Passionate Silence: The Return

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He pulled up to the complex in his motorcycle, shut off the engine, and stepped off the black Harley with the blue flames. Removing the matching black helmet with the blue flames from his head, he shook his head to loosen the hair long-matted-down under the helmet, and then set the helmet on the bag in the sidecar. Reaching into his belt pack, he pulled out a comb and gave his long brown locks a quick combing out, more to straighten it and remove the “helmet hair” that he had gotten from sixteen hours of riding down the long and lonely interstate. He arched his back and stretched, stiff from the long ride. Cruise control was helpful, but the lack of a seat back was murder on his back and neck. He unbuckled his leather chaps and vest and stowed them in their normal spot in the saddlebags, next to another helmet, this one also black but with orange flames.

Above him, a woman watched, and waited.


She looked up from her book as she heard the familiar whine of the engine, and she quickly moved to the window. He had come, just as she had asked, just as she had longed for after that weekend of passion last month. He was her drug, and she was addicted, and she had needed another hit. She saw him dismount and remove his helmet, then shake and comb out his bushy mane of hair, hair that she so desperately wanted to run her fingers and other body parts through. Her left hand brushed from her eyes the lone wisp of hair that her bun didn’t do up, then unconsciously found its way under the split of her thin robe to the top of her thighs and was absently rubbing her crotch through the silk she wore underneath as she watched him stretch like a giant cat, and then strip off his leather. She quickly moved away from the window as he looked around and glanced up. Had he seen her?


He closed the saddlebags, then reached for his bag, then looked around. A slight motion from a window above caught his eye, but he saw nobody there. Slinging the bag over his shoulder, he looked around and found the condo number he was looking for. He opened the gate and walked into the small, green, yet quite private yard. An eight-foot privacy fence blocked the yard from the street and most of its noise, a garage on the left enclosed that side, and the condo itself blocked off the other two sides, and a wooden deck and stairs from the upstairs came down on the right, over a solarium that was teeming with plants. Next to the solarium was a small patio with a grill and a table. He closed the gate behind him, and then headed for the back door.

It was locked.

Puzzled, he looked around, and then at the top of the stairs he saw the French doors wide open. He mounted the stairs and entered the room, to find the master bedroom, bed curtains drawn back revealing simple cotton sheets, yet the room was empty. Leaving his bag there at the foot of the bed, he headed into the sitting area of the room, which was separated from the four-poster bed by a Japanese-style dressing screen, and there he found a door out of the room, and a spiral staircase leading below. A slight bubbling sound and a hint of steam were wafting up the stairs. He tried the door, but it, too, was locked. He headed down the stairs.


She watched him open the gate and come in and look around. As he headed for the back door she quietly opened the French doors, and then closed the hall door, locking it behind her, and made her way quickly and quietly down the main stairs to the solarium. She turned on the hot tub and then slipped into an alcove made between two large plants. He heard him upstairs, and she slipped off the now very wet panties from under her robe, and tucked them into the robe pocket. He came down the stairs, and stood there contemplating the bubbling hot tub. She came up behind him and began to pull his shirt over his head. That accomplished, he turned to face her and was met with a deep passionate kiss as she worked his pants buttons. She broke the kiss and removed his jeans and boxers, then gestured to the hot tub. He climbed in and sat down, feeling the warm bubbles on the aches of his back and neck. He turned in time to see her undo the belt of her robe and drop it to the floor, and she slipped into the water. She sat down behind him and wrapped her legs around him. Her hand began a firm kneading of the tight muscles of his neck, slowly and steadily loosening the knots and tightness from a thousand miles of highway. She moved pendik escort down to his back, continuing her ministrations, all the way down, patiently kneading out the knots and loosening the tight muscles. For close to an hour she worked silently, reveling in her work, and when she finished with his back and shoulders she worked his arms, then his legs, removing all the tension and tightness from his sculpted biceps and bulging forearms, and from his muscled thighs and tight calves, but never touching his erect manhood.

When she finished his calves, she looked up at him, and never taking her gaze from his face, reached up and removed the pin holding her hair bun in place, and she shook her auburn hair out, letting it cascade down her back like it did in the airport restroom so many months before. She arched her back and stretched; then without warning she threw herself onto him, capturing his mouth with hers in a kiss whose heat eclipsed that of the hot tub. She continued to kiss him feverously, her tongue seeking and then getting entrance to his mouth, then engaging his own tongue in a dance of passion. After a few minutes, or a few hours, neither could tell, she got up from the tub and started up the spiral stairs. Halfway up, she stopped, and raised one finger, then crooked it to tell him to follow her. He got out of the tub, mouth still tingling from her kisses, and followed her up the stairs. He saw her shapely behind disappear at the top of the stairs, and he followed her up. He reached the top of the stairs, and looked around. He saw the sun setting over the garage rooftop out the door, but she was nowhere in sight.

