New Year’s Celebration Ch. 05

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I woke up slowly, my ears first sensing somehow I was in a different place this morning. My body was spooning another warm body, holding it close to me underneath a cozy, thick comforter. My senses tingled as my nostrils inhaled a sweet, fruity smell that was maybe a female’s lotion, my brain decided. As my eyes slowly opened, I realized immediately that I was in Tina’s room, holding her close to me. Sometime during the night, we must have sleepily crawled underneath the covers, and huddled together again and falling asleep, but I couldn’t remember anything.

The light streaking in through the blinds on the windows was bright. I wasn’t used to sleeping in, but Tina and I couldn’t have fallen asleep until nearly 4am. By my guess, it was at least 9:30 or 10:00 by now.

Tina’s warm body gently moaned, and pressed herself back against me. Her sleepy body feeling my erection now planted firmly between her tight little ass cheeks. She ground against me again, moaning louder now, clearly also aroused in her own semi-awake state. At least someone was here to enjoy my morning hard-on I thought to myself, hoping she doesn’t just drift back off to sleep, and decides instead to take full advantage of my erection this morning.

She pressed against me again with more urgency now, her hand slipped over my hips and pulled my pelvis against her. My mind went back to last night. What an incredible night! Outlandish exhibitionism by Ann and I in the pool, and then joining Tina here in her room, to ring in the New Year with a ‘bang’. Although it wasn’t the ‘bang’ I expected.

I guess I had thought about my first time having sex with Tina before, and figured it would be much like our earlier interludes. They were full of unabashed lust, and uncontrollable quenching; just two people wildly pleasing their own needs, without any inhibitions whatsoever. However last night was different somehow, more personal, more ‘real’; we didn’t just ‘fuck’ as I anticipated, but ‘made love’ in a way that only two people who truly care for one another can.

I felt like Ann’s plan to help her sister learn what a good man should be like, and allowing her sister, Tina, to use me for a role model, was taking things a bit further than she intended. She wanted Tina to experience ‘love’ but it never occurred to me that I might have such a deep emotional connection as well. I searched my feelings, I don’t know that I really ‘loved’ Tina the way that I knew I loved Ann, but I certainly cared for her a lot, trusted her, respected her, and felt compelled to keep her safe and protected. I wondered if she felt the same way, last night had to be emotional for her as well.

My erection sliding between her ass cheeks pulled me out of my deep thought as my body switched off one brain, and turned on the ‘other’ brain. She was grinding against me harder now, and moaning each time she did.

In one motion, she rolled over and planted me on my back. She curled into a ball, kneeling next to me, and shoved the head of my cock into her surprisingly warm, and moist mouth, sucking hungrily at my throbbing erection. She moaned as she sucked most of my length, her lips loosely sealed on my shaft, I could feel her saliva running down it, to my calls, cooling them as she worked.

We mouth felt exquisite, and as she worked I watched her, gently caressing her ass next to me. As my own hard-on became more urgent, and my wanton feelings less controllable, I grabbed one of her legs, and pulled it over my head, positioning her over me in a 69 position. Her already soaking wet pussy was inches from my face, perfectly smooth, and pink in the sunshine streaming in from the window. I leaned forward and lapped at her slippery slit. She tasted amazing again, just like sweet strawberries, she jumped a little, her tender area was obviously still a little sore from last night.

In a better position now, she nearly deep throated my entire cock, maybe leaving an inch or two of the base outside we warm mouth as her swollen lips caressed my shaft, bobbing her head along the length of my rigid pole. I began lapping gently at her clit, spreading her lips with my fingers for better access to her throbbing little member.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned onto my cock, causing it to vibrate, sending me reeling, and the first drops of precum oozing into her waiting mouth.

This sexpot, slung over my body, legs spread wide to accommodate my face buried in her crotch. Her ass was a perfect heart shape, and I couldn’t stop appreciating the curves of it in this position. I could feel her nipples stiffen at the tips of her perky breasts no pressed into my stomach. She begin to slowly grind herself on top of my body, gently fucking my cock with her mouth, as she fucked my mouth with her juicy cunt.

Precum was now oozing out of the head of my cock, as she tasted me again she moaned with delight over my tool sunk deep in her face, “Mmmmmmmm!”

