A Girl Named Hope Ch. 07

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All Characters 18+

I got to work five minutes early and punched in. I stashed all my stuff in my locker, and tried to get on my game face for work. I couldn’t believe all the things that had went on over my weekend off. I had a crazy kind of threesome at the mall, with Hope and a salesgirl; and the next day I took Hope to a museum and satisfied her exhibitionist fantasies again as we looked at the exhibits. I thought that she was literally going to give one of the guards a heart attack. We fucked like rabbits my Jeep in the parking lot afterwards. It was like both of us were animals in heat and we had no choice but to mate. Things have moved fast between Hope and I, but I think that she and I are a match made in heaven.

I walked through the big stock doors and out onto the floor, and immediately started inventorying all of the high dollar electronics. I loved selling things, but that inventory was the least favorite part of my job. I had been at it for a half hour or so, and was working on the laptops that were under the displays. I was down on my knees dragging laptops out of the case by color, when I saw what looked like pink cotton candy out of the corner of my eye. I stopped what I was doing to take a second look.

The cotton candy was actually a woman’s hair. She was fairly tall for a woman, with a short pink bob haircut. She had long pink lashes, and wore a surprising amount of makeup; she would have looked better with about half that much on. The woman reminded me of a cartoon character. The thigh-high platform boots that she was wearing were the same shade as her hair, and a skin tight white dress finished off the look. I honestly didn’t know that prostitutes worked around here.

“I was wondering if you could help me out,” she said breathily. It didn’t come over as sexy, but more like an asthma patient that needed an inhaler. She took off her huge sunglasses, and gave me a big smile. She looked really awkward, like she was an ex-member of a cult, and had never left their compound before.

“Sure, what can I do for you?” I was all business, and tried not to stare at the train wreck in front of me.

“My antivirus is about to run out, and I want to try something different than the one I use.” I nodded for her to follow me, which she did with halting steps. She was obviously not used to walking in those boots. I arrived at the correct aisle, and had taken a knee to grab my favorite antivirus; when she fell on top of me, bearing me to the ground. I could tell without a doubt that it was a woman, because my right hand was resting on her cooter, and my pinky and ring finger got caught inside her panties. I could feel her unshaven bush. My left hand rested on an implant augmented breast. It seemed like she was trying to pick me up in the weirdest way possible.

“You touched my vagina!” she exclaimed at the top of her lungs. For someone who was complaining about being touched, she certainly wasn’t trying to get off of me. Her hips twisted, and the two fingers that had been in her panties actually sank into her twat.

“Your fingers are in my vagina, take them out! Help!” For all she was complaining, she was holding me down, and actively riding my fingers to keep them inside.

“What’s going on here, Robert?” I heard the gruff voice of Dan, one of the top store managers. He never disliked me, but he was a stickler for rules. The lady on top of me pulled up her skirt so that Dan could observe that I indeed had two fingers inside her dirty, hairy snatch. “Robert wait for me in the main office. Miss, I’d like you to come up to our Loss Prevention office and make a statement.” She deftly dismounted me, and smiled a satisfied grin at me from behind Dan’s back.

“I think that the police should be notified. I didn’t realize that you hired sexual predators to work here. That was sexual assault!” She was still speaking loudly, and toddling down next to Dan on those ridiculous boots.

What. The. Actual. Fuck? I handed my keys off to the photo guy, who of course complained. The main office door was open because Sherry was in there. I didn’t know exactly what was going to happen, but I knew that it wouldn’t be good. It was a setup from start to finish. The phone rang, and Sherry picked it up. She immediately handed it to me.

“I need you to punch out and leave in the next five minutes, so that way you won’t run back into her.” It was Dan, and his voice held no humor.

“Dan, I didn’t do anything…”

“Save it until we can get your statement. We will give you a call about when we will schedule that. Just punch out and leave for now.” I slammed the phone down. Sherry never even looked up from whatever she was doing.

I knew that this was 100% horseshit, but there was nothing that I could do except leave. I punched out and headed back towards the apartment. I needed to vent, so I pulled into Rite-Aid’s parking lot to text Hope.

Me: I think I just got set up by Sarah

Hope: What do you mean by set up?

Me: halkalı escort I think Sarah had someone come into my work to get me fired. It might have worked

Hope: Oh no! What did that cunt do now?

