New Adventures with Catherine Ch. 07

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Fall has arrived on the central coast of California. The rain hasn’t started, and the days are still on the warm side. Therefore, my favorite lady; Catherine and I are at Sequoia National Park. It is cooler over here, however the days are still warm enough to allow for short sleeves or no sleeves. We have been wearing next to nothing all week. Catherine and I remain nude while we are inside the trailer. We are spending the week at the Sequoia RV Ranch, just eight miles from Sequoia National Park.

Catherine and I spent a quiet night watching DVDs and cuddling. We both needed time to decompress after a vigorous day of sex in the great outdoors. And Catherine was in a somber mood; her camp buddy, Abigail, left unexpectedly to go back home to Visalia. Catherine and Abigail spent the previous night together enjoying each other’s company and sharing multiple orgasms. Catherine was hoping to talk Abigail into a threesome that would have included me. That scenario went out the window.

Early this morning we were laying in bed with Catherine’s hand wrapped around my cock. She loves to stroke my morning wood. We were content to enjoy our time together when my cell phone chirped. It was a text from my next-door neighbor, Denise, informing us that she was given the rest of the week off from her job at Sprouts Farmers Market in Pismo Beach.

At first, I was going to blow it off. I wanted this week to just be about Catherine and me. We hadn’t seen each other the prior five weeks and had some catching up to do. Catherine was insistent on knowing who was sending texts this early in the morning. I told her that Denise texted that she had the rest of the week off and wanted to know if we would like some company.

Immediately, Catherine’s eyes lit up; she gave my cock a tight squeeze. I had to ask her to loosen her grip, otherwise she was going to break me in two. She sat up in bed and bared her tits, telling me that I had to text Denise and tell her to come up right away.

“That’s fantastic. Text her back and tell her to get up here as soon as she can. Tell her I’m dying to meet her.”

I tried to dissuade Catherine telling her this was our week. Her response was to throw back the bed covers and mount me. She grabbed my cock, stroked my shaft several times, and then slid her wet pussy down my cock.

“Rob, do you feel this hot cunt surrounding your cock? Do you want me to continue fucking you, or shall I go take a shower?”

This is a threat that I take seriously. I have no choice but to text Denise immediately and tell her to get up here ASAP. Catherine is now in a great mood and looking forward to meeting Denise. It looks like we might have a threesome after all. Catherine rode me to another fabulous orgasm.

We just finished breakfast and are cleaning the dishes.

“Hey Rob, I guess we won’t go to the National Park today while we wait for Denise. How about we take a nice walk around the RV Park and surrounding area? Maybe we can get our 5K in after all.”

Catherine has a great idea. Even though we need to stick around and wait for Denise, there is no need to waste this beautiful crisp morning. The sun is shining, and the skies are blue. We dress casually for a walk around the RV Park and out to the surrounding hillside. Catherine is wearing her floppy hat, Cal Poly Mom sweatshirt and blue capris. She has her walking stick and I have the backpack. We walk out onto the road and Catherine looks longingly over to space 7.

“Catherine, it was just not meant to be. Besides, Denise will be here in the early afternoon.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. I’ll be OK. So, tell me a little more about Denise before she gets here. I know she gave you a butt plug. That’s exciting.”

We walk around a couple of loops in the RV Park. We check out several of the other trailers and motorhomes along the route. I hold Catherine’s hand as we stroll around.

“Did I tell you about the very first time I laid eyes on her naked body?”

“No, you haven’t; was she friendly when you met?”

“Well, you remember I told you our first meeting was at Sprouts when she first got hired. But my first glimpse of her amazing body was in her backyard. I was working in my backyard, tending my roses when I heard some music and a low moan. I looked through a knothole in the fence between our yards and saw a naked lady on the chaise lounge. At the time, I knew it was my new neighbor, but I had no idea it was Denise. She was lying on her stomach, completely nude and reading a book. She was facing away from me with her legs slightly spread. What I saw between those spread legs was a nice round ass and a pair of smooth puffy pussy lips.”

“Wow Rob, that is so hot. But you know, that makes you a peeping tom.”

“Yeah, yeah, anyway I watched her grind her sex hard into the lounger and then her fingers were between the folds of her pussy. She was rubbing her outer labia. She was masturbating right before my very eyes. It was so hot.”

“And you didn’t know it was Denise?”

“No, this was before we discovered halkalı escort we were neighbors.”

“Don’t tell me, I bet you dropped your shorts and masturbated too.”

