Not Curious Anymore Ch. 02

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This story is a follow up to Not Curious Anymore which I recently wrote, hope you enjoy it and as always comments are most welcome.


It had been 2 days since my experience with Jim and I was still getting horny every time I thought about what we got up to, as I lay on the sofa I could feel myself getting hard again I just couldn’t get it out of my head, my lurid thoughts though were interrupted by the phone ringing. I got up off the sofa and answered it.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hi is this Rob?” asked the female voice on the other end of the line.

“Yes it is,” I answered.

“Hi Rob this is Kath I’m Jim’s wife,” she said.

My mind took a little time to register who it was and I found myself lost for words.

“Errrr hello how are you?” I asked her.

“I’m fine thanks I was just wondering if you wanted to come over and meet up, Jim’s told me a lot about you” she said.

“Yeah sure it would be nice to meet you,” I replied

“Well why don’t you come over in about an hour and we’ll have a chat and get to know each other?” she asked.

“Ok well I’ll see you then,” I replied and put the phone down.

I felt a little nervous as I was sure Jim had told her what happened and although he assured me it would be ok I wondered if I could sit there and talk to her about having sex with her husband. I went upstairs and went for a shower and as I stood under the warm water I thought about what I should say to her, maybe she wouldn’t mention anything about me and Jim and just wanted to meet up and see what I was like. I got out of the shower and dried myself and put on boxers, jeans and a t shirt and went downstairs to wait for the time she wanted me there.

It seemed like an age waiting but the clock got to 2.30 and I headed next door to Jim and Kath’s house, I rang the bell and waited nervously for the door to open, I seemed to be standing there for ages when I heard Kath shouting at the other side of the door.

“Come in it’s not locked,” she bellowed.

I opened the door and made my way into the hallway.

“I’m in the backroom Rob,” Kath shouted.

I made my way into the back room and Kath was sat on the sofa, she looked in her mid 30’s and she had shoulder length brown hair and looked fairly thin, she was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and I couldn’t help notice her tanned arms and legs.

“Hi nice to meet you finally” she said as she got up and walked towards me, she put her hand on my shoulder and gave me a little kiss on my cheek.

“Can I get you a beer?” she asked.

“Sure that would nice,” I replied as I sat down on the sofa.

Kath returned and handed me a beer and sat opposite me on a chair and we started to chat about this and that and places to go out in the local area and I started to relax a little more and was not so concerned about her asking me about what happened with Jim. I was getting more comfy and enjoying Kath’s company when the doorbell rang and she went to answer the door, I could hear her talking to somebody and then the front door closed. Kath came into the room with another woman she was about same height as Kath but was certainly bigger built and younger looking.

“Rob, this is Julie my step sister, Julie this is Rob from next door,” Kath said as she introduced us to each other.

“Hi nice to meet you,” I said trying hard not to stare at her large tits straining in her tight white top.

“Hi” Julie replied smiling.

I wasn’t sure if Kath wanted me to hang around now her step sister was there so I decided to make my excuses and go home.

“Well it’s been nice to meet you ladies and I’ll see you again soon no doubt,” I said as I headed towards the front door.

“Ok bye” they both said in unison.

It was a couple of days later and I was in the front garden tidying up after cutting the grass when I saw a car pull into the drive next door and Kath get out, she looked over at me and smiled.

“Hi Rob you couldn’t do me favour could you?” she asked

“Yeah sure,” I replied

“I’ve got a couple of boxes in the boot that need taking into the house” she said as she opened up the boot of the car. I grabbed one of the boxes and followed her to the house where she told me just to leave them in the hallway, I put it down and returned to the car to get the other box and bring it into the house.

“That’s fine just there,” said Kath.

“You wanna beer?” she asked.

“Yeah would be nice,” I replied.

Kath directed me to the backroom where she told me she would join me shortly, I took off my trainers esenyurt escort so I would get her carpet dirty and went into the backroom and sat down on the sofa. I was a little sweaty from working in the garden and the sofa felt cool against my skin as I was only wearing shorts Kath returned to the backroom and handed me a beer, she had a glass of wine and sat down on the chair opposite me, she was wearing a white blouse and a dark blue skirt and she had bare legs, by the way she was dressed I assumed she had been working as Jim had mentioned to me that she worked in an office.

“I’m sorry we got interrupted the other day,” she said after taking a sip from her glass.

“That’s ok it’s nice that you asked me over again,” I replied.

“Are you hoping for another try for me?” she asked smiling.

I was a little lost for words at what she had just said, the idea had been in the back of my mind but I certainly didn’t think it would come up in conversation with her.

“Come on you must have thought about it, Jim’s had you so I bet you were thinking you would have a chance with me” she said.

“Errrr no I don’t know you that well so I wouldn’t presume that you wanted anything to happen, I just thought you were being friendly when you asked me over the other day,” I said struggling for words.

“So you don’t fancy me then, has Jim turned you to just wanting cock?” she asked.

“No I still like women and you are an attractive woman” I replied with what I hoped was a conservative answer.

