Our First Date

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I arrived on time but he was still dressing; he greeted me at his door with his button-up shirt untucked and his tie loosely draped around his neck. He invited me in and asked if I would mind sitting, wait for him to finish getting ready. I shyly entered his home as I had never been inside his house. I walked forward into the living room and sat primly and properly on the edge of the couch. He walked off and once he was out of sight, I quickly looked around at his domicile – taking in the sights.

It was clean. Comfortable furnishing. I was sitting on a dark blue canvas sofa and there was a large brown leather chaise facing the couch. A wooden entertainment hutch, doors closed, against the wall. Just a normal, typical living room complete with end tables, a coffee table and decorative lamps. The kitchen was behind me, behind the sofa and all I could see was the kitchen island, countertops and fridge. Off to the right of the kitchen, the dining room table and to the right of that, the hallway where he disappeared into what I assumed was his bedroom. Soft lighting, cream-colored walls. It was nice. It felt like a home.

His reentry caught me by surprise – I didn’t realize at the time but while I was spying all corners, I had literally turned myself around on the couch – my knees on the seat cushion and my elbows propped up against the back of the couch. I gasped a bit, whipped my body back forward on the sofa, facing front just like he left me. I think I heard him chuckle a little bit before he asked me if I’d like some water. Of which I graciously accepted, not realizing until that moment how parched I was.

As I sat on the couch, chastising myself for being such an idiot, I heard him make my glass of water. Engrossed in my internal berating, I didn’t hear him come around to my side until he was right next to me. I admit, I jumped a bit. For such a big guy, he sure is stealthy.

He handed me a clear glass of ice water. I thanked him and looked up at him as I took a sip, knowing he would be aroused with the sight of me, looking up at him from this angle. He’s mentioned a few times that my big, brown eyes stirs something in him. He stood still as I slowly swallowed my sip and licked my lips. He grunted and walked away again into the dark hallway.

Sitting uncomfortably on his couch, I wished the water was something stronger. I was a little nervous, this being our first real date. He told me to wear stockings, and heels, and my little black dress. We were going to a real dinner, with real conversation. I tugged on the hem of my dress – the spinning caused the dress to bunch a bit at the waist and show more leg than I had intended.

He came back into the living room and stood off to my side, near the middle of the couch. His shirt was tucked in but his tie was still draped around his neck. He smiled and said, “Before we go to dinner, would you like a tour?”

I smiled and leaned to my right, placing the glass of water on the end table. Then I leaned forward to stand. However his “Uh-uh!” stopped me in my tracks. He stretched his frame across and over me, causing me to lean back, sinking into the couch cushions. He opened the end table drawer and pulled out… a coaster.

Really? Such an adult…

He placed the coaster on the end table and the glass of water on the coaster. I think he caught the smirk on my face because he flashed a toothy grin, “Are you making fun of me?” I shook my head no, but also rolled me eyes – a complete contradiction.

He stood back and held his hands out. I placed both my hands in his and he lifted me up out of the couch with ease. Standing close to him, I let out an involuntary shudder. Simply standing in front of him gave me a warm feeling in my stomach and shivers on all four limbs. I rubbed my palms down my legs, attempting to smooth down the wrinkles and keep the hemline at a decent, ladylike height on my thighs. Admittedly, the dress was a bit tight – tight by design, being an off shoulder, stretchy sheath dress and tight by size – it was a 10. I should be wearing a 12. Not to mention my height of 5’10” made most dresses too short anyway.

However at 5’10” and even when in my heels, he towered over me. And he was looking down now, smiling at seeing my face so transparent with lust. My eyes half closed and focused on his lips, breathing through my open mouth, slightly swaying towards him. He kissed me once, slowly, softly. I stood on my tip-toes, threw my arms around his neck and pressed into his lips, eagerly sucking on his bottom lip. He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me close to him, one of his large hands cupping my ass. I moaned into his mouth and tilted my neck back, placing my heels on the ground once more. I felt him stiffen up, his hands drew back from my backside and he even gently nudged me away, pushing my hips back.

