A New Day Dawns

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This is a one shot sex fic. If I get enough feedback, I may write a sequal about Dawn and Michael’s life together, but I don’t intend to make this a chapter series like my other works. This is a one shot, intense, sex fic. I hope you enjoy it. Please, take the time to vote and leave feedback. I love every bit of it.

His cock pounded into me, harder and harder every time, my cries of pleasure growing stronger and stronger…

Oh I’m sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself.

My name is Dawn. Dawn… well, for all intents and purposes, its probably best that my last name stays a secret. I don’t want a whole bunch of reporters coming to my door and asking me how it feels to be in love with my brother. Yes, my brother. You heard me right. I’m deeply, passionately in love with my brother. And not just the occasional peck on the cheek love. The kind where I want to love him forever, grow old by his side, have his children, and fix his dinner every night. Oops, there I go again, getting ahead of myself.

So, my name is Dawn. You know that already. Here’s what you don’t know. I’m 18, and I just graduated from high school. I wasn’t a blond, preppy cheerleader. I also wasn’t one of the emo’s that thinks everything in the world is related to death and violence. I was one of those girls. You know, there’s one in every class, although sometimes they’re male. The ones that sit in the back and wear army pants and tank tops and dog tags. Not because they’re army crazy. But because they like the look. And besides, those fatigues can be comfy. So yea, I’m one of those. I dyed my stubborn brown hair a natural red, and wore baggy camo pants, black spaghetti strap tank tops to school, and big boots. Instead of a backpack, I had a huge army green book bag slung across my chest that bumped against my thigh when I walked. My short red hair was usually wild and unruly, and while for some reason I actually wore makeup, it was usually just black eyeliner… not goth mind you, just simple highlights… and maybe some lip gloss and concealer. I cared about my appearance, don’t get me wrong, but I wasn’t trying to win homecoming queen.

I had friends at school. Weird ones, but friends. We went out every once in awhile, at which locations I always was the one that drove them home, or sat in the bathroom with the one that was puking. I never drank, or smoked, I just didn’t see the appeal, and I didn’t want to pollute my body with such a worthless pastime. Well, I didn’t. Until that one night.

It started out like any other party. My friends decided to go, even though it was a “popular” kids party. My best friend, Nickie, was dating a preppy boy, so she’d been invited, and she was dragging along me and my other good friend, a gay boy named Randy. Randy was my confidant, and really truly my best friend. He could be a jerk sometimes, and sometimes even got really annoying, but he understood me and understood that I needed to make decisions on my own, so he never tried to influence me in any way. I appreciated that. Tonight, of all nights, I appreciated it. As soon as I got in the car with him and Nickie, she started on me.

“Oh my god Dawn! I cannot believe you’re wearing those AWFUL baggy pants. Couldn’t you have put on a skirt or something? Most of the time I like your style of dress, its… unique, but ever since I met Roger at that party, I like my friends to fit in at least a little bit and you look AWFUL. Honestly.” She shook her head and turned back towards the front. Randy, who was driving, mouthed “Sellout” at me, and I had to hold in my giggles.

We got to the party, and I got out of the car, feeling almost self conscious as I saw all the pretty, preppy blond girls in their cute little skirts and heels, laughing and fawning all over the football stars. I shrugged, squared my bare shoulders, and headed up towards the house. Randy stuck by my side, I can tell you that… until he saw an old friend of his from a school he’d gone to before our high school. Then, I was on my own… in a house full of people that just stared at me like I was a freak because I didn’t have enough skin showing. I was just grabbing a cupful of chips to take outside with me where I could sulk in peace, when a smooth voice sounded behind me.

“Hey Dawn… do you remember me by any chance?” I turned. Wow. This I wasn’t expecting. Before me stood the most glorious hunk of man I’d ever seen. Terry, the High school football captain, and official school hottie. That blond hair and green eyes had been the squealing material of the entire cheerleader squad, and even a few of my own group of friends fantasied about him. I knew him to be a player, a womanizer, and an all around jerk. So why the hell was he talking to me?

