On the Line

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He was the first thing I noticed as I walked through the door of the truck stop where my friends usually met to drink coffee and goof off late at night. He was on the phone and obvious unhappy about something but it was not the aura of aggression that surrounded him that caught my attention. He was tall, well over 6 foot and well built, muscular but not bulky, his dark Native American features had a quite power about them, he filled out the black jeans and a form fitting black T-shirt amazingly well. At first it was his long black leather trench coat that grabbed my focus, it looked butter soft and seemed to flow around him as he paced and turned away from me and the front door.

I caught my breath, I had never really cared about long hair on a guy but his was a thick, perfect curtain of black silk that flowed strait down his back to his waist. To be honest I seldom really pay attention to a man’s appearance beyond a simple “Oh he is cute” or “Wow nice shoulders.” Classically handsome model type guys don’t usually catch my attention or end up in my sketchbook. I am always looking for personality in people features and this guy had it in spades.

I hate to admit I was staring at him as I walked into the restaurant until I saw my friends all sitting at one of the large corner banquets as usual the ragtag bunch of night owls I call my friends had tons of sugars and creamers in those red plastic baskets usually reserved for fries and were laughing and goofing off.

Kim and Joe were playing rummy, the only game they will even try to play though I have tried to teach them spades, hearts, poker and a few others. Amy was laughing at something Lance or Bobby had said and checking her watch, everyone smiled and scooted in to make room for me on the end. I dropped my backpack on the floor and slid in next to Joe grabbing his cup and taking a drink of his unsweetened coffee.

Everyone laughed as I made a face, Joe poked me in the arm and said “Lola you do that every damn time and you know I don’t put sugar in my coffee, can’t you just wait for the waitress to bring you a cup?”

Pulling out my sketchbook and pencil case I waved the waitress over, “Ah you know I just adore you so much I can’t resist.” I doctored up my own coffee and drank half of it while Joanne the waitress filled everyone else’s, use to my habits by now she refilled my cup before leaving. I mentioned to Amy that I had not seen her car in the parking lot and asked if I was going to have to play taxi so she could go pick her girlfriend Becky up from the strip club she waitressed at.

“Thanks Lo but Bobby is going to run us home, Joe and he are trying to fix the Blue Beast.” Amy told me.

This of course brought on the usual arguments about wether Amy and Becky should give up on their old blue caddy and get a new one and about how much longer Joe and Bobby could keep fixing it. I half listened as I watched over Kim’s shoulder to the hallway where the Phone Guy was still pacing back and forth, tethered to the phone. I began sketching him in quick lines, my friends paying it no attention, use to me sketching people around me. His movements and the supple flow of the leather duster brought to mind a panther pacing back and forth in a cage. ‘Damn wouldn’t I like to free him?’ I thought.

For the next thirty minutes or so I managed to carry on a reasonable conversation with everyone on a wide range of topics while still stealing glaces at my fantasy guy. By now the desire to run my hands through his hair was intense and more then anything I could imagine wrapping my hands in it and pulling him close for a kiss. My hair might only be half as long as his but I know I love having it grabbed and carefully pulled when I play.

Kim started giving us the newest episode in the soap opera we call her place of employment which sounds more like Jr. High then a clothing store to me with all the backbiting and I was actually paying attention to her drama instead of the Phone Guy for a few minutes. Which of course would explained my surprise in looking up and seeing him standing beside me.

Before I could make a fool out of myself and say something totally dumb Bobby introduced Chris Wrenweaver to all of us and I found myself scooting in and giving him a place to sit. I didn’t even notice my friends looking at me strangely since I have always gotten out of the booth and had others scoot in so I could sit on the end. I did notice Kim nudging Amy and would probably have wondered about it if I had not been paying attention to Bobby and Chris talking about having gone to high school together.

Chris’ voice was as silky and as full as his amazing hair and I felt myself getting damp just listening to him talk. Bobby asked him how the call had gone and I listened as Chris told us all how he dated a girl for two and half weeks a few weeks before and then realized that she was freaking insane.

