Xmas Party Bimbo

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I knew I was in for a good night as her nose brushed against my pubes, gloss pink puffy lips sealed around my shaft. Now, you may say any night which involves this is a good night, and you wouldn’t be far wrong, but maybe I should back up a little bit. Not too far though, because this had got hot and heavy rather fast.

Less than an hour ago I’d been having a rather mediocre night at the bar, showing face at the work Christmas party and knocking back a few drinks with a group of people that ranged from ones I tolerated to those I casually despised. Then she’d strutted in and swayed over to our section. I barely recognised her, Carol the PA to our big boss. Now, you may ask how I didn’t recognise my boss’s PA: first, while he was my boss, I was project staff so was working under department managers rather than him day to day; second, and far more importantly, I’d never seen her like that before. Gone was the plain woman with the tied back hair, glasses and loose jumpers. In was a fluffed mass of bright blonde locks, pink lip gloss on plumped up lips and a body out of a calendar. As she stood at the bar I stared, gazing admiringly up her stocking clad legs being shown off by her short dress and high heels. I caught a glimpse of lace tops as she reached forward to collect her drink and my breath caught as I contemplated the perfect firm globes of her arse tightly covered by her little black dress. I’d say I met her gaze as she turned but my eyes were glued to her body, continuing to take it all the curves her baggy workplace attire hid. Far too late for subtlety I saw she’d spotted me and looked away, going back to my drink and returning my extremely vague attention to the conversation two colleagues were having next to me.

A few minutes of their drivel later I couldn’t stand it anymore and turned away again, only to find her at my elbow. Her six inch heels brought her basically level with my 6′ height and her blue eyes bored into me. She stepped close and whispered conspiratorially into my ear “the chat here sucks, want to dance?” Now, I’m normally no dancer but this was an offer I couldn’t refuse, an escape from my colleagues with a hot arse and a voice that did things to me at the very word ‘suck’.

She took my hand and led me to the little dance floor the bar had cleared (they knew that the work parties were there to drink but eventually someone would want to embarrass themselves). There we shuffled through a couple of poorly DJed songs and she took the opportunity to grind that epic arse into my crotch giving me a raging boner. My hands ran over her hips and polatlı escort thighs, pulling her tight against me. Maybe this party wasn’t so bad after all, she seemed to be into it and I wasn’t going to question why she’d chosen me. After a couple of enjoyable songs the DJ thought it was worth trying a floorfiller and she pulled me from the floor as the drunks descended. I let her lead me out onto the empty smoking terrace then drew her in for a kiss. As my lips brushed against hers she pressed against me. Her lips parted and our tongues twirled against each other. We parted with a smile and the lingering taste of her strawberry lip gloss. She stepped back in body moulding to mine as she mashed her lips onto me again, tongue forcing itself back into my mouth. I wrapped my arms around her, one hand caressing her arse as the other snaked up into her hair and held her head. She moaned into the kiss as a grasped her arse firmly and I felt her nipples begin to poke I into my chest through her dress, cold and arousal making them stiff and erect. She slipped one hand between us and trailed her fingers over my crotch, feeling my growing bulge. As we separated I looked down, getting a good look at the cleavage pressed against my chest, the nipples now clearly standing proud through her dress. “Oh, I’m sorry, you didn’t get a good look at them earlier did you?” She smiled at me.

“Not really, this was kind of distracting me,” I said, lightly spanking her arse.

“Well, I was after a cigarette, but I think I’ve found something I’d prefer to smoke” she purred, continuing to caress my cock through my trousers “why don’t we find somewhere more private so we can both take care of that.”

We slipped back inside and headed for the toilets. Classy, no. But since when were work party hook-ups classy? We scoped out the place as we went and risked nicking the disabled toilet for our fun. I took a last glance around before following her to make sure nobody had clocked what we were up to. By the time I turned round from locking the door behind us she’d already shrugged off the shoulders of her dress, pulling it down to expose a pair of firm round globes tipped by protruding nipples. As I’d guessed by how much those nipples had been pressing through she wasn’t wearing a bra, though a touch of lace teasing her underboob hinted at some form of quarter cup lingerie under there somewhere. She pressed herself back against me, our lips meeting and tongues dancing briefly. Her hand unzipped my trousers and disappeared inside to wrap her fingers around my shaft pursaklar escort and pull it out. I shivered a little, her hands were still a little cool from our time outside but the sight before me and the sensations from her hand and lips on mine were more than equal to the challenge, my now free cock expanding in anticipation of the hot blonde’s attention. She dropped to her knees while I undid my belt and slipped my trousers down a little to give her unrestricted access. She didn’t hesitate, licking those plump pink lips and wrapping them around my still hardening shaft. She sucked me deep into her mouth straight to the hilt, her nose brushing against my pubes.

