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I love it when it starts to get warm out again. I can put on my tee-shirts and capris and start to feel the sun on my skin. Pale as I am, I don’t tan, but I still enjoy the feeling of the sun. I can open the windows and smell the fresh air. The house gets toasty inside from the sun’s natural warmth, not from the manufactured furnace.

But another thing starts to happen as it gets warm…I start to get horny.

I love to lay on the bed naked on my belly with the window open, the fan blowing overhead, my legs parted so I can feel the breeze against my labia. As a mom, I know that I’m not the greatest to look at. My skin didn’t hold up very well, but I work out and my body is curvy and firmer than most moms.

Often during these times I like to attempt to tease my husband. It rarely works, but I still enjoy trying. First lying next to him while he watches TV and rubbing lotion on my legs, then massaging it into my breasts. My nipples start getting hard and I like to rub my palms over them. Generally at this point I have got MYSELF more aroused then my husband.

I snuggle up next to him, nuzzling my face into his neck and chest and breathing deep. I love his masculine scent and I start to feel my lady parts warm up. Breathing deep I run a hand up his shirt, trailing my fingers through his chest hair, down his side, back up and across his nipples, feeling them perk up for me.

I continue this motion for a few minutes, just savoring his soft body and skin next to mine before pulling his shirt up and pressing my breasts to his chest and running my hand over his boxer briefs. I tilt my face up to his, waiting for a kiss, but he is enjoying having the attention on him and wants to keep me coming for him.

My hand glides down his thighs and up over his boxer briefs again, briefly toying with his gently swelling head and elongated member before trailing my fingers back up to his sides again. Slowly and gently, up and down, up and down, teasing with my hands and fingers until I feel that he is fully hard.

“Wanna take these off for me?” eryaman bayan escort I ask.

He leans his hips up and pulls with his hand on the left and I pull down on the right. His cock bobs up to meet me and I feel my mouth start to water.

I have always loved my husband’s cock. As strange as it sounds, it is just perfect and beautiful to me. Beautifully colored, nicely shaped head, he is cut, but the skin is not tight around it.

Moving as slow as ever I take his tip into my mouth, savoring the way my tongue fits perfectly around it and admiring the silky smoothness against my mouth.

I linger at his head for a while, gently sucking and flicking my tongue around him before lowering my mouth deeper onto his shaft, sinking another inch at a time until my lips start bumping against his belly. My husband has a good 7 inches, but I also have a hell of a control over my gag reflex!

I more I stroke my mouth across him the harder I feel him get at my lips and the more I can see his balls start to tighten and his feet start to arch. Oh no, not yet big boy! I need a little bit of attention too!

I move myself and point my ass up toward his face. It’s a tease of my own. No matter how much my body changes, he loves my ass. He starts rubbing and gripping my butt cheeks, teasing his fingers over my puffed labia, probing at my clit here and there before gripping my ass and pulling me back to his face.

Sixety-nining has always been one of his favorites and he takes to it vigorously. He pushes his tongue into my slit as I slurp away at his dick and slowly trails it up to my asshole, giving some short, powerful licks. He grabs it, massages it, nibbles at my butt cheeks and even bites them a few times.

Licking from my clit to ass again and getting me really lubed up he slips his thumb to my ass while sucking on my clit and gently starts to press. Generally I am not a big anal fan. What can I say? It’s one of my sexual faults. However, I let him indulge because I have a plan of my own.

He is being gentle; I have to give escort sincan him that, as he continues to press and eventually works his thumb into my ass. He is sucking on me furiously and I am sucking him back just as hard, being careful to watch his balls and feet. I can always tell when he is about to explode and I won’t be swallowing his cum this time around!

I let him indulge in his ass play for a little. Even working my hips back into his hand before rising up and off of him. He grabs at me, tries to pull me back down to him, but I have my own fantasies in mind tonight and it’s time for me to be a little selfish.

He is lying on his side of the bed with his legs spread.

I grab at his hands, “sit up” I coax.

“Why” he asks.

“Please?” I practically beg.

So he sits up, propping some pillows behind his back and leaning back against the head board. I grab his hand again and place it on his cock.

“Please?” I beg again.

He knows what I want. I bring it up often enough. One of my biggest turn ons. Watching a man masturbate.

He takes his cock in his hand and I feel my pussy tighten and moisten already. He grasps it in his own familiar way and starts to slowly stroke. I can see his balls tighten and fall in repetition with his strokes and sling my own legs over his so they are spread wide, giving me a full view of him and also giving him a few view of myself.

Here is where my anxiety and guilty pleasure sets in. I know that my hubby is not nearly as much of a voyeur as I am. The embarrassment of my big swollen lips sets in. Even after all the years with my husband it still embarrasses me. However, the pleasure of pulling on them and slipping them around between my fingers in still there.

I love how wet and puffy they get. I can slide 3 fingers down, my middle going right to my clit and slit, and the pointer and ring finger in between my inner and outer labia, and still see my puffy lips poking out from between my fingers.

My husband starts to watch me, still slowly stroking elvankent escort bayan away, massaging his lower belly and balls with the other hand. I grab a pillow and put it behind me, lean back, and slip my other hand down to insert a finger to rub at my g-spot. Firmly at first, enough to make my eyes roll back for a second, and moving into my familiar movements of gently switching my finger back and forth across my swelling sweet spot.

My eyes don’t leave my husband. How I LOVE watching him masturbate. I wish he would let me watch him more! My clit is very hard, my pussy very wet, and both are being stimulated as intensely as my eyes.

I see my husband’s balls are very tight, his body is tense, and he is sucking in his lower lip over his teeth as his orgasm approaches. I feel a familiar sensation building below. One that I love and I have been practicing on my own solo masturbation sessions, but I know my husband is not that fond of. That familiar burn in my thighs of my orgasm and the tingling sensation similar of needing to pee…

I am in a conundrum. I know that a squirt has built inside of me. I know that it will feel amazing to let go. I know that my husband will not be thrilled if I proceed to do this all over him without warning!

My husband starts breathing deep, his head is back, he starts to moan and looks down just in time to unleash an eruption of cum across my legs, belly, and pussy. His hand moves with his last strokes, milking the last few drops out of his cock and I know that it is now or never.

Learning back, I arch my back, give my g-spot a few last firm swipes, remove my hand from my pussy and rub enthusiastically at my clit. The orgasm is there and with just a slight bearing down i feel the heat from within and scream as I let myself squirt across my husband’s belly and legs like he did to me.

I collapse backward, lightly petting at my spent pussy. My juices are dripping off my fingers and rolling down my husband’s body. It felt amazing, and I am scared to see my husband’s reaction.

I catch my breath and raise my eyes up to his face, feeling myself blushing.

He smiles at me, “feel better, honey?”

I nod, embarrassed, but also thrilled at fulfilling this fantasy that has been on my mind so long.

“Good. Now legs off. I need to go clean up!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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