She came up behind him and gave him a shove, sending him tumbling onto the bed. He quickly rolled over to find her there, pinning him down. She moved quickly and mounted him, driving down on him to the hilt, impaling her pussy on his cock. She began to move up and down on him, finally getting her fix, feeling him engulf her, and her clench around him as she drove herself down on him. With each cycle it was the same: she would rise up and give him a moment of respite, then she would plunge down on him, and at the bottom of her drop she would tighten around him like a vice, and stay that way as she rose up again. Each cycle brought them both closer and closer, until he could take it no longer and exploded inside her, and she clenched and released him while staying there, milking him dry, and climaxing herself as well, shaking from head to toe.

When she finally subsided, she moved off of him, and then moved the covers up over them both. She curled up next to him and they drifted off to sleep to the sound of the bubbling hot tub below, left on in the heat of the moment.


The first thing he noticed as he woke was touch. More specifically, the lack of hers. She was gone, but as his other senses came into wakefulness, he realized something else: he could not move. He was tied to the bed, at the ankles and wrists, spread-eagled, naked and helpless. He was able to turn his head and look around, and he saw the door, previously locked, open, and she came in, carrying a tray. But he barely noticed the tray.

She stood there, dressed as he had never seen before. Leather open cup bustier, black lace gloves that ran up past her elbows, matching thigh-high stockings and garter belt, stiletto heels, full makeup, hair done back up in the tight bun under a leather skullcap, and a flogger tucked into the garter belt. The tray she carried held breakfast for two: strawberries, cheese, bacon, and orange juice. She came over and sat the tray on the bed next to his chest.

Over the next hour she fed him breakfast, one bite at a time, but for every bite of food she gave him he had to endure her teasing him—running strawberries over her nipples before feeding them to him, doing Lady and the Tramp with the bacon, and even one point making him pull the cheese out from between her pussy lips with his own teeth. The one constant through the meal was his raging hard-on, which would twitch occasionally when she would give it some attention between bites.

Once the food was gone, she promptly enveloped his cock with her lips, and gave him a long and sensuous kiss, and then began to minister to his neglected penis. She licked it up one side and down the other, and then deep throated him. She blew lightly on the wet shaft, making him shudder uncontrollably çekmeköy escort with pleasure, and then began a slow mouth fuck of his throbbing member. Unable to hold back, he came almost immediately, and she took all of him in, savoring his salty taste. Spent, she released him, then finished her orange juice, took up the tray, and left the room, closing the door behind her, and leaving him as he awoke—naked and spread-eagled on the bed.


Downstairs in the kitchen, she put the dishes in the dishwasher, and then fingered herself to a quick orgasm. Temporarily satisfied, she removed the skullcap and flogger, put on the blue blouse and purple skirt she had set aside, and set out to the store.

She returned an hour later. Arriving back in the kitchen, she placed the two grocery bags on the counter and put away the groceries, then removed her outer clothes. She donned the skullcap and flogger again, and then settled into her favorite easy chair to read the morning paper. He would still be there later, and the wait would drive him crazy, she knew. When she finished the paper with the comics, as she always did, she went back into the kitchen to prepare lunch. It was 11 o’clock.


Somewhere in the house a clock announced the hour as noon, and the door to the bedroom opened once again. She entered the room as before, but this time the tray held a collar, rod leash, and an apron. She came to the bed and attached the collar around his neck, then the leash to the collar at the back. She kissed him deeply and then untied his ankles first, then his wrists. He sat up, rubbing them slightly, and she motioned to the apron. He put it on. She took the leash and led him out the door and down the main stairs to the kitchen.

There on the counter were two choice cut steaks on a plate, with a turner next to it. Next to it was a tossed salad and a pitcher of iced tea. She handed him the plate and the turner and motioned him to the back door, now unlocked. He went outside, wearing only the collar, leash, and the apron, and went over to the gas grill. He found a can of non-stick spray for the grill and a jar on steak rub next to the grill. He sprayed the grill first and got it started, and while it was warming up he gave each steak a good coating of the rub, and then set them on the grill to cook. Behind him she had brought out first the salad, then the tea, then the plates and glasses and flatware, then sat there at the table, enjoying the view of his grilling naked, especially his ass. She had more in store for him, but for now, lunch was the agenda.

He stood there working the grill. This was something he knew well, having learned the secrets of good steak grilling from a master chef years before. He flipped the steaks and sprinkled some rub onto the other side of the steak as well as the grill, and when they reached medium he came over to the table, took a plate, and then served them up. He turned off the grill and brought the steaks over to the table. He transferred one to the other plate, and then they both served up their own salads and drinks. They ate steadily and silently.

