Projects with Jenny

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Her name was Jenny and she was all I could think about. We were both seniors in high school, but had never really spent all that much time together. We finally got to know each other in a computer class our final semester and that was the reason I was going to her house tonight. We were working together on a power point presentation on any topic within reason that we could think of. My mind was far from schoolwork on the way to her house. All I could think about was what could possibly happen with the two of us all alone in her house for all hours of the night. She was so damn hot. She was about 5’7 with long red hair, perfect curves, breasts that weren’t too small or too big, and an ass that you could not take your eyes off of.

When I arrived she greeted me at the door and led me to the living room were the computer and TV could be found. I could not help but notice her short blue shorts that barely covered her ass. That along with a low cut top would keep me distracted all night. I was ready to just go with whatever topic she wanted, but she surprised me by asking what my idea was. “Sex,” I blurted out. “What?” I forced a weak laugh, and said, “I’m just kidding.” To my surprise she said, “No that could be a good idea, like the effect internet pornography has on kids.” I was not looking forward to presenting that one in class, but there was no way I would pass up talking about sex with Jenny all night.

The project got off to a slow start. Jenny worked on the basic setup of the presentation, setting the slide transitions and what not. She needed an A on this to pass the class, so I knew she would actually be taking it seriously. Then came the conversation that would probably end up being embarrassing.

“So, have you ever watched internet porn?”

“Well, umm…yeah a couple of times.”

“Why’d you watch it?”

“Well, ahh…cause I wanted to.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve watched it before too.”


“Yeah, I was curious.”

“That’s cool. Did you like?”

“Yeah it was pretty exciting.”

“It’s had that effect on me before. Maybe we should watch some. You know, for research purposes.”

“I don’t know about that. Maybe after we get a little more work done.”

“Ok, sounds good.”

The project went on after that and really did not get interesting again until our slides about why kids watch internet porn.

“Well, what should we list as reasons?”

“Curiosity probably is a good one,” I said.

“Yeah, anything else?”

“Well there is one big reason why most kids watch it.”


“Well, you know…”

“Go ahead, you can say.”

“To…ah…jack escort kızılay off to.”

“You mean to masturbate?”

“Yeah, that would probably be the better term.”

“Yeah, it goes for both sexes.”

“You saying that you?”


“Really, how?”

“You actually want details?”

“Sorry, natural curiosity.”

“With my fingers.”

“That’s cool.”

“Maybe now is a good time to take a break and do a little research.”


She turned her attention back to the computer, went online, and typed in a URL. The site popped up quickly with links for all kinds of videos. Thirty seconds into the video some guy was pounding a hot blonde hard and she was moaning like there was no tomorrow. I couldn’t do anything to hide my instant excitement. I did my best to not focus too much on the video, and I noticed Jenny was getting excited by it as well. I was tipped off when her nipples became visible through her shirt. I couldn’t help picturing her fingering herself, probably in the spot I was currently sitting. It was getting to be too much, and I was starting to fear that I would blow a load in my pants right there.

Fifteen minutes after the movie had ended, we took another break from working on the project to watch some TV. I was disappointed when the information on the TV said the movie that she was putting on was “The Sweetest Thing”. My opinion quickly changed when I saw Cameron Diaz and Christina Appelgate in their bra and panties riding together in a car. I waited another twenty minutes before finally excusing myself to go to the bathroom. I was pretty sure she knew what I was doing, but I had to relieve some pressure. I had just started stroking when I heard her voice outside the door, “I hope your not jacking off in there, I don’t want a mess all over the place.”

“Don’t worry I’m not.” Apparently she did not believe me because she opened to door. She looked at me, and I was completely in shock. “I knew you were.”


“You know I’m gonna have to punish you for this now.”

“Just don’t tell anyone, please.”

“Follow me and we’ll see about that.”

She led me up the stairs and down the hallway to what I assumed correctly was her room and told me to sit down.

“Now your punishment is simple, you can’t come unless I decide it’s ok. If you do without my permission I’ll tell everyone you were jacking off in my bathroom.”

“Ok, whatever you say.”

“Good. Now take off all of your clothes, sit down here, and keep your hands on the bed. Now you have to watch me.”

