Heaven’s Shore Ch. 06

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The four of them trudged across the beach, heading towards the clearing in the brush. After a few drinks, they were all feeling extra tipsy, especially Gina. She was particularly flirtatious with Ray, making constant references to the size of his penis and even playing with it like it was a toy.

Ray didn’t seem to mind though. Gina and James were longtime swingers, having dabbled in the swapping scene for years. They were especially outgoing with other members of Heaven’s Shore. Ray himself had slept with Gina on more than one occasion and always with James present. The addition of Julianna created a more balanced dynamic and James was quick to take advantage of that.

As they made their way to the brush, Gina raced ahead of the group and quickly about faced so she acted as a sort of obstruction from walking through. She had a mischievous grin on her face.

“Uh-oh,” joked James. “Gina’s up to something.”

“Let’s walk Jones’ Beach like this!”

Ray looked confused. “Like, naked you mean?”

Gina nodded. “It’s almost dark, there won’t be that many people there. C’mon let’s do it and see how people react!”

James cracked up. “What did I tell you, guys? When Gina’s drinking… watch out. Just watch out.”

“I love it! But Ray, will people notice you?” Julianna asked.

“He’s seven inches soft. They’re gonna notice,” said James. Julianna shook her head. “No, I mean he works here. I don’t want to get him in trouble.”

Ray waved his hand. “It’s fine. No one would have a clue. Gina’s right. This is gonna be hilarious. Let’s go!”

With that, the foursome walked down the path into the brush as Julianna and Gina giggled like school girls the whole way.

In no time, they emerged from the path on the other side. To everyone’s surprise, there were quite a few people still around. As soon as they began their walk across the beach to the parking lot, they came across a group of four women sitting in chairs in a circle. They were each wearing bikinis and chatting amongst each other. One of them noticed the group approaching and immediately tapped her friend on the arm. She turned to see and soon after, all four girls were openly staring at them.

It was obvious to see that they were looking directly at Ray and James. As they walked across the hot sand, their oversized dicks swung left and right, lewdly slapping against their thighs. One girl covered her mouth with her hand while her friend mouthed the words “Oh My God.”

Gina and Julianna burst out laughing. “Don’t mind us!” Julianna called out to the girls.

Ray proudly smiled as he walked past them. He even swung his cock in a circular motion for them as they all shrieked in excitement. “Be careful with that thing, dude,” James said as he glanced down at Ray’s penis. “Thing’s gonna take someone’s eye out.”

Nearly every person on the beach noticed them. But everyone who turned to see, stared a little longer as they noticed what Ray, and to a lesser extent James, had between their legs. Not only were there two beautiful women walking the beach, but behind them were two men with enormous penises swinging around. It was a very memorable sight for anyone who witnessed it.

As they approached the cars, two women were standing by the sidewalk having a conversation. When one of them saw Gina and Julianna approaching naked, they immediately stopped and stared.

“Hello,” Julianna said politely as they got closer. “Beautiful afternoon wouldn’t you say?”

One of the women, a blonde in a red bikini, lowered her sunglasses and dropped her mouth in shock. “No way,” she said.

“”Way!” said Gina as she raised her arms and shook her breasts side to side.

“Are those real?” the woman asked.

“Real as can be,” Gina said proudly.

“No,” said the woman, laughing as she pointed her finger behind Gina. “Those. Are those real?”

The woman was referring to James’ and Ray’s dicks which were swaying aggressively as they neared the sidewalk. Ray smiled and picked up his cock in his hand as he stopped, a mere five feet in front of the women. “This is definitely real,” he proclaimed.

“You have to be kidding me with that,” the other woman, a brunette in a one piece black bathing suit said. “That’s not possible. Both of them, look!”

James picked his cock up too before letting it drop back down between his legs. He cupped his balls for extra effect.

“Is this a nude beach?” the first woman asked.

“We’re just having some fun. Our car’s right there,” said Gina pointing behind the women. But their eyes were glued squarely on the men.

“How big does it get?” the woman asked.

“Around ten and a half.”

The brunette gasped. “What the fuck? It’s ten and a half?!?”

Ray laughed. “Yeah. It’s pretty big.”

“Why don’t you hold it in your hand?” Julianna asked. “He doesn’t mind, do you Ray?”

Ray shrugged as he stepped closer. “Do you want to give it a go?” The blonde woman walked closer so she was within reach. She hesitantly reached halkalı escort out, but stopped just short. “Are you sure you don’t mind?” Ray took her hand in his and placed his flaccid cock in her palm.

