PR Duty

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Mick stepped out of his cab in sunny Singapore, carrying his duffel handcarry and a briefcase. He was there just for a short 2 day business trip, just to make a call to his client to explain the delay in delivery – darn the technical guys. Now he has to do the PR stuff and pick up the pieces. He walked into the hotel lobby right to the reception where a young lady with fine straight black hair looked up at him. Sweet, he thought. With any luck, he can end his dry spell with an exotic woman nonetheless.

‘How may I help you, sir?’ she said in lilting asian voice that is so sweet and lacking in baritone.

‘I have a reservations for Mick Micheals for 2 nights…’

The asian girl, though polite, efficiently asked for his credit card for verification and proceeded to hand over his keys to his room on the 11th floor.

The room was alright – typical for a five-star hotel, with classy white sheets, cable TV and a spanking new toilet with a bathtub. Mich proceeded to strip the clothes off his buff thirty-two year old body to take a cold shower.

Ten minutes later, he was decked out in shirt and tie. With cufflinks presentable enough to meet his client, he figured this should be all right in this hot weather. He checked his watch and went down to catch a cab to Shenton Way.

As he walked from the cab to the tower where his client’s office was located, there was a young lady in her twenties in a short denim pencil skirt ending at her thighs, showing off great legs, with her lightly dyed hair reaching down her back. Mich stared at her legs appreciatively wondering how smooth they were as he followed her into the lift. His moved his eyes away as he noticed her stare at his face with an unpleased expression.

Coming out on his floor, he buzzed the intercom. He was invited in by an old secretary and was told that the boss will come out shortly. Sitting on the leather sofa at the reception, he looked at the various awards displayed on the eryaman genç escort bayanlar table next to him. Worthy client, indeed.

A petite lady in a sleeveless white shirt and black skirt came our and greeted him. She dressed totally respectable but her boobs filled out her shirt, and she wore high heels that showed off her shapely legs. Very well put together, indeed. She looked about thirty-five, with a pixie-ish asian face that looked confident, mature and above average.

“I’m sorry, Mr Cheng is was called for an overseas visit at the last minute. There’s a mini crisis going on in Indonesia. I’m Elaine and I’m the Senior Director here. I’ll be glad to be your host. Did you just get in?’ she said fluently.

‘Yes, about 2 hours ago. The airport was a breeze… unlike some airports I’ve been thru’

‘Glad it’s to your liking. Would you like to come to my office or talk over lunch?’ she asked.

‘Lunch will be good. I am starving…’ for your body… completed Mick in his thoughts.

She left him to grab her purse and he was reeling with excitement. A powerful attractive executive – if he could get anywhere near her at all, it’d be his lucky day.

They choose a small café down the road. It served hefty sandwiches, pastas and drinks. Very western. After ordering, Mick started by saying how the developments have caught up at his company but due to resources and unseen problems due to the novelty of the product, the delivery had to be delayed. He elaborated on the problems they have and she told him that based on the contract, they must be paid compensation due to the loss in time and opportunity cost. While she was talking, she bent forward into the conversation. Mich could see her cleavage peeking at her neckline. A definite D. He longed to delve his fingers into that cleavage. She noticed him staring and smiled flattered by the effect she had on him.

He recovered and said, ‘Yes, definitely. We are looking ankara escort bayan at compensation as per the terms of our contract.’ He elaborated and started to negotiate, now looking at her amused eyes now. She had a far softer expression on her face than previously.

Elaine wondered how long his penis was. White men generally were more well-endowed than their Asian counterparts and her husband had been outstation for a week and won’t be back for a week more. She wondered if she could have a fling. He’s only here for 2 days. No strings attached. Her nipples had hardened while thinking about it. She had not realized that they were obvious against her white shirt till she saw his eyes moving downwards to where they were. She blushed.

The minx was thinking dirty thoughts, Mick realized. He smiled to himself.

They discussed the compensation at length but their minds were no longer fully on business. When the lunch was done, they sat sipping coffee and talking about business. Elaine knew fully that he was checking her body out. She wondered if he had a hard-on. He definitely was interested. She just wasn’t sure how much. She wondered how well-endowed was he?

The coffee ran out, and Elaine was the first to step out of the café. He butt was pert for a woman in her thirties. She must work out often, Mick thought. His eyes trailed down her legs. Very nice. He had a hard-on on and off during the whole lunch. He wondered…

The lift was packed. Mick was barely inches away from Elaine, bodies facing each other, not touching, face looking at each other trying to speak normally. The lift doors opened and a lady on Mick’s right, pushed thru behind him to get out of the lift, pushing Mich, deliciously, against Elaine. In that moment, Elaine knew he had an erection. He was hard and by the feel of it, well-endowed. She pressed herself against him, boobs to chest, groin to groin. Shocked, Mick’s reflex was to grab her waist etimesgut escort to steady her. Aware of the people around them, they moved apart as inconspicuously as possible.

The door lift opened. They exited the lift. Elaine flashed her pass at the card sensor. They entered the office without words with Mick trailing her into her personal office. It was spacious, enough for a large L-table, a board and 12-feet cabinet against the window. Mick closed the door, and turned to Elaine, who immediately pounced on him, pressing herself against his hard body, all pliant and ready to be mauled. Mick lifted her petite frame to make her it on the edge of the table, her black shirt hiked up around her waist. He unbuttoned her shirt, revealing round tanned globes in a thin cotton bra. He pushed the bra cups down to feel her glorious naked flesh with both hands. She arched her back letting her hair fall back, her mouth wide open catching her breasts, her groin still pressed intimately against his. She looked at his face, and felt for his belt. She proceeded to strip him off his pants. She barely managed to bring down his pants and his boxers to his mid-thigh when he roughly grabbed her hands and put them above her head. Restraining her hands with one arm, his other hand explored under her skirt, looking for her clitoris. Engorged, she whimpered when he touched it. It was covered with her sticky fluid and his fingers followed the fluids into her folds… She was pliant and ready.

Elaine looked delicious. Her hair curling wispy about her face, her perky D breasts pointing up to the air, her black skirt hiked up around her waist. Mick wasted no time and pushed his penis into her inviting warmth, much to her pleasure and his. He started with a gentle rhythm and gradually got faster, harder, deeper, in tandem with her muffled moans.

Elaine was gone, cumming with her juices dripping around his hard swollen penis, which followed suit, spewing its seed into her hot wet cunt…

There was a knock on the door.

‘Hold On. We’re busy. Will be out in a minute’ Elaine said as she rushed to put on her clothes. She wondered if her secretary would suspect anything. She normally lets her come in no matter the time nor nature of the meeting…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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