“I don’t mean a little manic, or a bit depressed, not even a bit nutty, this lady was insane, she was convinced that the aliens wanted to abduct her and istanbul escort get her pregnant and she told me that she was half alien because they had abducted her mother. She started calling me at all hours to tell me about her newest conspiracy theory so I finally told her it was not going to work for us. Then yesterday I go out to my car and it is gone and there is a note from her saying she ‘borrowed’ it to fool the aliens and was heading to Nevada to Area 51 to get the government to admit she is part alien.” Chris was sort of laughing about this but it was pretty obvious that he was not happy about it. “Anyway I finally got her to answer her cell phone and I was trying to convince her to turn around and bring the car back, if she does I will drop the charges but if not the Nevada police will find her, with my luck they will find her after she gets to Area 51 and is busted by the feds.”

Everyone started laughing and talking about aliens and the nut job we had each dated at one time or another. I could feel Chris’ leg warm against mine as I turned to talk to him about what kind of car he had. When he admitted that it was a black Camaro he had rebuilt a few years before I found myself telling him I wished he had his car so he could take me for a drive in the desert since I love muscle cars and that I was paying Bobby and Joe to slowly rebuild the GTO my uncle had given me.

Chris gave me this amazing smile and I felt myself melt even more as he said, “Do you like to go fast, to really feel the power under you?” Could he possibly not be flirting or was I just wishing?

I realized that he had said it low enough that only I heard him so I leaned towards him and told him, “I love it fast, the wild feeling of riding with someone who is really knows what they are doing. Knowing you are going to fast, feeling like you might lose control any second and wondering just how far they will push it. I love to feel the wind and the roar of the engine.” I knew that my leaning towards him was giving him a hell of a view of my cleavage and I was hoping he was enjoying it.

He gave me this wicked grin and said, “Trust me I would take you anytime.” I was about ready to drag him out of there right there and then but made myself behave.

Before our flirtfest could go on any longer Bobby mentioned that Chris was a computer programer and that he did video games and then told Chris that I designed websites.

“Would I have seen any of them?” Chris asked.

The guys and Kim started to laugh and Joe said, “Well I guess if you check out paysites.” They have always found my job funny but of course they still use the free access to the sites I have given them and I have yet to tell them that I can track their viewing and know just how much time they spend on each site.

“Jackasses.” I sighed, “They mean I maintain the sites for a couple of paysites as well as a small local record company and a radio station, also some random contracts. The paysites are my biggest contracts though, and the most work I have to do.”

“What do you have to do for them?” Chris asked

“Trust me it sounds a lot more fun than it is. Both sites have multiple models and guest models and most of them have no idea about computers beyond chat. They take digital pics, sometimes hundreds at a time and send them to me and I format them, same with AVI video. The models always get pissed if I can not use every single one of their pics cause the lady who runs accounting on the sites pays them per pic used on the site. A lot of them have no idea how to take a really great photo even when we send them articles on it so instead they take tons of them. Trust me you can get awfully sick of porn after a while especially if you have to edit out the crappy pics. I do work for a BBW site and a fetish site, that one can get a little weird at times and I have to keep an eye out for any pics that break the law.”

“Are you on the BBW site?” I was surprised to hear Chris ask. “You are definitely sexy enough for it.”

Who knew I could still blush at 28? “No, I am a size 20, that is a bit small for that site.”

Amy got out of the booth followed by Joe and came over and gave me a hug. Bobby looked at Chris and said, “I have to go pick up Amy’s girlfriend, maybe Lola can give you a ride, you only live about half a mile apart.” I couldn’t be sure but it seemed like Bobby was trying to hold back a grin as I told him it would not be a problem.

Joe grabbed Kim’s hand and said, “Come on babe, I want to go play.” Kim blushed as always anytime Joe made it obvious he wanted her but squirmed out of the booth so fast we all had to laugh.

Watching them all head out the door I felt like asking if he thought we had been set up but wasn’t sure how he would react.

After the waitress came over and cleared off most of the mess and filled our cups we went back to talking, I should have moved in to the booth a little but I was enjoying the feel of him next to me and I figured I would avcılar escort leave it to him to change places if it made him uncomfortable.