Me: I will explain when I get home. I’m just so angry right now

Hope: Drive safe. I will be here when you get here. Everything will be okay

I think that Hope was seriously underestimating how hard it is to find a decent job with a felony on your record. Traffic moved quickly, which was good for my mood. I liked to drive fast when I am angry. Unfortunately, it was not my day because I got clocked doing 87mph in a 65mph zone. The cop wrote me a ticket for 10mph over. It just was the topper to the dumpster fire that had been my day.

I pulled into one of our parking spaces, and when I walked through the door Hope was standing at the 2nd floor railing. A sense of calm wrapped itself around my shoulders like a blanket when I saw her. She looked nervous, and a little bit afraid. She jumped into my arms, and I hugged her tightly. She smelled of fruity bodywash, and a light perfume that was feminine without being cloying. My hands found her ample ass, and her lips found mine. The kiss was tentative, which was strange because she was usually so uninhibited. I carried her into the door, as if she weighed nothing, and closed the door with her pinned against it. I felt her begin to grind her pussy against me, and I started to react to this on a primitive level. She broke the kiss, and her mouth moved to my ear.

“I really need to tell you something.” I felt something on my face, and I pulled my head back to look at her. She was crying, and she appeared sick down to her soul. I reached a hand up to wipe her tears away.

“It’s okay, Hope. Whatever it is, it will be okay.” She sniffed. She was so goddamn sexy that I wanted to pull her leggings off and fuck her right there.

“Yesterday,” she started to speak, but she had a little hiccup. She wiggled from my grip, and stood tiny, and barefooted on the carpet. She cleared her throat. “Sarah called me on my cell phone yesterday. I don’t know how she got my number, but she knew all the dates and times that we talked and texted.” I nodded. It would be like Sarah to look for a strange number on the phone records. So that was what today was about.

“I kind of, well,” Hope had to be getting down to why she felt guilty. “I said some really mean things to her. They were all true, but I’m sure that they hurt her feelings, and that’s probably why she set you up at work today.” Tears were flowing freely now. “I am ready to accept whatever punishment you think necessary. Maybe the belt will do.”

I just stood there looking at her, mouth agape. How could her dad have fucked his beautiful daughter up so much? I thought of murdering him for probably the 100th time. Her eyes were downcast, still streaming tears. I tipped her chin up to look into her cobalt blue eyes.

“Hope,” her expression broke my heart, and I began to cry too. “Hope, there is nothing that you could do to deserve physical punishment from me. I would die to protect you from something like that.” She shook her head, like she didn’t hear me right. “Sweetheart, what you said might have made this thing happen today, but you didn’t make it happen. It would have happened anyway; whether it was today, next week, or next month. Sarah likes to take revenge on people. It is one of her bad personality traits that I tried to fix, but I knew that I would be in for some kind of revenge.”

She rushed forward, and wrapped her tiny arms around my stomach. I hugged her too, and I loved her more in that minute than I ever loved Sarah. Maybe that had been our problem; we just never loved each other unconditionally.

“What time is your class today, Hope?”

“My first starts at 10am, but I can stay with you. You need me.” I sighed.

“I need you, but I also need you to go to class. I will be here when you get out.” Her blue eyes shined as she looked up at me from the lower level of our hug.

“I need to hustle then. I will see you just after 4. Is that good?” I picked her up, and planted a big kiss on her lips. I put her down, and gave her a playful slap on her ass. She giggled like a middle school girl. She was out the door two minutes later with an exaggerated swish in her hips that I was sure was for me.

Sarah’s latest game made me aware of one thing that I needed to have done. I needed to lock down my cell phone plan. I had already cancelled her credit cards, and the utilities were all in her name. I dropped into the closest AT&T store, and spoke with an account rep. It took only about 5 minutes to shut her phone off, and to lock my account so she couldn’t get into it. All I needed was for her to buy a few of the newest iPhones and put them on my tab. With the end of her phone service it also ended her being able to see who I texted or called, but taksim escort I feared that horse already left the barn.

I got back to the apartment and made an early lunch. I fried some bacon and ate a BLT, and had a few potato chips, and a couple of beers. I poured three fingers of Hennessey in a rocks glass, and listened to “Dice Game” from Guilty Simpson on my AirPods. Apollo Brown’s Motown influenced beats, and the alcohol helped me to relax.


