiss just as bad. They both leaned in and gently pressed their lips together in an icy kiss that warmed Lynn up quick. The kiss was astounding. It was better then she had expected, and she was sad when it had ended.

He pulled away and opened his eyes, smiling to show his perfect teeth. She was satisfied, but only partially. And by the hungry look in his eyes, he seemed only partially finished with her. His other hand lay on her stomach and gently rubbed her skin, warming up quick. She let out a sigh and noticed her breath came out in a puff of white smoke. ‘I thought I turned up the heat?’ Lynn said to herself. The room wasn’t any warmer, and Kyle’s hand was slowly moving up her shirt leaving an icy trail behind where he had touched.

She wanted this so bad; she felt it deep in her gut that she wanted him badly to go further. She pulled his face to hers and kissed him again, urging his hand further, making him realize she wants the touch. His tongue becomes more forceful and his hand reaches for her breast, sending a shiver down her spine. Goosebumps form around her body as his hold gets tighter. Lynn wraps her leg around Kyle’s and pulled him even closer. She released from the kiss and brought her lips to his neck. His icy hand stopped and he was enjoying the kisses Lynn gave to his skin. Her warm tongue gave him comfort and without her knowing, turned him on like a light switch.

He sat up, taking Lynn with him, still close for warmth and passion. Lynn bites his ear gently as Kyle drags his fingernails across her skin. His mouth opens to escape a long moan, making Lynn bite harder. The couch was constricting, so Lynn insisted they move upstairs.

He held her hips, leading her up the steps to her room. Lynn lays down the length of the bed and Kyle slides his body on top of her. Rubbing his body against hers, licking her skin wherever he could find it. Her room was warmer as the heat went up. With each few degrees the heat rose, another article of clothing was removed until Kyle stood in front of Lynn in his boxers.

She slid her finger under the elastic of his boxers and tugged. She knew that he was already hard, but she wanted to see how far her teasing could go. She pulled his body close to hers as she sat on the edge of the bed. His stomach gleamed with sweat as Lynn realized etlik escortlar the heat really wasn’t that high. Then why was he sweating??

She leaned over with her tongue out and licked his stomach. His head fell back and Lynn giggled, knowing she can’t last any longer. She pulled down his boxers and Kyle kicked them to the side. As Lynn looked at Kyle, taking in the sight of his body, she felt her insides tingle.

Lynn held Kyle’s hips as she began kissing his flesh, devouring his throbbing sex in her mouth. His moans got louder and her kisser get harder. He quivered in her lips and Lynn knew he was close to spilling. She released from his hard cock, and stuck out her tongue. The tip of her wet tongue grazed the head of his penis and made it tremble and shake. His stomach muscles contracted as she made her way down the length of him, only stopping to come back and lick him again. As soon as some pre-cum gave, she pulled away not letting him finish, teasing him terribly. She wanted him to wait. She looked up at Kyle pulling his hair out at the pause. He moved his hand down to finish by himself, but Lynn tossed his hand away and pulled him on top of her.

They locked their lips together. Lynn’s underwear and bra were still on and Kyle ripped at the fabric of the bra that was keeping him away from her flesh. The left strap broke and he slid it all the way down her body, letting it rest on her hips.

Lynn shut her eyes to darkness to feel Kyle’s warm lips on her breast. Her hands rubbed the back of Kyle’s head and scratched down his neck. She scratched down so hard it ripped the skin making him bite her breast in pain. He instantly tasted metal in his mouth as he saw little teeth marks on her skin. He smiled and looked up at Lynn with a tear falling down her cheek. She wasn’t sure what made her cry- the pain or the passion.

As she wiped the stream from her face, Kyle moved his lips to her stomach while her chest is tender. His lips pushed against her underwear, feeling the warmth from her juices already pouring. He pulls the sides down and Lynn swerves her hips to help remove them. He hovers his lips over her throbbing clit, letting her feel his breath over her wet skin. Lynn bites her bottom lip. Then his tongue finally touches her.

Her hips twitch, then she relaxes with his tongue fucking her softly. She twirls her hair around her fingers and bites harder into her lip. His tongue licks all around her clit, then rests underneath it. He places his lips on it, surrounding the button, then sucks hard sending her into a frenzy. His fingers tickle her insides as she cries out for him. Her orgasm fills her entire body, numbing her from head to toe.

He pulls way from her wet pussy, then fills her with his cock just after she catches her breath. His body pushing into her, his sweat pouring all over his body, and the blood dripping from his neck running down his smooth back. His lips suck on her neck leaving “bites” wherever he goes, turning her skin purple. Her body tingles again I her second orgasm as he explodes his cum inside of her. She felt his release and felt it coat her insides, combining with her juices. His body fell next to hers, both out of breath and out of juices to continue.

‘That was incredible’, she thought to herself. She looked over at Kyle, his hand over his eyes and he was taking deep breaths. He leaned on his side and moved his hand off of his face to Lynn’s. “Are you alright?”, he said to her. “Yeah, I’m ok, how about u?”. Kyle laughed and said, ”Besides my neck, I feel…”, with his hand smoothing her cheek, he says, “great.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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