“Jesus Christ Danielle, you need to feel this.” She looked up at Ray. “I’m Brie by the way. This is Danielle.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Ray. This is James. That’s Gina and Julianna.”

“Ray,” she said as she squeezed his cock in her hand. “You have a pretty big penis, Ray.”

“Is it heavy?” Danielle asked as she looked on.

Brie nodded as she pretended to weigh it in her hand. “It’s pretty frickin heavy.” She cracked up laughing as she released his penis, letting it dangle between his legs. “That’s the biggest penis I’ve ever seen. Congratulations, Ray.”

The group exchanged niceties with their new friends as they stood there, out in the open, naked. Many people on the beach noticed, pointing at them. One woman appeared to be on her phone with the authorities when Gina decided they ought to get out of there.

“Ok, ok, guys. In the car! Go, go! Brie, Danielle, great to meet you!”

“Text us!” shouted Danielle as they ran off to the car. Gina and she had already exchanged numbers as the women took a keen interest in their lifestyle.

James peeled out of the parking lot with Gina in the driver’s seat and Ray and Julianna in the back.

“Oh my gosh! That was crazy!” Julianna said as she turned around to see if anyone was following them.

“That lady was not happy,” said Ray. “Maybe next time we suit up before hitting Jones’ beach, huh?”

Julianna reached over and picked up Ray’s cock. It was half hard due to the thrill of almost getting in trouble. She smiled as she squeezed it. “Did you almost get us in trouble, Mr. Big Penis,” she said jokingly, speaking to his dick.

James looked back briefly to witness the exchange before focusing back on the road. “You two comfortable back there?” he winked at Gina. She also turned to see Julianna casually holding Ray’s hardening cock as they drove home. “She has awoken the monster!”

“You guys were getting plenty of stares, huh? Normally these puppies are the ones getting attention,” Gina said as she held her huge tits up in her hand.

“Those will always have my attention,” James reached over and cupped one of them in his hand. She returned the favor by positioning her body towards him, offering up both breasts.

“People always stare at my dick. Ever since I’ve been working at Heaven’s,” Ray said as he looked out the window. Julianna still held on.

“Well, it’s absolutely insane how big it is, sweetie,” Gina said. “I stare at it and I’ve seen it plenty of times!”

By now, Ray’s cock had grown erect. Julianna’s fingers stretched across its girth. Ray fiddled with his cock head as he repositioned the seatbelt.

“That girl Brie was totally into it. She was practically drooling,” said Julianna as she lightly stroked Ray in the backseat. Ray let out a soft moan to which James turned back abruptly. “Hey! No orgasms back there! I am not cleaning your jizz out of every nook and cranny!”

Julianna giggled as she released him, making sure to not get him too worked up. But she kept staring at his bloated cock with a dreamy look on her face. Ray placed his hands on his thighs, careful not to overstimulate as well.

“Fuck, it’s big,” Julianna said as she stared. “Can you reach the back of the seat with it?”

Gina turned around to watch as Ray pulled his cock down from his belly towards the seat. “Ummmm… Yup, there we go,” he said as the tip of his penis just made it to the back of Gina’s seat. Both women laughed with delight at the impressive display of length. Even James glanced back.

“You’re hard too, honey!” Gina said as she reached over and played with James’ erection. It was big enough to stretch nearly halfway to the car horn. She jokingly tried to beep the horn with it. Even though it didn’t reach, everyone cracked up at the silly maneuver.

“You guys are gonna need more release as soon as we get home, huh?”

“Naw, I can hold out,” Ray said.

“Speak for yourself,” said James as Gina teasingly continued to stroke his dick.

“I’m glad you can hold back. I’m thinking I may wanna try this thing out!” Julianna excitedly winked at Ray before turning to Gina. “Not sure how I’ll actually do that, but willing to try!”

“You should ask Gina,” James said, turning to his wife who was still stroking his cock as he drove. “She’s the pro at it by now.”

“Have you taken it all?!” Julianna was more impressed by Gina taking such a big cock than the fact that she slept with Ray. Although she didn’t know them that well, James and Gina were well known swingers around the Heaven’s Shore community.

“Almost. May have left an inch or two. It was glorious.” Gina smiled at James as she answered, nearly taunting him.

“Mama mia,” said Julianna in her Brazilian accent. “My last olgun escort boyfriend was…” She reached out and placed her index finger about five inches up from the base. “Here. He was a teeny little guy. Very similar to your friend today.”

