Pippa Ch. 07

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I watched the washing machine go about its business. It span around and around, it was mesmerising. Even as a child I had loved watching the washing machine.

“Susan, your eyes will go funny.” My Mother used to say.

It was a long time since someone had called me that. I only went by Rebekah these days. I had picked that name for myself many years ago. It was my working name. A few of the girls called it their performance names. Just to give it a bit of class.

Not that I thought being a prostitute was such a classless thing to begin with.

My fake name also protected my anonymity, and to keep what I did as far away from my personal life as possible. Only a few very close friends knew my real name. I still preferred them to call me Rebekah though. It kept it straight in my head.

At the beginning I had divulged it out of misplaced trust to a few of my clients. A mistake that I hadn’t made since.

I glanced at the clock on my phone. Only half an hour till my next appointment. I gave a little sigh. My limbs were aching, something that coffee didn’t seem to cure these days.

Finally, the clothes stopped spinning. I gathered enough energy and unloaded the damp garments. In a routine I was well used to, I hung them on the wire framed clothes horse. They were mostly my working outfits, lots of lingerie, and a few special garments. With the kitchen now smelling of what was advertised as a fresh meadow, I made my way into the front room.

The flat was small. Two bedrooms, although one of them really pushed the definition of a bedroom. It did serve as a good storage room though. Most of my business was conducted in the front room. My bedroom was kept out of bounds. That was my sanctuary.

Bringing out two fresh towels I laid them on the sofa. A handful of condoms went onto the side table, and to finish my preparations I drew the blinds.

In her bedroom I stripped off. Looking in the mirror, I thought that I didn’t look too bad for a woman over forty. On my online profile I knocked off a few years, no one ever noticed.

I looked over my body looking for blemishes. Satisfied, I donned a silk robe. I ran a brush through my shoulder length blonde hair, and then gave it a little puff up with my fingers. My make up was already on, but I added a little more lipstick. Lastly, I applied some lube between my legs.

The buzzer for my flat went. It was Gerald. A long time regular of mine. I was fairly certain it was his real name. Although there were so much deceit in my world that I could never be sure.

I opened up, and greeted him with a big smile. A smile I had used over and over again. Not exactly a fake one, but hardly the warm welcome I would give a real lover.

Once inside I took his face gently in my hands, giving him a long and lingering kiss.

“Hey, baby.” I cooed.

He looked genuinely pleased to see me.

“Hello, Rebekah.”

“Come through.” I said, leading him into the front room.

There wasn’t any need to ask him to shower. Gerald was always clean. He was one of my more dutiful clients who always showered beforehand. From previous meeting I knew that he was married. Whatever their relationship had evolved into resulted in a sex life that Gerald wasn’t enjoying anymore. He wasn’t a bad looking man, early fifties and a full head of hair, that I suspected he was dying brown. Whatever his job was, was quite important, or at least he made it sound as much.

I stood politely and watched as he fumbled inside of his wallet. There was a little smile from him as he handed over the cash. With experience fingers, I fanned them out surreptitiously. Taking a quick look of the amount, before I squirrelled them away in a draw. Always get the money first, was my number one rule. Even with loyal regulars.

“It looks good on you.” Gerald said, a bit more relaxed that the transaction was done.

I gave him a little twirl. The red silk robe had been his Christmas present to me. Not exactly the dream present of a car that some hookers claimed to receive, but a welcomed gift non the less. Of course he had seen me plenty of times since Christmas, but he was determined to mine as much goodwill from his gift as possible.

“Let me take your coat darling.” I said, taking it and hanging it up.

Gerald took off his clothes, and folded them neatly on the arm chair. Once naked he sat back down on the couch, his face was more animated and full of life.

I straddled him, resting myself into his lap.

“So how’ve you been then, baby?” I asked as honestly as possible.

He talked for a few minutes about the weather and what he had been up to. His hands were lazily stroking up and down my back.

“Very busy at work, lots of cutbacks. I’ve had to let a lot of staff go.” He said sadly. I don’t know why he liked to depress himself so much.

“Anyone you knew?” I asked idly.

He shook his head, telling me he doesn’t spend so much time there. Mostly just names on pieces of paper that he has to cross off.

