A Night to Remember

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Lori Cooper stood at her bathroom mirror in just her panties, considering her reflection carefully.

Not for the first time, she concluded that being middle-aged sucked.

Oh, she was still a very attractive woman – the kind who could and did draw lingering, hungry looks from the men who’s paths she happened to cross – but the years were not passing her by without leaving their mark. Things were starting to sag, wrinkles were appearing, and she no longer had that trim and perfect figure that she had always been so proud of. It also didn’t help any that she kept finding new strands of gray mixed into her dark hair.

She had always known that she wouldn’t be young and beautiful forever of course, but it was still an unwelcome shock to suddenly realize that your best years were behind you and that it was all downhill from here.

God, what a depressing thought!

Even so, she could not quite rid herself of the wide and happy smile that seemed to have taken up permanent residence on her face that evening.

What did she have to complain about after all? She had herself a guy who loved her with all of his heart, who desired her no matter how old or fat she got. No, when looked at it that way she knew that she was a very lucky woman indeed.

So long as her husband didn’t find out about him anyway . . .

Turning away from the mirror at last, she took her dressing gown down from it’s hook and slipped it on.

It was time for bed.

Wearing an old T-shirt and a pair of shorts, Mark just happened to find his way into his parent’s dimly lit bedroom just as his mother was emerging from her bathroom and naturally his eyes went to her immediately.

She smiled softly, holding her robe closed with both hands. “Hey, babe.”

The college senior answered with nothing more than a playful grin, holding her gaze with his own as he waited expectantly.

She would not keep him waiting for long.

The hands that she had been using to keep her robe closed were now used to pull it wide open, revealing her very nearly nude body to her only child.

She knew all too well that she didn’t have to worry about him not liking the view as had seen it plenty of times before and never seen anything but raw lust in his eyes. Her son had proven time and time again that he absolutely worshiped the ground she walked on and was utterly convinced that she was the most beautiful woman who had ever walked the earth. He craved her as fiercely as any addict ever craved their drug of choice.

Unlike with her husband, when she was with Mark, she never had to listen to any comments about how she should maybe exercise more to keep everything where it should be or how she might want to consider going on a diet.

He loved her just as she was. She suspected that he would still want her just as badly if she were a hundred pounds heavier or twenty years older! This was what kept her just as addicted to him as he was to her.

She stood still for a time, watching with a delighted smile and a girlish titter as his eyes darted eagerly over every inch of her exposed flesh. He stayed rooted to the spot though over there on the other side of the room, not moving any closer even as she let the robe slip off and fall to the floor behind her.

He heaved a long, shuddering sigh as she turned this way and that for him, the bulge in his shorts growing quite obviously.

Lori was such a happy girl! As much as she loved her husband, she was so glad that he took such frequent and lengthy business trips, giving her so many opportunities to be with their handsome son.

Lori had slept with her lover every single night that Joel had been away – not to mention all of the fooling around they had done during the day, of course – but she knew that tonight was going to be special because it always was. They always managed to have a big blowout on the last night before his father came home and they were forced to keep their hands to themselves again.

Yes, tonight was certainly going to be a night to remember!

Lori reached out a hand to her son and that was all the invitation it took to bring him rushing across the room to her.

He came a little too fast as it happened, stumbling slightly as his foot caught the edge of the bed’s footboard, istanbul escort but it would have taken more than that to stop him. It was likely that nothing short of his father suddenly and unexpectedly turning up could have stopped him now, for that matter.

Assuming he would even notice his dad’s arrival. At the moment, the only thing he was capable of paying attention to was the mother who was waiting for him.

Gathering her up in his arms, he crushed her body against his and kissed her firmly and full on the mouth. She kissed him back just as hard, her mouth opening to admit his probing tongue. There could be no slow and romantic build up when your man was as keyed up as Mark was, but that was just fine with her as she was in pretty much the same boat.

As they shared a seemingly endless stream of deep and wet kisses, he was not content to just hold her. Keeping one arm tight around her waist, he put his other to work by relentlessly running his hand all over that bare skin. Her own arms had gone around his neck as soon as he’d claimed her and her grip on her son only strengthened when she felt that hand go roaming.

His mouth left hers abruptly, leaving her gasping for air as he next applied himself to her neck and throat and shoulders.

Every time he did this, she was tempted to warn him not to leave any marks. She could remember all too well how she had once been forced to hide a hickey from her husband, covering it up with make-up and praying to God that he wouldn’t notice that distinctive mark on her shoulder. It had been an awkward and difficult couple of days and she had been scared to death the whole time, so it was not something she cared to repeat.