“Of course, I did. My cock was so hard watching this faceless lady getting herself off. I needed some relief.”

“So, did you ever tell Denise that you perved on her?”

“No, no, that’s my dirty little secret. I just hope she never asks about all the stains on my side of the fence.”

Catherine and I walk through the RV Park entrance. We take the trail that follows along the hillside, determined to get our 5K walk before Denise arrives. The surrounding area is so green and lush. Catherine and I continue for another twenty minutes before taking a break. We share a bottle of water and then I grab her by the hips and plant a nice long kiss on her lips.

“Have I told you how happy I am that you are here with me? I hope you aren’t worn out with all the crazy adventures; making love when we first got here, your little masturbation session, fucking in the shower, your night with Abigail. I know when Denise arrives, she’ll be raring to go.”

“You don’t need to worry about me, Rob. I’m concerned about you. We’re going to need a hard cock to please Denise and me for the rest of the week. I hope you’re up for it? Pun intended.”

Catherine knows how to make me smile. I hug her close to me and move my hand up to her right boob. She removes my hand and tells me to save it for when Denise gets here. We continue our way and hike for another hour before arriving back to the Sequoia RV Ranch. As we approach space 6, I see a sporty red Mazda Miata parked next to my truck.

“Speak of the devil. I believe Denise has arrived.”

Denise is sitting on top of the camp table and waves to us. She stands up and walks in our direction. We meet on the road and hug each other tight. She plants a hard, wet kiss on my lips and snakes her tongue into my mouth. I feel her firm tits press against my chest.

“Thank you so much for letting me come over. I missed you.”

Denise releases me and turns to Catherine.

“You must be Catherine? Is so nice to finally meet you, Rob has told me wonderful things about you.”

“Hi Denise, I’m so excited you texted. I feel like I know so much about you already. We’re going to have so much fun.”

Catherine and Denise embrace and remain in a tight hug. Denise plants a deep, wet kiss on Catherine’s lips. I watch Catherine return the passion. I swear it looks like their tongues are exploring each other. Their hands drop down and grasp each other’s ass as they grind their pussies together. I look down and see a major bulge develop in my jeans.

I clear my throat, “Ahem, ladies, helloooo. It’s nice to see you enjoy meeting for the first time. Should we take this into the trailer?”

They break apart and laugh.

Almost in unison they speak, “Gee Rob, are you jealous already?”

Catherine says it’s a beautiful day and suggests that we bring out the wine and some snacks and enjoy the sunshine here at the camp table. Denise seconds the idea. But, first, I help Denise with her suitcase. She opens the Miata’s trunk for me. I grab her suitcase and she pulls out her little yellow box.

Catherine looks inquisitive, “Hey Denise, what’s in the yellow box?”

Denise winks her way as the three of us go into the trailer where I stow the suitcase while they gather food and drink. Denise steps over to the bed and presses down on the memory foam mattress.

Denise looks at Catherine, “Don’t you just love how squishy this bed is?”

“I know it’s just right for some crazy sex, whether you’re on the bottom or top.”

Denise looks at me, “Ooohhh, I love to be on top.”

Catherine chirps in, “Me too. We’re going to have so much fun.”

It sounds like the ladies are ready for a threesome right now. That bulge in my jeans just got bigger. Before I can suggest a quicky, they both scamper out of the trailer with wine and snacks. I change into shorts with no underwear before I join them; I figure I’ll need something that comes off easily later.

We enjoy the late-day sun, drinking and chatting. Denise and Catherine have fun getting to know each other. They sit side by side and touch each other often. Every once in a while, I see a hand reach under the table which puts a smile on their faces. I’ve got to believe they are rubbing each other’s pussy. After several glasses of wine, I detect a bit of slurred speech and a lot more touching. I suggest we retire to the trailer.

The girls are all in. I collect the empty bottles and snack trays and follow them in. While I clean dishes, Denise and Catherine climb onto the bed.

“You two look chummy.”

Catherine smiles, “We’re just getting to know each other.”

Denise adds, “Yeah, we’re comparing notes.

“Well, I hope it’s not about me?”

Catherine looks directly at me, “Of course, it’s about you, and Julie and Lacy. It seems we have a lot in common.”

“I think I’ve told you that şişli escort several times. You both have sparkling blue eyes, not to mention several other attributes.”

The ladies turn their attention back to one another. I am not prepared for their next move. Denise removes her jacket to reveal her tan tank top with the big red heart in the middle. She is obviously braless. Her huge boobs sway back and forth.