The vibrations took me further down the road closer to my orgasm, and I picked up the pace on her clit, nearly assaulting it underneath my halkalı escort tongue. Her pussy was streaming her sweet juice all over my lips and chin as I lapped up what I could while continuing to flick and suck her little throbbing door bell. I desperately wanted her to cum, I wanted her to flood my mouth and face with her sweet nectar. I needed a taste of her, and I wanted it now. I sucked her pussy into my mouth completely engulfing her lips, and continued flicking her clit with my tongue like a mad man possessed, consumed with only one single thought.

“Fuck Yes!” she suddenly cried out, “Uuunnnnggghhhhhh!” she grunted around the head of my beast. Just as her pussy clamped down and flexed outward toward my mouth as I released her from my lips. Instantly her pussy gushed were warm girl cum over my face, filling my mouth, overflowing, rushing down my cheeks, neck on pooling on the bed. A second stream hit me with the same force. The warm liquid rushed from her body and over my lapping tongue, still intent on completely finishing what I started. She bucked her hips up a few times to remove her over stimulated clit from my mouth, as she pumped her fruity love cream over me.

Just as suddenly she began cramming my cock into her mouth with a frenzied pace! I felt the tip slamming into her throat as she gagged on my length. She worked in long hard strokes, piling it into her, as if trying to force it down her throat by sheer determination. She was hammering her head into me now, choking slightly every few strokes.

She raised her lips from my head, and grunted at me, “I want your cum! Make this cock spray down my fucking throat!” and she slammed me home again deep in her wet mouth. Her lips creating a loosing slurping sound as the paced down the length of my shaft, her mouth slightly agape in order to breath as she assaulted my serpent. Her mouth felt amazing and I couldn’t hold out for much longer, my balls were beginning to boil!

“Give it to me!’ she grunted at me, and impaled her sweet little face again with my anger cock!

That was it, my body tensed underneath her; I clutched her hips as I arched my back. She held my cock deep in her mouth with her lips as my hips pushed upwards, trying to drive impossibly deeper as the first torrent of hot milk blasted her throat. She moaned and tried to swallow. But she wasn’t quick enough as the second eruption caught her by surprise, stronger than the first, hosing her tonsils down. She choked fully on this one, and pulled my hose out of her mouth as the next blast clearly must have sprayed her face.

“Ack,” she sputtered, as she struggled to catch a breath.

Just then, as she struggled to control my exploding cock, her pussy pulsed inches from my face and came again. A small bit of juice squeezed from her lips, and I lapped it up immediately, causing her to regain her own composure and slurp my cock loudly back into her mouth as I continued to blow my wad again and again.

I went back to licking her pussy with more ferocity, getting another small taste of her nectar made me want more! My tongue dove between her slit, trying to ravage her clit once again. But she slid her sopping cunt away from my face and quickly down my body, and nearly without warning, or any help, stuffed the head of my cock into her soaking love tunnel.

The head popped in much easier than it had last night, and she quickly sat up and drove more of it inside her searing canal. She was still so fucking tight, and it was almost painful sliding inside her. She squirting orgasms had made it much easier, but her two years without any sex had inflicted a virginal state back to her little pussy. With only last night to help make her more comfortable it was clear the she this was still a little painful, and she was probably a little sore, and she struggled to slip my length into her. She leaned back against me, laying on top of me and spread her legs wide to increase my ease of penetration. I planted my feet on the bed and began working my hips upwards, beginning to slip in and out of her tight little honey hole.

It felt so good to be back inside her, and she leaned her head back, echoing my thoughts by moaning into my ear. Hearing her soft voice as my rigid member invaded her sanctity was making me even harder inside her tight box, gently stretching her even more as we gently bumped into each other.

This gentleness lasted a few more minutes. I carefully entered her, as she moaned with nearly each thrust. Soon she became impatient with my pace, and more comfortable as my cock filled her, and she began to push her hips down to meet me.

Suddenly she sat up and kneeled facing away from me, and began rocking harder back into my cock. Her ass looked amazing in this position and my stiff pole invaded her tight little pussy. She moaned and ground herself into me, I held her hips guiding her gently as she rocked back and forth, driving me inside her.

“Oh, fuck!” she moaned, “Damn you feel good inside me!”

“You feel so tight on me baby,” şişli escort I replied urgently “You feel fantastic!”

“Ungh, Fuck!” She grunted again, “I am going to cum!”