She did not say the words though as there was no need. Her boy had learned his lesson about leaving marks and she knew that she could safely put herself entirely into his hands.

Speaking of hands, she felt that exploring one of his grip one of her cheeks back behind her and as a result she let out a happy little cry and lifted up on her toes, moving against him. The stiff dick that was squeezed up in between them got rubbed by all of this and so she wasn’t at all surprised to hear him let out a low moan.

With his dick on her mind, Lori decided that she would like a taste.

Pushing against him popped her free of his griping arm, but he let her go only reluctantly, holding her tight being a whole lot of fun. She sank right to her knees, which forced him to let go of her butt as well. He didn’t complain however as he had figured out what she had in mind just as soon as she dropped.

Grabbing hold of the sides of his shorts and boxers both, she hauled both down at the same time and laughed when his hard cock sprang out at her face as if trying to leap down her throat. With his clothes down to about the middle of his thighs, she surrendered them and moved both of her hands to his manhood.

Her son let out what could have been credibly described as a growl as she held his shaft in one hand, his balls in the other.

Lori knew from experience what her son liked and she was only too happy to give it to him with all of the skill and precision of a seasoned whore, and the enthusiasm and passion of a lover.

As Mark had told her plenty of times, she was an artist at this.

Her tongue worked it’s way over every last inch, one moment stroking and caressing and the next lashing. She jerked the rod slowly at times, quickly at others, and sometimes was even still, but her hand never left that rod. Her other hand worked his nut sack, cupping it and fingering it. Opening her mouth wide, she engulfed him, demonstrating to him that she had learned how to deep throat. Moving her head back and forth slowly, moving her head back and forth quickly, she paid attention to the noises he was making to keep track of where he was as she brought him closer and closer to his climax.

And all the while, she kept her eyes turned upwards so that she could look at him.

There was nothing more intense and erotic so far as Mark was concerned than looking down into his mother’s eyes, watching as she sucked on his cock – no, watching as she thoroughly enjoyed sucking on his cock.

As the inferno flared up avcılar escort wildly and he found himself unable to contain it anymore, he reached out for her again with both hands, one hand cupping her chin while the other landed on top of her head. Her eyes still holding his, she was still now at long last as she recognized what was about to happen, dropping her hands to grab and hold her own breasts.

He would fuck her face now. He would fuck his own mother’s face.

No matter how many times he did it, he could never get over just how wild and thrilling it was to do something so forbidden with the woman who gave birth to him just over two decades ago.

Shifting his feet to better brace himself, he began moving his hips, pumping his dick in and out of her mouth. His strokes were slow and steady at first, but he was far too close to coming now for that to last for very long. Soon enough, he was almost a blur as he shoved himself all the way down her throat, withdrew until only the fat head was still between her lips, and then did it again. She knew how to do this without choking or gagging, without being hurt in any way whatsoever, and so she was able to sit tight and ride it out.

And still her eyes did not leave his.

At last, it happened.

The young man closed his eyes, threw his head back, and let out a straining, choked cry as his cock started gushing it’s pearly white cream down her throat. She was careful to lap up every last drop of Mark’s cum.

She always swallowed for her son, but never did for her husband.

By the time he had pulled his head back down and gotten his eyes open again, she was slurping down the last few morsels and grinning up at him with a gleam in her eye.

“Mom . . .?”

“Yeah, babe?”

“I’m going to fuck the shit out of you tonight.”

Her smile only got bigger.

Strong hands took hold of her and hauled Lori back to her feet, but did not then release her. Instead, the woman was pulled quickly over to the bed and pushed unceremoniously down onto it, her panties disappearing in an instant.

Standing beside the bed, Mark could not resist taking just a moment to consider the naked woman lying before him.

Oh, he wasn’t blind to the fact that she wasn’t one of those plastic, airbrushed, liposuctioned, girls that the media tried to call the perfect woman, the kind who’d had so much plastic surgery that they weren’t biodegradable anymore, but then he didn’t actually see the point in drooling over a Barbie doll. No, it was his mother who was the perfect, the ideal woman in his eyes – a position she’d held ever since the day he was born.

A real woman, especially this particular woman, would always outclass and outdistance any of those imposters!

She smiled up at him. “So,” she ventured softly, teasingly, “how long are you going to keep me waiting for?”

He leaned over her so that he could kiss those invitingly soft lips lingeringly, then was away again so that he could rip the last of his clothes off and be as naked as she.