“Hey, I remember that shirt. It’s very cute.”

Denise winks, “I bet you do. The last time I wore it, you were trying to undress me with your eyes.”

Catherine quips, “He does that a lot.”

Denise strokes Catherine’s cheek with her hand and then leans in for a long kiss. I watch both ladies close their eyes while their lips remain pressed together. I ask them if there is anything I can do to assist. They both nod their heads and beckon me to the bed.

“Come here Rob and get on the bed. We want you to watch us for a couple of minutes. I change places with them. They stand next to the bed. Denise and Catherine hold hands as they come together. They embrace and share a loving kiss.

Catherine runs her hands over Denise’s 34GG’s and then moves behind her. She wraps her arms around Denise and moves her palms up under Denise’s breasts as she nuzzles her neck. She lifts the tan tank top with big red heart up and over her head. Catherine grabs her boobs and massages the firm flesh. Her fingers circle the four-inch crimson red aureole, pinches her nipples and pulls on them. Catherine moves her hands under each round mound and jiggles them for my benefit.

Catherine is mesmerized by Denise. She can’t get enough of the incredible tits in her hands. She mauls and mashes the huge globes, again she pinches and pulls Denise’s nipples.

“Catherine whispers to Denise, “I’m so happy you are here. I love your big boobs. I see why Rob drools every time he talks about you. We’re going to have so much fun this week.”

Denise moves around to face Catherine and grabs the hem of her Cal Poly Mom sweatshirt. Denise removes the garment with Catherine’s help. Denise throws the sweatshirt at me and sticks her tongue out. It’s obvious my two lovers enjoy each other. I’m happy they are hitting it off.

Catherine and Denise hold their boobs up and rub their erect nipples together. My cock is extremely stiff. I quickly pull my shorts off and I move my hand up and down my seven-inch shaft. I can’t wait to have one of their wet pussies surround my cock. The ladies are locked in a tight embrace with their breasts squished together. The share a passionate kiss with lots of tongue.

Denise moves her hands down Catherine’s body and grabs her ass. Denise massages the wide mature rear. They both look over and watch me masturbate for several moments. They are ready for some cock.

They break apart and move over to the bed where I sit. Catherine moves in and offers her Double-D’s to me. I lick and suck her boobs as she mashes her firm flesh against my face. I lick her wide aureole and suck on the erect buds. While I feast on her tits, I reach over and grab a handful of Denise’s Double-G flesh. Catherine moves down and mashes her lips against my lips. Her tongue invades my mouth and plays with my tongue. She is amped up.

I continue to fondle Denise; she moves her capris down her hips and steps out of them. She is not wearing panties; her full outer lips are pink and puffy. I detect wetness along her inner labia.

Catherine and Denise push me back on the bed and climb up with me. Denise grabs my cock and holds it upright. She shifts her body and lines my shaft up with her slit. I look over to Catherine while Denise slides down my shaft and impales her gash. Catherine nods her head as if to give me consent to fuck Denise.

“It’s OK Rob, I want to watch you slide your cock into Denise’s pussy.”

Denise begins a steady motion of rising and falling on my shaft. Catherine moves her hands down to Denise’s rear and rubs her generous ass. She spreads the wide cheeks revealing Denise’s tight O-ring. I continue to pump in and out of Denise’s slick pussy. Catherine has a firm hold of Denise’s ass and helps her move up and down my cock. One hand moves over and cups my balls. She squeezes my sack and I nearly lose it.

Catherine releases Denise and moves back close to my head. She sits up and offers her tits to Denise. Denise grabs a handful of Catherine’s right breast and holds on. Denise moves up and down my seven-inch shaft and licks Catherine’s right breast. She licks all around her red aureole and sucks her nipple between her lips. She buries her face between Catherine’s boobs. She shakes her head back and forth, giving Catherine a fun motorboat. Catherine holds Denise tight against her chest, almost suffocating Denise. What a way to go.

Catherine returns to squeezing and spreading Denise’s ass cheeks. I continue to plow up into Denise’s cunt. Catherine runs her fingers along Denise’s rear crevice and passes over her pink star several times. sarıyer escort Catherine pushes her index finger deep into Denise’s anal passage. She moves her finger in and out several times before pulling out.

“I love your finger in my ass. You can do me any time.”

