Pt. 14 – Latina MILFs Are So Hot!

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The second part of my trip to Mexico.

This is part 14 of my story and I recommend you read the prior stories in order before reading this one.

All characters are well over the age of consent.

This is a work of fiction.



My time with Aurora the maid after that first afternoon of golf got me into a great mood, having dumped a load of my hot man sauce into either her mouth, pussy, or ass about every 30 minutes!

Plus, she slowly and sensually washed every crack and crevice on my body, including sucking my toes, and trimming my toenails!

She trimmed my pubic hair, after shampooing it. Nice touch, it showed me she cared.

I loved her tongue licking up and down my crack and when she spent extra time rimming me, it just got me a lot harder and ready to fuck her again.

Aurora made a comment to me when she was first washing my cock that there was lipstick on it.

Apparently, she hadn’t noticed it or hadn’t cleaned it off with her mouth when she sucked me off in the tub.

I only smiled in response as there was no need to share with her about Elsa’s red lipstick blowjob on the golf course earlier that day.

I did tell Aurora that I wanted her to have lipstick on when we were together because I liked it seeing her red lips struggling to take my cock as she worked her magic on my penis as she sucked me deep.

She was so willing … and so incredibly horny … she wanted my hands on her …. my hard cock inside of her … I enjoyed penetrating that just shaved, hot, wet pussy and that really beyond belief very tight ass of hers.

I’ve already described her deep throat techniques and that she loved to swallow, every time I blew a load into her pussy or her ass, she wanted me to drain every drop of my essence into her, then as I softened somewhat, and pulled out, she scrambled back beneath my spread legs and started in with the licking, sucking, and teasing to get my cock back into shape for around round of bareback fucking.

Ass to mouth, pussy to mouth, her tongue rimming me, then exploring my starfish hole with a tongue probing into my bowels, there was nothing stopping her from pleasing me.

Her mouth, tongue, lips, teeth, and throat were her hidden assets. I believe with her oral skills she could suck the cock of a dead man and bring him back to life!

With the Mexican version of Viagra, Aurora didn’t have to do too much to get me hard, the drug did most of the work, but I let her kiss, lick, and suck anyway.

I was going to make her earn her pay. Every dollar and every peso. She was my early evening Mexican slut.

After blowing that first load into her mouth in the tub, I was ready for some of that chubby ass she had been teasing me about.


Aurora was somewhat in awe of my penis size and although she didn’t say it, I could see from the look on her face that she was a bit nervous about taking it deep where the sun was never going to shine.

I heard her say under her breath “Polla grande.” (Big cock).

I didn’t respond to that but when she said to herself “Tal vez sea demasiado grande.” (Maybe it’s too big), I replied in Spanish, “Quieres una polla más pequeña?” (You want a smaller dick?).

Aurora looked like I had slapped her across the face. She asked “You speak Spanish?” to which I replied “Un poco.” (A little).

I asked her point blank if she wanted to end our relationship right then and there or we could continue with our arrangement. But that I was going to either fuck her in the ass (Te voy a follar por el culo) or I would replace her with someone who wanted my big cock there.

The choice was hers.

My cock, by the way, had regained its full strength and I stood naked in front of Aurora, sharing my erect manhood so she knew what she was going to be getting.

“No Senor, I am fine with your big cock in my ass” and with a brave smile she took my hand and we walked to the master bedroom and the big bed.

I got her face down on the big king bed, and I gave her a quick massage on her shoulders, neck and back, using plenty of baby oil, all the while my cock was proud and large. I used plenty of strength despite working fast.

The touching relaxed her, and my hands on her ass cheeks helped too, she eryaman bayan escort laughed as I sensually rubbed her ass. Maybe not so professional, but sensual to be sure.

Spreading her legs, and kneeling between them, I bent over to continue working on her back and my hard cock went right into her crack.

Just like I had planned.

I’d oiled myself and with the combination of her cheeks being oiled up with my cock being similarly well lubricated, I started moving up and down so she could feel me.

I thought my cock was as large and as hard as it had ever been.

I got a few kinks out of her shoulders and back and I was ready for action!

Time for a butt poke.


Aurora was no anal virgin, but it had been a long while since she’d been fucked in the ass, and I was a big white boy with a cock to match.

I generously applied the KY Gel to my fingers as I gently probed all around her tiny rosebud, and I quickly got a finger in, which earned a gasp out of her.

The initial penetration was just to the first knuckle, but she felt it. I have large hands with long strong fingers.

Slowly I finger fucked her ass, soon earning the prize of getting two full fingers in, deeply, as she groaned at the intrusion. “Oh yes” was her verbal response. “Yes, I like it …”

What was interesting to me was that Aurora started to move her ass to match my thrusting fingers and after just a few strokes in and out, her righthand snaked down so she could diddle with her shaved pussy.

