A Night In

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My name is Eric I’m 30 and live in London with my wife Suzie. I have always been a fan of kinky sex and have experienced many of my fantasies. But nothing prepared me for what happened one Tuesday night. I came home from work as usual tired and frustrated I always hated taking the tube.

As I came in I took off my jacket and put it on the coat stand also on the stand was a few of my wife’s coats including the one I had kissed her goodbye in that morning, next to this was a small tailored pink, white fur trimmed coat I had never seen before. As I went into the living room I saw a sight witch turned me on no end.

My wife was on the couch naked apart from a leather thong holding a whip. Kissing her was a tall blonde with almost the most perfect tits I had ever seen. She was wearing a short black leather mini skirt. My wife was in ecstasy; I stood just stud there cock getting harder by the second.

“Hum hum” I managed to squeeze out they both looked up and smiled

“Hello” they both said at exactly the same time

the halkalı escort blonde had a weird Swedish accent, weird and very sexy. They both stud up and walked towards me. My wife started taking off my shirt and the blonde kneeled down and started taking off my pants. My stiff cock popped out.

Soon I was completely naked the blonde I was to learn named Katrina was indeed Swedish but also an escort girl in Amsterdam for people with unusual tastes. Suzie went behind the sofa and brought a bag and said, “Put that on or I will whip you”

her whip had a thick handle and a lot of long strips of leather, in her other hand she had some handcuffs. She had given me a small black crotch less PVC thong.

She gave the handcuffs to Katrina. She handcuffed my hand behind my back and smacked my arse with the back of her hand she smiled seductively.

My wife appeared in my field of vision strapped to her crotch was the biggest dildo I had ever seen Katrina kneeled in front of Suzie and took the head if the dildo şişli escort into her mouth she got a tube of KY jelly and started rubbing it up and down the dildo as if masturbating it. My wife then took the dildo off and said “Maybe Later eh”

Katrina then stud up and said

“We’ve got another surprise”

“Yes we do and you are gonna like this” Suzie continued

Katrina unzipped her mini skirt and let it drop to the floor sticking out hard as anything was a cock not a dildo this woman this sexy Swedish blonde had a cock.

My wife got down on her knees and began sucking it taking this woman’s cock in her mouth I was fighting my hard on. My wife got on the floor so I could see her spread eagled in front of me Katrina kneeled down and started fucking my wife’s this was very sexy for me I had always wanted to see a she male fucking a woman it had always been a dream of mine. My wife was clearly enjoying it Katrina began to grone and my wife began to cum she was panting like sarıyer escort crazy and then they both came together and flopped over each other.

After a few minutes Suzie stud up and strapped on her dildo and said

“Your turn now Bitch”

They took me and bent me over the arm of the sofa. I hoped Katrina would be first

The thought of that dildo breaking my ass cherry made me shiver with fear and excitement. I felt a hand on my ass spreading the cheeks I felt a tongue on my ass hole

First one finger entered then another they were both lubed up I could feel it the fingers began to move in opposite directions stretching my virgin ass hole I felt the cold touch of the KY jelly tube filling my ass with it’s stickiness then my wife said

“Are you ready”

I nodded Suzie then brought the dildo to bear on my ass grabbed my cheeks and eased her cock head into me she pushed and it stung as she pushed I could feel it filling up my ass she pushed and pushed until it was about half the way in then she started to pull out my ass muscles started to relax the with one almighty push she forced it in this first big thrust made me groan in pain then suddenly she pulled out once more and forced it in all the way she then began to fuck me and I began to get very turned on I began to thoroughly enjoy the dildo in my ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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