She pushed her ass back onto my pelvis as her pussy accepted all over my length as it clamped down painfully around my swollen and throbbing member stuffed deep inside her.

“Unnngghhhhh!” she groaned urgently as the waves of pleasure washed over her. She sat impaled on my rod, a quivering mass of flesh as her orgasm rippled through her entire body. Her hips shook, and her pussy quivered up and down my length buried inside her while she held me tightly down to the hilt.

I nearly cum myself, she felt so good wrapped around me! But I really wanted this to last, I wanted to wear her out, my aggressive side was coming out now, and I wanted her rendered completely useless when I was done with her. This new empowerment subsided my release temporarily.

Pushing my right hip towards her, I pushed Tina onto her side, our bodies still joined as her pussy continued to spasm over my cock. I didn’t wait for her orgasm to finish, I pulled back gently and then rammed my spear inside her again, tearing through her tightly contracted flesh.

She yelped, “Oww!”

I held myself there, buried in her for a second and then pulled back slowly and rammed my prick into her to the hilt again, filling her completely, the head painfully slamming against her cervix at the back of her tiny little fuck hole.

“Oww, fuck!” she responded. I thought for a second I should stop. I cared deeply for Tina and didn’t want her second experience to be uncomfortable if she wasn’t ready to go at it this forcefully. That thought vaporized when she uttered her next statement.

In a low, guttural voice, coming from the depths of her lust, she growled at me, “Fuck me! Fuck the shit out of me! Fuck me with that big cock!”

Holy shit! I almost let go of my load, it took a second to regain my composure. I tried to relax, think of baseball, anything but emptying my nuts into her. It worked momentarily as I struggled to overcome my needs. Then, feeling emboldened again, I pulled my cock back slowly, and rammed into her again, and again, and again. Each thrust filling her completely, and roughly, my balls slammed against her clit as I held her hip for support, pulling her onto me. Rocking her hips back against me now just increased the urgency of our thrusting. I thrust my hips against her, her ass slapped against my pelvis as my cock continued pounding her poor little cunt. Her now sopping wet pussy was barely used to being fucked again, and now I was abusing it, slamming her with my length, filling her completely with each forceful thrust into her depths.

I rolled her over further onto her belly. As she rolled I kept her legs tight together, and rolled on top of her, still joined together as we turned over. I placed one of my hands in the small of her back, causing her to arch as she laid flat, gently pushing her sweet heart shaped ass up to meet me, and I started pounding away at her tight cavern again.

“Ungh, Fuck Yes!” she moaned in a muffled roar; her face mashed into the pillow as I plowed her, “Make me cum again!”

I continued my assault on her over and over again. Her tight pussy begging me to slow down, trying desperately to keep me out each time I pulled back, and putting up a fight as I impaled her again. I thrust hard through her constrictive walls, the rim of the head, and each vein along my pulsating shaft sending electrical impulses through her young body. She began thrusting her hips back up into me, as her body responded to the nearly forgotten pleasures of a good hard fuck.

Her ass was sticking nearly straight up into the air as I grabbed her hips, her body in a perfect little “A” frame as she grunted into the pillow, her chest and face mashed into the sheets. I gripped her hips and pummeled her love box, my cock was like solid granite, hard and stiff, throbbing and tearing into her soft and wet tunnel. Her pussy had relaxed slightly to allow me the movement she was so desperately craving, but she was still tight, and it was still a little uncomfortable to drive into her like this. I could tell she was going to be sore later, but she wasn’t worried about that right now, she was only thinking of cumming.

“Ungh, Fuck!’ she wailed into the soft pillow, “Ungh, Ungh, Yes, Baby, Harder!”

I continued my assault, slamming into her over and over again, trying to pull the orgasm she desperately craved out of her tight little body. She wanted to cum so badly, and I wanted her to cum all over me. I felt her pussy constrict around my serpent as I continued invading her. She tilted her head to the side, no longer grunting into the pillow, and let out a primeval scream, “Uuunngggghhhhhhh!”

She bucked her hips off the bed towards me so hard, it knocked me off my knees and I tumbled completely off the bed behind me. I landed hard onto the floor, slamming onto my tailbone. It sarıyer escort felt broken, but the intense pain momentarily ignored from the sight of Tina in front of me.