There was no way I could have ankara yabancı escort a problem with that command, the only problem was controlling my excitement as much as possible. She leaned back against the wall so she was sitting up facing me. She lifted off her shirt revealing her very erect nipples, and the fact that she was not wearing a bra. She lifted her right hand and slowly started massaging her left nipple while letting out a slight moan of pleasure. At the same time she started massaging her pussy in a circular motion with her left hand through her thin shorts. She lifted her breast upward so she could lick her nipple. As she resumed massaging her nipple the speed at which she rubbed her pussy quickened and I noticed a wet spot forming. My cock was rock hard and desperately wanting to explode, but I knew I had to hold off as long as possible.

The rubbing stopped suddenly as she pulled off her shorts quickly. She followed that by standing up and turning her back to me. This revealed to me that she was wearing a thong and gave me and awesome view of her ass. Damn, it was amazing. It got even better as she bent over and resumed rubbing her pussy before taking off her thong and retaking her position on the bed. “Beg for me to let you come, I can tell you want to.”

“Please let me come, I can’t hold back much longer. You’re so damn hot.”

“I bet you would like to do this to me,” she said pulling out a dildo from behind her pillow and rubbing it gently near her clit. “You wish this was your hard cock, don’t’ you,” she said as she inserted it into her. I nodded my agreement. She quickened her pace of moving it in and out, in and out. She started to moan and thrust her hips forward. Her moans became screams of pleasure as her orgasm coursed through her body.

She then sucked her own juices off the dildo before returning to its spot under her pillow. “Now you sit here,” she said motioning for me to take her spot with my back to the wall. “And remember don’t come unless I say you can.” I said nothing as I took her position and waited for her to make her next move. She grabbed my cock and licked the very tip of it. She repeatedly flicked her tongue across the top of my cock, while occasionally licking all the way down to my balls. It was driving me wild, my hips started to involuntarily thrust towards her mouth. She abruptly stopped, but then repositioned herself so that she was straddling my lap. She lifted herself up and the lowered herself onto my cock. She was still wet, so I slid in easily. “Don’t come in me because you don’t know if I’m on the pill or not.”

There etlik escortlar was nothing I could do other than sit back and try to fight off the urge to come. She put her arms on my shoulders so she could grind back and forth and back and forth on my cock easier. She started off nice and slow before suddenly grinding her hips into me harder and harder, faster and faster. Just when I felt the point of no return was coming she slowed to a stop. Then locked eyes with me and resumed slowly rocking back and forth. There was no way I could hold back for more than another minute. I think she finally realized that it had to happen soon when she slid off me and lowered her head level with my cock. “Now I’m gonna let you come, but you better have a lot in you tonight.” “No problem there.”

She started sucking on the head before rapidly moving her head up and down. She went all the way down, and then I could take no more. I exploded in the back of her throat causing her to gag. She took her mouth off me, but started stroking me with her hand as I splashed come all of her face and down to her tits. Finally I stopped coming, and she calmly rubbed the come on her tits around. “That was quite the load, now I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me really good.”

Somehow I was already getting hard again. I didn’t care how, I was just glad that I was. She turned away from me and got onto her hands and knees with her beautiful ass pointing up at me. I considered trying anal, but opted to just go with what she wanted. I rubbed the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy slowly, doing my best to tease her a little but I wanted it too badly to wait long. One thing was for sure, I was going to fuck her as hard as I could. I thrust into her as hard as I could and she moaned in pleasure. I thrusted harder and harder and faster and faster. Her moans became increasingly louder. Her arms weakened from the intense pleasure. I could feel her pussy gripping my cock tightly as she was overcame by her second orgasm of the night. Still that was not enough for me, having just come gave me the extra endurance I needed to keep going.

I repositioned her so that she was lying flat on her stomach. That way I could drive myself into her soaking wet cunt with more force. I used slower harder thrusts now. She continued moaning as I drove myself in and out of her. Then I stopped suddenly, but only so that she could turn over. I lifted one leg to the side, opening her pussy wide for me. I started slowly this time, but quickly picked up the pace. I could feel her pussy start to tighten as she thrust upwards with another orgasm approaching. This time I was ready to come as well. I thrust faster and faster as she let out a final loud moan and I shot my load deep inside her.

It turned out to be one hell of a night, we decided we would have to get together again to actually finish the project.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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