Kath got up and walked over to me, she stood in front of me and put her wine glass down on the small table beside the sofa. She the started to unbutton her blouse slowly, my eyes were transfixed as she undid each button then slipped the blouse over her shoulders and let it fall to the floor, she was wearing a lacy white bra.

“So am I more attractive now?” she asked.

I just nodded as I stared at her upper body , she then reached round the back of her skirt and unzipped it, she pushed it down over her hips and down to the floor and then she stepped out of it, my eyes now were staring at her white thong which was practically see though and I could make out her dark trimmed pubic hair underneath it, as I looked at her body my cock was beginning to stir in my shorts and I could feel it starting to get hard.

“Well I’m in my underwear so I only think it fair that you take you shorts off don’t you?” Kath asked as she looked at the lump that was growing in my shorts.

“These are all in one shorts they have a lining so I don’t have any underwear on underneath,” I answered knowing she would take them off anyway.

“That’s too bad isn’t it,” she said laughing as she knelt on the floor in front of me.

Kath grabbed my shorts and pulled them down and off me, she then moved and knelt astride me on the sofa and leaned against me.

“I like to tease and be teased as well, so what I want you to do is put your hands behind your back and don’t move them, for the next few minutes I can touch you but you can’t touch me,” she whispered in my ear.

I put my hands behind my back and Kath leaned back away from me but she was still knelt up astride me, she undid her bra and slid it off her shoulders, her tits were small but her nipples were quite large and were erect, she then reached out and picked up the wine glass, she took a drink from it and then put two fingers into the glass and swirled the wine round the glass with them.

Kath took her fingers out of the glass and put them against my lips before sliding them into my mouth, I sucked hard on her wine covered fingers before she slid them back out of my mouth , she them leaned forward and pushed her moth against mine, she kissed me hard her tongue pushing into my mouth I responded and it was difficult to kiss with my hands still behind my back, she was in control of it and it was something I hadn’t experienced before.

Kath broke off the kiss and leaned away from me again she still had the wine glass in her hand and again she dipped her fingers into it, this time she wet her fingers and rubbed wine over one of my nipples, she bent her head down and I felt her lick the wine off me nipple, she licked and sucked on it as her thumb rubbed over my other nipple. She wet her fingers once more and again rubbed wine onto my nipple and licked and sucked at it, my cock was fully hard and I was really getting horny, I hadn’t had this kind of experience before and I knew that this was only the start of it, I felt more horny than I avrupa yakası escort did with Jim.

I could feel my cock pressing against her thong and she felt it as well as she started to rub the crotch of her thong against my cock head, I felt like I was going to cum as she rubbed it over my cock faster, she pulled away and moved onto the floor, she pushed my legs apart and knelt between them, her hands rubbed up and down my inner thighs, she bowed her head down and I felt her kissing the top of my leg she moved to the inside of my leg, her tongue gliding over my skin until she reached my crotch where she stopped and did the same to the other leg, her teasing was making me horny and I was aching to feel my cock inside her mouth.

Kath reached out for the wine glass once more there was only a little wine left in the glass and I watched as she tipped the wine over the tip of my cock, I jumped a little as the wine was cold as it landed on my skin, she put the glass back on the table and looked at me and smiled before her head lowered to between my legs I felt her licking around the base of my cock Her tongue continued running around my cock, I was close to begging her to suck me but just when I thought she was going to tease me more I felt her tongue on the shaft of my cock she run her tongue up and down it as she tasted the wine she had poured over me, she then flicked her tongue over the head of my cock before I felt it slide into her mouth, she started to suck me slow and I gave out a moan every time my cock went fully into her mouth. Her sucking got faster and I wasn’t sure how long I could hold on before my cock would start to pump cum into her mouth, she pulled away and stood up.

“I think I have got you horny enough now so let’s see how good you are at teasing and getting me horny,” Kath said as she sat next to me on the sofa.

“I think it would be better if you were lying down,” I suggested to Kath.

“You learn fast,” she said as she lay down on the sofa with her hands behind her back.

I knelt on the floor and looked down at her body, I went to get the wine glass then realised it was empty.

“The bottle is in the kitchen,” Kath informed me.

I went into the kitchen grabbed the bottle and went back and once again knelt on the floor next to Kath, I held out the bottle and poured a little wine onto her chest, Kath shivered as she felt the cold wine splash and run over her skin, it ran between her tits and I put the bottle down and leant over Kath and ran my tongue between her tits and licked the wine off her body. I picked the bottle up once more and this time poured some onto her tits, once again she jumped as she felt it touch her skin, my head lowered to her chest and I licked the wine off each of her tits and gave both of her nipples a long suck. My tongue continued to lick down her body, I slowly made my way to her just above her thong, she lifted her bum off the sofa to gesture she wanted me to take her thong off I looked at her and shook my head and she lowered her bum back down onto the sofa.