I looked up at him with a puzzled look on my face. Why did we stop? He shrugged in response to my wordless inquiry and said, bakırköy escort “We need to get started on the tour. Go ahead and turn around. Face the kitchen.” I slowly turned, fully aware his body was pressed against mine. He nibbled my neck and breathed into my ear, “Are you ready?” I nodded yes. I then heard a little rustle and felt some movement on my right lower back, he was getting something out of his pocket. Immediately I thought – TOY – and I broke out into a smile as big as the Cheshire cat’s.

Then I jumped. In front of me was a large, black mass. And it was coming closer. It covered my face – no, just my eyes. I felt a little strap winding around my head and some adjusting in the back of my head. I raised my hand and felt the thing on my face – it was a blindfold. I was thick, soft and it puffed out from my eyes, so I slowly opened my eyes underneath the blindfold. I couldn’t see a thing. My eyes were fully open but still pitch black darkness. My heart skipped a beat and felt a small stir in my stomach. His hands were resting on my hips, the front of his body pressed closely against the back of mine. He was being my anchor as I adjusted to losing one of my five senses.

We stood for a moment, just a brief moment and already other senses were kicking in. I took in his scent – soap, anti-perspirant, spearmint and cigarettes. I heard the hum of the air conditioning and the refrigerator. I felt his chest rise and fall against my shoulders. He whispered, “Are you good?” I nodded my head yes again and licked my lips. “Then let’s begin.”

“Should I be worried?” I asked as he pushed my hip, pressing me to step forward and to the right – toward the dark hallway, more than likely toward the bedroom. He gently pulled me forward with his one hand and the only sound we made was the click-click-click of my heels against the hallway’s tile flooring. I felt a little dizzy and disoriented, being blinded so suddenly and in an unfamiliar place. My right knee buckled and I stumbled just a bit. I attempted to catch my balance by reaching out but nothing was there to stop me… until he did. Not even a second elapsed from my stumble and he was there, catching me.

I felt more steady, more secure knowing he was there to catch me, should I fall. But none the less, he now had held both my hands in his one hand, I think he was walking backwards and I took smaller steps. The hallway seemed to be at least fifty yards long, but finally he stopped moving forward. I heard the latch open and the door swing with a slow creak. He stood in the doorway, gently pressing my lower back forward so I passed him. As I did, my shoulder brushed against his chest and I caught something else in his scent – something I never noticed before but all my senses were heightened – something woodsy…

I heard a hum – that must be the ceiling fan. A light click-click-click sound came from… something – I don’t know. I’ve only been blind for 3 minutes not 3 decades… I inhaled deeply through my nose – laundry detergent… cedar wood?… cigarettes still… and something else familiar but I still couldn’t quite place it. And it was cool in the room. Very cool. I wondered if the goosebumps on my arms were due to my arousal or the chill in the room.

He pushed me a few steps further and I felt his chest lightly press against my left shoulder. He whispered in my ear, “This is my room.” Then I felt his chest fall away from my shoulder.

I smiled and said, “I love what you’ve done with the place.”

His, “Thank you” reply startled me again, as it came from my front right. “And I love what your outfit is doing to you, right now…” He was circling me as he said that, his fingers grazed my hip bone and trailed a flaming hot path around to the top of my backside. I thanked him. I rubbed my dress down again, drying my palms and pushing the hemline down again. He then asked, this time directly in front of me, if everything was okay. I nodded my head, and replied, “Just a little chilly.”

He embraced me, warmly, engulfing me with his arms. I melted into his chest and sighed. Something about him holding me, I feel the ability to shed all pretense and just be myself, in the moment. We stood for a while in this embrace, my arms wrapped around his waistline and one of his arms wrapped around my shoulder while his other hand slowly rubbed my lower back and arm.

I tilted my head up and I felt his kiss on my forehead, then cheeks. I quickly wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his head towards mine, to taste his lips. He growled a bit at my display of aggression. I didn’t know if it was a happy growl or an angry growl but his lips were soft against mine, his tongue danced with mine, his breath was warm.

