Perfect Lover

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He sits at the computer. Concentrating on what he’s doing. So serious. I love that look. I love everything about him. He has a certain way about him that makes me notice everything he does.

From where I am sitting, I can clearly see his muscular back as he types away on the computer. The way his shoulders flex and move with each stroke of the keys makes me crave him. Makes me want him. I know exactly how those shoulders feel when he holds me close. Or when he is above me grinding his hips deep into mine. Just thinking of it makes me wet. He has that effect on me, though. I lusted after him before I loved him. Now I do both, love and lust him.

Sitting on the couch, I feel my nipples harden under my t-shirt. I discreetly move my fingers inside my panties to feel just how wet I am for him. He does not notice he is too busy at the computer. I continue to watch him and finger myself. Oh how I wish it were his cock instead of my finger. I love how he feels deep inside of me. He fits perfectly inside of me. Which was surprising knowing his size. I only struggle when I take him in my mouth. But as they say, practice makes perfect.

I can see he is going to be a while on the computer yet. I remove my hand from inside my panties and walk over to him at the computer. Because he is not sitting on a normal office chair, I am able to slide myself to sit behind him. I slide my hands around his waist and up his chest. I feel him inhale deeply as I do. His shoulders are tense and I ask him why. He just mumbles and continues to type. Moving my hands around his body to his shoulders, I begin to massage gently. His skin is soft yet hard with muscle. I kiss his neck as I continue to massage his shoulders and down his back. I love his body. Just being so close and touching him turns me on further. He is so perfect in many pendik escort ways.

I kiss up his neck and to his ear. There I softly whisper against his skin my desire for him. He is still concentrating on the computer. My tolerance level is not too high right now. I moan softly as I kiss my way back down to his neck. He closes his eyes for a quick second and I feel him exhale. I smile to myself knowing how I am distracting him. Unable to control myself further, I remove my shirt and he feels my bare breasts against his back. He quietly curses me under he breath but I know he enjoys it. I slide my hand down his chest and into his jeans. He moans softly, trying so hard to not let me know I’m turning him on.

I begin to tease his cock by circling my fingernail tip against his tip. Barely touching him as I circle around and around. Oh how I crave for that to be my tongue. His breathing gets harder as does his cock. I kiss his neck again, moving slowly down across his shoulders, giving gentle nibbles here and there. He knows I want him to fuck me. He can feel my hard nipples against his back as I stroke his cock with my fingers.

I feel him start to tense again and know I should move. But I’m still horny and still want him. So I move from the chair we were sitting on and go to the chair directly in front of the computer he is on. My breasts are still bare. My nipples still hard. My pussy still wet.

I remove my panties and sit on the chair in plain view of him. I open my legs wide so he can see as I tease and pleasure myself. I move two fingers inside of me now. Letting a moan out as I insert them. Wishing and dreaming it was his cock. Moving my fingers in and out of myself at a slow and steady pace. He glances at me quickly so I do not notice. He begins to move as though he is uncomfortable kağıthane escort in his chair. I smile to myself knowing why.

Suddenly, he quickly rises from his chair and walks towards me. He approaches me and I stop what I’m doing and reach out for him. He stands in front of me and I kiss his chest. I kiss down to his hips and over the bulge in his jeans. He pulls me up by my arms with a passionate force and kisses me hard on the lips leading me to the bedroom. His grasp is firm and turns me on to the point of orgasm.

He shoves me onto the bed and I bounce a little bit. He removes his pants in a hurry and once he is nude, I can see the hurry. I lean up and kiss down his chest to his hard cock. Teasing the tip with my tongue. The very tip of my nails stroking the length of him.

He grabs my hair, yanking my head back, making me look into his beautiful eyes. I’ve never wanted him more. I can see his passion for me in his eyes. He drags my face up so my lips are touching his. He forces my thighs to either side of his leaving me no option but to feel his cock throb against my clit. My lust for him growing and he can feel it as my hands make their way up his gorgeous back to grip his shoulders. He grips my shoulders and pulls me close so that our nipples are touching each other. I reach down and gasp feeling his firmness and realizing how ready he is. I lower myself, wet and ready, guiding him inside of me.

I move my hips in a slow, gentle circle against him. I raise and lower myself on his cock. Getting faster with passion and lust. My nails clawing at his naked body. He reacts by grabbing a handful of my hair yanking my head back again. I arch my back causing our passionate penetration to reach new depths. My moans getting louder maltepe escort as our breathing becomes in synch and hard. I change movements so that I am grinding him hard and wild as an untamed animal. I grind myself so hard I feel our bodies melting into each other.

He tugs so hard on my hair that I arch my back so far that only my ass, shoulders and head are touching the bed. He plows deeper inside of me. He pins me down onto the bed by my shoulders and begins to pound into me with his cock.

I raise my head in disbelief he could fuck like this. In my awe he grabs my wrists with one hand and pins them firmly to the bed above my head. He rises to his knees between my legs yet his mouth is on my neck ready to feed his hunger. He mirrors my grind by thrusting short and sharp deep, so very deep, inside of me. He is fucking me so hard I can no longer control my moans of pleasure. They are loud and I swear the entire world can hear us in our dance of wild passionate sex. He pulls my hair again forcing my head deeper into the bed. I see a fury in his eyes and feel the most amazing sensation between my legs. I am helpless in this position but accepting of it and enjoying it.

In a very swift motion, he throws me over so I am on my hands and knees. He moves himself between my legs and shoves my face into the bed, holding my head there. I am unable to contain myself as his hard shaft is thrust very deeply into me again. He pulls my wrists behind the base of my spine and rams me hard with his cock. He grabs my hair, forcing my face into the bed to muffle my screams of pleasure.

I feel him ready to explode. He lifts my head and forces me to kneel between his thighs as he sits on the edge of the bed. Without being forced or told too, I wrap my lips around his throbbing cock and begin to suck on it, taking it in and out of my mouth in a hurried passion, until I feel his cum burst in the back of my throat. I take him out of my mouth and swallow, tasting the heavenly taste of the man I adore and love.

I lay back down on the bed; he falls on top of me, both of us re-learning how to breathe in the perfect afterglow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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