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“I must tell you Mr. Johnson, looking over your resume I must say I am perplexed. I mean you have a Masters Degree in two fields and a Doctorate in Business, graduated Cum Laude in every university you attended. Additionally you have specialized vocational training in car repair, air conditioning, helicopter maintenance and rocket propulsion, hell you are even a certified nuclear propulsion operator and yet the longest you have held down a job has been 3 weeks,” the attractive black woman said glancing up from my resume.

“Six weeks,” I replied.

“How’s that?” she asked looking at me over her reading glasses.

“I worked for six weeks at the car place.”

“Oh yes, but while there you worked as a salesman, a auto repair specialist, a prep man, and a spot remover. A spot remover?”

“All day I cleaned up spots on the car upholstery.”

“All day?”

“They had a lot of spots.”

“A lot so spots,” I said nodding. I gazed into her beautiful brown eyes and then down to her prominent dark cheeks.

“When we checked your references everyone commented on how smart you were and how quickly you fit into their program. You seemed to be the perfect worker, but, all the people I talked to had a but…”

I bursa escort lost track of what she was saying, picturing all those butts. I scooted my chair up close to her desk so my chest was almost against the top. Realizing I was missing what she was saying I shook my head and tried to refocus.

“Your difficulty?”

“What was that?” I asked.

“Each and every one of your professional references mentioned your difficulty?”


“Your problem?”

“Oh, oh yes, my problem, well I think all it is really about is concentration. I lose focus in some situations, but it doesn’t last too long. As far as my work goes, the clean up is not bad.”

“Clean up?”

“The papers and things.”

“Oh, I think if you keep up with your work an occasional loss of focus is not unforgivable, as long as you kept us abreast…”

Her breasts were very large, but well supported by a black, lacy bra that just peeked out from under her blouse. I could wrap my hand around one and not hold it entirely, the soft flesh would flow between my fingers until I squeeze just a bit. And the nipples, the nipples on such large breasts are incredible, maybe big around as a quarter, just the right amount to fill bursa escort bayan up my mouth.

“Mr. Johnson… Mr. Johnson, please focus Mr. Johnson,” I heard her saying.

“Oh yes, I’m sorry, it’s just that I got lost a moment there.”

“I see, well we have some rehabilitation specialists that might be able to help you, if you are willing to undergo some therapy while working part-time. Understand that normally we wouldn’t be willing to make such a commitment to someone we are just hiring, but your schooling and training is impressive and I think we can help you get over your problems.”

“My problems?”

“Yes, the loss of focus thing.”

“Oh that thing,” I replied, “Yes, some of my employers recommended counseling, but that was always after they let me go. Then, because I wasn’t working I didn’t have any insurance so I couldn’t get any counseling, a vicious cycle.”

“I can understand your dilemma, well here we approach things very differently, I think you will be surprised at what we can offer. I like your tenacity, how you keep a stiff upper lip…”

Her lips, so thick and full, I can feel them kissing me, her tongue slipping into my mouth and then withdrawing as she kissing my face, escort bursa my nose, my eyes, my cheek and then down my neck. I feel them moving down over my chest, to my nipples, teasing them with her tongue and then down, through my curly pubic hair and then, down and around my cock, kissing it at the base and then up, up my shaft, sliding over the head. Her mouth opens and her full lips roll over me as I slip into her mouth.

“Mr. Johnson, MR. JOHNSON, YOU MUST STOP!” she shouted.

“I can’t, I can’t,” I moaned, my hand sliding up and down my cock, my fist moving over the head again and again. I found myself standing, my back arching as the sensation rushed though my cock and yes, yes, “Oh yes,” I whined splashing my cum onto her desk, the fabric on her chair and one large drop on her dress.

“Mr. Johnson, I… ah we… we just can’t…”

“Oh it’s okay, I can clean it up, yes that spot on your chair, a dab of upholstery cleaner, I have some in my car. And for your blouse, just a dab of tonic waster will keep that stain from setting, I know about spots.”

“I’m sorry, we simply can’t hire you.”

“But you said you could get me into counseling, you could help me…”

“After what you did? There is no fucking…”

Fucking her would be so nice, seeing her legs spread open, her pussy ready for me as I lean forward and slowly push my hard cock…


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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