“You’re Terry. We have advanced chem together. halkalı escort You borrowed a pencil once.”

“Wow, you do remember me. Thats cool. Listen, would you want to do something after this party by any chance?” I practically snorted on a Cheeto at that thought.

“Terry, are you so drunk you think I’m Nancy? You know, the cheerleader captain? You’re girlfriend?” Terry shook his head and a sad look appeared in his eyes.

“Nance and I… broke up a few nights back. Irreconcilable differences. She was cheating on me with Mark.” There’s high school drama for you. Terry is with Nancy, who is cheating on him with Mark, who is Terry’s good friend. Happens all the time.

“I’m sorry Terry, I’m not looking to be someones fall-back, especially not to a womanizer like you.” I turned, complimenting myself on my control while under the assault of those beautiful green eyes, when he spoke again.

“But Dawn I… I just… I’m so sick of this bullshit. I want something different….You. You’re different. I’ve watched you. You’re beautiful, and you don’t take crap from anyone. I respect that.” I did. I fell for it. Hook, line and sinker. You know, as much as those lines are used, you think I would have realized they’re crap by now… after all, any idiot that wants to get into my pants uses them. But for some reason ( I swear to god it was the green eyes that did it), I thought this time was different. I let him take my hand, let him plant a gentle kiss on the back, I let him get me a drink while still holding my hand… I even drank it. I’d never drank before. I didn’t know what it was. I did know it tasted awful. But that godly beautiful man had given it to me, and by god, I was going to drink it. So I did. About ten minutes later, I started feeling… free. Thats a good word to describe it. I felt like laughing. Why the hell did people think drinking was bad? I wanted to do it forever, if it made me feel this good. I wanted to pet kittens, and drink in rainbows. Terry held my hand and once I’d had a good 20 minutes for the effects to settle in, he led me outside into the light rain that was falling. I figured we were going to his car to go to a movie or something on our first date, but I really didn’t care… most of my attention was focused on trying to walk straight.

When we went into the alley with the trashcans, I was a little confused, but my mind was already so messed up at that point that I really didn’t care, I just giggled and followed him. Even when he pushed me up against the wall and started roughly pushing his tongue into my mouth I didn’t care, I just let him do it… for a few minutes. Some part of my brain struggled to get out, and yelled at me to stop… so I did. I pushed him away and started walking towards the alley entrance. In my foggy state, I never heard him yell, or felt him touch me until my body hit the pavement, his weight on top of me. I couldn’t even comprehend why the additional voices of 2 more members of the football team joined him, even though I could hear what they were saying.

“Geeze, you are good, I can’t believe you got her drunk and out here.”

“Totally man. I used the old “I want to change” shit. She totally fell for it, the dumb bitch. Sucks that its wet though.” Laughter followed, and I felt hands groping at my breasts and my pants, and my clothes began to be removed. I tried to fight, but I couldn’t… I could barely control my arms. When a surprised voice yelled out and the sound of bones breaking sounded, and cries of pain echoed through the alley, I had no idea what was going on. I coughed and choked, raising my head and peering through the rain. Randy was leaning over me, brushing my hair away from my face and pulling my clothes over my body, as a large figure finished beating Terry’s face in. The big figure bent down and scooped me up, and with a cry of relief, I buried my head in his shoulder.


Michael would make everything better. My big brother had been watching out for me since day one. He stood up for me against my parents, the principal, anything. If I got called to the front office at school, he’d leave class and get a detention just to come with me. He was 4 years older than me, and had graduated when I was in 9th grade, but he’d still watched over me until he’d gone into army training for a few years. He was supposed to come home today on leave, and boy, was I glad he had. Randy was talking excitedly in the background.

“When I saw him give her that drink I knew something was up. Boy, I’m glad you were home when I called there, I was expecting her dad and he can be pretty fierce no offense but I’m glad you could get over here in time I don’t know what I would have taksim escort done.” Randy finally ran out of breath, and I heard Michael’s voice sound. Funny, when he spoke with my head against his chest like this, I could hear an almost lion like rumble in his chest.

