A Family Comes Together Ch. 01

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Pulling into the long sweeping driveway of his Auntie Carla’s large house, Ryan Thomson parked in his usual spot and immediately burst into tears. How he had managed to hold it together on the drive over after saying a final farewell to his long-term girlfriend Kirsty, he honestly had no idea. They were hopelessly in love with each other; and had been for so long it seemed as if they had always been together. But in reality, it had only been a couple of years. However, when you’re 19 years old. 3 years of your life is quite significant. Or at least it had felt that way to Ryan and Kirsty. And yet four short weeks ago, they had been forced to accept the fact that their relationship was not going to be the “forever” they had imagined.

Every knuckle was white with strain as his large hands clung desperately to the steering wheel. He clung to the black leather as if it was an anchor to a world where he and Kirsty were still together and letting go would be the moment, he would have to accept they no longer existed as a couple. It was stupid. He knew it. They had already stopped being a couple the moment they shared their final farewell kiss before leaving with her parents for the airport. To begin their new life in Europe, over 6000km away.

Broad shoulders shook uncontrollably as the realisation that he would never kiss her beautiful soft lips, or ever embrace her lithe supple body again, swept over him. They had shared everything about themselves to one another and they had been each-others “first” too. Their first date, their first boyfriend/girlfriend, their first kiss, their first touch, their first love and finally; they had lost their virginity to one another too. And as tears streamed openly over Ryan’s flushed cheeks, dripping wetly onto the soft material of his shorts. Ryan realised that they had now had shared their last of everything together. It was this thought that brought the memories of their final night together crashing through his brain. Bringing with them a powerful rush of such exceptional happiness and intense arousal that they broke through the palpable grief allowing him to smile and laugh weakly at how ridiculous he was being. They had shared a perfect couple of days together, staying in a fantastic hotel that their parents had paid for as a surprise farewell gift.

Behaving like a married couple on a naughty weekend away, they had genuinely had the time of their lives. Making such wonderful memories that they would both hold onto forever, it had been a perfect way to say goodbye. And that was the promise they had made to each other. “Whenever we get sad, lets promise to remember our weekend at the Grand.” And they had begun then and there. Laughing through tears, they re-lived some of their favourite moments of their stay. Giggling and blushing at each others whispered stories, they had managed to part ways with undoubtedly heavy, but also happy hearts. And Ryan was determined to honour his promise.

White knuckles steadily regained their normal hue as blood rushed beneath the flesh as he slowly relaxed his desperate grip on the leather wheel. Then with a final long and steady breath, Ryan finally brought himself under control before grabbing his swim practice bag from the passenger seat and getting out the car to face the world head on… or at the very least he would do a damn hard set in the pool to try as a distraction from it.

Noting for the first time that Aunt Carla’s SUV wasn’t on the driveway, Ryan locked his car and flipped through his keys until he found the one his Aunt had given him when she’d moved in. Unlocking the door, he had expected the security alarm to be set as it usually was when she was out. But as he closed the door behind him, the warning beeps never came and a quick glance over at the alarm panel confirmed that it hadn’t been armed. “She must have just nipped out for something.” Ryan thought out loud to himself with a shrug as he made his way across the magnificent entrance way and into the large kitchen at the rear of the house.

Dumping his large bag down on the island worktop, he fished out an empty water bottle and filled it with the cold filtered water from the fridge as if he owned the place. Before casually retrieving his bag and heading out through the back door to the pool, just like he had done hundreds of times before.

His mom’s younger sister had bought the place 5 years previously. It had been the only indulgence she had allowed herself after winning the lottery a few months before buying the property. It hadn’t been one of those enormous jackpots that you sometimes heard about. But Ryan’s mom had told him and his sister once that it had been enough for their auntie to never work again if she chose too. However, instead of giving up work completely, Carla had simply switched to part time hours at the law firm she worked at as a receptionist. While also giving some of her time as a volunteer for a local dog charity. She loved spending time with the dogs and walking the pets for those esenyurt escort people that couldn’t, she felt like she was doing her part to help.