The conversation waned, and I felt his eryaman genç escort bayanlar erection underneath me. It never took him long to get into the mood. I leaned in kissing him. I always took the lead with him. His hands were moving more confidently over me now, eventually finding their way under my robe. I let out a fake moan when he stroked my bare breasts.

His cock was pressing hard against my flesh now. I climbed off of him and reached out for a condom. Quickly I put it onto his cock. Giving it a little tug to keep him hard, I climbed back on.

Putting an arm onto his shoulder I lowered my lubed up pussy onto his erection.

It was a well rehearsed routine devoid of passion and lust.

“Ohhhh.” I sighed exaggeratedly.

He had never been the most imaginative lover. Not that it really mattered at all to me. I rode him. My hips rising and falling, his hands massaging my tits as he slowly made his way to an orgasm.

It was always tricky to judge what types of noises my clients liked. Some liked their hookers to be realistic, and some wanted the full porn star experience. With Gerald and most of the married men I fucked, I kept it as realistic as possible. My moans were reserved and constant.

I felt his grip slacken and his breathing quicken. He was close, I thought.

It was a lie to say that I never enjoyed sex with my clients. A lot of time they did genuinely make me cum. There were even a few that I got excited about seeing. Not Gerald though. He was more of an easy pay day.

His face went bright red, and he let out a long whine. It was comical in a way. I did my best to show her pleasure as he climaxed.

With the hour he had payed for complete, he gave me a big kiss goodbye.


I decided to have a nap on the couch. I had no more clients today. Just as I was drifting off my buzzer went.

I swore.

As I went to answer it, I thought it was probably Gerald. He must have forgotten something.

Then I paused. There had been a pimp sniffing around me lately. Trying to get me to work for him. I wondered if it was him. He was the type to intimidate girls until they complied. Scaring off punters outside girls places and other nasty things.

I was fiercely independent. I didn’t want a guy taking a share of my cut.

I had to answer it in case it was Gerald.

With a little hesitation I pressed the button.

It was a girl’s voice. She said she knew me and that she wanted to speak. I was a little suspicious, but reluctantly buzzed her up.

I recognised her as I opened the door.

Her name was Pippa. She had been with Jim. He was a regular of mine. Although I hadn’t seen him in a while.

“What do you want?” I asked keeping the door half open.

“Just wondering if I could buy some cocaine?” She asked nervously.

I didn’t see why not. Jim had bought some off me in the past. It was something I did on the side for a few clients.

“Come on in.” I said, and let her though.

“Jim not with you?”

“No, we broke up.” She said. I wasn’t entirely convinced they were having a regular relationship.

They had both come here and Jim had paid to take some pictures of me and her together. Some of which Jim had sent me a few days later. Afterwards we both sucked him off. My guess was that they were in a sugar daddy type situation. She was half his age after all. Who was I to judge.

She did look very pretty. Short dark hair. Great body. Quite busty. I would kill for a pair of tits like hers. Her face looked a little more gaunt than before, but I think it added to her charm.

I went into my bedroom to get the drugs with Pippa following me.

“Just the one?” I asked, opening the draw.


Next to my money I had a half a dozen bags of the stuff. I picked one out for Pippa.

“This okay?.” I said, holding the baggie up.

She nodded and started to fish around in her purse.

“I’ve got plenty more if you need to come back again.” I said. It was always good to get new clients that I didn’t have to sleep with.

Pippa held out a few notes to me.

“Oh darling, that isn’t enough.” I said. What a shame, I thought.

She looked very downcast. “Maybe I could have half?” She asked pleadingly.

I shook my head. “I can’t really split the bags sweetie. The next person won’t want half a bag.”

I felt a bit embarrassed for her.

“I can pay you back soon.” She said.

I just shook my head. You had to be strict about this sort of thing.

“Please.” She begged. “I’ve got a job, the money isn’t a problem.”

“Well obviously it is.” I said, getting slightly annoyed. “Come back with the right money, okay.”

She let out a sigh. “I’ve just started working in a bank. They won’t pay me till the end of the month.”

I shrugged. There was no point arguing anymore.

She made another pathetic attempt to change my mind, but I was firm. I suggested she pawn something to get some money together, but she told me she had already done that for rent.

As ankara escort bayan she left I felt sorry for her. I was used to dealing with men, and she did seem like a sweet girl. My sympathy for a girl in need got the better of me.