I picked the wine bottle up again and slowly poured wine onto her thong making sure it was wet, her body jumped as the wine soaked into her thong, I put the bottle on the floor and began to tease her by kissing her inner thighs as I did I could see her soaked thong, it was even more see through now and I could see her pussy lips pushed against the wet material, I moved my head up to between her legs and ran my tongue over her wine soaked thong, the taste of wine and pussy was nice and I ran my tongue over it again and again before I started to suck the wine out of her thong, Kath started to moan as she felt my mouth sucking on her pussy through her thong. Her legs opened wider and she moved her hands from behind her back and I felt them on the back of my head pushing me into her crotch, I pulled away from her.

“Does this mean I win?” I asked.

“We both win,” Kath answered.

Kath moved off the sofa and stood up she pulled down her thong and stepped out of it she then knelt down on all fours.

“Well what you waiting for a fucking invitation?” she shouted.

I knelt behind her and pushed my cock against her wet pussy, as soon as Kath felt it she pushed back and slid my cock into her, I started by slowly sliding my cock in and out of her trying just to be gentle but that’s not what she wanted.

“I want you to fuck me hard you got me horny now finish me,” she shouted.

I started to fuck anadolu yakası escort her harder and faster, I felt like I was going to cum soon as I went quicker and harder into her, she shouted more obscenities as I fucked her harder, I could feel myself cumming I pushed hard into her and felt my cum pumping inside her. I stayed knelt down and still inside her as I got my breath back I then collapsed and lay back on the floor. Kath moved over to me and put herself in a 69 position over me, her cum filled pussy was above me and I could see her cum covered lips, I felt her tongue licking my flaccid cock as she moved her soaked pussy down onto my face, I moved my arms so my hands were caressing her ass cheeks as my tongue slid into her pussy and started to lick up my cum out of her.

I had tasted my own cum before but not in this much quantity, my cock was starting to get hard again as Kath sucked on it, my face was soaking as I continued to lick her pussy, my hands pulled her ass cheeks apart and I moved her ass a little so my tongue could lick her ass, I ran my tongue over her hole and as I did I could feel her mouth tighten around my cock, I pushed my tongue harder against her tight ass hole licking it as I spread her cheeks wider, she pulled off my cock to give out a moan as she knelt up slightly and pushed her ass further onto to my face, I felt her hand around my cock and she started wanking me, my tongue was now licking her ass hard and fast, her hand was wanking me quicker, I felt like she was going to pull it off.

I pulled my head back from her ass and moved my hand onto her pussy, my fingers caressed her wet lips and I slowly slid two fingers inside her, I moved them in and out of her pussy, she bent down again and I felt her hot mouth sliding over my cock, she sucked hard on it as I fingered fucked her, I could feel myself close to cumming as she sucked hard on me, my fingers fucked her harder and faster until I felt her body stiffen and she pulled her mouth off my cock.

“Ohh fuck that felt great,” she screamed.

With her hand wrapped around my cock she started to wank me off fast, I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and my hands were now grabbing hold of her ass tightly as she brought me close to cumming, I couldn’t hold on any longer and I felt my body shudder as my cock shot cum mostly over Kath’s hand, I felt her tongue licking the cum off the tip of my cock, when she had finished she moved off me and turned round so she was leaning over me.

“So have you had fun?” she asked.

“Yeah it’s been unbelievable,” I answered.

“Now I know why Jim enjoyed you so much, I think you better go and get cleaned” she said as she got to her feet.

I got up and headed upstairs to get washed and freshen up, I couldn’t believe what I had just done and I hoped Jim was ok with what I had just done with his wife.

After I got cleaned up I went back downstairs to get dressed when I got downstairs Kath was led on the sofa with her eyes closed and her legs slightly parted, her fingers were lightly stroking her pussy lips, I stood and watched her as her stroking became more intense I could feel my cock starting to swell again as I watched her play with herself.

I walked over to the sofa and stood over her and carried on watching her, her fingers were rubbing over her clit as she continued to get herself more excited, I started to wank my now fully hard cock, Kath’s eyes opened and she gave a smile as she watched me wank, she opened her legs wide as an invitation to me to fuck her again. Once I was on top of her she wrapped her legs around me and I slid my cock easily into her wet pussy, she pulled my head down and we began to kiss hard, our tongues pushing at each other, her hands were clasped on my ass cheeks pushing me into her, I broke off the kiss to concentrate of fucking her, my rhythm was increasing and Kath gave out a moan every time she felt me push deep inside her.

“Ohhh come on I want it fucking harder,” she screamed

I was now giving it everything and I pushed deep inside as I felt my cock shooting inside her, we both took a couple of minutes to get our breath back and I moved off the top of her and stood up.

“You will have to get cleaned up again,” Kath said.

I thought she meant me going to get washed again and I turned to go upstairs, Kath got up from the sofa and pulled me back, she then sank to hr knees and took my wet cock into her mouth and gently sucked on it for a few seconds.

“That’s how I like to clean,” she said with a smile.

I got my shorts and trainers and put them on and headed towards the door.

“Next time I think you should come round when Jim’s here as well I think that would be even better don’t you?” Kath said.

“I hope that’s soon,” I replied.

“Oh don’t worry I think you wont have to wait long,” Kath said smiling.

With that thought in my head I headed back home for a shower and some rest.

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