Fucked by the Mysterious Stranger

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Ness was excited.

The gig was busy and there was an electric atmosphere.

She was already a little tipsy from all the vodkas they’d had on the train.

Her hair was down in beachy waves, she wore a tight leather skirt (no knickers, who wants a VPL) and the band t-shirt.

She felt pretty hot tonight.

The warm up band was good and the drinks were flowing.

It was cramped, people pushing and shoving but that only added to the atmosphere.

Sticky floors, sweaty bodies touching.

Random hands, on other random peoples body parts.

Thats what made it fucking awesome!

The music was blaring.

Ness and her friends, quite drunk now, were dancing and jumping. Singing along to all the words.

Ness felt something brush over her arse cheek.

She glanced round, expecting to see some gross, perv of a guy.

She was pleasantly surprised.

His eyes were the first thing that stood out. Ness has a thing for eyes!

His were mesmerising and his smile was cheeky, yet fucking seductive.

Ness felt the blood pumping straight down to her pussy, as her heart rate heightened.

She continued dancing, halkalı escort sensing a hot presence behind her.

As the music played Ness casually shuffled backwards. Her pussy longing to be closer to this mysterious guy.

He didn’t disappoint.

He grabbed her wrist and placed her hand on his cock. It was solid!

It felt huge.

Ness felt her pussy twitch as she moved her fingers all over his dick.

Glancing up at his face, he had wild eye!

A look so primal and intense.

All these people compacted together. It made it easy to touch this hot stranger in places she shouldn’t.

Ness was horny as hell as he leant over and kissed her neck.

“I’m Jack”

“Ness” she replied.

Jack grabbed Ness’s hips and pulled her back onto him. His erect cock fitting perfectly between here arse cheeks.

Ness began to grind up against him. Her pussy was so wet, his cock feeling thicker than before.

All inhibitions lost, she wanted him!

His breath quickened, hot on her neck.

She quivered.

Jack moved his hand down her leg and hitched olgun escort up the side of her skirt. His quivering fingers making their way to her now swollen pussy.

“You’re naked under here” Jack whispered.

“And wet for you” Ness replied Turning and looking him directly in the eye.

Hearing Ness speak like that made Jack’s cock throb.

He gently traced his fingers over her pussy. Focusing on her wet clit. Feeling her jitter.

Ness leant back into him. His strong chest prominent. As Jack quickened his pace.

Her clit was huge. Jack was desperate to suck on it. He couldn’t stop thinking about it.

He could feel her shake,…she was close.

He quickly unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock.

Doing this in such a public place made him horny as hell. His balls tightened. Pre cum appearing on his bulbous tip.

Ness pulled up the back of her skirt, hoping to feel him, hot and hard.

Jack took hold of his cock, impressing himself with his girth.

He slowly rubbed his dripping head up and down Ness’s şişli escort pussy. He could feel her tense as he eased it inside her.

The crowd was oblivious, as Jack slowly thrusted inside Ness.

Shouts from the crowd hiding their groans.

Ness was close to climax.

Jack used his muscular arms to pull her hips back and forth, onto his pulsating manhood.

Reaching round, Ness’s hands gripped Jack’s firm arse cheeks. She could feel them tense with each thrust. Her nails digging into the denim as she squeezed.

Her pussy tightened and her body arched as she came. Her warm juices trailing down her inner thigh.

Apart from Jack, her groan could not be heard.

Smoke filled the air as Jack thrusted deeper into Ness. Every inch of his cock swallowed by her tight pussy. His solid balls smashing into her.

As his orgasm grew Ness took hold of his balls. The feeling of her squeezing and massaging them, sent Jack over the edge.

Arching forward, grabbing Ness round her tiny, waist he erupted. Roughly pulling her pussy backwards, to satisfy his cock.

Jack groaned in Ness’s ear.

His body tensed and quivered. His cock throbbing.

Huge spurts of his salty liquid filled Ness. A few more final thrusts, until his balls were empty.

Ness leant back into Jack, her body quenched by talents.

She could feel his fingers massaging both their juices around her pussy.

Then taking his fingers to his mouth, Jack sucked them.

“I knew you’d taste good” Jack whispered.

Ness’s knees almost buckled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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