“Its fine Randy. You did good. I’ll take her home. You can tell Terry when he manages to wake up from his concussion that if he EVER touches my sister again I’ll fucking kill him.” Michael would fix everything. The thought sounded again. My big brother Michael.

Michael was a whopping 6’3″, and that was in his bare feet. He was a big, hulky guy, never fat, but perfectly toned. Most of the girls in my school considered him a god, even though he’d refused to play football, much to the regret of the football coach, who followed him around like a puppy offering him anything he wanted if he’d join. Michael always just smiled and patted the coach on the head and refused. Michael didn’t play football. It was beneath him. He wasn’t snotty. He just didn’t see the point in the game. Hockey, he liked. Basketball, he liked. To a degree. But he really just generally wasn’t a sports person. About three months after he graduated, he’d gone into the army, where he did famously. We barely saw him anymore, and I missed my protector, but Michael had come into my room the day before he left and dumped a puppy on my lap.

“Here. His name’s Wolf. He’s going to grow up and take care of you while I’m gone.” Then he’d left. That was Michael’s way. That puppy had grown up into a humongous 130 lb wolf while he was gone, and I wasn’t afraid of taking walks by myself anymore, not that I had been in the first place. If only I’d brought him to the party… but Michael had saved me.

By this time, Michael had gotten me into the car, and we were driving home. I remember halfway there I leaned out the car door and threw up, my throat practically being torn out by my retching.

“Thats good honey, get it out of your system. Here.” Michael reached into the glove compartment of his truck and grabbed a water bottle and a packet of mints.

“Drink, and eat.” I obeyed without question, and immediately felt better, most of the alcohol’s effects were beginning to wane. I could make out my brother’s features now, his dark, wavy black hair that was shaved close to his head now, and his blue eyes fastened on the road ahead.

“You’re lucky I was there tonight kid.” He said shortly. I could tell he was mad. Not at me. Never at me. But at the bastards that had tried to rape me. He was gripping the steering wheel so hard there were finger marks all over it. I reached over slowly and laid a hand on his arm gently.

“I’m alright Michael. Trust me, I’m alright.” He managed a smile for me as we pulled up in front of my house.

“You’re also lucky that the folks are visiting Grams for the weekend. Otherwise you’d be in deep shit honey.” He got out of the car, and went around to my side. Despite my feeble attempts to insist on walking myself, he scooped me out of the car and carried me up the walk an into the house. Once inside, he set me down for a moment, still keeping an arm around my waist, while he turned on the light and put his keys down. I chose this moment to almost fall over, and he grabbed for me, crushing me against this chest. Both of us paused for a moment, and I took the time to really look at his face up close.

Michael wasn’t godly like Terry. He was just Michael. Big, tough, and the most wonderful human being on earth… with stunningly blue eyes. He’d gotten a tan from working in the sun on the base he’d been assigned to in sunny Florida, and his eyes stood out even more now. Holy shit he looked good. He was giving me the same assessment, and still holding me close, spoke softly.

“When… when did you grow up, midget?”

“Last year.” I half joked, still staring into those intense blue eyes. Michael laughed slightly, and his hand came up to brush at my hair. Wow. I should NOT be having these thoughts about my brother… my brother whose huge chest I was currently pressed against. My brother whose breath I could feel warming my own lips. My brother whom I loved more than anything in the world, and my brother whose hard length I could feel pressing into the apex of my thighs.

“I love you, Michael.” I said without thinking. Michael, whose grip on me had tightened and whose breath had suddenly grown hoarse, drew in a shuddering breath.

“I love you too, Dawn.” He said softly, his breath brushing against my lips almost sensually. Without thinking again, I spoke.

“Kiss me, Michael.”

“Dawn… this is the liquor talking. You don’t want me too. You’d hate me if I did, even if I do damned want too.” I slid my arms around şişli escort his neck slowly.