With that, her waiting was over.

Returning to the bed, he did not hesitate to reclaim his forbidden lover, lifting her legs up into the air and holding them to his chest as his hips thrust forward, stabbing the full length of his once more hard cock all the way into her aroused, swampy cunt.

She almost levitated off the bed as he penetrated her so suddenly and so deeply, letting out a cry of utter joy.

Clawing at the bed spread with both hands, her back arching again under the onslaught, she was rocking in an effort to meet each and every one of his thrusts. He was actually pretty close to his father in size and shape, but somehow or other he always seemed to be able to reach places that Joel didn’t even know existed, to make her feel things that she had only read about in romance novels before letting the teenager into her bed.

As good as it felt though, she was so happy when he slowed down for a moment so that he could pull apart to either side, keeping them as far from each other as possible as he lowered them to the bed at last. He leaned forward over her then, supporting himself with one arm while his free hand took possession of one of her breasts.

Not only was this a more şirinevler escort comfortable position to be put in, not only did it afford her a better view of her handsome young lover, not only did it allow his to use his hands to tease and titillate her, it also gave Mark the chance to pound himself into her even harder and faster.

Oh, yeah, she was a happy girl, all right.

And her son wasted no time that evening building up both his velocity and force.

Looming over his mother, roughly caressing her heaving breasts with one hand, Mark was soon pumping in and out of her hard and deep with all of the stamina of an Olympic athlete, his eyes firmly fixed on her’s. Having found some purchase on the floor, she was pushing her hips up hard to meet each and every one of his thrusts into her, her arms rising so that she could clasp her hands around the back of his neck.

The air reeked with the stench of sweat and sex, echoed with the gasps and grunts of the hard-working duo, and resounded with the slaps of their bodies meeting lewdly over and over. The sluicing sound of his cock gliding in and out of her should not have been heard over all of that and yet both were very aware of it.

It would not be much longer. All of the signs were right for a huge orgasm in the near future.

Mark just suddenly stopped pistoning in and out of her, keeping his manhood fully sheathed in her as he lowered himself down to her. Their mouths found each other, drawn together as if by a magnet, and they kissed so wildly and so passionately that any observer would surely have wondered why they were trying to eat each other’s faces.

She held onto her young lover with all of her might, now with her legs as well as her arms, excited by the taboo sensation of his naked body pressed so tightly to her own.

Lori had no worries about her son abruptly stopping what he was doing like this just before they reached orgasm because she knew what he was doing. They would wait for a little while like this, kissing and murmuring the sweetest of endearments, until the inferno down below had cooled a little. Once the climax no longer seemed quite so imminent, they got right back to work.

“I love you so much, baby . . .”

Mark levered himself up from his mother, breaking the grip she had on him and grinning at the annoyed whine this earned him.

He was all business though and managed to get her to roll over so that she was now lying on her belly and bent over the edge of the bed, all without letting his dick slip out of her clutching cunt even once.

Face to face fucking might be what his mother preferred, but now it was time for the doggy style he liked best.

Taking hold of her hips firmly, he started to move inside her again, but very slowly and very precisely. She liked it, but was in the mood for more and pushed her butt back to meet him, letting him know that she was ready for him to crank it up to full speed again.

It was his pleasure to oblige her.

Holding onto the woman in front of him tightly, Mark was slamming his rock hard shaft into her hard and deep, going just as fast as he could. There would be no more tricks to delay the inevitable, no more games would be played.

He had run completely out of self-control and now wanted only the cum he was owed.

His mother was in much the same boat by now and sucked in a huge lungful of air, about to let out a wailing scream that would surely be heard by absolutely everyone in the state.

The point of no return had been reached.

Throwing himself down over her and wrapping his arms around her waist to hold on for dear life, Mark shoved as much of himself into his mother as he possibly could. With a bellowing shout, he started to unload a massive torrent of his seed into her.

His mother didn’t last a moment longer than that, letting out a howl that rattled the windows as she too came.

Lying over the edge of her bed in an intimate tangle with her own son then, savoring the slow cooling aftermath of what had been a positively earth shaking orgasm, Lori was wearing a smile so big that the corners of her mouth threatened to meet at the back of her head.

Oh, yeah, she sighed to herself at length. When her son said he was going to fuck the shit of her, he meant it!

And to think, they were only getting started! As soon as they had regained some of their strength, they would be right back at it, taking full advantage of this one last night they had to be alone together.

Yes, she had been right before.

This was definitely going to be a night to remember.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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