My Muse

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Here is my latest attempt, it was fun to write, but more exciting to share with My Muse, you know who you are :). Your votes and comments are more than welcome


Entering the house, I immediately noticed the silence. Setting my briefcase next to the counter, I started moving through the house, looking for Angie. Her car was in the garage, so she has to be nearby, I thought to myself as I looked out the kitchen window into the backyard to see if she was in the garden.

It was her normal routine to greet me, to press her body to mine and kiss me softly on the lips and tell me she loved me. You would think that after the years we had together that it would become mundane, but the truth of it was, I cherished her greeting, I looked forward to feeling her sexy body pressing to mine, the softness of her lips caressing my mouth, the scent of her perfume gently filling my nostrils with her scent.

As I turned from the window, I moved through the living room toward our bedroom, at least I can get comfortable and then get a glass of wine ready when she returns.

Opening the bedroom door was like sensory overload, music was playing so softly that it wouldn’t be noticed just outside the door, and there, with her foot raised over the arm of a chair, her foot encased in beige pumps and her body molded into a dark floral dress stood the light of my day, a small teasing smile playing innocently across her lips.

“Hi,” she whispered shyly, which still amazed me after all the time we’d been together, just the soft cadence of her voice could make my body react violently.


It was all I could say, she was a vision, I felt my mouth go dry at the sight of her standing there.

“Baby?” she asked, the look in her eyes telling me that she knew exactly the affect she was having.

“I was taking pictures for you and thought maybe you would like the ‘live show’.”

I don’t know how I got there, I don’t remember moving at all, but the next thing I knew I was standing behind her, my arms circling her waist and my face was moving to the side of her neck, kissing it gently, my nose moving her hair to the side, exposing her beautiful soft skin to my mouth.

Her flesh was so warm as I tasted it for the first time, my right hand moving out to caress the knee that was still positioned over the arm of the chair, my fingers moving in light little circles along the inside of her thigh, barely touching her skin, moving up to the hem of her dress before gliding over the top of her leg and sliding back down to her knee on the other side.

“Don’t move,” I husked into her ear, the desire evident in my voice as I traced the tip of my tongue along her hairline, kissing her warm flesh, tasting her, inhaling her essence.

A soft moan escaped her lips as my fingers started their journey back up the inside of her leg, teasing, touching, sliding ever so slowly under her dress.

“Go higher baby,” she whispered as my teeth grazed the side of her neck, nipping at her perfect flesh gently.

My other hand moved up her torso, sliding along the underside of her perfect breast, “I’m going to taste every square inch of your body before I leave this room,” I whispered in her ear.

Her breath seemed to catch in her throat at my statement before a soft moan escaped her lips.

I circled my fingers around the slope of her breast, smiling to myself when I realized she had done this without a bra.

Flattening out my hand, I grazed it over her breast, the palm of my hand just barely touching the material covering her skin, her nipple reached out to touch my hand in desperation, stretching to meet me, I could feel it’s heat, it’s vibrancy through her dress, as I slowly cupped her flesh.

I allowed my hand to slide lower, putting her distended nipple between my thumb and forefinger, pinching it gently, pulling on it, turning it as my other hand moved up the inside of her thigh those last few inches to where it would meet her core.

Her breathing was heavier now as my fingers met the band of her panties, a soft silk pulled taunt by her upraised leg. I slid my fingers along the leg band as my other hand continued it’s manipulation of her nipple and my lips began to suck gently on her earlobe.

“Baby, can I take my dress of now?” She whispered, “You could undo the zipper and I could just let it slide off my body, your body, the body that belongs completely to you.”

The thought of her naked skin exposed to me was all I needed to release her enough to allow me access to her zipper. I slid it down her back, taking my time so that I could enjoy the view of every inch of her skin being exposed. It was like it was the first time that I had seen her; I would never grow tired of undressing my lover.

In keeping with the mood, she slowly lowered her leg from the chair and allowed the dress to slide off her body to pool on the floor, her black silk bikini panties now the only thing left on her elegant frame.