“Wait a sec hun.”

She turned with a nervous smile on her face.

“Maybe we can work something out.” I said.

This brightened her up.

I explained what I had in mind. She was very reluctant at first, but her wants overcame her morals.

I took her number and told her I would be in touch.

Before she left she asked for a hit of coke just to be going on with. Because I felt sorry for her, I agreed.


Later that day I called Gerald and asked him if he was interested in seeing a new girl. At first he was unsure, but I sent him the pictures Jim had given me. This got his interest up a bit more. He seemed to like the idea that it was her first time.

She certainly wasn’t a virgin, but he loved the idea of being the one to break her in, so to speak. I was going to charge him more for the privilege.

I told him that I would be there just because it was my place we would be using. He inferred that he would like to play with both of us, but I nixed that thought. I am going to get a good payout for this, and I didn’t see why I had to fuck him too.

I knew I’d just end up having to do all the work.

Pippa, again seemed reluctant on the phone when I called to arrange it with her. Eventually she realised it was a good deal.

All the phoning was a bit of a pain, but I thought of the money, and then it didn’t seem so bad.


I sat in my flat looking at my clock. Everything was prepared, but I was expecting Pippa not to show. The memory of the first time I had sold my body for money flashed into my mind. I had been nervous as hell. Eventually I had got to like it and then just treated it as a job.

I had been a dancer at a club. One of my friends was doing it on the side, and I saw it as an easy way to make money. I never imagined it would become my fulltime employment.

The buzzer went. It was Pippa. I showed her in. She had more guts than I guessed.

She looked nervous though. Sitting her on the couch, I tried to relax her.

“It’s just like the time with me and Jim.” I said soothingly.

She told me it was the fact that she didn’t know the guy that was worrying her. I told her Gerald was a regular and wasn’t so bad looking.

It wasn’t like I was introducing her to sadist or a rough guy.

I gave her a bit of coke to calm her nerves. It sparked her up a bit too. I took a hit from the bag. It was the one I was going to give her afterwards. I doubted she minded me having some.

She was wearing a bright blue polo shirt and a knee length denim skirt. Not exactly the usual type of outfit for a hooker. I think it looked cute though, and gave her the girl next door look. Perfect for a first timer.

Gerald finally arrived. I gave Pippa’s hand a little squeeze.

“It’ll be okay.” I said.

Gerald looked nervous too, but I could see the excitement behind his eyes.

They exchanged an awkward handshake as I introduced them to each other. Gerald took a seat next to her, while I perched on the arm of the sofa next to him.

They looked like a couple of teens in front of their parents. Sitting apart, looking timidly at each other. It was pretty amusing.

“Gerald.” I said kindly, hoping he got the hint.

He did, and pulled his wallet out. I took the money and put it away in my bedroom with the bags of coke.

“So how old are you, Pippa?” Gerald asked, finally finding his courage.

“Twenty five.” She said a little shyly.

He smiled and continued. “This is your first time?”

She nodded and blushed. I wondered if Gerald thought I had been lying.

It was hard to imagine Pippa being anything other than honest. She was really living the part.

This was going to take ages, I thought. I couldn’t sit her and watch these two flirt all day.

“Why don’t you have a feel of her lovely tits.” I said encouragingly.

He looked at me for further permission, and I nodded.

He moved closer to her on the couch, and started to touch one of her breasts. He was slowly stroking, letting his hand glide around the curve of it.

She looked really good in her tight polo shirt. It was very clingy and really accentuated the size of her breasts. They were almost straining to get out from beneath the fabric.

I watched how his fingers explored her boobs. He was mesmerized by them. I could see he was enjoying it.

She looked a little lost though. Very timid. Her mouth was open slightly, maybe she was used to more straight forward foreplay. At least she hadn’t protested. Like a good girl, she was letting him do what he wanted.

We hadn’t discussed if there was going to be any kissing. A lot of the girls drew the line at it. I didn’t want to suggest something she would object to.

“See if she is wearing any panties.” etimesgut escort I said.

He nodded like an obedient dog and placed his hand onto her bare thigh. He caressed her leg up and down.

“She’s got really smooth skin.” He said softly.

There was a coy smile on her face as she opened her legs for him.

