Our Hands

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As I look out the window at the rain, I think of how peaceful and good the rain makes me feel.

I feel you come up behind me. My skin is still damp and clean from the shower, the silk-sashed robe I wear clings to places I did not get dry.

I feel your breath upon my shoulder, as you move my hair to kiss me there, your hands coming to clasp in front of me, as you pull me into you. I can feel you, hot and hard, pressed against my body. Your gentle kisses give way to more passionate nips and growls as you rhythmically press into me from behind.

I drop my head back to your shoulder, exposing more of my neck, as you nibble and lick your way up the column of my neck, to my ear, where I hear you tell me, “I want you wrapped around me, warm and tight.”

Your hands unclasp, and you bring one hand to my jaw, turning me for your kiss.

The kiss is one of raw hunger and need, a kiss that burns and leaves me aching for more. I begin to press back into you, needing to be closer. Your lips leave mine, as I feel your hands at the tie of my robe. You look over my shoulder as you ease the knot loose. I feel the cool air on my skin, I can see the passion in your gaze.

You part the robe and drop your lips again to my shoulder, sipping the skin there. Licking and sipping the skin, raising goose flesh, and you hear my sigh.

I feel your hands skim along my belly, move up past my breasts and lift the robe from my shoulders, removing it. The night air cools me along my front, pebbling my nipples even more. You – your heat, from behind – warms me. I sense you dropping the shorts you wear, down your legs.

I hear you step from them. You press back into me. You are so hard and hot. Your cock istanbul escort straining against my ass. I push back into you, needing more contact, needing more of your heat.

Your hands on my shoulders, my breathing heavy, my heart drumming in my chest, I feel you move them. Your hands move along my sides, skimming my ribs, moving over my hips, sliding over my ass as they come to rest on my inner thighs. I feel you push. Slowly, gently, urging me to part my legs for you. My legs open and I sigh your name.

Your hands bypass me, where I ache so badly for you, making the tension and pressure there worse, needing you so badly that I quake. I feel your hands move back up the path they had taken to my thighs. Moving up my arms, slowly, softly, I feel you take my hands within yours.

Your chest urges me to bend forward slightly as I feel you take my left hand in yours. You imprison my hand on the wall, beside the window sill. I look up at our hands, joined, pressed to the wall. I can see the rain on the window, the city below us. Anyone walking by could see us, could see our lust, our heat.

I feel your lips again upon me. Kissing me across my shoulders. Our right hands joined, our left hands pressed against the wall.

You bring our right hands to my breast, as you say to me, “let me teach you what I feel as I love you.”

Our joined hands cup me. My breasts ache for your touch. You take my fingers with yours, and place them at my nipple. Your thumb, my forefinger on either side as we pinch and roll my nipples. First one breast, then the other. My body is on fire with need. I feel what your hands do best to me, I feel its effects avcılar escort within my body.

You take our hands, now bending me more forward, the cool pane of the glass against my cheek and breasts. You move our right hands down, slowly, teasing and tempting, along my belly to the place where I am so wet and needy of your touch.

You slip our fingers within my folds. So wet, so hot. I feel you take my fingers, place them on my clit and rub slowly. Over, under, skimming across. Touching and teasing my sweet spot. My body bucks into yours, captive. Held within our hands.

You slide our fingers deeper within. Into my body, slowly entering. I feel the slick walls within myself. Pulsing around our fingers as you have us slowly slide them, in and out. You bring them out, and place my fingers at my clit.

“You know what you want, and what I want,” you say.

I begin to circle my clit, as I feel your fingers enter me again. Finding that rough spot that wants your touch, needs your touch. I feel you press against my g spot. My body is ready and aching for release as I skim my clit with my fingers. My hand caught in yours. Your name a groan from my lips.

Just as I am about to come, I feel your fingers pull from me. I feel you press your need into me. Your hand on your cock, putting it at my entrance, pushing easily and fully within me. Rocking my body still captive in your hands, your right hand comes to mine. Our fingers lying together, we tap and rub my clit, as you push deep in me. Deeper, our bodies straining for release. The window slick with the sweat of my desire.

My head falls back on your shoulder, as I feel you guiding your cock in me, I feel şirinevler escort it hot and full, your fingers upon me, your body within me. You feel so good. The more of you I have, the more my body wants.

My legs begin to tremble. My breathing momentarily stops, as I feel my body prepare for the release only our fingers and your cock can bring it. The walls of my pussy begin to quiver and pulse around your hard cock, pushing so deep, making me your own.

You see the flush on my body, you hear the change in my breathing, you know I am close. You push in deeper, longer strokes. You move our fingers more firmly against my clit. You move your face to my neck, biting at my neck. Your lips come to my ear as you whisper, ‘come for me.’

My body begins to shudder, my legs weak. Your body tense, rigid, deep. Your body moving me, keeping up the pace you know will make me come for you. Keeping up the rhythm of our fingers upon my clit.

“Come for me, baby,” I hear you say again.

I feel the building of my own release. Deep, tingling and hot. I cum, all around you. Willingly imprisoned by your hands and your heat. My pussy spasms around you. You hear my deep groan, you feel my heat surround you. My liquids pooling in the pubic hair around your sweet cock. Making you wetter, slicker. You feel my walls caressing you, wanting you.

I feel your fingers move from my moist heat, to around my waist. One hand against the wall, the other holding me there as you push deep.

Fully, I feel long moments of you pressing into me. Your voice low, growling and moaning my name, telling me how good I feel. Your hand on my waist as you push deep and hard, faster and deeper you fill me.

My walls so sensitive, I can feel your cock, the head becoming fuller, larger, your breathing changes, as you press deep and hard. I feel you then, coming in me. I love the way your cock pushes in as you come. Pushing, deep, so deep. Pumping and pulsing within me. So warm. Loving how you make me feel. How you’ve made me your own.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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