A Mother, Her Son And A Webcam

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Hannah thought it strange that David wanted a webcam for his birthday. But it was cheaper than a new car or a Sony Playstation, so she went shopping for one. There were so many makes and models with different features and resolutions that Hannah felt overwhelmed. Luckily, within minutes of arriving in the store, a young sales associate, no older than David really, came to her rescue.

She still had it, she thought to herself. She was 45 and here was a young man explaining the ins and outs of every webcam to her. After she had picked one out and had paid for it, she saw the young sales associate again in the parking lot. He had followed her out.

“I know this is embarrassing,” he said, scratching the back of his head, “but I was wondering if you’d like to go out some time.”

Hannah blushed. She didn’t get asked out much anymore, but when she did it was almost always by a younger man.

“You’re cute,” she said, “but I’m old enough to be your mother.”

David loved his present. He made as much known to Hannah by giving her a full-bodied hug that pressed her copious mounds up against his chest.

“Easy there, soldier,” she said, pushing David away.

“Sorry mom. I guess I got carried away.”

“That’s okay. Just be careful. Your mother’s very sensitive around there, especially during that time of the month.” David wasn’t sure what she meant but he didn’t say anything. He was just happy to have his present.

Almost as soon as she gave him the webcam, Hannah regretted it. Every night, immediately after dinner, David would lock himself up in his room with the webcam. They were spending less and less time together. When Hannah suggested they go out and do something, his response was invariably, “I think I’ll stay in tonight.”

Hannah had no idea what he was doing in his room with the webcam. It was like Myspace, she thought, one of those new fads that she didn’t understand and precluded anyone over thirty. She’d see the light on under his door into the late hours of the night. She couldn’t believe it, but she was getting jealous—of a gizmo no less.

One night, after David had excused himself to go up to his room, she knocked on his door.


“Just a minute.”

She waited at his door for what seemed like eternity before he finally answered the door. His cheeks were flush and he was only wearing the bottom half of his pajamas. The computer was still on, the webcam perched above the monitor. Hannah was surprised to see how muscular David’s chest was and she made a point of looking away. Also, she perceived what looked like the start of an erection in his pants.

“What is it?” he said.

“Oh nothing. I was just seeing what you were up to. How do you like the webcam?”

“It’s all right,” he said.

“Would you like to come downstairs and watch a movie? I made some popcorn.”

David shook his head.

“All right, good night,” she said. “And don’t stay up too late on the computer.”

“I won’t.”

Hannah was both surprised and saddened that he had declined her invitation. She wondered if he would have accepted had she been wearing a more revealing outfit. “Get a grip of yourself woman,” she later said to herself. “He’s your son for Christ’s sake.”

The following night she put her plan into action and knocked on her son’s door wearing nothing but a black silk teddy that left little to the imagination. Again, David turned her down but not before staring her up and down and saying she looked great.

“Why thank you. Are you sure I can’t change your mind?”

David shook his head.

Nothing could describe Hannah’s sense of frustration. What man would turn down that body? She took care of herself, ate right and exercised. She was no stick figure—she had curves in all right places—but she sometimes felt unattractive compared to younger women who seemed to subsist on a diet of salad and cottage cheese.

The next couple nights she tried staring under his door and pressing her ear up against the wood to find out what he was doing. But to little avail. Finally, she took actions into her own hands and knocked on the door.

“Hang on,” she could hear her son say through the door. But rather than wait, she pushed open the door. What she saw shocked her: her son standing naked before the webcam, his penis erect.

“I’m so sorry honey,” she said and slammed the door.

So that’s what he did with that webcam, Hannah thought. Still she had no idea why he did it or who he did it with. She was amazed by the length and girth of her son’s penis. She had no idea it had gotten that big. The head was purple and thick bakırköy escort and fat, and the shaft long and shiny. It was one of the most beautiful penises she had ever seen with one glaring problem; it belonged to her son. Even as she went to sleep, she tried to picture it and how it would feel inside her.