During the summer a couple of years ago, Ryan remembered his twin sister Helen asking their Aunt why she still bothered with work? Announcing that if she won the lottery she would have bought a similar house and just lounged about with her friends, having parties and fucking for hours with anyone that took her fancy on that particular day. Obviously, it been a time when their mother hadn’t been around, because she wouldn’t have dared talk like that otherwise. However, Carla had always been more of a friend or sibling rather than a parental figure, so both she and Ryan were always completely open and honest with her, which was something that she both encouraged and reciprocated.

Answering Helen’s question and somewhat slutty subsequent statement without any hesitation or thought of tempering her answer. “Why do I bother with work and volunteering? Well that’s easy. I would get bored sat at home all day doing fuck all. I enjoy my job, especially now that there is absolutely no pressure on me to keep it, which might sound odd, but that’s just the way it is. As for the volunteering, you know I love dogs but I enjoy traveling so much that I think it would be a bit selfish of me to leave a pet behind all the time. So, this is a good substitute, plus I get to help people.” Even after 5 years, Ryan could still remember her beautiful face light up with a warm smile as she talked. Sparkling ice blue eyes danced over her niece and nephew’s young faces as they listened. Nodding slightly, Ryan had completely got it, life could have been gotten pretty dull if she hadn’t carried on with work and volunteering. Whereas, although Carla could accept what her Auntie was saying, she clearly wasn’t convinced that she would feel the same.

Before Helen had the chance to give any further opinion, Carla immediately addressed Helen’s other comment with a naughty tilt of her eyebrow. “And as for staying at home and fucking all day? I found that I could barely stand up the next day so I couldn’t take the dogs for a walk…” Letting her words hang there for a moment, it had been Ryan who realised what she was suggesting first. With a little nervous laugh he felt his cheeks blush slightly before his sister’s eyes widened with sudden realisation and her mouth fell open in shock.

It had been from that moment when both Ryan and his sister had begun to open up more to their Aunt. She had also made it a great deal easier for them as well by giving them both free reign of her house too. They were given keys and an open invitation to come along and use the pool, watch TV, eat her food or even just to get some space. Their mother initially had some reservations about it, but in the end had relented under the fierce pressure that only teenagers knew how to apply.

Ryan made the most of his Aunt’s invitation of course. With use of the full size 25m pool in the back yard, it meant he could put in hours of extra practice when he felt he needed too. Or could miss out on normal practice if a particularly nasty assignment was pulling him away. Usually had always been under the watchful gaze of his girlfriend Kirsty as she completed her own homework while simultaneously topping up her tan and teasing her boyfriend in one of her tiny bikini’s or revealing one piece. Then inevitably once they had both finished whatever work they needed too, they vanished into the pool house.

Sometimes they would just make out and play with each other until they exploded with pleasure. Or other times they would fuck or make love depending on how the mood took them on any particular day. It had been necessary on more than one occasion that his Aunt had needed to interrupt and remind them of the time before leaving them to it with a naughty little chuckle dancing on her lips.

But as Ryan stepped up to the pool on that day, he bowed his head in sadness as he realised that Kirsty would no longer watch him swim, or tease him with a finger sliding her swim suit bottoms aside revealing a shaved pussy. Or never again would they go into the pool house and collapse onto the huge bed that Carla had already replaced once because they had broken the previous one … “For fuck sake Ryan! The Grand. Remember The Grand!” He admonished himself quickly and audibly as he felt himself slipping into deep lingering sadness once again.

“You both had a good time at the Grand then Ryan?” The familiar voice of his Aunt coming from right behind made him jump visibly, and had it not been for Carla’s small soft hands he very well might have toppled into the pool. “Oops. Sorry sweetie, I didn’t mean to startle you, I called out to you a moment ago but you mustn’t have heard me.” Ryan nodded and consciously tried to keep his eyes averted from her face, he hadn’t heard anything. Not her calling out to him, or even walking up behind him. He had been avrupa yakası escort in his own little world, remembering the great times he’d had with Kirsty in this very house. And for a horrible moment, he wondered if it would ever be the same? He loved coming to his Aunt’s house, it was like a perfect sanctuary for him to swim, work and spend time with the people he loved.

