Nailing My Brother’s Ex-girlfriend

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My oldest brother had been dating Jennifer for 2- 3 years, I will have to admit that I always had a crush on Jen from the moment she first started dating my older brother, I am not sure why but looking back on it she was always very nice to me and always wanted to include me things going on. Jen was on the shorter side, long brunette hair; short and athletic type, just very well built and not an ounce of fat on her from what I could see and her ass and legs looked amazing with heels on. A lot of my free time when she was around was trying to get as close to her as I could, even to the point that I started to catch her in a towel, or her panties and bra. The months and days when by she got comfortable with me enough that I could get long looks at her in very stages of undress, she was around enough to even catch me in my underwear from time to time, so our comfort level around each other was very high.

Their relationship hit a sour note and broke up, she came over to talk to my brother a lot to try to work things out but ended up spending a lot of time with me, enough that we started going to movies and dinner and movies from time to time. Each night out with her I my crush was getting worse, but I wasn’t getting my hopes up or thought anything would come from her attention. Each date went by she seemed to enjoy our time together more and would dress a little sexier while talking less and less about my brother and their problems.

Our time together stopped suddenly when my brother ran into us out for dinner and put a stop to it, convincing her into thinking being nice and spending time with me was just to get him back. Two weeks have passed from seeing or talking to her but to my surprise on my 18th birthday, I hear a knock on the door, not having time to put something on I answered the door in my boxers just getting up from a fun night out with my friends. There was Jen, looking very good in a sun dress, her long brunette hair down and heels that made her just tall enough, I wouldn’t normally answer the door in my boxers but it being Jen it didn’t bother me.

“Happy Birthday!” she says as she jumps up into my arms.

“Hi Jen, thanks” grabbing her and giving her a big bear hug.

“Sorry I am not dress appropriately Jen, I was next to the door when you knocked.” I apologized.

“It’s perfectly ok, you look really good.” She responded with a big smile on her face.”

“Mike’s at work Jen, I am not even sure he’s coming home today.” I say as my eyes dart up and down her body.

“I know, I wanted to come wish you a happy birthday, and give you your presents.” halkalı escort Reaching down and grabbing a bag of gifts.

Taking my hand and leading me up to my bedroom and closing the door, I sit on the bed as he pulls the wrapped gifts out of the bag, eagerly opening them, very nice gifts, it was obvious she knows me well and the gifts were very well thought out. The best was the box set of Star Wars movies, which I was very excited to start watching immediately.

“Do you want to stay and watch them with me?” I ask hoping she says yes.

“Ok!” she says as she slides onto my bed looking very nervous.

“Relax, my parents won’t be home until very late tonight, and Mike hasn’t been home in days.” I tell her as I get on the bed next to her.

I jumped up against the head board, while she still looked nervous, but as the movie started, she relaxed and scooted up next to me leaning on the head board next to me. She was asking me questions on some of the characters, she started to lean on me, and I instinctively put my arm around her, making her lean into me even more. The tent in my boxers was getting hard to ignore, she leans into me even more pushing more of her body against mine her leg and hand so close to the tent in my boxers, which made me feel very confident putting my hand on her hip, then slowly moving it to her ass, without objection I keep going rubbing her ass making her skirt slide up her thigh to the point my finger tips were rubbing her bare ass, the whole time trying to keep my attention on the movies and the questions she was asking me about them.

She adjusted quickly, sliding her hand over my cock pushing at my boxers, my hand was on her bare ass, my finger sliding up and down her lace and silk covered pussy, my cock was now pushing up my boxers even more into her hand, to the point of pushing out the opening in the front of my boxers so I could feel her hand touch me ever so slightly. Feeling her wetness through her lace thong, I push the limit even more, sliding my finger under her thong and slid my finger inside her. She moaned and pushed her ass toward my hand pushing my fingers deeper in seconds I was finger fucking her , two and three fingers; needless to say I was not paying attention to the movie, it was on her wet pussy as I fingering her deep. Then she started to buck and grind into me and start shaking, moaning on my fingers, after a few minutes she looks up at me taking my rock hard cock into her hand, pulling it through the hole stroking it.

“Is this for me, I think I can return the taksim escort favor!” She asks with a very cute smile.

Not saying a word, I kiss her lips softly, thrusting my cock in her hand, reaching up to cup her tits as my other hand continues to play with her pussy, breaking out kiss she slides up to her knees, positioning herself between my legs, pulling my boxers off, and lowering her mouth over my 8″ rock hard erection.

