A Dorm Room Encounter

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Big Tits

He was in his 50s now. Life had taken him on many twists and turns and certainly he’d experienced the pleasures of many women. There was one who lived in his memory as his partner in some of the best sex ever. Currently in a period without much in the way of female companionship, he knew that the pressure needed to be released. On a winter afternoon, he decided to take the time to do just that. Climbing into bed, he lay back and conjured up his former lover. She would again help him get off. A thought occurred that perhaps she too was alone in a bedroom doing much the same thing at this very moment. What would she look like all these years later? Surely not as she did then but maybe just as eager and responsive when it came to making love. He began to slowly stroke himself as he let his mind wander back in time…

A mutual friend had introduced them. A meeting quickly grew into a full-blown sexual affair. They got together every chance they could to satisfy each other’s desire. Sometimes people just seem to click in certain ways. For them it was sex. While they did enjoy each other’s company in other ways, there was an underlying lust that seemed to somehow always take over. It was as if they had become addicted to each other’s body and the pleasure derived from seeing exactly how crazy they could drive each other.

On one such evening, she visited him in his dorm room. Her hair was auburn and she had the pale complexion of a redhead. She stood about esenyurt escort 5-2 and had a full body. He was 5-8 and in great shape from playing sports and the advanced swim class he had that semester. It took just the sight of her and the knowledge of why she had come to cause a slight stirring in his groin. She wore a musky perfume that somehow seemed to fit her style.

It always started with a welcoming kiss, a kiss that involved lips and tongues in that ravenous way the young kiss each other. There was never any pretense and their hands caressed and fondled with familiarity and passion. They both enjoyed the fact that they both wanted the same thing, knew it would happen, and that there was no need for conversation or games. They wanted it, they acknowledged it, and pursued it with all their energy. The clothes soon came off, each helping the other until jeans, shirts, underwear, bra, shoes, and socks lay in one tangled heap.

He gazed at her body. No one would have called her beautiful but she had certain allure. Some women are just made for sex and they come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. He described her as earthy, both in appearance and approach. She had heavy breasts, firm with youth, large without being too big for her body. The nipples were large too and very hard. He took one in his mouth and sucked as she moaned a bit, his hand teased the other nipple, gently pulling and twisting. He knew that with each manipulation avrupa yakası escort of a boob the effect was felt further down as her lower lips began to swell and her juices to flow. Part of what he loved about her was that she was able to revel in the sensation rather than worry about how she looked or what he thought. Embracing pleasure is difficult for some people but to her it was as natural as breathing.

She pushed him back so he sat on the edge of the bed. She walked up close to him, pulling his head to her belly. He could smell her scent, a smell he loved. It was musky like her perfume and he sought it out, moving down to her dark red bush. It was the most fertile field for fucking he’d ever known. He let a finger ease along her slit, feeling the moisture that was seeping out. The finger slid inside……so hot and so slippery. His fingers teased her, barely grazing one time, plunging in and pumping the next. Her body never made any secret of loving sex and this time was no different. He removed the finger and put it inside his mouth, tasting her. He drew her down on the bed and buried his face in her wetness. She spread her legs wide, no shyness or reservation, just wanting. He was crazed with the smell of her and rubbed his face over her crotch trying to cover himself with her juice. He knew the aroma would linger on his beard as a reminder of her passion.

She anadolu yakası escort put her hands on his shoulders and rolled him over onto his back. There would be more oral but for now she just wanted to have his hardness inside her. Smiling, she rolled over above him, grasped his hard cock and guided it into her pussy. At first she teased him as he had teased her by moving the tip of his hard cock along the entrance to her now sopping pussy. Just as he thought he could stand it no longer she sat down hard, ramming his rod up to the hilt. She started pumping up and down, milking him with internal muscles, wanting all he could give. It didn’t take long. He rose to meet her thrusts and felt that delicious moment when he knew there was no holding back. His cum spurted out into her wetness, filling her, as she’d wanted.

As his orgasm subsided she laid down on him, her breasts crushed against his hairy chest. He wrapped his arms around her as they both felt their combined juices start to ooze out. They both loved messy sex and they smiled at each other as it flowed out of her, down over his balls. The smell of sex filled the room. They were young and the entire night lay before them. Soon he’d feel the stirring again and she’d take delight in feeling him grow inside her. There’d be more before the night was done but for now they simply savored what had and what would happen.

…The memory had produced a similar effect decades later. He was hard and dripping. His hand stroked faster now as his other hand caressed his balls. The fleeting question of where she was and how life had turned out for her was quickly swept aside by his self-pleasuring. He felt the familiar tightening of the balls and the surge of cum up the shaft and out. The warm, sticky liquid was silent tribute to his lover of long ago.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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