The next morning was awkward. David didn’t say a word to her. Finally Hannah broke the silence.

“David, I don’t care what you do in the privacy of your own room. But.”

He looked up at her with a mixture of shame and anger in his eyes.

“But,” she said, “there are a lot of bad people on the net, people who wouldn’t think twice about hurting you. It’s your safety I’m concerned about.”

David said nothing and left to go the school. While he was away, Hannah went up to his room. The computer was on. He was still logged into his email account. She was about to turn off the computer when one of the subject lines caught her eye. “Hey big boy, your mother’s here.”

Which was strange: she didn’t remember writing any emails to her son that week. Even though she always said she respected her son’s privacy, she opened the message anyway. It was from a 40-year old woman who called herself Dianna. The message was the most pornographic thing Hannah had ever read. Dianna said how much she had enjoyed chatting with David and hoped he’d be on again tonight. Dianna had also included some revealing snapshots of herself, one of her squatting on the camera, the other showing off the wide and dark areolas of her nipples. The strangest thing is that Dianna signed off the message as “mom.”

Hannah had heard about young men role-playing with older women who they imagined as their mothers, but this was too much. Besides, Dianna wasn’t that attractive compared to Hannah herself. She resented the fact that David was spending more time online with that woman than with her. Hannah turned off the computer and waited for her son to come home from school.

Her son was his usual quiet self at dinner. He gave one-worded answers to Hannah’s questions. “How was school?” “Fine.” “Do you have a lot of homework?” “No.” “Have you any plans for this weekend?” “Not yet.”

Finally, Hannah crossed her arms and said, “Listen, I know what’s been going on.”

David’s cheeks turned crimson. “You do?”

“Yes I do. I know that you’ve been chatting with older women, old enough to be your mother, and that you have been camming and role-playing with them. How am I doing so far?”

David didn’t say anything to correct her.

“Well, it’s disgusting and it’s got to end. Tonight, I’m confiscating your computer and webcam.”

Suddenly, David broke down into tears. He said how sorry and how embarrassed he was. At first, he said he did it just out of curiosity but then it had become an unhealthy habit. He was trying to stop, honest, but he just didn’t have the will power.

Hannah got up and hugged her crying son. “It’s all right, David. We’ll get through his together. I promise.”

“Thanks mom. You’re the best.”

After dinner, Hannah moved his computer and webcam into her room. They said their goodnights and retreated to their respective rooms. But Hannah couldn’t sleep. She kept tossing and turning. Finally, she summoned up the courage and walked across the hallway to David’s room.

“Honey, are you still awake?”

“Yes mom, I am.”

He was lying on his bed, bare chested, his hands behind his head, staring up at the ceiling. Hannah sat on the edge of the bed.

“Can’t sleep?” she said.

He shook his head.

“Neither can I,” she said.

“It’s the webcam,” he said. “I got so used to it that I can’t go to sleep without it.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, I guess I got so used to chatting with older women before going to bed.”

“David, why older women?”

He shrugged. “I’ve always been attracted to older women.”

“Huh,” Hannah said. “That’s strange. Were you ever attracted to me?”

David nodded.

Hannah could feel herself getting warmer in between her legs.

“I used to watch you,” he said, “while you were getting dressed and stuff like that.”

“I know,” Hannah said.

“You did?” David said with a start.

Hannah nodded. “You know what? I actually liked it. In a way, I miss it.”

“Really?” David said.


“So,” she said, casually planting a hand on his inner thigh and rubbing. “What would you do on cam for these lucky ladies?”

“Depends,” David said. “On what they asked me.”

“And what would they ask you?”

“Different things. Strip for them beşiktaş escort and then masturbate for them.”

“What lucky ladies,” Hannah said.

David gulped. He could feel himself hardening as his mother’s errant hand came within inches of his crotch. “Would you care for a demonstration?”

