Ellie , Lucy Ch. 02

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Ellie stirred and slowly returned to consciousness. It took her a moment to remember where she was. She felt something warm and hard against her and opened her eyes to find a young man’s beautiful naked body sleeping next to hers. Then the events of the previous night came flooding back to her, and she grinned hugely.

She and her daughter Lucy had gone out to a club, expecting to spend the evening drinking and dancing, but had pretty quickly met two handsome young men named Mike and Victor. Victor had taken Lucy back to their apartment, while Mike and Ellie had gone to a nearby hotel, where they had had the best sex she’d experienced in years. She checked the clock on the bedside table. It was just after eight o’clock on Saturday morning. She’d slept peacefully all night.

Mike still seemed to be asleep. She reached over and began to trace her hand over his muscular chest. His face looked content and untroubled. He was twenty-seven; she was forty-five. He’d seemed to want her regardless. Ellie had never done anything like this before, and she didn’t want their encounter to end. She looked down for the first time, and saw that the large penis that had given her so much pleasure was sticking straight up into the air, fully erect. She admired it for a few seconds, then reached her hand down from his chest and wrapped it around his dick, squeezing gently. He stirred slightly, but didn’t wake up. She smiled again and thought to herself, well, it doesn’t have to end just yet.

Slowly, careful not to wake him, she moved her head down to his crotch and engulfed his young cock with her eager mouth. As she began to bob her head up and down, Mike groaned and stirred a little. Finally, he opened his eyes and looked down, making eye contact with her.

“Morning, stud,” she said. She took her mouth off his cock and began to jerk him off with her hand. “How are you feeling?”

“Fantastic,” he said groggily, “this is pretty much the best possible way to wake up.”

She laughed a little and put him back in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down with great enthusiasm. He leaned his head back and groaned again, then reached down with one hand and grabbed her by her thick blonde hair. Before long he was bucking his hips, actively pushing his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. After a few minutes of this his body tensed up and he groaned louder than ever. Knowing what was coming, she took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and pushed her face all the way down his shaft for the first time. She felt her nose pressing against his belly as he began to cum down her throat.

She wasn’t at all used to this, but through sheer determination managed to swallow every drop without choking. When he was finished, she raised her head up and licked her lips.

“Mmm, thank you, baby,” she said with a smile. She’d have felt ridiculous saying that to anyone twenty-four hours earlier.

“You’re thanking me?” he said, laughing a little in disbelief.

“Thank you for making an old lady feel sexy again.”

“For the last time, you are not an old la–” She cut him off by suddenly pouncing on him and crushing his lips in a ferocious kiss. After a few minutes, they parted again.

“So,” said Mike, “what happens now?”

Ellie hadn’t wanted to think about it. “Well, back to real life I suppose,” she said with a sigh. “I should text my daughter, find out what she’d up to. Go back and get my car from the club. There’s some things I should be taking care of at home today–“

This time he interrupted her. “No, I mean… did you want to do this again some time?”

Her heart leapt at that. It was more than she’d dared to dream. As wonderful as their time together had been, she still expected to end up as just another one-night stand. A fun story for Mike to tell his buddies about the time he’d banged a MILF. Despite everything she couldn’t help but smile inwardly when she realized she was thinking in porn terms.

“I would love to do this again,” she said aloud. “When are you free?”

“We could meet again tonight,” he said, “or is that too soon?”

“No, I’d love that!” she said, grinning from ear to ear. “Well, like I said, I should get in touch with Lucy and see what she’s up to–but if everything works out, I’d love to see you again tonight!” She grabbed her purse from where she’d left it on the floor and rummaged through it for her phone. She was just starting to text when she stopped. Her newly unleashed uninhibited side was continuing to give her strange impulses to say and do things she never would have considered before. She looked back over at Mike, gave him as lustful a look as she could manage, and said, “I’d love you to fuck me again tonight.”


Meanwhile, her daughter Lucy was waking up just a few blocks away. As she regained consciousness, she wrinkled her nose a little, eyes still closed. She felt gross. Much of her body felt like it was coated in some crusty substance. Suddenly, her eyes flew open. She looked eryaman genç escort down at herself, and sure enough, her chest, stomach, legs, and of course the surrounding sheets, were all covered in dried semen. Victor had made a mess all over her last night, and she had been too out of it in the end to clean herself up before passing out.