Catherine slides her blue capris down past her wide ass. She moves back up and plants her hot pussy lips on my face. She grinds down onto my head. I stick my tongue deep within her pink labia and slurp up her juices. Catherine rides my face as my shaft drills Denise. I feel my climax build. My glans is so sensitive and adds to my pleasure. I’m minutes away from exploding.

I pull my cock out from Denise’s wet labia and we shift positions. Catherine lays back on the bed. Denise supports her head while I move in and slide my seven inches into her pink sheath. The furry triangle of hair is so fluffy. I run my fingers through the curls. Her clit flares prominently. Her pearl is hard and needs a good rub. The girls hold onto each other’s tits as I pump into Catherine. Denise moves her hand down to Catherine’s clit and rubs circles around the hard bud.

I grab Catherine’s right breast to hold her in place as I continue to pump her pussy.

“Oh yeah Rob, fuck my pussy. Your cock feels so good. Squeeze my tits Denise.”

Denise holds her left breast and sucks on her right. She bites Catherine’s erect nipple eliciting a squeal. Denise massages Catherine’s huge boobs, moving her palms back and forth and all around and tweaks her crimson nipples.

All of this is sensory overload for me. I’m ready to burst and pull out of Catherine’s pussy. I stand up. Catherine and Denise move around and sit up on the side of the bed. Catherine grabs my throbbing shaft and wraps her lips around my glans. She provides a strong suction as she cleans my cock of her juices.

That’s it for me. I grab my shaft and pump several spurts of cum onto their tits. They hold their tits up and press their nipples together forming an erotic shelf for my jizz. I shoot several ropes over both ladies. My eyes get blurry from such an intense orgasm. My legs are jelly and wobble as the last drops of semen drip onto their boob flesh.

Denise looks at me, “Wow Rob, that’s quite a load you have for us!”

Catherine bends down and licks a stream of semen from Denise’s left breast, “Yummy.”

She continues to lap up the rest of my cum while Denise holds her boobs together. When she is done cleaning Denise’s skin, she sits up and presents her Double-D’s to Denise. Denise bends down and slurps up all the cum on Catherine. She licks her crimson aureole and then sucks her erect nipple. Denise uses her teeth to scrape the sensitive flesh. Catherine grabs the back of Denise’s head and pulls her to her breast. Denise suckles her right boob for several minutes while she massages her left.

“Denise lifts her head and looks over to me, “Thanks Rob, that was a nice dessert. I hope you have more cum for us later. Right now, I think we will take care of each other.”

Denise pushes Catherine back onto the bed and climbs over her body. She twists around and presents a very wet pussy for Catherine to lick. Catherine reaches around grabs Denise’s ass, pulling her quim down to her lips. Denise spreads Catherine’s thighs and prepares to eat her pussy at the same time. I lie on the side of the bed and watch my them engage in a passionate 69. Both ladies feast on their aroused flesh. They suck and lick each other’s inner labia and push tongues deep between puffy folds of delight.

Denise lifts her head and marvels at the huge clitoris before her eyes.

“Geez, Catherine, I love your clit. It’s so big and hard. It reminds me of that porn actress that Rob loves to watch; the one with the big fake tits.”

“You mean Holly Halston?”

Both girls stop what they are doing and look at me. They just shake their heads and go back to licking each other.

“What? I love Holly’s giant clit. Look, my cock is getting hard just thinking about her.”

Both girls pause again. And again, they look at me and just shake their heads. They continue exploring and feasting on one another. Catherine licks the soft-landing strip of pubes and continues on to the pink flesh of Denise’s inner labia. Catherine laps up the moisture and loves her first taste of Denise’s sweet love juice.

At the same time, Denise wraps her hands around Catherine’s mature butt and pulls her cunt to her face. She wiggles her tongue in between Catherine’s pussy lips. The tip of her tongue pushes inside. Catherine shivers and presses her cunt up further. Denise breathes through her nose as pussy juice is smeared all over her chin.

I watch Catherine attack Denise’s pussy with her tongue, doing her best to bring on a climax. She pushes her tongue deep into Denise, pressing it against her cunt walls and lapping up the juices oozing out.

Catherine lifts her head,” Geez Rob, her clit is throbbing. I love her pussy. She tastes so sweet.

Catherine returns to licking Denise and uses her fingers to spread the puffy folds. She opens her inner labia and Denise’s clitoris comes into view. Catherine licks the hard nub and sucks it between her lips. Denise bucks her hips as her orgasm builds. She continues to lap up the juices dripping from Catherine’s pussy. Both ladies work to bring each other off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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