Quickie for a Tart

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The staff meeting was dragging on and on, as they usually did. I squirmed in my seat, wishing that I’d taken just a few extra minutes to take care of the ached between my thighs that was rapidly becoming a desperate need. I had awakened late, though, and I didn’t want to call in sick, or be late for work. I crossed my legs, and clenced my thighs, hoping for some relief. It was going to take more than that, this time.

Beside me sat one of my best friends at work. He had been one of the first to greet me when I first started the job about two years ago. We had never dated, but we had flirted, and played some, occasionally groping in the office as much for the thrill as anything. When I crossed my leggs, my foot bumped his leg. I turned to mouth, “Sorry” and moved my foot. His eyes flicked down to my chest. I knew that look all too well. My nipples were hard, and he knew it. I turned, and looked toward the manager again, and an instant later I felt his hand slide up my thigh under the table, stopping when he reached the top of my thigh high stockings. I sucked in my breath, and let it out slowly as he worked his kızılay escort way back down.

A moment later, I felt something drop into my lap. I looked down, and found a folded piece of paper there. Surreptitiously I opened it, and read, “About Ready?”

He knew! I felt my face turning red, but I nodded slowly, once. Again his han ran up my thigh, this time drawing my sirt up with it. I clenched, wondering what he was doing. He had never been so blatant before. We were in a room full of people! Slowly his hand slipped back down my thigh, smoothing my skirt as it went, and he patted my knee. I glanced at him, but he seemed completely wrapt by the managers presentation.

The meeting let out a few minutes later, and I went running for the bathroom. I was nearly there when a hand grabbed my arm, and pulled me into the storage room that was right next to the bathrooms. The light was off, and just before the door closed, I looked out. No one was around.

I knew it was him. I could smell his scent, and I inhaled deeply. He pulled me against him, one hand holding me, the other pinched my nipples, and etlik escort cupped my breast. He slid his hand slowly down my body, stopping just before my mound, and then he turned me around, so that my back was to him. I could feel his cock pressing against my ass. One hand now cupped my breast, the other rucked my skirt up, and he cupped my pussy through my silk underwear, which were already soaked. He stroked my clit, circling it gently with his finger tips. As ready as I was, it took only a moment before I was cumming, and he was whispering, “shhh” in my ear.

As I was coming down, I reached behind me, and rubbed his cock through his pants. He pushed into my hands. His lips touched the side of my neck, gently stroking. He knew better than to leave a mark. “Ready?” he whispered against my ear.

I nodded. I had been ready for a long time, but I’d never really considered that he might want it too. In the next moment, he pushed me face down onto something. I don’t know what it was, but it was probably a stack of file boxes. He kept one hand on my back, and with the other, he flipped my skirt demetevler escort up over my back, and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, freeing his cock. I felt him rub it up and down outside of my panties at first. Then he ripped the panties, and I felt the cool air on my bare skin. He rubbed the head of his cock against my clit, and I clenched my jaw hard, trying not to moan out loud.

He pushed into me, slowly, and gently, first just the tip, and then withdrawing, and then pushing in a little further with each thrust until I thought I would scream with the need to have him deep inside me. He was finally there, and he began thrusting in earnest, being careful that our bodies didn’t slap together too loudly. I tried to be still, but tiny grunts escaped each time he came deep inside of me. I had fantasized about this, but the reality was far more exquisite.

I came again, trying hard not to scream. He leaned over me, gently “shhh-ing” in my ear. His thrusts faltered for a moment, and then continued. He grunted, low, as he came, and when he was done, he patted my bottom gently, and pulled out. He smoothed my skirt back down, and I stood up. In the light coming under the door, I could see him zipping up. He was smiling hwen he walked out. For the rest of the day, so was I. Especially when I noticed the bit of bright blue silk sticking out of his pocket.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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