A New Chapter Begins Pt. 02

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My wife and I continued to see Doctor Stern in the months that followed. We learned how shifting our power dynamic can help her to cope with the childhood sexual trauma that had colored our sex life since we met. I had not even been aware of our dynamic until we explored it with Dr. Stern. She helped us to create a space where my wife was in control and felt safe enough to begin to truly express herself, her wants and desires.

One of the exercises that we had implemented went like this: My wife would have me kneel in front of her naked. She would bind my wrists behind me and slowly undress in front of me. She would determine if the lights stayed on or were off. If they were on she would determine how much of her I could see. Sometimes I would be blindfolded, other times she would strategically cover herself from my gaze. A few times she blessed me with a fleeting full uncovered view before covering up.

My wife would then have full access to my body. She could do whatever she wanted (within reason.) She would caress me, pinch me, use a flogger or a cat-o-nine tails on me. She would roughly pull by face to her pussy and command that I satisfy her by eating her pussy or by drinking her piss. If I managed an erection and she felt the urge she would command that I fuck her or simply ride me bound for as long as I could keep it up.

If I could not manage an erection she would put on the red Sasha harness we had purchased at enticeme.com and choose from the library of Tantus and Vixskin dildos we had in our play chest. She would then reposition me on the bed and bind me to the frame. Sometimes I would be face down, bent over the edge of the bed. Other times, my knees would be fixed towards my chest bound to the bedpost in a restricted missionary position.

She would stuff her damp panties in my mouth while she lubed up my asshole. First one finger, then two. When three were sliding in and out easily I was ready. The fact that I had a raging hard on at that point did not matter… to either of us.

I was already warmed up so no further consideration was given to me. She plunged in all the way to the base with a single stroke while my cries were muffled by her panties. She pounded me relentlessly while shouting things: “take my cock!”, “I’m your daddy”, “Open that pussy for me.” She would come with a roar that had not been part of our lives months ago. If she did not fall asleep, she would play with my dick till I came. If she fell asleep, that job was left to me. I had learned that I could come without having an erection. It always left me wanting more. Like I was cheating or something.

She got so turned on by being in control that she could come just from fucking me. Her orgasms were more reliable from fucking me than even from me eating her pussy. She said that even when I ate her pussy she did not truly feel in control.

I was ecstatic that my wife had begun the process of healing bakırköy escort sexually. I felt a great sense of relief that I could be a part of that. I did realize that I was acting as a proxy for the men that had hurt her but that I was allowing her to take herself back from them.

My whole sexual life (I had only had one sexual partner before I met my wife) was trying to avoid triggering my wife’s distress. I had suppressed my own desires and even my physical responses to the point that I had become semi-impotent.

Dr. Stern helped me to see that my own emotional scars and learned physical response ran as deep as my wife’s. Now that she was on her way to dealing with her issues I could start to work on mine.

Dr. Stern told me that I had to gain confidence and retrain myself to respond to my desires. I shared with Dr. Stern, in confidence, that I had tried, on several occasions, to relieve my frustrations by seeking out the help of sexworkers. I usually ended up cuddling and crying. She told me that an exercise in edging would be worth a try but that I cannot deny my wife the progress she was making.

Dr. Stern met with us separately that month. First with my wife and a week later, I was to meet with her. My wife would not talk about her session except to say that she felt calm and a bit excited.

That night she disappeared into the bedroom. I heard the tell tale sound of her Hitachi and she emerged 20 min later with her hair disheveled and smelling of sloppy sex. She said “come to bed, someone has to clean me up.”

I eagerly followed her to the bedroom. She covered my eyes and nose with her panties that were drenched in her juices. I have always loved the smell of my wife’s sex. It is the main reason I maintain a moustache and goatee, to hold on to it for as long as I can. She laid on the bed with her legs dangling off the edge. She had her nightgown hiked up just enough to expose her substantial bush. She said to me “get to work. I need to get to sleep. And don’t you dare touch yourself, Dr. Stern needs you primed.”

With that I closed my eyes and dove in. I always visualize my wife’s pussy as I probe it with my tongue. I can feel her swollen clit responding to my gentle approach. This time, my wife was having none of it. Sometimes, after a session with the Hitachi, she becomes very goal oriented. She grabbed my head with both hands and pulled me into her. She kept up the pressure and jerked my head from side to side. She was muttering “harder you pussy eating bitch!”

I went at it till I felt her clit play hide and seek. That told me that she was at the edge. Usually I try to prolong this plateau driving my wife crazy but I knew that this time I would just have to go for it. I increased the pressure and speed at which I attacked the place where I knew her clit was.