As they ate, she marveled at the steak. The man certainly knew his way around a grill, and the steak was delicious. He deserved a reward for his efforts, she thought. These were the adventures of life she had always craved, and now she had an equal to do them with, and it made her hot.

When they finished, she took him by the leash again and led him into the middle of the yard. She made him kneel on the grass, and then she lifted up the apron over his waist, revealing his rapidly hardening cock. She sat back on the grass, legs open for him, and pulled his leash, pulling him to her and into her. As she pulled on the rod leash, he thrust into her, and as she pushed it, he pulled back, and she guided him fucking her like that, in her yard, on the grass, until they both came together in a glorious orgasmic wave that washed over both of them. They lay there for a few minutes, he still in her, and then she took him by the leash and led him up the stairs to the deck and back into the bedroom, where she bound him once more, this time blindfolding him as well, but making him lie face down. Then she headed back down and cleaned up the dishes and the grill.

The clock struck two.


Three o’clock came and went, and still she had not come back to the bedroom. He thought maltepe escort he heard a car leave and come back again, but being blindfolded, naked, and tied facedown on the bed, he couldn’t tell. The only way he even knew the time was because of the clock. He didn’t hear her slip into the room as the clock struck four, and only became aware of her presence when she began a long back-scratch on him, her nails raking down his shoulders, back, ass, and thighs. She scratched him not to cause pain but exquisite pleasure, and he felt his erection rising under him even as the rest of him melted like butter before her capable hands. Then she stopped, and the next thing he felt was the sting of her flogger as it struck his bare buttocks. It was all he could do to maintain his silence in surprise, but he remembered that she was wearing the flogger earlier in the day, so its use should not have been unexpected. Blow after blow she rained on him, turning his skin red–each blow stinging but also arousing at the same time. Then it stopped. He felt the ropes pulling on his ankles loosen, and she tied another set to his thighs. She pulled the ropes and lifted him to a prone position on his knees, pushing him forward onto his arms as well, and then tied the ropes to the same posts his wrists were tied to.

She stepped back and admired her handiwork, and the delectable view of his ass, with his balls hanging there invitingly. She moved forward and cupped them in her hand, giving them a gentle squeeze, and then working them gently through her fingers. She gave his ass a hard slap, and then dipped her finger into the jar she brought in with her, and spread the jelly around and over his sphincter. She moved over him and positioned her strap-on over his hole, then worked it into him, slowly, adding more jelly as needed, until it was completely in him. She began to fuck his ass, plunging the strap-on dong to the hilt, slapping her thighs against his, the dong impacting her clitoris, then almost out again, relentlessly, each thrust bringing him closer to the edge, until he could contain himself no longer and he shook with an orgasm that went from head to toe, to his very core. She withdrew from him and set to work. She needed her own release. Moving quickly, she untied his legs and redid his wrists, flipping him onto his back again, but still leaving his wrists bound. She removed the strap-on and set it aside, then moved astride him, bending herself down to suck on his nipples for a long moment. But she still needed her own release, so she moved upward, ending with lowering her wet pussy to his still-blindfolded face.

He was still feeling the effects of his orgasm when she had rearranged him, and now as he lay there, he felt and heard her moving around him. Suddenly he felt her mouth on his nipples, licking, nibbling, and even slightly tugging on them, and it threatened to send him into the stratosphere. Then just as quick as it started, it was over, and she was moving again. He felt pressure on his shoulders, and then his nose detected her scent over him, a moment before her pussy found his mouth. He lay there, helpless except for being able to move his mouth, as she ground herself into his mouth, and he willingly sucked and licked her dripping opening, his tongue darting in and out, enjoying her taste and musky scent, then finding her clitoris with his teeth, gently pulling and sucking and nibbling on it. She, for her part, forced herself lower on him as she climbed higher and higher, and his nibbling of her clit nearly sent her over the edge, but she was determined to have it all. Finally, after a buildup that seemed like forever but was actually only a few minutes, she came with a body-wrenching orgasm, shaking her from head to toe in the same way he had done earlier. Then another, and another, and a fourth, until she collapsed, spent. Weakly, she united his wrists and removed the blindfold, and together they pulled up the covers. His arm went around her shoulders and she snuggled into his side, resting her head on his chest, arm draped over him, and a leg over his. They fell asleep that way, entwined in each other, not moving, not speaking, and not needing to.


He pulled on the leather chaps and buckled them, and put the black helmet with the blue flames on his head, buckling it on as well. He mounted the Harley and started it up, and headed out for the long ride home, the rising sun behind him.

Above him, a woman watched him leave. Soon, she knew, she would follow him.

The entire weekend he had never noticed the “For Sale” sign on the front lawn. Tomorrow she would talk to the realtor about the pending offer that had come in before he arrived. The sign would soon have “Sold” on it.

To be concluded…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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