She looked over. The other side of the bed was empty. Oh God, he probably thinks I’m disgusting! she thought to herself. In a slight panic, she got up out of the bed and began so straighten the sheets out, as though that would get rid of the stains that now covered them. Behind her, the door opened.

“Oh, you’re up!” said Victor, who was now wearing a pair of plaid pajama pants. “I’ve only been up for about twenty minutes myself. You looked so peaceful, I just let you keep sleeping. How are you feeling?”

“Oh God, I feel absolutely gross!” she said. “I’m sorry, I’ve made a mess all over your sheets! Ugh, and there’s a mess all over me! Don’t look at me, I’m disgusting!” she was starting to become genuinely upset.

“Hey hey hey, take it easy,” said Victor gently. “You didn’t make that mess. Last I checked, it came out of me. Don’t worry about it. I’ll do laundry later, and you can use the shower before you leave.” To emphatically show her that he did not find her disgusting, he walked over and kissed her passionately, grabbing her cum-covered tits as he did so.

She was feeling much better by the time their lips parted. “Sorry for freaking out,” she said. “I think you’re just about the nicest guy I’ve ever slept with.” The smile left her face once again after she’d said that. “I mean, it’s not like I’ve slept with a lot of guys. There have been a few, but like–” she stopped talking as he collapsed into laughter.

“Oh, you are adorable,” he said, “and I mean that in a good way. Seriously, I don’t care how many guys you’ve slept with. I’m not gonna judge you or anything, don’t worry.”

Feeling once again reassure, she jumped up and through her arms around his neck, drawing him into a tight hug. “Sorry,” she said, backing away, “now you need the shower too.”

“Well, I was planning on it anyway,” he said, “but you go first.”

“Let me just check my phone real quick,” said Lucy, walking out of the room to look for it among her discarded possessions. “I should check in with my mom, see what’s going on,” she called over her shoulder

“Oh right,” said Victor, following, “I had, like, totally forgotten you were with your mom last night.”

“Oh, is she so boring?” said Lucy with a sarcastic eyebrow wiggle.

“Well, it’s just that you’re so memorable,” said Victor. “Last night was a real whirlwind.”

She didn’t respond to that; she was still staring down at her phone. “Huh. Apparently my mom is still in the city? That’s weird. She’s saying if I want a ride home, I can meet her where we parked by the club last night in twenty minutes.” She looked confused. “I wonder what happened? She says she’ll explain when we see each other.”

She looked up at Victor. “Sorry, I guess that means I’m in a bit of a hurry.”

“Not to worry,” he said, “like I said, the shower is yours. Go make yourself presentable.”

She kissed him once more, then turned around and walked back down the hallway to the bathroom. The shower was a decent size and the temperature was comfortable, and she spent a few minutes furiously scrubbing her body. She hadn’t brought any of her own shampoo or anything, but decided that the men’s products in the shower would do in a pinch. She had also gotten some cum in her hair, and she hoped it wouldn’t be too difficult to get out. She spent longer on that, carefully de-tangling her wavy blonde hair. Finally, she stepped out of the shower. Victor had left a folded towel on the counter for her. She smiled at that. He really was such a gentleman. A gentleman who can fuck like a monster, she thought. The best of both worlds.

She towelled off and stepped out of the bathroom. Victor had also very courteously picked up all her clothes and belongings from where she’d left them on the hallway floor and piled them on the bed. (His side of the bed, the one without the cum stains.) She hastily dressed and checked the time on her phone. It was very close to the time her mother had said to meet her.

She left the room once more and walked back towards the front of the apartment, where Victor was cooking something delicious-smelling in the kitchen.

“Looking good!” he said. “How much of a rush are you in? If you stay just a few more minutes, I can give you a breakfast sandwich for the road.”

Damn, he really was perfect. “That sounds amazing,” she said, “but I really gotta get going. I don’t want to leave my mom waiting.” Despite, what she’d said, she hesitated for a moment, rocking back and forth on her heels. “So, uh… can I maybe… call you sometime?”

He smiled. “I was hoping you’d ask,” he said, and slid a small scrap of paper over the countertop ankara escort bayan towards her. His number was written on it.

