My New Boyfriend

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Alexis Brill

I stare at my empty wine glass, blinking back tears, and the bartender comes over to the end of the bar and raises an eyebrow at me.

“Another, please.”

He pours me more Merlot and leaves me to sit there, brooding at being dumped by my boyfriend, Charley. OK, my EX-boyfriend. I’m still numb over that “ex-” tacked on the front — it doesn’t seem real yet, though the wine is helping. A man who looks way too much like Charley for comfort enters the uncrowded hotel bar, lightly populated on this Tuesday night. He glances over at me, takes a few steps in my direction, then sees what must be a hostile look on my face and veers off, apparently concluding the same thing the bartender did an hour ago — best to give me some space tonight.

I feel bad about taking it out on the poor guy, not his fault, but I SO don’t want to be around anyone tonight who looks remotely like my ex.

I sip my wine in silence.

I hear steps behind me, then a tall man with rugged good looks and green eyes leans against the railing near me and takes a swig of microbrew beer. “Bad night?”

He’s cute, and looks nothing at all like Charley, so I nod in assent.

“Want to talk about it?”

I look at him. His forehead is crinkled with concern and he seems like a decent sort. Ah, might as well tell someone, let it all out. “Broke up with my boyfriend tonight.”

He takes another swig and nods, and then waits for me to go on, not pushing, clearly sensing my mood.

I sip the wine, feel the comforting glow as it goes down my throat. “Said he’s in love with the person who USED to be my best friend, been sleeping with her for a month now, but can we pleeease be friends? As if.”

“Men,” he says in a high, fake-feminine voice. “They’re SUCH pigs.” His eyes twinkle at me.

I stare into his eyes, wondering if he’s being mean and mocking me, but I see only concern in his wide open pupils. He’s just trying to cheer me up, I conclude, nothing malicious.

I think I like him.


Twenty minutes later, I’ve told my new friend, Steve, the whole story, with him mostly listening and let me talk. I sip the last of my glass of wine. “Thanks. Appreciate having you listen to all this rubbish.”

“No problem,” Steve says. He looks down at his beer for a long moment, like he’s mulling over whether to say what’s on his mind or keep quiet, then his eyes stare into mine. “Look, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but it sounds like you need some rebound sex tonight.”

Damn. I thought he was interested in me. All he wants is my body. I shoot him a dirty look. “And I suppose, out of the generosity of your heart, you’re willing to sacrifice and do me this great favor.”

“No, I was referring to one of the other fine gentlemen here.” Steve sweeps his hand at all the scruffy-looking men in the bar. “Like that guy in his eighties over there. LATE eighties. Or the stud at the other end of the bar who’s been winking at you — now that’s one styling polyester leisure suit, or at least I’m sure it was when he bought it back in the seventies. And you must be turned on by the redneck in the John Deere cap, wearing what must be one of the cleaner T-shirts in his wardrobe. I mean, what woman isn’t hot for a guy wearing a shirt with a picture of an elk on it? Oh, and check out –“

I laugh. “OK, let’s stipulate for the sake of argument that you’re the best looking man in this godforsaken bar. Have I said ANYTHING that would indicate that I’m some fethiye escort sort of tramp who jumps into bed right after breaking up with my boyfriend?”

He gives me an oddly intense look with those green eyes, then in a husky voice says, “No, I think you’re a sweet, beautiful, charming woman. I didn’t mean to offend you.” He tentatively touches my forearm. “I just thought you didn’t want to be alone tonight. Can you please forgive me for my rudeness?”

His hand is hot, and I feel a tingle in my pussy from his gentle words, and from the softness and warmth of his skin against mine. My face feels flushed. The pupils of his eyes are wide open, just a fringe of green iris around the edges, and the corners of his eyes crinkle with a smile. Our eyes lock.

“You’re blushing,” Steve says softly.

I feel my panties getting damp, and my head is buzzing from all the wine. He’s right. I don’t want to be alone tonight.

Steve leans in close, and I don’t move away as he huskily whispers in my ear, “I have a bottle of wine in my hotel room upstairs. We can go and talk a bit more. I promise I won’t take advantage of you. I respect you.”

It feels so good, his hot breath in my ear, and my pussy is telling me yes, go with him. I can’t believe how turned on I am by the sound of his deep, masculine voice whispering this invitation.