As if reading his mind, Ryan’s strikingly beautiful Aunt turned him gently until they faced each other and reached up to take his chin firmly in her hand. Forcing her nephew to look down into the face of the woman who perhaps knew him as much as any other living person, Ryan couldn’t help admire her luminescent beauty. Shoulder length blonde hair cascaded down the side of her flawless face, which she instinctively swept behind her ear with a perfectly manicured finger. Staring up at her tall nephew with a look of concern creasing her brow, she didn’t say another word as she slipped slender arms around him and pulled him into a tight embrace.

“I’m not going to stand here and give you empty platitudes Ryan. It will hurt like a bitch for a while. But what I will say is that just try and remember that you didn’t split up because you fell out of love or because one of you was unfaithful. You broke up because of something that was completely out of your control. You love her and we both know she loved you too. Just try and remember the good times when you’re feeling sad sweetie. And if you need a shoulder to cry on, then I’m always here for you. So is your mom and sister too… although you might not want to cry in front of your sister because you know what she’s like.” She added with a little chuckle.

Every defence Ryan had been building to ensure he didn’t break down again, suddenly crumbled under the look of concern and unconditional love that radiated from his Aunties face. Collapsing into the petite woman, he wrapped her up in long muscular arms and held her like a crying child would cling to their mother. For a moment, neither said a word. Carla simply let Ryan cry it out as the emotion literally poured from in a stream of sobs and tears. She could remember the first true heart break she had experienced. It had been when she was a similar age to Ryan and it had felt like her entire world was coming to an end. She remembered her older sister Steph, Ryan and Helen’s mom, had held her in just the same way. Telling her that nothing she could say would make it better, but promising there would be a time when it would be ok.

Standing together until the tears seemed to dry up and his huge shoulders no longer shuddered with short sharp breaths as grief momentarily claimed him. Carla finally pulled away from the tall, muscular body of her anguished nephew and pulled his face down for a soft kiss on the lips. “Is that better sweetie, do you want to sit and talk for a bit or do you want to swi…”

“Oh for fuck sake muscles! Just go out and find slut to fuck. I already told you I have a few friends that are desperate to get in those tight swim jammers of yours. Some of them will do it together if that’s what you need bro. But for fuck sake, stop crying like a little bitch.” Helen’s coarse words cut through the tension like a knife as both Ryan and Carla turned in surprise to stare at his unheard twin sister. Yet despite the apparent disdain in her voice, there was a small yet obvious look of concern in the striking blue eyes that looked so similar to her Aunt and mothers.

Yet as they both looked at her, it quickly evaporated as she gave them both an enormous grin. “Just put him down Auntie and let him swim. Muscles just needs to work out a bit and get laid that’s all. Plus, I want to speak to you about something… and unless you want to hear about your sister getting spit roasted brother dearest, just get in the damn pool.” Placing a hand on her hip and giving her brother a very deliberate look, Carla couldn’t help but laugh. “Ok Ryan, why don’t you do your workout and I can chat with your sister. We’ll stay on the deck though so you can get out and chat if you need to, ok?”

Ryan couldn’t help but laugh at his sister, he knew that in her own way she was trying to help. She probably did have a whole host of friends lined up for him to fuck if he had asked. Although right then and there, he was absolutely sure that a swim; rather than a threesome with his sisters horny friends, would help him take his mind off the pain. Although, he was in two minds about hearing about her being spit roasted. Because as wild as he and Kirsty had been in the bedroom? Helen always seemed to be on a whole other level.

In all honesty however, he probably wasn’t in the best place to listen to that kind of talk just yet; plus, she was his sister. So, giving his tear stained cheek a wipe with the back of his hand he visibly rolled his eyes at his sister with a small smile playing on his lips before giving his anadolu yakası escort Aunt a big squeeze and a peck on the cheek in the way of thanks. Then without a word, he pulled the tight training top up over his rippling torso before untying the loose shorts around his slim waist, revealing a pair of swimming shorts that were so tight they left very little to the imagination.