She picked it up, stuffed it into her purse, leaned over to kiss him once more, grabbed her shoes, and then left the apartment.

“Best night ever,” she said aloud as she walked toward the elevator.


Ellie was standing on the sidewalk next to her car, breathing in the morning breeze and generally feeling good to be alive. She didn’t even notice Lucy coming down the street towards her until she had nearly reached her.

“Mom!” said Lucy, holding her arms for a hug. Ellie responded in kind, and they embraced tightly.

“Last night was incredible,” said Lucy, “we should do stuff like this more often!” She looked her mother up and down, finally realizing that she too was wearing the same clothes from last night. “Huh. So you really did spend the night in the city. What happened?”

Ellie blushed a little. “Well,” she said, “you’re not the only one who can attract a man, you know.”

Lucy couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “You got laid?” she said, the shock evident on her face. “Who? When? Where?

Ellie laughed. “You already know. Your little friend’s roommate. Mike.”

It took a few seconds for Lucy to process this. “You slept with Mike? Holy shit. He’s like half your age!” After a few more seconds, a smile spread across her face. “Alright, Mom! Get that young dick!”

Ellie burst out laughing at that. “It seems I’m not the only one who discovered a new side of herself,” she said.

“Well, it’s like you said last night: sex is a part of life. Talking about is only weird if we make it weird. Why shouldn’t my mom sleep around?”

“Very enlightened of you,” said Ellie. “Wow, it’s hard to believe that conversation was only last night, eh?”

“I know, right?” said Lucy. “Feels like a long time ago.”

“Alright, we should hit the road,” said Ellie, walking around to the driver’s side door. Lucy followed suit, and they got in the car and began the short drive home.

They were silent for a few minutes, just enjoying each other’s company. Eventually, Lucy looked over at her mother.

“So,” she said, a little hesitantly, “how was it?”

Ellie was silent for a while. “Incredible,” she said at last. “Like nothing I’ve experienced in years. We got a hotel room just a few blocks from here. I didn’t want to leave.” She was silent a little longer. “And what about you? How was your wild night?”

“Also incredible! I’ve been with a few guys before, but Victor is a whole other ballgame. I did all kinds of things I’d never even thought of doing before.” She paused briefly. “He gave me his number. I’d really like to see him again.”

Ellie laughed at that. “What’s so funny?” asked Lucy, not sure what to think of her mother’s reaction.

“Well…” said Ellie, “Mike and I were already sort of… planning to meet again tonight.”

Lucy was dumbfounded. Just when she thought she had a handle on the woman her mother seemed to have become, it took another turn.

“Maybe you could come along,” Ellie continued. “Do a sort of… double date? Something like that.”

Lucy stared out the windshield, unable to respond just yet. Her whole world was changing, and while she hadn’t quite wrapped her head around it yet, she thought she liked where it was going.


Victor was halfway through his breakfast sandwich when Mike walked through the door of their shared apartment. “Ay buddy!” said Victor enthusiastically, standing up and slapping his friend on the back. “You did me a real solid last night! That girl, oh man, she is something else. He sat back down and pointed over towards the stove. “There’s another breakfast sandwich there, if you want it. So, how’d your night go after I left?”

“Pretty damn good,” said Mike, crossing the kitchen and grabbing the sandwich. He began to devour it hungrily. “Her mom is something else too.”

It took a moment for the meaning of his words to sink in. “No,” said Victor, “you didn’t!”

Mike just nodded silently, grinning like an idiot. He walked back across the room and laid his phone down on the dining room table. It was open to a text conversation with “Ellie” which, Victor was pretty sure, had been Lucy’s mom’s name. There were just two incoming texts in the conversation, both from just a few minutes earlier. The first said, “see you tonight stud” with a kissing emoji. The second said “have that big dick ready for me”

Victor looked up at Mike in disbelief. “You, my friend, are an absolute legend,” he said, raising his hand to give Mike a high five. “Christ, that is insane. We picked up a mother and daughter together. Do you know how rare that must be? How many guys have only dreamed of doing what we just did?” He shoved the last bite of breakfast sandwich into his mouth and did his best to chew it; the enormous smile splitting his face was getting in the way slightly.

He sincan escort looked back down at Mike’s phone. “Wait, ‘see you tonight?’ Are you actually seeing her again?”