Hannah’s face broke into a grin. “I’d love one.”

Slowly getting out of bed, David stood up before her. He started rubbing his hands down his muscular chest and washboard stomach.

“Wow, you’re good at this,” Hannah laughed.

“It’s not over,” David said, turning around and peeling off his boxers at the hips. The boxers fell around his ankles and he kicked them off. Slowly, he turned to face Hannah and revealed his 8-inch cock in all its glory. It was even bigger than she had remembered it. David gyrated his hips and gently stroked the shaft up and down, emphasizing its length and girth.

“My god,” Hannah said. “You’re gorgeous.”

David smiled. “Not as gorgeous as you.”

Hannah blushed. “And how would you end your sessions with these older women?”

“Like this,” David said, sitting down on the edge of the bed and throwing his head back and grabbing his penis around the base and stroking, all the while moaning and panting.

Hannah was amazed. She couldn’t keep her eyes off his penis. Finally she reached over and grabbed his cock herself. David let out a moan and let her take over.

“Does that feel good?” she said.

David nodded.

“I bet none of those women on the internet would do this for you, now would they?”

David shook his head, as his body started to shake from head to toe.

“Slow down, sport, I don’t want you coming this early.” Her grip loosened and David tried to catch his breath.

“I think one good striptease deserves another,” she said, getting up in front of her son.

David’s eyes became as wide as saucers. She teased him at first, sitting in his lap only to get up and walk away, and pretending to slide down her panties only to pull them up at the last minute. The bra came off first. Her heavy breasts hung in the air. David had never seen such a beautiful pair. He preferred the way hers sag a little compared to the perky little tits the girls at school had. These weren’t tits his mother had, they were breasts, full and pale and pink nippled and drooping just enough because of their sheer weight. She pushed her breasts up just high enough to lick her own nipple. David was going crazy. He started to stroke.

“No, no,” Hannah said, pulling his hand away. “Not now. It’s too early for that. Save the best for last.”

Finally she turned around and bent over until she was hugging her ankles. His mother’s ass was sticking out at him, inviting him almost, perfectly round and curved, not fat but fleshy, just perfect. The string of her panties was disappearing by the second inside her widening crack. Reaching back, she pulled apart her cheeks. That’s when David could saw it in all its glory, her pink pucker, slightly brown around the edges, so beautiful a sight he wanted to kiss it and lick it and then some.

She shook her ass at him. “You like this, don’t you?”

David nodded, speechless now.

“Well,” Hannah said, “it’s all yours if you want it.”

David couldn’t believe his ears. Here was a beautiful and gorgeous 45-year old woman offering her ass to him, and on top that she was his mother. It was the height of eroticism, of fantasy, every boy’s dream.

David got on his knees behind his mother’s ass, as if it had beckoned him. He pulled the string of her panties away and planted a kiss on her anus. She shuddered with delight as he did.

“Mmm that’s it, David. Keep going.”

Emboldened, David pulled down her panties until the swell of her pussy lips became visible. He kissed them too. She shuddered again. Now her panties were lying around her ankles. She was naked and completely vulnerable and open to her son.

David stuffed his face in between her crack, licking her asshole and her pussy, relishing their smell and juices. He was in heaven. So was Hannah, who was reaching back and pulling her son’s hair. She was almost shrieking with pleasure.

“That’s enough David,” she said. “Now I want to feel you inside me. I want to feel how big it is.”

David didn’t need to be told twice. He held the tip of his penis against the soft sticky swell of her pussy lips. Without warning, she backed into him, burying his inches into her warm moistness. It was a shock to both of them. To Hannah, it felt big and hard and she felt full and satisfied, while David loved the beylikdüzü escort warm moist feeling of being inside her. Steadying himself on her hips, he began to thrust, tiny little thrusts that made his mother moan on and on. He couldn’t believe he was having this effect on his mother, pleasuring and satisfying her.

