Gym Class Secret

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Hello Everyone! This story has virtually no plot. It was written as a stress reliever for me. It’s merely a stroke story… about female stroking. Enjoy! XOXO, LogoPhile

I was home alone one night and more than a little depressed about it. A long week at the office had left me in a terrible mood. I couldn’t stop thinking about my to-do list, still sitting on my desk at work. It was Friday. Theoretically I had until Monday morning before I had to think about it again. But there it was, looming over me and threatening to ruin my entire weekend. I could hear my boss’s voice in my head, saying really *helpful* things like, “Sanders, next time you write a proposal for a client, why don’t make sure you send it to them ON TIME.” Aaargh!

My girlfriends and I had decided a couple of weeks ago to head out for a night of all-girl fun, complete with a limousine and Chippendale-style driver. I had gotten lost in fantasy so many times in the last week, thinking about what kind of amazing fun would be simmering in the back of that limo. My friend Catherine had decided it was finally time to kiss another woman. Years of repressed bisexual tendencies had driven her to the edge of sanity. The entire time we had been planning our evening, I had been hoping that she’d pick me for the kiss. I’ve kissed a few girls in my time. Hell, I’d even bedded one or two. It only made sense that she would choose someone with a little experience, right? Every time I thought of her leaning in, eyes closed and mouth softly open, I soaked my panties. I wanted her so bad!

But here it was, Friday night and I had decided to skip the girl’s night out. I was in a dismal mood, just feeling mean and foul. And on top of all that, I felt the beginning of a migraine coming on. Then, of course, once it was too late to go, I wished I had gone with them. Even kurtköy escort if Catherine didn’t pick me, a night of laughing with my friends while driving from strip club to strip club sounded like a blast. I wandered aimlessly around the house listening to an old blues tape and eating Ben and Jerry’s straight out of the carton. Finally I decided to take a hot bath and go read in bed.

I filled the tub with steam and bubbles and got in with a glass of wine. I let my body go and just lay there, not really thinking, just breathing deep and watching my chest rise and fall in the tub. Slowly I realized that the water had grown cool and I reached down to let some of it out. I turned the hot water back on to refill it when I remembered this girl from our senior year of high school. She had been held back a year and seemed much older and more experienced than us. As she was toweling off after gym, she garishly reported that she like to put her pussy under hot running water to get off. I had just turned 18 and I had never masturbated (I remember thinking to myself, “Ew! It’s so wet and slippery down there, how could anyone want to touch it?”) and had put the idea completely out of my head.

Until now…Suddenly I could picture her pretty face, flushed and shiny from our 45 minutes of gymnasium exertion with freshly applied Bonnie Bell lip gloss, chewing a wad of gum and telling all of us shocked prudes about masturbating with a faucet. Oh, she was lovely, wasn’t she? Suddenly my mouth was watering thinking about how cute she had been that day, pulling her slightly too-tight sweater on over her head and winking conspiratorially at me. Almost involuntarily my body slid down toward the running water. What could it hurt? I’ll just try it and then if it’s stupid, I’ll stop. Slowly, so slowly I inched my sex forward until aydıntepe escort my bottom was against the warm porcelain of the other end of the tub and the water was running over my most intimate parts with a fury.

Oh My God! She was right, this is amazing, I thought as I settled in, my legs pretty much straight up the walls of the shower and my pussy already throbbing under the stimulation of the hot running water. I took a deep breath to clear my mind and let the fantasies come. And boy did they! In my mind there was an old boyfriend lying between my legs, licking my clit, drawing out my juice with his mouth. Ahhh, that was pretty good. And then there was the male camp counselor that I had always had a crush on, and he was burying his face in me and I was loving it! Oh, but I’ve used all of these fantasies, how about something new…

What about the naughty girl who first told me about the secret joys of running water. I wonder what she looked like all grown up. I bet her lips were stained a deep red now, replacing the bubble gum pink gloss of our youth. And no more blue eyeliner and mascara, but dark smoky eye shadow that set off her deep brown eyes. The spiky Madonna ponytail would be long gone, replaced with a head of long full shiny chestnut colored hair. Wow, she’s gorgeous, I thought!

And look at that, she’s looking right at me, and she’s smiling the same naughty smile. “I see you finally tried it,” she said, nodding toward my now aching pussy being tormented by water. “How is it?” I moaned my answer to this fantasy woman. There weren’t even words to describe the pleasure I was feeling. My pelvis had tipped itself, allowing my sex to reach toward the flow of the water and my hips were involuntarily moving in a slow circle so the water could hit first one pussy lip, then my clit and then the other tuzla içmeler escort pussy lip. I could feel myself swelling up, getting ready to receive something, anything. I ached to be filled and turned my attention back to my imaginary friend.

She smiled wickedly at me and said, “Good, now, take your hairbrush from the edge of the tub. Good. Put it under the water and push it into yourself. I can see that you’re hungry for it. You want it? You want me to fuck you? And you wanted it in high school too. I always knew I liked you for a reason. Now keep that handle sliding in and out of you, keep fucking yourself just like that.” I did what my dream girl told me to and it was amazing.

In my fantasy, she continued, “Now I’m going to lick you. OK?” And I thrust my hips even further toward the water as I loudly moaned my approval. My mind’s eye could picture her leaning in and taking my whole pussy into her mouth. She sucked hard on my labia and then zoomed into the center, to relentlessly flick her tongue over my throbbing clit. I pumped the handle of the hair brush in and out of me while the water flowed over me and in my head it was all her. She was everywhere, licking me, pounding me with her tongue.

The water made it feel like there were at least two mouths on me, maybe three, maybe even more, simultaneously stroking, teasing, jumping here and there and I was rocking, rocking. The hairbrush inside me became her fingers, pushing me back and forth with all those hungry mouths devouring me. My climax grew and grew and there was a ringing in my ears and I was grunting, “yes, yes, please, I want to come, god, let me cummmm….” as I hit my climax and the world went dark behind my eyes, no sound now, just the amazing water, the hard round handle inside me and my own ragged breathing.

I turned off the water and lay there for just a few minutes, recovering. And then I decided to call my friends in the limo and tell them I’d be down to meet them in an hour. “Tell Catherine to be ready for me,” I said as I hung up the phone and winked at myself in the mirror.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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