…Just Some Old Magazines

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Carla always wore lacy, sheer black panties when she went on a date, not so much because of what might happen or whether or not her date might see it, but how wearing it placed her closer to the edge of arousal from the moment she put them on. In fact even when she used the bathroom and caught a glimpse of her panties sliding back up her legs, she got moist.

Tonight, she had decided to cover the panties and a matching bra with a short off white floral print dress that emphasized both the shape of her legs and their recent tan. The spaghetti straps matched one of the shades of light blue in the dress itself and kept the bodice tight across her breasts.

When she returned from the bathroom and sat down next to Dan she was already excited about the possibilities for the evening. But as she was getting more comfortable she noticed the corner of a magazine sticking out from under the large world atlas which nearly filled up the lower shelf of the coffee table. Being very curious she lifted the atlas up only to find that there was not just one magazine but three magazines mostly hidden under the large book. With growing interest she turned the stack over and found they were all recent copies of men’s magazines including Penthouse, Playboy and one she had neither seen nor even heard of before.

All of this took only a few moments and before Dan could protest she had the magazines laid out on top of the coffee table and had started browsing through them. They started with the most recent Playmate of the sincan escort bayan month who was dressed in very sheer lingerie and who, in this case, was a beautiful brunette with large perfectly formed beasts with erect nipples surrounded by slightly puffy dark aureoles. As Dan’s discomfort grew Carla’s interest got stronger.

As she browsed through the pages she found the raw sexuality of the pictures very erotic and was soon hoping Dan would put his arm around her and start playing with her nipples..

As Dan realized how intrigued Carla was with the pictures he joined her in a closer look and began appreciating them all over again. As he did so, he began to get very aroused; much like he did when he first opened the magazines when they came each month.

Within a few minutes he and Carla were making comments on the models, what they were wearing and how they were posed. The more they shared, the more sexually charged the situation became until Dan left the table and turned off the light closest to the couch. He then went back to Carla and pushed her back on the couch where they started deep kissing the way they had done the first time they had made love. Just as that first time, they got incredibly aroused just from the feel of their tongues touching and probing each other’s mouths.

Dan’s hands went to the front of her dress and began to move over her breasts and were quickly able to locate both nipples even through her bra, one with each thumb and forefinger. Each time he squeezed eryaman escort one of her nipples, her tongue got more insistent and her breathing intensified.

By this time he was so hard he was almost pushing through his zipper.

He continued to deep kiss her and play with her nipples while he gradually moved her into the bedroom and onto the bed. As he gently placed her on the bed the hem of her dress moved almost to her waist revealing her sheer black panties.

He knew how sensitive her nipples were so he left one hand on a breast while he began to push against the wet spot between her legs with the other. “God,” he thought, “I just love touching her pussy.”

It was always difficult breaking away from her mouth but with her pussy getting wetter under his touch it was time to move down so that he could probe the wet spot with his tongue. As she felt his breath on her legs she lifted her hips up to meet his mouth.

His movements were insistent and so intense that within a few minutes she had her fingers in his hair and was holding the back of his head tight against her wet panties. Soon she was making small sounds and moving her hips rhythmically against him. Within a few seconds he just couldn’t stand it any more and he slipped her panties aside and began feasting directly on her pussy lips.

By this time his cock was so hard he just had to get it out of his pants. Using only one hand he was able to undo the belt and zipper but just couldn’t get the button undone. But then Carla twisted etimesgut bayan escort around so she could reach the top of his pants and quickly undid the button, moved her hands under his shorts and began pushing them down. As soon as his shorts were off his cock, she move to him and took it into her mouth. Both of them were now totally consumed in both giving and getting pleasure.

After a few minutes of total ecstasy, there was enough of a mutual pause to allow them to take a short breather to reposition themselves. Dan stood up and quickly stepped out of the rest of his clothes and as soon as he did so, helped Carla remove her panties and dress. He purposefully left her bra on because he knew when they lay back down he would be able to first suck on her nipples through the material and then lift each of them out of the bra cup and into his hungry mouth. He especially loved the moment when each hard nipple was uncovered and he could suck it directly.

As soon as her bra was off and he had teased her nipples to ever hardening arousal, she asked to get on top of him; a move they had practiced several times before. Within a few seconds she slid onto him and began moving in such a way as to bring herself to her first totally consuming orgasm. They were always accompanied by her huge intakes of air and her body’s wonderful contractions around his cock.

He was able to withhold himself for another several minutes which allowed Carla three more orgasms before they exploded together in a passionate embrace.

Totally drained, they remained interlocked for nearly a half hour; totally enjoying their exhausted afterglow.

Later that evening they both agreed that at least once a month they would look through whatever new magazines Dan had gotten.

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