His arms wrapped around my waist and both hands grabbed each ass cheek, practically lifting me off the floor against his body. I felt his cock getting hard against my thigh, and I ground my pelvis against his bulge beşiktaş escort as our kiss grew deeper. I was so hungry for his touch and kisses, the date night was all forgotten. His hands traveled down to my dress hemline, which, due to my frenzied activity inched up to the base of my ass cheeks. He pinched the end of the dress and instructed me to hold my hands up. I eagerly complied. He slowly lifted the dress, causing it to fold up my body and turn inside out. The dress was folded up to my neckline, my head covered by the body of the dress, my arms still stuck high in the air, while my body was naked – the dress didn’t allow for a bra, and he instructed me if I ever wore panties in his presence, they would either be ripped off, or become his property. I lost a few pairs of panties before I finally wised up…

But he stopped taking off the dress right there… why did we stop? I wasn’t very comfortable, and I felt a bit wobbly again. I swayed forward and leaned against his chest. I let out an uncomfortable giggle and he responded with a low chuckle.

“I’m stuck… are you going to leave me like this?” I asked, obviously joking…



“That’s the plan…”


I felt cool air on my face as he lifted the dress over and behind my head. So I could breathe again, that was nice. But my arms were still in the air and the dress pressing down on my neck caused my head to bow down. His hands trailed up the sides of my hips, through my waist and torso, and rested under my shoulder. “Roll your shoulders so your arms fall down backwards.”

I miffed, “I can’t, the dress is too tight on my arms.”

“You haven’t even tried and you’re already saying you can’t? I thought I taught you better… ” He instructed again, “Roll your shoulders so your arms fall down backwards.”

It took effort, a lot of effort. And he ended up helping a bit in order to complete the mission, but eventually with good communication and patience, I was as he wished me to be – naked, blindfolded, with my arms bound behind my back. I imagine it would have been quite a sight, with my chest being pulled back and up, my breasts on display. And since it was chilly, I’m sure my nipples were already hardened.

“I’ll just be a minute,” he said, and then I heard him shuffle off back to the living room. I stood as still as a statue, afraid to move for fear of stumbling into something. With my arms pinned back behind me, if I fell, nothing would prevent me from falling on my face. With that horrible vision in my mind, I began to wobble on my heel.

“Careful there” came out of nowhere and I audibly yelped and jumped back, but his arms were around me and I didn’t fall. “Should we take off these heels now?” he asked. I smiled and shakily replied, “Yes please, thank you!”

He turned me to the right and gently pushed me backward, until the backs of my knees hit something. “This is my bed. You can sit now.” I carefully bend my knees and lowered as he held my shoulders, steadying me. I then felt his hand on my right ankle, untying the strap to my shoes and lowering my ankle gently back down. Then the left ankle, slowly, carefully and gently. He kept the thigh-high stockings on… Of course.

Then nothing. Again I was left alone without his touch. But not for long. I felt his finger graze my cheek. “You okay?”

I nodded my head, “Mm-hmm… Are you?” God, why did I say that? I get so stupid when I’m nervous…

He chuckled, “I’m more than good. This is what I’ve been wanting to do to you since I met you. I have you, in my house, in my bedroom. Naked, blindfolded and tied down.” I visibly shuddered. He saw and remarked, “Let’s warm you up a bit. I’m going to lie you back now.”

I felt his weight settle in next to me, we were sitting side by side and he placed one hand on the middle of my back and placed the other hand on my chest, in between my breasts, pushing me back into lying down. Gently he laid me on the bed, and then slipped a pillow under my head. My dress-slash-arm cuffs had some give to them, allowing me to rest my arms by my side but I was completely unable to move my arms or my hands. In fact, lying on the dress gave even less flexibility to my hands than before. I couldn’t Houdini out of this. I laid in wait of what he chose to do with me.

He touched my cheek again and then held my chin with his finger and thumb. I felt his warm breath on my lips before I felt his lips. He kissed me softly, sensually. I craned my neck to receive a deeper kiss and he obliged, leaning into me and the fingers holding my chin moved to hold the back of my head up – up into his kiss. I brought my knees up and tried twisting my body towards his, which to my dismay led him to break off our kiss. He sat up and pressed my legs down.