“I love you mom,” David said.

“Mmm, I love you too son,” she squealed with delight. “You have to promise me that from now on your dick belongs to me.”

“Yes mother.”

“And what did you promise me?”

“That my dick belongs to you.”

“Good boy,” she said, swaying her hips. “Because of you, I’m going to have to get back on birth control. Or maybe not,” she added with a wink.

David had found the woman of his dreams and she was living under the very same roof as he. He couldn’t believe his luck.


“Yes dear.”

“Can I fuck your ass?”

She giggled. “Why of course you can, dear. I didn’t know you were so dirty. But let me go to the bathroom first.”

When she came back, a transparent butt plug was in her ass. She got on all fours. “Pull it out, honey,” she said.

David started to tug at the butt plug which was stretching his mother’s asshole into a beautiful starfish.

“Easy now,” she said. “Be gentle.”

David heeded her advice and he only needed to pull on it for an inch or so before it slid out of its own volition with a popping noise. Her asshole stretched in diameter for about an inch. Still, David thought, it was going to be a tight fit.

As David hesitated, his dick poised outside the entranceway to her anal canal, Hannah reached around and grabbing his cock pushed it inside her. She gasped. It felt bigger and tighter than it ever did before and it was only halfway in. Closing her eyes, she pushed back until he was inside her ass to the hilt. He was so deep inside her she wondered if it was doing any serious damage to her, but as he started to pump and the pain went away she knew it was going to be all right. On the bright side, he couldn’t get her pregnant, not for now anyway, although deep down she had always wanted another child. David knew that after this no other sexual experience would come close to matching this one in its intensity and eroticism. He was hooked.

So was Hannah. She relaxed her rectum and let David penetrate even deeper. It made her insides and her clitoris tingle. She felt as though he was reaching inside her and tickling the back of her throat. But she loved every minute of it and her ass muscles gripped David’s penis and milked it for all its worth.

When David came, it was like nothing she had ever felt before. His abundant sperm coated the walls of her rectum. She could feel him squeeze out every last drop, as he stroked and pumped his penis inside of her. She felt wonderful inside, all wet and warm and sticky. When David’s balls were empty and could give no more, he collapsed onto her back, wrapping his arms around her. He kissed the back of her neck.

“Thanks mom. That was incredible.”

No man had ever cum that much inside of her, much less her own son.

As he pulled out of her, she commanded, “Put the butt plug back in. I don’t want to lose a single drop.”

He slid it back into place, wondering what was she up to. Then he bent down and gave her a peck on the lips. She giggled.

“Give me a real kiss,” she said.

He gave it another shot, this time opening his mouth like in the movies.

“Mmm, much better,” she said. Kissing her had been the most intimate thing they had done so far. This was crossing the line.

He kissed her again and again and suddenly they were making out passionately, drunk on each other’s saliva. Hannah had never felt this way about anyone before. Was David, her own son, her true love?

As they kissed, she reached for his cock. To her surprise, it was hard again.

“Wow, you just don’t quit, do you?” she smiled.

David shook his head and she kissed her way down his chest to his groin. Gripping the base, she put it in her mouth. There was too much of it, but she did the best she could, simultaneously massaging it and sucking it. The best of part of it was looking up at her son’s eyes which seemed to roll into the back of his head. When he was close, she let go and held her mouth open and swallowed rope after rope of semen. Nothing could have made her happier than the expression of pleasure and satisfaction on David’s face. His eyes were closed and his mouth was frozen in a goofy grin.

“Good night, my love,” she said and tiptoed away. “I don’t think you’ll be needing that cam or computer ever again.” David agreed.

When she was lying in her bed again, she pulled out the plug. She trapped the flow of cum oozing out of her with her pinched fingers and brought them to her pussy lips and rubbed the stuff all over, thinking about the million of sperm that were racing to her soon to be fertilized egg.

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