Steve looks at me with heavy-lidded bedroom eyes. He slides his hand up my forearm a bit, leaving a trail of warmth, then his soft lips gently kiss my cheek.

I’m startled to hear my own voice whisper back, “OK, let’s go.”

It feels unreal. Why did I just agree to this?

Steve throws money for the drinks on the bar. We walk out toward the hotel lobby and the waiting elevators.

Inside the empty elevator, once the door closes and he’s punched the button for his floor, Steve steps behind me and presses himself against my back. My first reaction is to step away, but it feels good to have his stiffening cock pressed against my buns, and then he starts planting soft kisses on my neck. Shivers run down my spine. I close my eyes and moan softly.

Steve nibbles on an earlobe and murmurs into my ear, “Like it?”

I feel a bit shy, but it feels so good to have his cock pressed against my ass and his soft lips on my neck that I can’t help wiggling my ass against his stiff pole. The elevator door dings and opens, and Steve puts an arm around my waist and walks me the few steps to his room. It feels surreal and yet somehow completely natural to have this stranger’s arm around me.

He slides the keycard into the slot, and then we’re inside a nice hotel room, with marble floors and tasteful, understated furnishings. The door clicks shut, and Steve turns and touches my face, his hand slowly stroking my cheek, then sliding across my lips.

I shouldn’t let this stranger I met in a bar do this to me. How did he talk me into coming to his room? I should leave …

But my pussy has other ideas. My panties are soaked by now, and I feel a wave of lust sweep through my insides as the finger Steve is running across my lips stops and presses in, inviting me to open for him. I part my lips, and his finger slowly pushes into my mouth. “Suck on it,” Steve says. “Lick it.” I do so, dazed that I’m letting someone I barely know do such an intimate thing to my mouth, and getting turned on despite myself by the promise implied by this act.

Steve pulls his finger out, then swiftly leans in and replaces it with escort fethiye his tongue. I let him press his body into mine as his tongue thrusts deep into my waiting mouth, and I give in to the moment, knowing now what else he wants to put in my mouth, and wanting it. Steve takes me in his arms and walks me backward, kissing me passionately all the while. The backs of my legs hit the bed, and Steve releases me so that I fall backward and down. I catch my fall, and suddenly I’m sitting on the edge of the bed with his tented pants inches from my lips.

“You want to please me,” Steve says. It is not a question. I lick my lips nervously, and realize as I’m doing it what that implies. Steve unzips his slacks and takes his hard cock out. It is almost touching my lips. I look up into his eyes, and he scoots a little closer so his dick touches my lips, lubricating them with his precum. “Lick the tip,” he says, and I hesitantly stick my tongue out and lick his piss slit. He groans, and shoves the cockhead between my waiting lips. Oh god, it feels so good to have this silky hot flesh enter my mouth. I run my tongue along the underside, marveling at the texture, and Steve breathes faster and says, “Take it. Take it deep in your cunt mouth.” Startled by the dirty sexy words, I look into his eyes as he pushes his hard shaft deeper and deeper. I try not to gag. “Relax your throat, my sexy little bitch. Take my shaft all the way down. Oh, that’s a good girl. Look at you blush, you tart. Do you like having your man’s cockhead shoved deep inside your slutty mouth?”

And god help me, I nod my head yes. Yes, I am his slutty little cocksucker, and I’m loving it, having his dick in my mouth. I can’t believe I’m letting him do this dirty exciting thing to my mouth, and talk so boldly to me, but I need this. I need a man tonight. My throat relaxes, and he’s all the way in, his balls touching my chin and his musky pubic hair nestled again my nose.

Steve puts his hands on the back of my head, and now he’s fucking my face, shoving his cock in and out of my mouth, faster and faster. I feel a little moment of panic mixed with thrill, wondering if he’s planning to cum in my mouth, and then he pulls out. I gasp for air, my breathing rapid with desire.

Steve kneels and lifts my dress, exposing my soaking panties. “Lift your slutty, sexy hips,” he says. I pause, and he slaps the side of my ass. “Lift up, I said.”

I comply, and he slides my panties off and tosses them aside. My clit is tingling, and in one quick move he kneels and gives it a lick. “Aaaah,” I say, and his tongue is slithering over my cunt lips and then circling my clit, teasing it. “Ohmygod, don’t stop.” I close my eyes in ecstasy, and suddenly I feel a coolness between my cheeks.