I heard the twin turbos kick up a notch when I hit the accelerator on my Toyota Supra. “Wu-Tang Forever played on the Alpine cassette deck. I was feeling hot, so I rolled down the windows, and opened the sunroof for some air. It was a beautiful night in California, and I was just the right amount of drunk. I was outside of Santa Cruz, winding along the sea shore. I rounded a curve, and a large, pale animal was blocking my entire lane. What the fuck?

I moved the wheel quickly, and lost traction on my rear wheels. I slid sideways down the highway, and saw that the animal that had been in the road was a huge polar bear, sitting on his haunches. It Mona Lisa smiled at me when I drifted past it, as if it knew a particularly juicy secret that it would never share. I kept the wheel steady, and used the gas to control the car. If I hit the brakes now, I would lose what little control I had over the ton-and-a-half steel and plastic rocket that I was riding in.

All my control went to shit when driver’s side rear tire hit the sand on the side of the road. I threw my arm up as the driver’s side window broke when the car started flipping. The airbag deployed and I heard bones snap in my arm. I saw sky-dirt-sky-dirt-sky-dirt, and the car slid along the sand on its roof until its momentum was spent. I hung upside down from my racing harness, thanking god that I had replaced the factory seat belt. I looked and saw one of the bones from my forearm sticking through my skin. It bled freely, but was not spurting. That was when I heard the noise of a heavy animal walking on sand. The bear’s huge brown eyes stared at me from where the windshield used to be. Then the polar bear began to sing:

When you walk the streets, you’ll have no cares,

If you walk the lines, and not the squares,

As you go through life make this your goal,

Watch the donut, not the hole.


I startled awake from the dream. What the fuck had that been about? “Watch the donut, not the hole?” I stood up and stretched, hearing my spine pop as I bent.

I walked into the kitchen for another beer, when my phone rang. It was work.

“Hello, this is Robert.” I heard a pause before the voice on the other end spoke; so bad news.

“Hey, Robert. This is Dan.” I remained silent. “So, I had a talk with the general manager, and he had a talk with corporate, and I’m afraid we are going to have to let you go.”

“What? Come on Dan, that was a setup. You watched the video, right?”

“We watched it. We were on your side, but corporate wants nothing to do with any of this #MeToo stuff. The lady signed a waiver from corporate saying that she wouldn’t seek damages, or file charges, as long as you are no longer working for the company.”

“Dan, you know that this is bullshit!” He sighed on the other end of the phone.

“It is total bullshit, but this is what had to happen. We will mail you your last check.”

There was no use fighting it. I gave him my new address, and they could keep the shit in my locker. I would go down and sign up for unemployment tomorrow. I’m sure that they will try and deny me. I guess it is what it is. I was still a little tipsy when Hope came home.

“Hey,” she said loudly.

“I’m in the bedroom.” I had been fantasizing about her and stroking my cock for twenty minutes waiting on this moment. I pushed my cock so that it stood perpendicular to my body, to make it look even bigger.

“There’s my sexy man,” Hope said as she walked in the room, then I heard her gasp.

“I’ve got a little something for you baby.” I used a lot of honey in my voice.

“I see something big that I’ve wanted all day.” She pulled her top off and flung it on the floor, quickly followed by her bra, jeans, and panties. She jumped onto the bed, bouncing and giggling like the teenager that she was. Her chilly hand grabbed the base of my erect cock, and guided it to her mouth. She expertly slid down my pole until it bumped her throat, and then it was past, and into its incredible tightness. She pulled back, making a slurping noise, and her saliva dripped out of her mouth onto my dick. She quickly made a mess.

“Fuck my face Rob. I need it rough.” She slid off the bed, and waited patiently on her knees for me to jam my cock down her throat. She loved doing this because it was so submissive. She tried to guide my dick to her mouth, but I slapped her hand away.

“You are a hole! Holes don’t use hands.” I yelled, but it was all part of the game.

“Yes, şişli escort daddy,” she said meekly with her eyes downcast. I wasn’t sure how much of that was acting and how much was emotional damage. The daddy part threw me a little, but I’ve had a lot of subs call me that. I slid my cock between her lips. I felt the tiniest scrape of teeth, and I tapped her face gently. I only had to give her the impression of being punished; I didn’t need to actually hit her. The ends of her lips curved up in a smile, so I knew that what I was doing was working for her.