“Who, Lance?” James asked. Julianna kept her finger resting on Ray’s cock. “Yes, him,” she said.

“Poor guy. I felt bad for him today. He’s a nice guy. I hope we didn’t make him feel weird.”

“Oh he’ll be fine,” said Gina. She had yet to stop stroking James and now used another hand to massage his big balls. “I bet he wishes he had what you guys have though. Not to mention your orgasm abilities.”

“Speaking of which babe, you better slow that down,” James said as he swatted her hands away. “Or else I’m gonna shoot it all over the windshield before we get home!”

“Now, THAT I’d like to see!” shouted Julianna as she laughed. James pulled onto their street and parked the car in the driveway. “Now what?”

“I say we just make a run for it,” Gina said.

“Won’t your neighbors see us?” Ray asked nervously.

With no time to consider, Gina and James darted out of the car and ran for the garage. Julianna looked at Ray and giggled before opening her door and running too. That left Ray in the back seat with an obscenely large boner sticking out. He had to get into the garage where everyone else had already gone. He took a deep breath and made a run for it.

As he slammed the car door shut and booked it for the garage he turned to his left. To his horror, an old woman was standing on her front porch looking directly at him. She looked as if she’d seen a ghost. Her mouth was hung wide open as she openly stared at Ray’s massive cock. Ray could do nothing but continue to run to everyone else in the garage, laughing hysterically.

“Did Bernadette see you?” Gina asked, laughing so hard her stomach hurt.

“Very funny guys. You all left me!” he protested.

“Come on dude, get inside before someone calls the cops on a stranger in the neighborhood wielding a baseball bat!” James said as he beckoned everyone inside.


Gina poured drinks for everyone and the group stood around the kitchen chatting together. No one bothered to put clothes back on. Ray and James were off to one side talking about something. But they stood facing one another, completely naked and both very erect. As Ray spoke, he moved his hands a lot, causing his penis to bounce left and right. Julianna watched from across the kitchen and couldn’t help but laugh.

“Look at these two,” she said to Gina while nodding in Ray and James’ direction. “Just sitting there having a conversation as if they aren’t sporting massive boners!”

“It is funny, isn’t it? But those two have seen more of each other over the years that I don’t think anything phases them anymore.”

“James’ penis is so wide, huh? It looks like a coke can or something!” Both women stared across the room at James’ thick member.

“It sure is,” replied gina. She sighed. “I do love that penis.” They smiled at one another as they both silently agreed it was time. Julianna excitedly skipped over to the men, immediately taking hold of Ray’s throbbing cock.

“Still so hard!” she exclaimed while bending over slightly to get a better look. She then placed her arm against his penis, steadying it with her other hand. “Look! You’re as big as my forearm, Ray! Gosh, look at this you guys!”

“Whaddya think, Julianna? You think you can take it?” James asked, challenging the young Brazilian. She grabbed Ray’s cock by the base and stroked it a couple times. “I need to find out.”

“Everyone grab their drinks,” said Gina. “Let’s go into the living room.”

Ray took Julianna kindly by the hand and led her into the living room, following the others. She watched his sexy ass as he walked. She could see his huge balls hanging between his legs every time he moved.

Ray gently guided Julianna to the couch where she sat down and immediately spread her legs. He stood calmly before her, gazing over her dripping wet, pink, shaved pussy. It looked so good, he thought he may cum right there and then.

James put his arm around his pal as they both looked down at the desperately horny Julianna as she spread her pussy for them.

“Good luck holding out on this one bud!” James playfully slapped Ray’s ass like a football player would a teammate before he took a seat next to Julianna. He stroked his thick cock as he looked up at Gina who was ready to pounce. She sexily smiled as she straddled James. She took hold of his cock as she steadily and carefully lowered herself onto him.

The width of his penis separated Gina’s tight labia far and wide. “Oh my God, Gina. That’s so hot,” said Julianna who had a front row seat to the initial penetration. She rubbed her clit as she watched Gina slowly lower herself onto James.

“Theeeeeere we go,” said Gina şişli escort as she now sat comfortably on James’ lap, his cock completely buried inside her.

“How’s that feel?” Julianna asked, looking up at Gina. Gina winced a bit. “It’s good. It’s a really tight fit as always. But it feels so good.” Gina began slowly rocking back and forth as the two began making love. She immediately started moaning with pleasure as she dug her fingers into James’ shoulders.