My little maid was starting to get into it me playing with her ass. Her cunt was a hot wet mess of pussy lips and fingers working overtime.

My third full finger into her tight rosebud earned me a “OH MY GOD” as she shuddered in an orgasm.

After freezing, shuddering, squirting a bit onto the sheets, and gasping all within maybe ten seconds, I noted that her fingers playing with her pussy were now on hyperdrive as she began bucking on my extended digital exam of her asshole.

She quickly came again, a bit stronger this second time, squirting more than before, then collapsed on the sheets, drained by her two pleasure pouts, gasping for air.

That was my signal. I got the green flag.

Pulling my right hand away from her ass, I gripped my cock and moved forward to penetrate her still winking hole, and with my left hand I spread her cheeks and pushed down, holding Aurora down so there would be no escape.

In the past, when my cock bumped up to a rosebud for the first time, the lady in question would tense up, even try to move away.

Not with Aurora. She was awake, of course, but having two quick orgasms because of getting her ass finger fucked had momentarily dulled her senses and she lost sight of where she was and what was about to happen.

I didn’t dally or delay, my lubed hard cock drove towards her rosebud like a Stinger Missile, and I pushed past that tight ring in a single stoke, ignoring her physical and verbal response until I was half buried in her bowels, her very tight sphincter muscle gripping me almost to the point of pain.

I paused, dripped some more KY Gel on my cock and pushed in, going balls deep.

Aurora screamed, bucked, tried to push me out, her hands gripping the sheets and tears quickly forming and running down the side of her face.

“OH MY GOD IT FUCKING HURTS!” she screamed.

I didn’t respond.

She tried to squeeze me out, then she frantically, started to buck to dislodge me.

I outweighed her so I just waited it out. Like riding a bronco.

My cock wasn’t leaving her bowels and she wasn’t getting off the bed.

I just stayed inside of her as her body accommodated my invasion.

Then, after just a few moments, knowing I wasn’t going to be pulling out, Aurora started to react to my big cock in her ass by starting to move on it.

Not to push me out, but to fuck my cock with her ass.

I let her do that, then I responded by moving slowly with her … she’d push, and I’d push.

The tears stopped, there was no more screaming, instead after just a few strokes she was moaning at how good it felt; that she’d missed a cock in her ass, that she loved my cock, in her ass.

How much was true and how much of this was for show, I didn’t escort etimesgut care.

I wasn’t getting the traction I wanted, so I pulled out of her, slowly, her ass aroma filling my nostrils.

I got her up on all fours in the middle of the bed and mounted her from above and behind, my legs on the outside, forcing her legs together.

Once again, with her winking asshole as my target, I aimed at her rosebud and plunged in, balls deep, this time going deep into new, never touched territory.

Aurora gasped and each time I thrust into her I pushed myself in just a bit deeper.

Each time I earned a gasp, so I knew I was successful in touching new geography.

When I started pile driving, hard and fast, I got the desired result, Aurora came again, this time squirting her juice all over the sheets as she continued to frantically rub her steamy, sloppy wet pussy.

This time when she squirted, she clamped down on my cock.

It hurt but I took several deep breaths, and, in a few seconds, she loosened up and I pulled out of her.

Still hard, but not like steel, and wanting, needing, to come, I required her extra special attention on my erection.

Pulling out, I smacked Aurora on her pink chubby ass and ordered her to “roll over” and towering over her, I lowered my cock to her mouth and simply said “Chupar.” (Suck).

She’s already cum three times with my cock in her ass, so her eyes were a heavy-lidded sort of sleepy, “fucked out” look.

With a shit eating grin, Aurora licked her lips in anticipation as my cock got closer and without so much as a slight grimace, she proceeded to do a little mouth to mouth on Mister Johnson, doing her best to get him big and hard once again.

I didn’t doubt for a moment that with her oral skills she could help me out, but I was a bit surprised how readily she was willing to taste her own ass on my cock.

I have to say she was a great cocksucker. The combination of her lips, mouth, tongue, throat would earn her a Gold Medal in the Sexual Olympics.

Hard once again, I lifted her legs up over her head and entered her ass from a different angle, took her deep again with a single thrust and with Aurora begging me to fill her ass with cum, I coated the walls of her bat cave, groaning as I pushed as deep as I could to make my deposit.


After I finished draining into her ass, she cleaned me with a warm washcloth, then did quality control work with her mouth, once again engineering a hard cock for her pussy to enjoy.

When my cock wasn’t in her pussy, she was playing with herself.

I think being newly shaved had something to do with that, but I wasn’t complaining.

I found out later that she’d been a sexual drought and my offer opened, no pun intended, her floodgates.

Aurora was highly orgasmic, but she wasn’t a screamer.

She was a moaner, a groaner and she shuddered when she came. Then she’d squirt.