I open my eyes, startled, as his moistened finger slides down my crack and starts to circle my puckered hole. “What the –” I start to say, but then his finger is touching my puckered hole. I should slap him for touching me in such a private spot, or stand up and leave, but it feels so dirty and erotic having him touch me there while his lips start kissing up my flat belly. Soon he’s squeezing a breast, his tongue circling my hard nipple. He’s inserted his index finger into my wet pussy and is slowly fingerfucking it, while his middle finger circles my rosebud in rhythm with the tongue circling my nipple. “Oh,” I say. “Don’t stop. Oh, please, lick my pussy again.” I close my eyes, my head buzzing from all the wine, and I gasp fethiye escort bayan with pleasure as Steve’s tongue slides back down my tummy and starts licking my clit.

I open my eyes and Steve is staring at me while licking me, and I can’t help it, my hips rise up to fuck his face. When my hips drop back down the tip of his finger gets pushed inside my ass. It hurts a bit, and I grunt.

“Sorry,” he says, and slips his finger back out. I can feel my orgasm building. I clutch the hair on the back of his head and push his face into my bucking hips. His tongue keeps touching my sensitive clit, and I moan, “Oh god, I’m cumming. Aaaahh. AAAH.”

I thrash my hips around, riding the wave, and then it subsides and I lie there on the bed, panting for air. Steve climbs on top of me, and I part my legs for him. His hard cock is touching my pussy lips while I stare at the handsome face of the man who has given me such pleasure. He leans forward and kisses me. Our tongues slide together, and I can taste my own pussy juices. Steve’s prick is sliding up and down my wet pussy lips, begging for permission to enter. He breaks our kiss and says, “I want to fuck you. But you’re such a good girl, like you said in the bar. I wouldn’t want to sully the honor of such a virtuous girl.” He grins at me.

My face is on fire from blushing, but I want it, I want him inside me, so I nod my head. “Yes. You can.”

“Say it,” he demands. “Or I’ll leave. Say what you want me to do to you.”

“I want you inside me.”

“Not like that. Say it like the nasty, sexy woman you are.”

“Oh, please. Please fuck me. Fuck my pussy.”

“That’s better.” Steve’s mouth descends back onto mine, and as our tongues dance and dart together, he pulls my legs up with his strong arms. My legs are over his shoulders, and I’m helpless to stop him even if I wanted to, and I can’t believe I’m letting a man I’ve only known for an hour do this to me. But it want it. I want him. “Look in my eyes,” he says. “I want to see your startled look as my cock enters your tight little pussy.” He slides inside my sopping wet cunt, and I gasp with pleasure. “Take my cockhead inside. Oh, oh, there. Aaaaah.”

He’s all the way inside me, his balls touching my ass cheeks, our pubic hair mingling. “You like my dick buried in your sweet pussy?”

I nod. “Oh, god yes.”

He start to slowly fuck me, in and out. “You ready to get fucked hard? Tell me you love it. Tell me you want to be my dirty little bitch.”

I stare into his excited eyes. “I love being your dirty bitch. Fuck my pussy. Fuck it with your hard cock.”

Steve moans, and starts to slowly pick up the pace, until he’s fucking me as hard and fast as he can. It’s feeling good, I can feel a post-orgasm tingle building, and so I push my hips up to help him fuck me. He’s panting and sweating and fucking me fast and furious now, and he slaps the side of my ass and calls me his sweet little bitch, tells me he loves fucking my cunt.

“Say it,” he demands. “What are you?”

“I’m your slutty little whore,” I admit.

And that sets Steve off, and he thrusts deep into me. “I’m cumming. Take it, my sweet bitch. Take it. Aaaargh!” He pumps a few more times and then collapses on me, gasping for breath.

I lay there with this lovely stranger lying on top of me, his cock buried deep inside my pussy, his cum inside me, and I can’t believe it.

I can’t believe I love being fucked by someone I just met.


We cuddle together afterward, whispering about how good it was, and then Steve falls asleep, spooned up to my back. I lay drowsily in his arms, his cum still inside me, and wonder what will happen in the morning.

I love rebound sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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