I lay still – partly because I didn’t have the strength to sit up without the use of my arms but mostly because I wanted to know what he would beylikdüzü escort do to me. I then felt his warm breath on my breasts. I started to notice the pattern – warm breath means that’s where he’s going to kiss me. Got it. I smiled and squirmed as he kissed my breasts, sucking on the sides and underneath, circling my aereolas with his tongue. He lapped twice on my hardened nipple before taking it into his mouth, holding the base of my nipple between his teeth as his roughly tongued the peak of my nipple. The same attention was applied to my left breast as my right, and I squirmed underneath his expertise.

While his mouth was attending my breast, his large right hand trailed down my tummy until his fully cupped my pussy. The warmth of his hand against the cool bedroom air was almost intoxicating. He slowly applied pressure to his palm, pressing down onto my mound and then slowing rocking his hand back and forth. Naturally, I spread my legs, desiring his fingers to travel inside my outer lips. His fingers complied, first the middle finger slipped between my lips where he was able to determine just how truly excited I was for him. “God, you’re drenched already”, he gruffly whispered. I nodded, not having the power to form an actual verbal response at the moment. His teeth grazing my nipple, his tongue placing my breasts in a consistent state of dampness under the cooling ceiling fan, his warm hand covering my pussy while his fingers explored my soft, wet folds.

He knows what I enjoy – it’s a lovely routine. He slowly, softly rubbed my clit while I brought my knees up and out, my hips jerking up, in circles, bucking against his hand. As much as I enjoy clitoral stimulation, and I do very much, I crave vaginal stimulation. Finally, he gave me a long finger, deep inside me. He swirled the finger around slowly in a circle, extending the circumference with each rotation, slowly stretching my inner walls. Then a second finger. So delicious. Then his third finger and my back was craning up, my ass pressed down and my hips grinding down onto his hand, my pussy convulsing and gripping his fingers.

I felt his weight leave the bed as my body quaked in orgasm. I rode the waves in complete bliss until the waves subsided enough for me to realize I didn’t know where he was. He left. Where did he go? Was he coming back? The silly, stupid questions I came up with…

I turned my head left to right, wondering if I could pick up any sound by directing my ears in every direction. Then I heard something. At that point, the most beautiful sound in the world. A zipper slowly traveling… down I hope. Please please please let that be a zipper going down.

Then my pillow was slowly pulled out from under my head, and I felt his strong hands grab my shoulders. He pressed the right shoulder down and the left shoulder up, rotating my body to my side. I rolled the my right hip to rest over my left leg. He then pressed my head down, so my head rested on his leg. I knew it was his leg because little hairs were tickling my cheek and my nose was filled with his unique, manly scent. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. Sure enough, the tip of his cock was placed on my tongue. I moaned as my lips wrapped around his thick cockhead. I felt his body strain and I imagined he was laying back, allowing me full access and control in sucking his cock. My tongue trailed circles around his cock head and drool escaped my lips, slowly spilling down his shaft. My lips followed the drool trail, sucking up my spit while lubricating his shaft for deeper and deeper access of my mouth.

Then, as he had instructed, I grabbed my thumb with my left hand and prepared to deep throat his entire length. This cock, that gives me so much pleasure, is a challenge to swallow. I stifled the temptation to gag once he hit the back of my throat and as I swallowed, he gently pushed his cock deeper into my throat, his cock going a good two to three inches further down. My pride swelled as he groaned and exclaimed, “Holy fuck”. I slowly bring his cock back up and out, gasping for air and trying to lick up all my drool.

In my excitable state, his cock popped out of my mouth and in my position, lying on my side with my hands behind my back, I was unable to grab it to bring it back to my mouth without a little help. He chuckled and grabbed my cheek, popping his cock in and out of my mouth, and even gently slapping my lips with his cock. I giggled and licked whatever bit of cock I was able to, until he slid his cock in my mouth once more, deep enough for me to be able to resume control of the blowjob. I swallowed his shaft again and again, as his hand grabbed a fistful of hair on the back of my head.

Then he slid down and pressed my left shoulder over and down, causing me to lay on my belly. He slid the dress, which was still binding the length of my arms, down so only my forearms and wrists were still bound. I was able to bend my elbows – which is what he coached me to do. Then I felt his body slide over mine, his legs pressed in between my legs, forcing them apart. I felt his cockhead press against my pussy, forcing my lips apart. And in one agonizingly slow and steady thrust, his entire shaft was thrust deep into my pussy, pressing against my tummy.

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