I have to say it didn’t take much to get her off either.

Initially fearing my cock in her ass, she admired my length and my girth for her pussy, and she quickly came as I pushed past her tight lips that gripped my cock like no other pair of lips had.

Aurora was small and though a bit chubby; she was pliable, and I moved her around the suite, fucking her in many different positions to take full advantage of the furniture, fixtures, and beds.

The final time I emptied into her I had her bent over the sofa as I plowed her wet hot pussy from behind as I looked out at the sailboats out on the sea.

You could hear the flesh slapping down the hall of the hotel as I pounded while she moaned and shuddered about how deep I was inside of her.

My cock touched parts of her cunt that no man had touched before. I was her El Jefe.

I held her arms behind her so she couldn’t play with her now soppy wet cunt, and she had a long, hard vaginal orgasm as I blew another potent load deep into her.

She’d be dripping me for a week!

I’d been around the world in about 90 minutes, taking full advantage of her three holes.

My balls finally drained, my cock soft for the moment, post sex, Aurora bathed me, again, got me dressed, and I headed downstairs to dinner at the hotel restaurant while the elvankent escort housekeeper on duty changed out the sheets and towels for my next guest, making sure my room was “tour worthy” for Elsa.

I’d see Aurora at 6pm the next night. She’d be prepared. For more of the same.

I gave her more money for her to buy a few more things: a large butt plug, a large glass dildo, Bew Wa balls and anal beads.


Elsa and I had a blast at dinner that first night, my buddies were still part high, part drunk.

The female caddies were all dolled up, showing lots of T Elsa jumped, and the pretty lady behind us laughed.

The third lady surprised us as we got to my suite.

She cleared her throat so as not to startle us and we both turned to face her.

She’d been following us down the hall.

I recognized her from the restaurant, an attractive strawberry blonde thirty something with an accent that was either Irish, English, South African or Australian.

She smiled and simply said “I saw you down in the restaurant and I hope you don’t mind me being so forward but I’m on this trip by myself and so if you’re interested in a third wheel … “

I would have nodded and invited her in, but I hadn’t even fucked Elsa yet and I didn’t want to lose sight of this knockout, nor did I want to lose Elsa.

Our eyes locked and she smiled and said, “Here’s my card and I’m right next door all week if anything … changes.”

I smiled, nodded in thanks, and said “Goodnight” and opened the door to my suite.


If my playing with her pussy under the table didn’t get Elsa hot and bothered, walking the hallway of the hotel bare-ass naked did.

She was a born exhibitionist.

And she had a sopping wet pussy to prove it.


It was nice to have the sliding glass door to the balcony open so we could hear the waves hitting the shore.

I doubt we slept all that much, Elsa was sex starved and she was trying to make up for lost time without a big hard cock moving inside of her holes.

I laid her halter top and skirt on a chair, took off her high heels, she got me naked and rather than have her suck on my cock as a prelude to some magical fucking, I changed things around and made the decision to explore her nude flawless body first.

I knew she’d appreciate it.

While she did eventually get poked in the ass and I did lay pipe in her pussy, after the first time I ate her out, she really craved my expert tongue exploring her bare, hairless cunt.

So, on the extra-large king size bed after suckling on some hard nipples and kissing my way south over her flat, tan belly, I had desert at the intersection of her great legs and her MILF torso.

It was better than Mexican flan.


I began kissing her tanned toned thighs from the inside of her knees down to the crevice of her thigh and torso.

Elsa loved it, telling me how nice it felt.

She tried to spread her thighs wider with each kiss and lick, but she had reached her maximum.

Elsa reached her hands to my head to pull me into her pussy, but I resisted, first by holding her hands down on the top of her thighs, then kissing just above her pussy while my hands gently teased the inside of her thighs without touching her pussy.

“Put your hands back sweetie” I told her. “Up by your head and no playing with your titties.”

Her bare slit glistened and opened. Her clit started to rise. Eyes closed, she whispered “Rick, please lick me, lick me now.”

I continued to resist her. And I pulled back a bit and started running my hands up and down her thighs.

Elsa began humping the air as my hands teased her, but I did not touch her special zone.

Her clit rose as her lower lips opened a bit more.

“Do you trust me, Elsa?” I asked her as she started to groan.

“With my life Rick” she gasped, her eyes still closed.

Between my kisses all around her pussy but not on it, I whispered to Elsa “Play with your titties for me sweetheart.”

Elsa started rubbing her breasts and pulling on her already hard nipples.

“Now wet your nipples for me” I told her, as I continued to run my fingers near her sopping pussy but not touching it.

I was enjoying the show.

Her eyes were still closed, she wet her fingers and continued to rub her breasts and pull on her hard, aroused nipples.

While I continued to tease her, my kisses turned to little licks all around her pussy, and I asked her “Do you want me to take a little lick baby?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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