On My Way to Church

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Last Sunday at Home.

This is a true story of my last day in my home town before leaving for university. Yes, this was real, this was that happened that day. Names were changed for obvious reasons, and a few details left out, (some because they were boring, and others because there’s no need to know.)


Sunday morning. Oh how I hate Sunday mornings. The harbinger of the end of the weekend, and, more often than not, it means going to church. Make no mistake, I don’t HATE church, but I just wish I could go when I wanted to. My parents expect me to go every Sunday, like they do. That means that I’m going to church, unless I can somehow wiggle out of it with one excuse or another. But not today. We’re Catholic, so church and guilt are basically part of our lives.

I was woken up to the blaring of my alarm, rudely informing me that it was time to get up, get ready and then go get my weekly dose of boredom and guilt. And also waking up to hearing my brother singing (badly) while he was in the shower. Great, now I have to wait for my shower, too. His bedroom and mine share a conjoined bathroom. While it sounds like it should be awesome, it really isn’t. He’s kind of a slob and never cleans it up. And always leaves his freaking towels on the floor!

Thankfully I didn’t have to wait all that long for my turn. It gave me a few more minutes to go over my room, to look for anything else that I needed to pack for tomorrow.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day that I leave to go to university. I kind of got lucky with that, since my brother’s a year older than me, but he’s only finishing a single year of law before he joins the police department. That meant that my family could afford to pay for my university, instead of a local college. It’s kind of scary, knowing that tomorrow, I’ll be off and on my own. In another state, and in a city way, way bigger than the town that I’ve lived in all my life. From a small town in the mid-west to Seattle. A long way away, and a big change for me.

It also means leaving my boyfriend behind, too. Well, I can’t really call him my ‘boyfriend’, more like a ‘good friend that I sometimes had sex with’. My parents think I’m still a virgin, after all! I couldn’t dare have BC pills, since my parents might find them. Fortunately, I was able to get ‘The Shot’ A needle every couple of months is all it takes. And it’s also thanks to that that I became a bit of a cum-slut, I think. God, I love cum… Ahem!

But first, a gloriously hot shower to wake up fully. Being a little under 5′ tall, it’s easy for me to stand directly under the shower head and soak fully, unlike my way taller brother, who has to duck to halkalı escort get his head under it. I love the feel of hot water coursing down my body, like a dozen gentle caresses all at once.

Shower done and over with, then comes the second part, necessary for a girl that wants to look her best. Shaving. The act of shaving is decidedly unsexy. It’s awkward and clumsy and you have to contort into all kinds of positions to make sure you get everything. And you always miss a patch somewhere. And then there’s shaving my vag. It’s always a little tricky and you have to be extra careful. Getting nicks down there REALLY sucks. Take my word for it.

But once shaved, it’s so worth the effort. The caress of my fingers against smooth-shaved lips and mound sends tingles up my spine. I couldn’t resist the urge to play with myself right there in the bathroom. Leaning back on the toilet, one foot braced against the wall opposite me, thighs spread wide. I could feel the tingle in my pussy already, even with my fingers caressing along the ‘innie’ lips I have.

It certainly doesn’t take long for me to get wet, and the gentle strumming of my thumb over the hood of my clit certainly helps that along. I could feel it building inside me. A subtle pressure, tingling of pleasure. Then spreading my pussy open and sinking a pair of fingers inside. Slowly, savouring the delicious sensation of penetration.. I was wet enough that I could smell it.

Time to go for the kill. As much as I want to drag it out and savour the pleasure, I don’t have time. Hooking the pair of fingers inside, I curled them upward, jamming them right into my G-spot. That sets off the sparks of pleasure that run up along my spine. Sometimes I’m quiet when I’m cumming and sometimes I’m a moaner. I knew this was going to be a loud one. There’s enough time, so I stuffed a washcloth into my mouth and bite down hard on it and redoubled my efforts. With the fingers grinding into my G-spot , I could feel the pleasure surging inside me.

My moans were well muffled with the washcloth and then partially drowned by the fan in the bathroom. Almost there! So close! And then… Finally! With my eyes closed, I could see sparks dance across the insides of my eyelids as I came. Barely aware of my foot sliding down along the wall. And then the banging on the bathroom door. My brother wanting to use the bathroom.

My legs were a little unsteady as I wrapped a towel around myself and then ducked back into my room. Then the cleanup of my wet pussy and actually getting dressed.