Not noticing the subtle glances both women swept over his ridiculously fit body; Helen starting at his ass and working up and Carla starting at his broad ripped chest and moving down. Both women stifled a little chuckle as they accidentally caught themselves staring. But by the time they looked back, Ryan had already pulled on a pair of goggles, slipped into the delightfully cool water and pushed off from the wall.

Watching in silent awe as Ryan propelled himself effortlessly and rapidly away with 5 butterfly kicks. Carla shook her head with disbelief at just how incredible it was to watch her nephew swim. “I don’t know how he does that you know?” She asked rhetorically before turning to her niece with a little twinkle of mischief sparkling in her eyes. “So. Why don’t you tell me aaallll about how you got caught up in a devils triangle?” Taking the younger woman’s hand in hers, she led Helen to the loungers where Kirsty had usually sat watching Ryan; and within moments both women were talking animatedly together. Although, despite their conversation both women kept on glancing over at Ryan, who seemed determine to train harder than he had ever done before.

Stopping for only moments at the end of each set, the young man was deftly trying to force his mind to only think about his own exhaustion. To push himself further than ever, just to help ensure that he would be able to sleep later that night. It meant that he only caught snippets of the conversation between Auntie and Niece. Although, as per usual where Helen was concerned. That was all it took. “I told him. Either you fuck my throat while your buddy here fucks my tight little pussy, or vice versa. But if you don’t stick that cock in me soon, then I’ll just go find someone who will!”

The conversation only seemed to deteriorate from there. Clearly the chosen participants weren’t up to the standard she required, because almost every break Ryan took after that he could hear her lamenting their performance and lack of what she wanted. “I kept telling them to be rough with me, Carla. Honestly. What else can I tell these guys? Fucking spank me like a naughty whore! I practically shouted at them… and do you know what they did? You will never fucking guess? They both fucking shot their loads. Honestly, I might as well have just stuffed myself full of vibrators.” After this particular rant, Ryan couldn’t help but laugh quietly to himself. His sister did have some very specific preferences.

Unfortunately for her, because of her somewhat diminutive size all the guys she had been with only ever wanted to be gentle in fear of “breaking her”. A sentiment that only served to make her want it rougher… and leaving her feeling rather frustrated as they; in her own words “refused to man up and treat her like the slut she wanted to be treated.”

Coming to the end of his brutal set, Ryan climbed slowly out the pool and wrapped his towel tightly around his straining abs as he walked over to the two women. “Geez sis, who messed you up as a kid?” Ryan mocked his sister who merely answered with a standard glare that made her brother laugh. “Is it because you’re short?” He teased with a tired laugh falling from his lips, which Carla couldn’t help but follow. “Awww. Stop teasing your sister Ryan. Its not her fault she is so small and just you remember that she is the older one; even if its only by 5 minutes.” Carla parried on Helen’s behalf as she reached out and stroked the small pretty blonde who she utterly adored. “And don’t you go making her out to be messed up. She simply knows what she likes is all. It’s those silly boys who aren’t man enough to step up and give it to her… not that you have that same problem with getting rough with a sexy little woman who wants it though. Do you muscles?”

Using his sisters nickname for him she gave him a knowing look accompanied by a sly wink. “That lucky slut.” Helen piped in before realising the possible implications of her words. A fact that Carla was all to quick to leap on, causing both niece and nephew to blush furiously. “Oooh. That’s kinky, even for you Helen. Although trust me… after what I saw, I am sure muscles here could have you crying out with pleasure for all the right reasons. But he is your brother remember.” Chuckling wickedly to herself, she squeezed Helen’s shoulder affectionately as she stood up and walked up to Ryan. It didn’t even cross her mind that she was giving her attractive nephew a very nice view of her large tits that were barely covered by her magnificently tight and not to mention tiny bikini.

“Ok, enough teasing. I hope you had a good swim sweetie and if you guys want to stay for dinner, you’re more than welcome as ever. I’ve got enough chicken for all of us. Otherwise, I’ll see you later because I better go inside before my big titties get burned!” Grasping her ample breasts with both hands that were by no means big enough to hold her firm orbs of supple flesh, she winked at Ryan impishly as she jiggled them playfully.

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