Julianna turned her attention to Ray who was staring down at her open cunt with a hunger in his eyes. He slowly stroked his huge cock. Precum flowed generously from the tip.

She spread her legs further, encroaching on Gina and James. She then reached out and pulled Ray closer to her by his cock head. She guided it directly to her dripping pussy. Ray responded by carefully rubbing her clit using his cock head. She moaned in delight. “Ohhhhh, God.”

Gina turned to Ray while she bounced on James. “You go slow, Ray. She’s a tiny woman.”

“I will. I promise.” Ray then pressed his cock head into Julianna using his thumb. It took a bit of effort for the wide and swollen head to make its way inside. Gina and James paused fucking momentarily to watch the initial penetration.

Suddenly, he got it all in with a pop. Julianna collapsed her head into the back of the couch and closed her eyes. “Ahhhhhh,” she moaned with delight. “You’re so big and it’s just the head. Oh my God.”

Gina giggled as she resumed her bouncing on James. He held each of her big boobs in his hands as she rocked.

Ray clenched his teeth as he painstakingly pressed further inside Julianna, determined to at least get to the halfway point. She repeatedly rubbed the insides of her thighs as she looked down and watched Ray push his huge cock inside her. “Fuck,” she said in disbelief.

“You alright?” Ray paused for a moment.

“Keep going,” said Julianna. She was feeling immense pleasure already. Any initial pain or discomfort had vanished. “I’m gonna cum like this. Oh my God, I’m gonna cum just like this, Ray.”

Hearing Julianna approach orgasm only excited James and Gina more. Gina wrapped her arms tightly around his neck as she bounced up and down on his dick. She and Julianna both reached orgasm simultaneously as they moaned in unison.

“Ahhhhhh my God, yes! Yes!” screamed Gina.

“Mmmmmm baby! Ohhh God baby, like that! Like that! Ohhhhh!” Julianna belted out.

As the two women came, James and Ray managed to make eye contact. They smiled as they brought the two women immense pleasure. It was an amazing feeling of accomplishment as they wielded their big cocks.

Gina was the first to finish her orgasm. She paused, sitting on James lap as she looked over. “Holy shit. It’s all the way inside her.”

“Fucking hell!” Julianna looked down at her crotch. “How is that possible?” Only about an inch of Ray’s towering shaft was visible outside her pussy as the rest was buried deep inside. She closed her eyes and moaned as she used her finger to gently rub her clitoris before reaching further down and circling the exposed portion of Ray’s cock. Ray resumed thrusting. James flipped Gina over so that she was sitting on the couch next to Julianna. They held hands as the two men pounded away.

This went on for some twenty minutes as the women repeatedly went through orgasm after orgasm, unable to contain their moans and screams. Both men were drenched in sweat. It was quite the workout.

Julianna ran her fingers slowly down Ray’s abdominal muscles. “I want your cum. Can you cum for me baby?”

Gina giggled and followed her lead. “Me too. C’mon babe, I want to see you shoot it on us.”

James paused thrusting, buried inside Gina, and turned to Ray. “Whaddya think, man? You close?”

“I could cum.”

“Me too. Ok, let’s go.”

They each pulled their cocks slowly out of the women. Julianna watched in astonishment as her vagina was left gaping and wide open from the sheer volume of Ray’s penis.

“Holy shit,” said James as he saw how far Ray had stretched Julianna. They each stroked their cocks together, facing the women.

“Ready?” James asked as he spread his legs and braced himself.

“Hold on,” said Ray who was clearly concentrating as he jerked off. James paused as not to go too early while he waited for Ray. Now all eyes were on his massive cock. Precum splattered left and right as he feverishly brought himself closer to orgasm. James laughed as he jumped out of the way, still clutching his nearly exploding cock.

“It looks angry! I’m scared!” said Julianna as she pulled her knees up close to her boobs, allowing James and Ray an unrivaled view of her pink snatch.

Ray bent his knees and put one hand behind his back. “Ok,” he said. The moment was here. James repositioned himself and began stroking again. The two men timed it perfectly as they each belted out a groan at the same time, shooting hefty, thick loads directly onto the two women.

Gina and Julianna shrieked and flailed their arms. Cum blasted each of them in the face, hair, and boobs.

“Ohhh fuck! Ohhhh God! Fuck!” shouted Ray as he pumped away with one hand, dousing Julianna in his thick, creamy, cum.

“Fuck yes! There it is!” shouted James as he too unloaded an equally substantial mess onto Gina.

“Switch!” yelled James as they each angled their dicks towards the other woman.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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