She turned to me, trabzon escort looking me in the eye, made possible only by the fact that she was in heels, her arms sliding up the outside of my arms over the material of my dress shirt. Continuing her journey, she traced the tip of her fingers across the top of my shoulders, following my neck up to my jaw line and down to the center of my chin, before once again sliding down over my throat to the top of my shirt, her fingers working to release the buttons.

As she finished, she moved to slide it off my body before I stopped her by pulling her to me, pressing my lips to her mouth, my tongue teasing between her lips, “My Angie” I whispered into her mouth as my fingers teased in little circles, along her lower back teasing, tracing along the band of her panties as I moved her to the bed, laying her back slowly onto the mattress.

Bending, I kissed the inside of one knee, my hands moving slowly up her side, her body wiggling in reaction to my light touch, “It tickles,” she whispered, before moaning at the touch of my lips to her flesh.

I kissed my way lovingly up the inside of her thigh, her legs parting to give me more access, the dark spot in the middle of the satin of her panties telling me all I needed to know about her desire.

As I reached the top of her thigh, I allowed the tip of my tongue to follow the same path that my fingers had taken earlier along the leg band of her covering.

“Baby, pleaseeeeeeeee,” she moaned, her pelvis arching slightly off the bed, pushing toward my lips.

“Move it aside princess,” I whispered in return and watched as her perfectly manicured finger reached down to pull the material to the side, exposing her glistening hairless pussy to my eyes. Her lips swollen in need, it was almost like I could see her clit pulsing with desire as I moved back in slowly, the tip of my tongue once again setting the pace, by teasing along her swollen vulva, tasting her nectar, the ultimate aphrodisiac for me.

Moving higher, I circled her clit with my tongue and allowed my hands to move back to her breasts, my fingers mimicking my tongue in a light dance around her swollen nipples, her body starting to twitch in response to my teasing, “Please baby, oh god, please..”

I could feel her body starting to tense in the beginning spasms of an orgasm and I reacted, closing my lips over her clit, I began to feverishly massage it with my tongue. At the same time my fingers clamped over her swollen nipples and twisted them not too gently in opposite directions, causing her whole body to lock up, her pelvis thrust into my face, her legs locking over my ears as a tiny scream escaped her lips, her body obeying that primal urge for release.

Her body slowly relaxed and I lovingly kissed my way up over her stomach, teasing her navel with my tongue before sliding it up the valley between her breasts and over her throat, nipping gently at her chin.

“Are you ready for more princess?” I asked, smiling down at her.

I looked down into her smokie eyes, the lust and love intermingling in her gaze as I bent to kiss her lips for the first time. Her hand opened up my shirt to bring my naked chest in contact with her svelte skin.

Her soft moan told me that she loved the mixture of her essence on my lips as our tongues dueled playfully.

My hand again trailed softly up the inside of her thigh teasing toward her wet pussy, teasing along her swollen lips, her hand reaching down to undo my belt and release the catch on my pants.

I backed off to look down at her, the smile on her lips bringing a light to her eyes, the sparkle telling me that she was very much in favor of what we were doing.

“You’re overdressed baby,” she teased, her nails trailing down the middle of my chest and circling my nipple, before sliding her hand up behind my neck and pulling me in for another soft kiss.

I pulled away again, “Let me get comfortable princess,” I whispered as I pushed off the bed and removed my clothes slowly; Angie’s eyes never leaving mine as she trailed her fingers over her chest and down to her breasts, circling her nipples.

I smiled at her as I went to my dresser, “Close your eyes princess.”

Grinning, she closed her eyes, her hands continuing to move over her flesh, “Baby, I want you back,” she sang softly.

I removed the items from my dresser that I had gone for and moved back to the bed, “Turn over Angie,” I instructed, guiding her gently with my hand.

When she was on her stomach, I moved up on the bed and placed the black silk scarf over her eyes, “I want you to ‘see’ what I’m doing to you differently baby. You will have to trust your other senses to tell you what is happening.”

A shiver ran down her body and I could see little bumps arise on her flesh, whether from excitement or trepidation, I couldn’t tell.

I gently guided her up the bed and placed her head on her pillow and placed her hands over her head, crossed at the wrist, trabzon escort bayan “You are not allowed to move your hands pet,” I instructed her.