I grabbed the sides of her face, and plunged my cock in like it was a pussy. She gagged for a second, and then she was somehow taking me up to the hilt. It looked to me like it would hurt her to keep her mouth wide open for so long. I pulled my cock out, and her spit poured over her lips, and out onto her tits, as she gasped for air, and I went right back in. She was looking up at me with an expression of complete love and devotion.

“Holes don’t look me in the eye.” I bent down and slapped her right tit pretty hard. She let out a moan of passion as she knelt in front of me; eyes streaming, and furiously fingering her cunt with sopping wet noises. My cock was as hard as a steel post as I pulled her to her feet and pushed her face down on the bed. I pretzeled her legs under her to raise her ass up in the air, and lined my cock up with her pussy. I began to push in… and the apartment’s buzzer rang. Shit. Shit. Shit.

“Hey, Hope, are you around? Your car is here.” That voice on the intercom seemed awfully familiar.

“Let me up, babe. I’ve got to answer this!” She bounced off the bed in excitement, grabbed her robe from the back of the door, and ran off down the hallway. I sat back on the bed. I was going nowhere with this enormous, throbbing hard on. I heard the buzzer hum, heard the downstairs door open, and then Hope and another girl were screaming. They literally were jumping up and down.

“Brooke, it’s so great to see you! Why didn’t you tell me you were coming? I would have planned something special.” What the fuck? Her twin sister? Honestly, I had started doubting her existence. “C’mon, you have to meet Rob.” They were headed towards me. I was going to pull the covers over me, but I was sitting on the duvet, and couldn’t get it untucked. Both the girls burst in the room like toddlers after drinking a two liter of Mountain Dew.

“Rob, this is my sister, Brooke. Brooke, this is the man I’ve been telling you about.” Holy shit! I’ve met identical twins before, but you could always tell them apart, but not these two. Their hair was even done the same way. Brooke was wearing some patterned green leggings, and a white leather jacket over a tasteful white blouse.

“You told me that he was gifted, but you failed to mention exactly how gifted he was.” Her eyes were laser beam focused on my hard cock; which was not going to go down anytime soon with two gorgeous blonde nymphs in the room. She crossed the floor, and shook my hand with a firm grip.

“Nice to meet you Brooke,” I said haltingly, as she used her closeness to me to check out my lightning rod, which was still covered in her sister’s spit.

“Likewise. I’m sorry that I broke up your play time. Why don’t you two go back to what you were doing, and I can wait in the living room.”

“You don’t have to go to the other room, why don’t you just stay here and watch. I bet that Rob here can show you a few tricks that you haven’t seen before.” My eyes flicked between the two girls. I didn’t know exactly what kind of kinky shit was going on in their pretty, blonde heads, but I heartily approved.

“Beer in the fridge?” Brooke asked.

“Same place as always.” Hope said, and Brooke walked toward the bedroom door. Just before she walked out, she turned and gave me a hungry look. Maybe this visit will turn out to be a blessing in disguise after all. Hope climbed in bed with me. “I hope that you don’t mind me inviting her to watch,” she said in a very serious tone. I laughed.

“I don’t mind at all.” Hope giggled, and pulled herself into my lap, put her hands on my chest, and kissed me passionately. My hands found the way to her ass like it had a magnetic pull, and my fingers were made of iron. Our kiss deepened, and I felt her scorching hot snatch backing up into my cock. She rubbed my head with the copious amount of juices that were dripping out of her cunt. I saw Brooke enter the room, and she looked at the long space between the bed and the chair that faced it. She quickly moved the armchair until it was less than a foot away. Brooke had changed into some stretchy soccer shorts, and an athletic shirt.

This must have been what Hope was waiting for. She leaned back against me, and my cock slowly began entering her. Hope moaned loudly. Brooke was center stage, and she had a completely unobstructed view of my johnson splitting her sister wide open. Hope inserted a couple of inches, and then pulled back, just hovering with the tip of my head in her honey pot, as she looked back at Brooke and smiled hugely. I felt her wetness running down my cock, and over my balls. I thought that Hope was really close to cumming. I gripped her hips, and slowly pushed her all the way down on my cock. I heard not only a moan from Hope, but also one from Brooke.

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