My school uniform would do well enough for it. taksim escort White blouse and jacket. Kilt. And… With a smile, I chose my ‘modified’ tights. The thick black tights, where I had carefully cut out the pad in the crotch of them. Perfect. I loved the feel of them sliding up my smooth legs, hugging them in the snug nylon. A pair of plain black panties are a good choice for over top, pulling them up over top of the tights, to cradle my ass and smoothly shaved pussy.

Jeff only lived a couple of blocks away, kind of to the side from the walk to church. This is the kind of place that has a church every ten blocks or so.

Once at his place, I walked around the side of the house so the basement door, where he lived, his parents above. There was really no delay once I was in the cooler basement living room. He’d pinned me to the wall, one hand on my breast, squeezing it through my blouse. Then his other opening my blouse fully, while his lips pressed against mine. I couldn’t help but moan into his mouth when his hand slid into my blouse, and pulled my bra up over my small breasts. The rough handling of my breast helping my nipples go from perky and firm to rock hard. We both knew that time was short.

“Why did you wear tights? I want to fuck you,” he growled into my ear, making my spine shiver, and my pussy clench wetly.

“These are the good ones,” was my breathless answer to him as his hand run up under my skirt to the panties.

“Good.” With that, he grabbed my hair and used that to turn me around and bend me over the table. Pulling my skirt up and then wrenching my panties down with that rough pull that exposed the hole in my tights to him. He got the panties over one of my feet and we left it at that, bunched up around one ankle. I was eager and ready, and readily slid my feet apart to expose myself to him.

I could feel his breath against my wet pussy, then followed by the caress of his tongue against my labia, dragging up along and through the crease. I was already wet, I could tell, and he knew it. “I love when your cunt’s nice and smooth. It makes you look like a little girl, begging for your daddy’s cock.” I must have been dripping at that point and I placed my hand over my mouth to muffle my moan. He knew what to say to turn me on.

My arm was grabbed and pulled away from my mouth. “My folks are gone shopping, so you can go ahead and moan as loud as you like.” That was when his tongue slide up and over my asshole. Oh why does something so naughty feel so good. I’ve come to love anal play, because it just gets me so wet, and feeling his tongue licking my ass like that was making my şişli escort pussy clench with a desperate need to get something inside it. And my moans were making that clear.

Finally, I could feel his hard uncut cock sliding up and down along my ass, then the head of it sliding against my pussy lips. Inside and then, in an instant, he roughly shoved into me fully. That was enough to set me off, moaning loudly through a strong orgasm that was making my legs tremble.

*Doot-doot-dootle- dootdootdoot* A message. He just started to slowly thrust in and out of me as I dug my cellphone out of my jacket and I saw dad had texted me. ‘The paster is starting. Where are you?’. I fired off a quick message telling him I’m on my way. “I can’t stay lo-hnnnnnn!” That was kind of broken off since he decided to start hammering me. Hard and fast. I felt the second orgasm building and then bursting in a short time.

I could feel his breath on the back of my neck as he took me. “Beg,” he growled into my ear. “Beg for my cum.” With him slowing down to pace himself a little.

“Please. Cum in me!” Those words make my pussy clench and it’s what he wanted to hear as he sped up again. A few more hard, powerful thrusts and he slammed deep inside me. Looming over me, he said in a low, urgent voice, “Here’s your reward.” I couldn’t help but loudly moan at the feel of his cock twitching inside me, loading me up with his cum.

I really wanted to just lay there, basking in the glorious afterglow of sex. But my phone went off again. Another message from dad. ‘Where are you??’ “Damn. Look, I gotta go. Dad’s getting angry that I’m missing church.”

Kicking off the panties off my foot, a quick kiss goodbye and then I was out the door and the quick walk down the street to get to the church. I got less than a block before I realized that leaving my panties behind was a mistake. I could feel the slimy mix of his cum and my juices coating my inner thighs. Combined with the cool breeze, it felt like my pussy was exposed to the world.

By the time I got to the church, my pussy felt swampy, sticky-slick and thoroughly coated with the cum that had leaked out of me. My inner thighs were also coated, and I’m sure my tights were soaking up some, by the feel of them. Thank god for a knee-length skirt. And thank god, it was standing-room only, so I didn’t have to sit down.

Being halfway through, it thankfully didn’t take too much longer. But every breeze that went up my skirt and against my slicked pussy made me shiver a little. I was so distracted by things that I didn’t even realize when it was time for Communion! I had to quickly catch up to the queue for it.

Then it was my turn, stepping up to the priest to accept communion, with a pussy full of cum. The thought of it made my muscles clench and that was when I felt a big glob drip out of me. The fat glob of cum dripped from my soaked pussy, landing on the carpet between my feet as I chewed the Communion wafer.

I am such a bad Catholic.

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