She was still screaming in her guttural ecstasty, her head flat against the bed out of view, ass high in the air on her knees; her pussy was pointed directly at me, pointed slightly up from where my cock had a second ago been penetrating her. From my new vantage point on the floor, this was an angle a photographer at a porn shoot would be jealous of.

Instantly I saw her pussy engorge and flex as she strained to push out what was coming next. A stream of girl cum exploded from between her plump lips, arching through the air towards me, and finally splattering down across my face, chest and stomach. She tasted as sweet as ever, just like strawberries!

Another one launched its way towards me immediately, this one with more force, and for a longer duration. Some of it actually clear my head and landed behind me. She was painting me in her sweet sauce. I opened my mouth, trying to catch some of her sweet treat as she blasted more my direction.

Each spray was met with another loud guttural grunt, her pussy emptying over and over again forcefully until the last few gushes leaving her body simply washed over her lips, clit, and down her legs. Some traversed up her belly as she finished her explosive ecstasy.

I stood up and went to her quickly, I bent over and dove my tongue into her sweet snatch, lapping up all her left over juice. This caused her to jump.

“No way!’ she exclaimed, “too much, besides, it’s your turn!”

She quickly repositioned herself in front of me, sitting on the edge of the bed in front of me, and quickly she grasped my cock in one hand and my balls in the other. Her head immediately followed and her mouth was soft and warm as she enveloped the head of my cock. I was coated in her own lubrication, and she seemed to take great pleasure in tasting herself along the length of my shaft as she licked my from base to tip over and over again, all the while stroking me quickly with her hand.

Her mouth felt loose compared to the near-virginal canal of her now well-fucked pussy. Her soft, pouty lips slid over my head in circles as she licked and sucked the tip again into her mouth. She looked up at me, rubbing the head of the beast over her lips, and cheeks, smearing my precum, her saliva, and what was left of her cum all over her face, moistening it, and looking like the cum slut I was discovering her to be.

This was the dirty side of Tina, the purely sexual side. I saw a slightly different tender side of her last night, but the Tina that was worshipping my cock right now was obsessed with nothing but the next orgasm. She licked the tender underside of my shaft as she gazed up into my eyes. Her soft lips sucking the sides of the shaft as her tongue flicked quickly between them, all the way down my length. She took each of my balls into her mouth quickly, sucking them with urgency, coaxing my sperm to fire off and quench the aching that boiled within.

She slid her mouth back up my shaft and took me down her throat as best she could. She lightly choked, and pulled off, a tiny trail of saliva still joined us as she pulled back and looking up at me with her lust-filled eyes.

“Cum for me!” she pleaded, “I want you to cum all over me!”

She took me back into her mouth, over and over again as deep as she could. Each entry into her mouth was finished by bumping the back of her throat as her struggled to cram my length and girth past her tonsils. Her mouth felt incredible, as she slid over me, now making loud slurping and sucking noises as she hungrily devoured my pulsating, throbbing cock.

She shoved me deep again and held me there, instantly moaning loud around my cock, “mmmmmmmmm,” sending vibrations from her throat on the head, all the way back to her lips encircling the shaft near the base. It was too much, my balls tightened instantly and that feeling I’d bee longing for was finally here, I was cumming!!

My pole engorged further as it throbbed again, thickening in her mouth. She felt this and immediately pulled me from her warm embrace, her saliva spilling from her loose lips over her legs and belly. Her hand replaced her mouth now as she leaned back onto one elbow while the other hand stroked me at a feverish pace. The familiar electrical sensations tingled in my sack. As my balls leaped, the sensations traveled through my shaft to the head of my cock. The angry purple head finally began to spew the contents of my nut sack over her.

Tina squealed as the first shot left the head, pointing me directly at herself with her stroking hand. “Yes baby! Cum for me!” she begged, nearly yelling, “Shoot it all over me!” My cock erupted over and over again sending long, thick ropes of my hot, milky load over her body. My batter slopped messily over her face, landing on her forehead and cheeks, some splashed onto her lips and onto her tongue, provocatively stuck out of her open begging mouth. More landed on her throat, warming it instantly, as more gushed out over her perky breasts as they jiggled high on her chest from the motions of her hand pumping me. My creamy goo warmed her nipples, and she sat up to hold them closer for me as I continued to coat her soft skin with my sweet juice!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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