“MMM Ben, I didn’t know you packed more than your brother!” Commenting before she Pushes her mouth down over my cock.

Sliding my fingers through her hair as she works my cock with her mouth, not the first blow job but it was the best, having me on the edge in no time, looking up at me pulling my cock from her mouth, slapping it off her tongue, then sliding her mouth over my cock, swallowing my cock completely, feeling her tongue work my balls sack and base of my cock. Sending me over the edge, thrusting my cock into her mouth even more as shot after shot fills her throat, taking every drop like a champ, she sucks me clean making sure she got every drop, I pull her to me kissing her deeply as she milts over my body, her wet lace covered pussy rubbing my cock we kiss I pull her perfect round tits out of her top, I start sucking and biting her nipples as she grinds against me. Rolling her over on her back, I move over her tits down her belly pulling her thongs off quickly to see her beautiful landing strip leading me to my goal, I follow it like a good man does diving deep into her pussy, tonguing and licking every inch of her enjoying my first older women’s pussy.

Soon she was gripping my head holding me in place as I lapped at her clit, and was shaking when I started fingering her pussy as I worked that clit, making her scream

“Fuck yes I’m cumming!” She yells as I slide my fingers out of her and start licking her clit and pussy lips.

Licking her clean I slide up to kiss her, pushing my cock deep into her, making her moan so loudly, I quickly started pumping hard and deep at first, then picking up the pace while driving her deep, kissing her as I fill her with my cock. Sliding up to my knees, pounding her deep and hard watching my cock fill her dripping wet pussy, gripping her firm tits bouncing with each thrust looking so amazing, her legs wide her clean shaved pussy looking so good, with just that landing strip to guide me in. I pulled out of her pussy and rubbed her clit with my cock, making her moan, before slapping it and then ramming it back into her tight hot hole.

“God yes fuck me Ben, fuck me, şişli escort ah yes!” she yells as I pound harder to encouragement from my new lover

Pulling out of her , she roles over pushing her perfect round ass pushed up into the air, sliding into her with ease hard and deep, my cock bottoming out inside her as I fuck her tight young wet pussy, spanking her ass like I saw in the porn movies.

“Yes, yes spank me, spank your dirty girl!” She moans

Pushing hard back into me, I reach up and grab her hair pulling it hard as I drive deep, gripping her hips and I grind my cock all around inside her, then back to pounding on her, looking back at me she smiles really big.

“I want to fuck you, lay down!” she orders me.

I slide out of her and lay on the bed next to her, while she grips my cock suck it deep, looking so sexy, tit’s handing out of the top of her sundress as she straddles me and slides down my cock, eagerly starting to grind as fast and hard as she can, my hands all over her body and firm tits, pulling and pinching her nipples.

“Yes Ben, I’m Cumming!” she yells as she falls over on top of me kissing me, still grinding my hard cock inside her.

Kissing me deeply she pushes herself back up and start to grind again, then sliding out of me, turning around and sliding back down my shaft, starting to fuck me hard again. Her sweet ass pounding down on my hard cock, my hands all over her ass and back, she arches her back, then leaning back laying down , her back to my chest. My hands cupping her tits rubbing her hard nipples, sliding my hand down to her clit, rubbing it as I push my cock deep up into her. Jen starts shaking, feeling her body tense up gripping my cock so tight, sending me over the edge.

“GOD JEN, yes!” I shout as I unload deep into inside her making her shiver

Laying with Jen naked, my hard cock deep inside her, I roll over turning us into the spoon position, holding her and touching her all over.

“Happy Birthday Ben!” She whispers

“Was this your plan coming here?” asking her as we lay together spooning

“mmm yes, It’s been on my mind for about a year!” she responds

Sliding out of her and rolling her onto her back, looking into her eyes.

“I hope this can be something we can do until I leave for the army?” Looking into her eyes

“I was hoping we could.” she whispered

No more words spoken, I slid down her body and following her landing strip to my goal to start our fun all over again. It was an amazing day that seemed to never end, from fucking a hot old women that happened to be my brothers ex, to fucking a women without a condom for the first time was exhilarating. The Next Month or two before leaving for the Army was the age of discovering new and exciting things with Jen in and out of the bedroom, it was a great way for her to get over my brother and growing up for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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