I moved off the bed again and just looked down at my beautiful lady love laid out before me, her panties still in place, although showing the signs of her arousal, and her cream colored pumps still on her delicate feet.

I bent forward and kissed her soft pouty lips again, marveling at the taste of her nether lips mingling with her natural scent, it was intoxicating.

My fingers once again slid slowly over her abdomen and around her breasts, “If you’re a really good girl, I have a present for you later,” I told her as I bit her earlobe gently, the moan from her mouth telling me that she liked the attention.

“Are you ready pet? Ready to let your body be completely explored?” I asked as I placed baby kisses all along her neck.

Again her moan was all I got in response to my question.

I stood back to gaze upon your lovely frame again, drinking it in, amazed at her beauty, entranced by her loveliness.

Her arms still crossed at the wrist over her head, her beautiful hair fanned out across the pillow, lips slightly parted as if expecting me to kiss her at any moment, maybe even hoping that is about to happen. Her elegant throat, the lines perfect and unmarred leading down to her chest, a complete work of art that any Master would long to paint.

The slope of her breasts called to me, stirring a hunger in me to touch them, to taste them but I steeled myself and continued my visual journey of perfection as I gazed at the swollen nipples straining toward the ceiling, rising and falling with each breath.

I wanted so desperately to run my fingers over her flat tummy and across the waist band of her panties, to feel the warm flesh with their tips, but this was not for me, this was all about my princess.

Her legs are slightly parted, smooth and flawless right down to her sexy heels that still remained on her perfect little feet.

I watched as she strained to hear, wondering where I am, what I’m doing, her body starting to move slightly in nervous anticipation of what is to come.

“Baby?” she whisper, even now unwilling to break the spell with her voice.

Leaning over the pillow, I saw her relax as she felt my presence, “It’s ok princess, I’m right here. I’m going to uncover your beautiful feet baby, I don’t want you to move an inch, do you understand?”

“Mmph” Angie moaned as she heard the heat and longing in my voice, “Yes sir.”

I reached over her head and traced my fingertips lightly down across the soft skin on the underside of her arm, teasing along the forearm and around her elbow before sliding gently over her upper arm to the armpit, teasing it with tiny circles, my eyes locked on her, looking for any reaction, seeing the strain to obey the command not to move.

Bending over again, I teased her pit with the tip of my tongue, unable to resist the temptation to taste her just a little.

Righting myself, I continued my digital exploration of her hot flesh, sliding down over her side, across the slope of her breast, my fingers spread to glide past the distended nipple without touching it, before gliding over the torso and past the wet panties along the inside of your thigh.

“Your body is so hot princess,” I whispered, “I want to take the time to explore every inch of you, to feel you surrender completely to me, are you willing to do that pet? Are you willing to give yourself completely over to me?”

I didn’t wait for an answer as I reached for her ankle and slowly undid the buckle on her shoe, slowly sliding it off one of her sexy feet, my hand gently cupping her heel and lifting the leg from the bed as I bent and kissed the tip of each toe, “I love everything about your body lover.”

I moved over and repeated the motion on the other foot, freeing it so that all that stood between me and her body was a moist pair of black silk bikini panties.

I stepped over to the dresser and picked up my digital camera and slowly start to capture the image of perfection that was before me.

Blinded by the scarf covering her eyes, all she could do was hear the click of the button as I immortalized this moment, her body reacting as it recognized the familiar sound of the camera.

“No one will ever see these photos princess, they belong to my private collection,” I told her as I moved around the room continuing to log the evidence of sexiness, reaching in to slide the band of her panties aside to expose her wet swollen pussy lips, but being careful to not allow my fingers to touch the exposed skin.

“Maybe I’ll set this to record baby and slide your soft, delicate lips over my hard cock, would you like to watch that? Would you like to see a video of your hot little mouth swallowing my dick?”

There comes a time when teasing must come to an end and action is required. Looking through the lens of my camera and seeing that escort trabzon hot body laying there like a sacrifice to the gods, brought me to the point where I was tired of playing, I wanted to feel her, to use her body.