“So you really get burned out on the photos and stuff after a while?” Chris asked leaning back in the booth.

“Oh hell yeah, after the first six months my libido sort of went numb, in fact it is only very, very recently that I have been getting horny again.” I stirred my coffee and looked to see how he took that.

A slow smile was creeping on his face. “Really? How recently?”

“Oh about an hour now.” I said as I felt his hand start to play with my riot of red curly hair where it laid on the back of the booth. I wanted to start purring but instead I sort of arched my back and pushed my head against his hand. “Just about five seconds after I walked into the place.”

He looked deep in my eyes and wrapped one of my curls around his finger. “Well then I guess I better see what I can do to make sure you don’t get numb again, don’t I?” I started to nod as he leaned in and slowly kissed me.

What is it about that first kiss? It is the same with flirting with a guy the first time, it totally sets the mood of the entire relationship for me. Chris’ kiss started slow and tender, probing my lips with his tongue and then he nipped my lower lip with his teeth and sped the kiss up, his tongue slipped between my teeth and gently teased my mouth. I sighed and flicked my own tongue against his and the kiss became a little deeper and fiercer. After what seemed like hours and only seconds all at the same time I pulled back and looked at him, his eyes were so deep and dark but also so full of fire that it took my breath away.

“You want to go for that ride? We could drive out to the bluff” Chris asked as he leaned in for another kiss. The bluff was a lookout well off of the interstate about 20 miles from here and classic makeout place.

I laughed, “Oh man I have not done that since high school, sounds good to me” I figured that since it was now around 3 am it would be pretty deserted and the idea of driving fast through the night with the windows down and music going and this amazingly sexy guy next to me had me even hotter then ever.

Chris dropped enough money to pay for both out our coffees and a great tip and we headed out to my car. Sadly my Goat was still in Joe’s garage and I just had the Skylark, a very comfy car, all the bells and whistles but not a GTO by any measure. We got in and I pulled out on the Interstate heading west and brought her up to speed. The air was warm even this early in the morning and I flipped on a CD.

I put the car in cruise at 80mpr and drove with one hand, my right hand I placed on Chris’ knee and began to lightly stoke his thigh. Chris was playing with my hair again and told me he could not believe how bright red it was, of course one look at my eyebrows is enough to convince anyone that new penny copper is my natural color.

My hand stroked just a little higher as I breezed the car around a semi. “That is funny ’cause your hair is one of the things that made me stare at you first, I have never seen such thick hair, made me want to bury my hands in it.”

Chris laughed that wicked deep laugh of his and gave my hair a tug, I gave a little gasp and arched my back again. “Oh you like that huh? Do you like having your hair pulled?” He asked and I nodded. He gave it another light tug and I moved my hands up to his crotch and began to play with his zipper. I could feel this very impressive bulge under his fly and I wanted to play with it. After struggling with it for a minute Chris reached down and helped me release his erection from his jeans, he must have been going commando cause it popped right out.

I could not see his hard on in the dark car but man could I feel it filling my hand, long and thick it was built similar to Chris himself. I continued to drive as I stroked him and enjoyed the feeling of his hand in my hair.

“The first thing I noticed about you was your chest, then your hair and then how beautiful you are.” Chris told me. “Bobby had told me to come there cause he wanted me to meet you, he had told me about you, he knows I like plus size women and he told me you would take my breath away. He was not joking at all.” His words thrilled me, the note of honesty in them an amazing turn on. His hand had slid down my shoulder and was teasing my nipple through my light top as I blew past our exit.

“I will hit the next overpass.” I told him. I knew the next ten miles to the next exit would go by in a second but the feel of controlling the car, the wind and the feel of holding him my hand all a the same time was too arousing to give up so fast.

Chris chuckled and pushed against my hand. “No hurry, oh man you are good at that.”

“Driving or touching you?”

He moaned, “Both, if you are as good at doing other things to me as you are at driving and giving a handjob I will be in heaven.”

I dropped out of cruise control and whipped up and over the overpass şirinevler escort in one smooth move, blowing the stop sign on the dark country road. Thankfully no cops were around as I came off the ramp heading back to town already doing 85.