“That’s the plan,” said Mike, looking very pleased with himself. We got ourselves a hotel room last night, and I had them keep it for us again tonight. This is going to be one very good weekend.

“How about you? Are you planning on seeing Lucy again?”


What followed was a flurry of intermittent text messages by all four parties. Whoever wasn’t busy at the time would send off a message, and shout the response to their companion. By the time Ellie and Lucy had returned home, gotten cleaned up, changed, and eaten breakfast, a plan had come together: The two of them would drive back into the city that evening and meet the boys for dinner. A restaurant reservation had been made and everything. Once dinner was over, the two couples would go their separate ways and, hopefully, have some more incredible sex. The two women were practically glowing as they sat across the dining room table from each other.

“Oh, this is ridiculous!” said Ellie. “There was a whole list of things I’d wanted to get done today, and here I am giggling like some teenager getting ready for prom! I’m not gonna be able to focus on anything.”

“Ah, let yourself relax a little,” said Lucy. “I don’t think there’s any harm in letting your chores slide a little.”

“But I’ve got to do something,” said Ellie. “I can’t just sit here all day fantasizing about what’s coming tonight!”

“Well, just do what you can,” said Lucy. She leaned back a little in her chair. “God, it really is hard to believe though. Double dating with my mom! Who would have thought?”

“Yeah,” said Ellie with a chuckle. “I guess is pretty crazy.” She reached across the table and gave her daughter’s hand a squeeze, than stood up and turned to leave the room. “Well, I’m gonna go see what I can get done,” she said.

Just as she had predicted, she found it impossible to keep her mind on any task. As she pulled weeds from the garden, washed and folded laundry, and vainly attempted to review some work-related paperwork, her mind just kept wandering to the handsome young men whose bed she had shared last night, and would share again tonight. The thought made her weak in the knees. It felt like almost no time had passed when she looked at the clock and suddenly it was 4:45 in the afternoon.

“Jesus!” she said aloud. “I’ve got to get ready!” she jumped up, showered, put on makeup and got dressed, this time in jeans and t-shirt that she was very fond of. The restaurant where they were meeting was a casual one, and she didn’t expect to be wearing clothes for long once dinner was finished.

She checked the clock once more as she finished getting ready. 5:22. Their dinner reservation was for six o’clock. She was right on schedule.

“Lucy!” she called. “Are you ready to go?”

“You bet!” said Lucy, stepping out of her bedroom into the hallway, looking radiant in a blue sundress.

“Oh, you look so lovely, I can’s stand it!” said Ellie, enveloping her daughter in a hug. “That boy will be all over you!”

Lucy blushed a little at that. “You look pretty nice yourself, Mom.”

“I hope so,” said Ellie. “Now, let’s go get some dick!”

Lucy laughed a little and blushed harder at that. She still wasn’t quite used to talking to her mother this way, but it had been a long time since she’d been able to participate in these sorts of conversations with anyone, and she was loving it.

Just as they had the night before, the stepped out of the house together and got into the car, preparing to make the journey back into the city.


Lucy walked into the restaurant where they had all agreed to meet, and immediately spotted Mike and Victor’s table. She smiled and walked over, but as she approached felt suddenly awkward. She had been waiting for this moment all day, but now that it was here she wasn’t quite sure what to do. Almost all of her time with Victor had been spent in the privacy of his apartment, and she realized now that she had no idea how they should conduct themselves in public.

Her mother appeared to have no such doubts. Ellie strode forward past Lucy, and without a second’s hesitations through her arms around Mike and kissed him full on the lips in front of the whole restaurant.

“Good to see you again, baby,” she said as she pulled away. “I’ve been missing you.”

Reassured by her mother’s confidence, Lucy crossed the last few steps to the table and kissed Victor before sitting down.

“We’ve been looking forward to this all day,” said Victor. “Truth be told, it’s been hard to think about anything else.”

Ellie and Lucy both laughed at that, and soon they fell into easy conversation with their dates. Their talk throughout the meal covered a whole range of topics–movies and books and music and sports, everyone’s respective jobs and family backgrounds, stories of interesting adventures past. All told they stayed at the restaurant for a little over two hours, talking and laughing together. It had been a long time since either woman had felt such an easy, natural connection with a man.

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