Class Party – Maria and Johan Pt. 02

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Everyone mentioned or written sexually about in the story is 18 years old or older.

Continuation from “Class Party — Maria and Johan 01”


This shorter story is about two 20-year olds having sex, oral and light anal

Don’t read on if those things offend you, or you find them disliking!

Just when Maria said it was my turn to have a really good time, we heard noise outside. Voices also on their way into the same room as we were…it turned out. The light was lit in the ceiling shortly after we both had time to move half under the teacher’s desk…just fit to hide a little under. And sitting cozyly close to my crush that I’ve just tasted in every way, and given the worst orgasm too…mmmm, it really wasn’t entirely wrong.

As we sat there holding each other, I heard someone commenting on what was smelling in here. But they didn’t stop, they took some chairs, turned off the lights and walked away.

I had come off a little bit at first, but sitting so close to Maria and feeling the warmth of her, and how good she smelled in her hair, and soft she was when I nuzzled around her neck, made me lightning fast ready in my pants again.

Maria turned around and said maybe we’d better stay down on the floor if there were to be any more disturbances. Although, she commented…

“…I’ve already had a good time and came too…so maybe we should go back anyway?”

I looked at her, with probably quite a lot of disappointment. I didn’t know if she was serious eryaman otele gelen escort or not.

“No, I’m still a little turned on, and I thought you’d get to relax properly tonight, too, and you were so good before, you’ve earned yourself a treat sweetie.

Take off your pants and lie down, and Nurse Maria will do a proper examination of the patient’s intimate parts.”, she said giggling.

My pants and underpants went off at record speed. And before I even lay down, I felt a soft hand around the shaft. Oh…it was so nice when she fingered around and started jerking off up and down at an increasingly intense pace.

Suddenly she lowered her mouth and took the whole dick in her mouth, sucked hard and soft, up and down the entire length…ooh, that was sooo good! The very best!

“I want more, too.”, she said.

And agile she swung around her legs, and in no time we were in a 69 and I had my tongue back inside her warm wet cave.

As if her sucking wasn’t nice enough, her pussy on my face didn’t exactly make me any less horny.

I thought I’d have to do something, so it doesn’t shot out right now. And I already caressed her butt, so grabbed her buttocks, and lifted myself upwards towards her pinkish and so inviting anal.

I hadn’t licked anyone there before, but without more thought, I now had my tongue against her forbidden hole. And right away, she tightened up and stopped sucking.

“Oh, now you ended up too far up with your tongue, my dear.”

“No, sincan escort not at all.”, I muffled out, while I had my mouth full of sexy teen anal.

“Do you like licking girls’ butt?”

“I haven’t done it before. But I just love tasting and licking you there. Please, can’t I continue?”

Maria hmmm a little uncertain, but kept sucking me. And now it felt even better than before.

I think this lit her up. And me, too, for that matter! I was in heaven! Lying in a 69 with my dream girl and licking her ass while she was giving me the best blow job in the world! What could be better?

I heard Maria say something about butt stuff and something else, hard to catch though, since we were both busy with our tongues and mouths elsewhere….

Soon after, I felt a finger find its way under my balls, poked…back up… and came back clearly moister. Had she deliberately tasted her finger after she…? I didn’t have time to think any more until she firmly pressed her finger pretty deep in my ass. And it was like lighting a powder keg, I came and came in her mouth…half blackened out it was soo good… and just held her buttocks tightly with my tongue half inside her tasty butt…. shooting load after load…

It was an effort to get back to life, after that experience.

But I didn’t get that long at all to fully come back, because Maria didn’t stop sucking or pull out her massaging finger while I was away…. and I noticed I was still hard.

And now there elvankent escort was another swift maneuver on her part, but this time her face and my face ended up opposite each other, and while she looked me so deep into my eyes that time stopped, I felt a hand forming around the shaft and rubbing around her soft opening, while she was targeting, or just having a little nice and cozy with me. And then, slowly sinking…up a little again. And then she sighed and completely lowered herself.

It was really good I finished off before…because otherwise it would be over for me by now. It was so good, sooooo good I didn’t…….I would have liked to stay in this position forever. Forever be inside the best, finest and sexiest girl of my dreams.

With that, Maria started riding me. First gently… curiously feeling around… but after a while, and with her fingers tightly half-scratching on my chest, she started riding me harder and wilder. All while biting her lip hard so as not to sound so much.

Wilder and faster the divinely ride proceeded and just when I felt that now I come again…then she jumped up and down hard with her hands drilled into my chest, and shot back her head…

…and while I came like there was no tomorrow, Maria cramped in her second or was it the third orgasm of the evening. Oh, we were locked to each other, closely locked…squirting love fluids in and on each other in what felt like an eternity.

After a while, we both started to move. Maria had been lying on my chest for a while with me still inside her. We lay there gently kissing and snuggling, wondering if we should go back to the party and the others…. but it really didn’t feel like there were any kind of rush to get back, not for her, and absolutely not for me.

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