“I want to do a lot of things to you sugar, I want you to do as much to me.” I told him.

He pinched my nipple good and hard, “I will do anything to you that you can handle babe.”

I slowed down to take the off ramp down to the road that leads to the bluff, never once taking my hand off of his cock. “I can handle anything you can think of, maybe we will have to see who can handle what.” I had to drive a bit slower since the access road to the bluff was dark and winding but still I held onto my prize. I slipped my hand lower and cupped his balls as we turned onto the dirt road up the hill letting the motion of the car do the work for me.

The Bluff was a historic marker that had to do with the pioneers and there was a little park with restrooms and grass and all kind of signs about what it was like to travel in covered wagons and about the first people to come over the ridge and decide to make a town by the river. Named after one of the explorer no one I knew called it anything other then Buff Bluff due to all the times people came up here to make out and get each other in the buff in the backseat.

Thankfully the Bluff was empty for once as I pulled up to the edge where we could see the city sprawled out before us. I finally had to remove my hand to turn off the car and before I could reach back for it Chris had grabbed me and started to kiss me senseless. I returned the kisses with just as much passion, thinking about how few men I had known really knew how to kiss a girl’s socks off.

I had finally gotten a chance to wrap my hands in his hair and it was as smooth and thick as it looked, my own hair is light even though there is so much of it but Chris’ hair seemed to weigh heavy in my hands. We sat there necking for at least 20 minutes until both of our lips were slightly bruised and we were out of breath.

Chris had slipped one hand one hand under my shirt while the other was as wrapped in my curls as mine were wrapped in his long ebony hair. My bra hooked in the front and he had gotten 4 of the 6 hooks undone and had manage to lift one of my big soft breasts out of the cup. I broke the kiss with a gasp as he gave my nipple a hard twist.

“Oh yeah.” I sighed and reached down to pull my top over my head and undo my bra. There was enough moonlight to let Chris get a really good look at my boobs and I was a little afraid he would be disappointed that they were not as firm as some women’s or that they did not sit high up on my chest the way they looked in the bra. I had never actually had a guy complain about my breasts uncovered but it had always been a fear.

Chris stared intently at my chest for a minute and then sighed, “Oh man they are amazing.” as he reached out and began to feel them, lifting them and feeling the weight of them in his hands. He tweaked my nipples and I gave a little gasp, hoping he would realize that I love having them played with hard. I am not afraid to admit that or anything sexual to a guy but there is something so sexy about a guy figuring out what you want by instinct.

His finger tightened on the nipples and gave them a good hard pull and twist and my back arched as I moaned. “Yes.” I said throwing back my head. Chris leaned in and began to nibble on my neck as he twisted my nipples more.

“You like that don’t you, having me play rough with your great big nipples?” He asked with his mouth nuzzling my ear. I nodded and he nipped my earlobe, another thing guaranteed to drive me insane. “Lets get out of the car.” He said opening the door behind him. I just about cried as his hands and mouth left my body but before I could get out of the car he had come around and was opening my door for me. I took his hand as I got out and he shut the door and leaned me back against the back door.

I was there standing half naked with him pressing his nearly fulled clothed body against me. I could feel the heat of his hard on pressing against my stomach and the soft leather of his coat as he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me again. His mouth began to roam, along my neck to my ears, nipping and licking, driving me insane. I felt him open the back door and move me away from it so he could sit on the seat and pull me standing in front of him.

Chris began to tease my nipples while he stared at them and then looked up into my eyes watching me to see how I handled it as he slowly increased the pressure. I felt the game and would not say anything, instead using my body and my eyes to implore him to tweak them harder. Many men have become uncomfortable at how much pressure and pulling I can take, hell that I want, on my nipples. They are so afraid to hurt me they can not understand that for me it is not a pain but a pleasure.

Finally I reached down and put my hands on the back of Chris’ head and pulled him to my right nipple, he opened his mouth and flicked it with his tongue and in the same breath took it in his mouth and sucked it hard and strong. I wrapped his wonderful hair around my hands and pulled him tight to me, enjoying the feeling of his lips and teeth on one nipple as he twisted and tweaked the other with his fingers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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