So there I was stood in the disabled bathroom of the bar with my boss’s PA on her knees before me, lips locked around my cock.

She drew her head back slowly, tongue trailing behind and lingering to swirl around my head before letting it drop. She sat back on her heels and ran her hands over her big and beautifully formed breasts, fingers tweaking her nipples and teasing them even further out. Looking down I got an amazing view. Bright blue eyes fixed on me from under a mass of wavy blonde hair, plump pink lips glistening as she ran her tongue over them. Looking lower and you got a pair of tanned curves that took your breath away, her large breasts now freed from the little black dress that clung to her hourglass curves. She was sat back on it now, but her arse was epic and had caught my eye from across the bar. I was hoping that if I played my cards right I’d get to see more of it later. My attention was drawn back to that face though as she wrapped her manicured fingers round my cock and planted a kiss on its head.

“Well, it looks like I found a nice cigar to enjoy” she smiled “and as I promised, an uninterrupted look. You like?” she asked, pouting coyly.

“Oh yeah, you’ve got the full package” I replied.

She just smiled and sucked me back into her mouth. Under her ministrations my cock was reaching its full length, nothing world beating but I could feel it squeezing into her throat as she surged towards to press her nose right into my belly. Her lips clamped tight round the root of my shaft and her tongue flicked from side to side caressing the underside of my cock.

She hitched her dress up her thighs, revealing her lace stocking tops and suspenders. She left my cock deep in her mouth and continued to suck, one hand disappearing up under her dress and the other playing with my balls. I’d never had a blow job like it, she was going at my prick like ankara escort a Hoover. But hey, it was effective. My cock was twitching with every swipe of her tongue, her fingers making my balls churn and on top of that I got the sight of this busty beauty playing with herself as she pleasured me. Hell, she was into it too if the noises she was making were any guide. Every moan she made vibrated round my cock, enhancing my sensations and driving me wild. It was all I could do to support myself without collapsing back against the door.

Then she dragged herself back down my shaft and I popped free from her lips, I couldn’t prevent my moan of disappointment. “oh don’t worry” she assured me “we’re not finished yet.” She wrapped those perfectly manicured fingers round me and started to lightly stroke up and down my shaft. She had the lightest of touches, her fingers dancing along like the most nimble of ballerinas barely seeming to be there but inducing some magnificent sensations. Then her tongue snaked out, lapping at my split and drawing away the stream of precum she was milking from me. She tasted it, coating her tongue and groaning ecstatically.

I could feel it building, I wasn’t going to last too much longer, the sight of her playing with herself as she blew me was taking a good blow job to another level. “Oh God Carol, you’re going to make me blow” I moaned “you’re so fucking hot.”

She pulled back, leaving just her fingers to run over me “I want it. Cum on my tits. Cover them in your hot jizz.”

Well who was I to refuse? She took her other hand from under her skirt and as I felt it start to wank me off lubricated by her pussy juice my balls started to boil. “Brace yourself babe” I forced out before i unloaded.

Stream after stream of white spurted out, expertly milked by her skilled fingers. After half a dozen powerful shots it tailed off to a steady oozing flow. She drew it away with her fingers, tongue flicking out to draw the dangling cream chains into her mouth. She played with the last few drops of jizz, giving her lips a fresh gloss sheen as she beamed up at me. I stared down at her as I got my breath back, eyes full of those beautiful breasts glazed with my cum.

She got back to her feet and gave me another intense kiss, the slight tang of salt on my lips from the remains of my cum. “That’s just what I wanted” she thanked me when our lips broke. “I wanted to celebrate and christen them properly” she was caressing her breasts as she spoke, rubbing my cum into her skin.

“Christen them?” I asked, confused.

“I had a boob job the other month, this is their first time out. Wanted to make sure they got some attention”

“Oh, I’m sure they’ll get plenty of attention. They look amazing.” I kissed her again “I’d love to give them a more hands on examination” I offered.

She just smiled and gave me a lascivious wink.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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