I could no longer feel it but I knew it was there. The flavor of beşiktaş escort her juices changed, that was an indication that her orgasm was imminent. I kept up the speed and pressure as I felt my wife’s thighs tighten around my head. She began to try to scoot away from me as if it was all too much. Her hands relaxed around my head as she tried to get away. It’s a good thing my arms were not bound as I hooked them around her thighs to keep her where she needed to be. I felt her breathing become unsteady and she held her breath as a wave of trembling took over her whole body. She cried out as her release took hold of her. I stayed there as long as I could until she finally pushed me away with her hands.

I covered her with the bedspread and gently moved her away from the wet spot. She was asleep in seconds. I normally would have finished myself off but remembered what Dr. Stern had said about edging. I decided that I could wait.

Next week, I had my appointment with Dr. Stern. She talked to me about how edging could reawaken some sensation and muscle memory that I had long denied myself. She told me how she had discussed this with my wife and that she was all in for this experiment.

Dr. Stern blindfolded me and had me strip down to nothing. I heard her walking around the room and removing something from a box. Even with my issues, I felt my cock twitch. Dr. Stern shouted “Now is not the time for that!” She swatted at my cock until it was completely soft.

She held my cock and balls in her hand. I felt something cold and metal against me. She squeezed my cock through the cold metal thing and I felt something close around my balls as I heard a clicking sound. When she released me, I felt the weight of the device pulling on my manly bits.

Dr. Stern removed the blindfold and I looked down to see the bulky chastity device attached to me. It was locked in place and Dr. Stern informed me that my wife already had the key. She acquainted me with aspects of my confinement. I now had to pee sitting down. An erection, even morning wood, would be painful. I would have to be diligent keeping it and my cock clean especially since I was not circumcised.

Then Dr. Stern gave me the kicker. Once a week I would have to be “milked” to avoid problems with my prostate. At that point, she donned a black nitrile glove and told me to bend over the side of the couch. I had grown accustomed to having fingers and other things in my ass. It was Dr. Stern, after all, who had given me my first hands free prostate orgasm.

But this was different. It was clinical and procedural. Her lubed fingers reached inside me and roughly manipulated my prostate in a way that was closer to pain than pleasure. Semen began to flow from my penis and Dr. Stern continued to milk me until there was no more semen left. She told me that at our next joint session my wife will be instructed on how to do beylikdüzü escort this for me. I was given a wipe and told to clean up.

When I arrived home, I was greeted by my smiling wife. She gave me a big bear hug and held me close. I could not help but notice that she was wearing an anklet that had a key on it. We kissed and began to make out like we were teenagers.

For the next month we went about the business of learning to navigate my caged life. Together we learned how to wash and care for the cage and the member within. Dr. Stern showed my wife how to properly milk me without giving me an orgasm or hurting me. We experimented with caged edging and denial. I serviced my wife at least once a day because now she felt in control even during oral sex.

I was hornier than ever. I felt my cock strain against the cage in an effort to release until the pain overtook it. I began to look forward to my weekly milking.

When my wife returned from her solo session with Dr. Stern she had a surprise for me. It was time to add a boost of confidence to our lovemaking while satisfying my wife’s basic needs. She unveiled a Spareparts deuce harness. This harness had two openings. One for my (caged) cock and one for a dildo. She explained that I would have a dick that never got soft and could fuck her the way I thought she deserved to be fucked.

I was a little apprehensive but intrigued at the same time. It fit me like a dream. We chose a realistic looking Vixskin dual density dildo with balls. She did not bind me and gave me the OK to run the fuck knowing full well that she was my key holder.

We kissed and made out on the bed. I slowly disrobed her and kissed her all over her body. I worshipped her chunky thighs, her dimpled ass, her belly rolls, her MILF tits and every lovely part of her. It slowly began to dawn on me that I was not stressed about maintaining or achieving an erection. I could give my all to being the best lover I could be.

When it came time to enter her it was weird at first. I did not have any of the normal feedback I was used to. I could not feel how wet she was, how tight she was or how warm she was. I was not sure how well things were going until I looked up at her face. Her expression said it all. She was experiencing the first hard cock entering her for a very long time. She asked me to pause for a bit so she could get accustomed to the girth and stiffness. She double tapped my shoulder signaling for me to continue. We slowly got into a rhythm and I was eventually pounding her with my newfound enthusiasm. My stroke was better than it had ever been because I could concentrate without fear. She came from penetration that night and rewarded me by turning the tables and fucking me with the same dildo. I was nor allowed to come but at that point, I did not care.

We still see Dr. Stern about 4 times a year to monitor our progress. I am caged 3 weeks a month and can fuck with confidence on my out week. I always know that if things don’t work out I can reach for the deuce. My wife says that my out week is almost as good as my caged week. I am working towards making my out week better than the caged weeks. I want her to anticipate the out week as much as I do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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