Gerald didn’t waste anytime, and moved his hand underneath her denim skirt.

She let out an anxious sigh.

“She’s not wearing any.” He mumbled.

I watched them on the couch, he was still massaging her breast while his hand explored between her legs.

I liked this situation, I said to myself. I was getting paid to watch two people fuck. What an easy payday.

She closed her eyes and gasped. He must be fingering her.

“Lets get your top off, Pippa” I said quietly, not wanting to spoil the mood.

From behind the couch I helped her pull it off. I didn’t want her getting up, or for Gerald to have to take his hand away.

Her boobs looked just as nice as when I had first seen them. Nice and plump without any blemishes.

Gerald loved them too, and he wasted no time in having another grope. This time over her bra.

He was really getting into it. His arm moved quickly back and forth between her legs. She was too. Her eyes were tightly shut, and she was biting her bottom lip as she whimpered.

It was reminding me of my first time again. How I used to enjoy the sex, before it became mundane and repetitive. She was a lucky girl.

I leaned over the couch again and unhooked her bra. Gerald help me slip it off her shoulders.

Her breasts lost none of their shape as they were released. Perfectly round and pert.

He smiled up at me, then lifted one her tits up, testing the weight. He gave it a good jiggle.

With his thumb and forefinger he rolled her nipple around. This made her moan.

I could see the outline of his erection in his pants. I was going to suggest Pippa start stroking him when he moved forward and planted his mouth over hers.

She looked uncomfortable and her eyes suddenly opened.

For a second it looked like she was going to push him off. I was about to tell him to pack it in, but his persistence won through in the end, and she eased into the kiss.

He kissed her hard, and his body pushed her back against the couch.

I didn’t think Gerald had it in him. He was certainly getting her going.

I was aware of the time. I didn’t want it going longer than an hour.

“Gerald, maybe you’d like to take your trousers off.” I said.

He nodded, and started fiddling with his belt.

Pippa was panting, and she looked up at me for guidance. Such a cute little look.

“Put your legs on the couch.” I suggested to her.

She got into a better position on the couch. On her back, her legs infront of her.

Gerald had his trousers down. He didn’t seem to want to strip off further. I wasn’t going to make him.

He pulled her knees apart and climbed onto her. As he did, Pippa tugged her skirt higher.

I suddenly remembered the condoms. Damn it, I thought. I wasn’t going to interrupt them now and spoil the fun. Besides Pippa was new, she was bound to be clean. Gerald only saw me, so it should be okay.

Pippa was topless and with her skirt hitched up over her hips, she looked quite the picture. Gerald looked disheveled with his shirt still on and his bare legs.

He had always preferred to be naked with me. I guess he couldn’t control himself.

His hips were twisting as he lay on top of her, his hand was between her legs.

I heard her squeal, indicating he was inside her.

To make it special for him, I wanted Gerald to go slow and enjoy every moment, but it seemed his lust had taken over. He was fucking her quickly and aggressively.

I had never seen him so active. He was really moving on the couch, up and down, stuffing his cock into her. I was a bit jealous that he never showed me the same level of passion.

It had to be because she was new. That was always a good way to get a guy excited, and sadly a trick I could never pull at my age.

Deep down he probably knew that her reactions were real, while mine were mostly fake.

I had to admit I was slightly regretting setting this up, but I was doing it for Pippa. Hopefully she would appreciate that.

Her legs waved helplessly in the air and his bare arse bobbed up and down. He was squeezing her tits and kissing her too. He would alternate and sometimes kiss her breasts too. I heard sucking noises as he pulled her nipple into his mouth.

I had to make sure they didn’t exchange contact details. I didn’t want her to poach my client. Not that I was sure she’d want to pursue this line of work. Some girls just need that extra cash once in a while.

He was really pounding her against the couch. Her big breasts wobbled each time he thrust into her.

I felt myself getting a little hot as she moaned and groaned. If she was faking, she was doing a damn fine job.

Gerald’s face was red with exertion. He made one last series of furious thrusts, and he was done. He collapsed panting on top of her. I guessed he had come. I wasn’t sure Pippa had. That didn’t bother me though.

I left them for a few moments to let them catch their breath.

“Go and clean up, dear.” I said to Gerald.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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