“The alcohol wore off long ago.” I said softly, before moving my lips up against his. The moment my lips met his, something inside him snapped. One hand moved up and grabbed the back of my neck, and the other pulled my waist even closer against him. His tongue dived into my mouth, sweeping across my own tongue and across the roof of my mouth. His hand on my back ran over my ass, grabbing and squeezing gently, and he moved me back so my back was pressing against the foyer wall. I met his tongue with mine, and even boldly shoved my tongue into his mouth to do my own exploring.

I’d made out before, but never this intense, and certainly not with someone I loved. Michael’s rough breathing got even rougher, and he reached down and grabbed my legs, pulling them up and around his waist as he shoved my back into the wall. His tongue slid down my neck, as he made a groaning noise and ground his pelvis into mine. I moaned and my mouth latched onto the side of his neck, as I suckled like a newborn. Michael growled like an animal and picked me up completely, my legs still around his waist, and strode towards the stairs. I bit and licked at his neck the entire time, giving him little pecks on the mouth every once in awhile as well.

Once up the stairs, Michael headed directly for our parents room… exactly what I’d had in mind. That huge bed. I should not be having these thoughts. Michael strode into the room and dumped me unceremoniously on the bed, then proceeded to climb on top of me and resume his complete oral mastery of my mouth. I moaned under his relentless tongue and bucked my hips against him, which created a few groans of his own. He used one hand to hold my hip down, and caressed my face with the other as he pulled back for a moment.

“Dawn… dawn we really shouldn’t.” He gasped, his hungry eyes skimming over my form.

“Michael, shut up.” I said, before pulling his mouth against mine again. He grunted, and pulled my shirt off roughly, his mouth descending to my breast instantly. Thank god I didn’t wear a bra. His mouth found my nipple and his lips latched on, and he suckled and flicked his tongue at it over and over until he had me in a panting, sweaty frenzy… and then he switched to the other one. By the time he was done I was babbling for him to fuck me, and he was only too happy to comply. He pulled my baggy pants off, and at the sight of my camo colored thong, another hungry groan tore from his throat and he almost ripped them from my legs. He sat up for a moment and lifted his shirt up over his head, his dog tags jingling as they hit his chest. I sat up and latched onto his chest, licking and suckling at his nipples and his collarbone.

He reached down and managed to get his own pants off, then he shoved me backwards onto the bed and climbed on top of me again, rubbing his body against me roughly. Hungrily he tongued me, making little moaning noises. He reached down and shoved a finger inside me. I sucked in a breath and cried out softly, especially when he inserted yet another finger inside of me. His fingers pumped in and out of my pussy for a few moments, then he grew tired of it and brought them up to his mouth, licking them off of my creamy juices which flowed so readily at his touch. He reached down and lined himself up with my little pink entrance, which so readily awaited him. With one thrust he buried himself balls deep inside my opening. I screamed in pain and pleasure and grabbed on to him tightly. Now, I was a virgin, but I didn’t have the usual barrier… that had been broken in a fall from a tree when I was 10, so while his larger than normal cock stretched me painfully, it didn’t hurt half as much as it should have. I nibbled on Michaels ear as he paused for a moment, and whispered

“You’re my first.” This announcement seemed to come as a surprise, as it should considering he hadn’t felt himself break through anything, and it also drove him wild. He pulled out and buried himself inside of me again in one thrust, then repeated the gesture. This was fucking, plain and simple. He pulled out, and slammed in, each time giving me a wave of pleasure I’d never felt. I gasped and moaned every time he impaled me, and my mouth was continually open in a pleasure induced state.

I slowly felt myself climbing towards something I hadn’t experienced before, and I screamed once more in pleasure as I felt myself reach my climax for the first time. My hips bucked and my pussy clenched around him spasmodically. This seemed to drive his already stretched control over the edge and he pumped into me, and then with a loud groan, he spilled himself inside of me, his entire body going rigid. I panted against his shoulder. He lay on top of me for a few moments, then with a moan, he slowly pulled himself up and off of me to lie next to me on the drenched sheets. I cuddled up against his chest and he wrapped a warm, protective arm around me.

“I love you Michael.” I said softly, nuzzling my head against his chin.

“I love you too, Dawn.”

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