Setting the camera aside, I moved to the bottom of the bed and placed my hands under her knees and pulled her lower, “Leave your hands above your head Angie, don’t fucking move,” I directed as I reached up to grip her panties, the scent of her wet snatch filling the room, causing my nostrils to flare with desire. I felt like an animal, a beast!

Tightening my grip on the fragile band on her hips I ripped the panties from her sexy frame, fully exposing her swollen slit to my view. Taking a deep breath I took a step back long enough to shed my clothes, my eyes never leaving her body.

Pushing her legs up so that her heels were resting on the end of the bed, I begin to kiss and nip my way down the inside of her thigh, tasting the skin, inhaling the scent, everything else around me was out of focus, all I wanted was to taste her, to have her.

I felt her ass lifting off the mattress as I got closer to her center, her pussy lips so wet that they were making little noises as they pulled apart, I could hear her juices, I could smell them, it made my mouth water, the thought of running my tongue through that gash and gathering her cum into my mouth.

As my lips reached her apex, I forced myself to back off and do the same thing to the other leg, my free hand sliding up and down the inside of the thigh I’d just fed upon, teasing it lightly with my fingertips. I must concentrate, I wanted this to be soft, I wanted this to be gentle, but my baser nature wanted to take, to grip, to mark her flesh, it was so fucking hot, her laying before me like a sacrificial virgin, her hands immobile over her head and her breasts heaving as her breathing quickens.

Moving closer and closer to her wet pussy, I could feel the heat of her core, she was so wet, so fucking wet for me, her lips so swollen with desire. As I got closer, I knew that this time I wouldn’t hold back, the time of preparation was past and I must have her pussy in my mouth again.

I ran the tip of my tongue between her pussy lip and thigh, loving the heat that she was generating, my thumb sliding along the ridge of her other lip ever so lightly, it’s like I have no idea what would please her right now, but I’m beyond asking, this is a time for action, a time to make her squirm, to beg, to cum.

I closed my lips over one of her cunt lips, sucking on it, nipping it gently between my teeth as my thumb moved into the valley between her legs and gathered her nectar, before moving up to rub it across her mouth, her soft lips parting to suck it clean, a low sexy moan escaping, as I move my mouth off of your pussy and ran my tongue from the bottom of her gash to the top, taking a moment to circle and suck on her hard little button before moving back down through her pussy, all the way to that tight little asshole, my tongue circling it, “Wouldn’t you love for our viewers to see you now Ange? To see your ass lifting off the bed and pressing into my face while I take ownership of every part of your sexy frame with my mouth?”

“I want you to cum for me pet, I want to feel your juices as they flood my mouth, I want to drink deeply of your pussy Angie, give me all you’ve got lover.”

I felt possessed, hungry beyond being sated. All I could think of was to bring her pleasure, to feel her body responding to my every touch. To hear her as she came over and over for me.

Standing I pressed my hard cock between our bodies as I bent forward to kiss her beautiful mouth, feeling her lips surrender to me, our tongues dueling as her pelvis ground against my hard cock.

I growled softly into her mouth and heard her whimper in return as she strained to keep her hands in place. I could feel the tension in her body as she struggled with what would be a natural reaction for her.

I reached forward to slide the blindfold back from her eyes, locking gazes with her, seeing my hunger mirrored in her look as I moved my lower body back and pressed the velvet head of my cock against her opening, pressing it forward gently, “Is this what you want Angie?” I smiled down at her before kissing her mouth softly one more time.

Not getting a response, I pulled the blindfold back down over her eyes, seeing a moment of questioning before those beautiful orbs were covered. “You won’t answer me, you get what you get love.”

Removing the head of my cock from her opening I felt her move her body down as her legs tried to trap me against her, “Oh no you don’t, you asked for this little girl.”

Dropping slowly to my knees I began nibbling on the inside of her thigh, beginning to tease her body all over again, “Somebody either likes to be teased or needs to learn to answer a question when she’s asked, don’t you think?”

I hear her breathing change as I get closer to her wetness.

“I don’t know what you mean,” she teased, a slight giggle in her voice as she tried to move closer to my mouth.

Leaning back, I swatted the inside of her thigh, “Stay still!”

“Make me,” I heard from the bed, her voice challenging me, the laughter still in her words.

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