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Big Clit

Victoria had been taking the glassware from within the china hutch, wrapping each glass carefully, and then placing them in the corrugated packing crate, designed for moving and she was getting hot and sweaty. She wished Woody would hurry up and get here. They had a lot of boxes to pack and store in the U~Haul before nightfall. They were going to be heading out from Massachusetts to return to Woody’s home state of Texas within the next week.

When the knock on the door echoed in the small entryway by the door, Victoria jumped, nearly dropping the glass. Still clasping the glass, she scooted across the Dining Room and Living Room carpets, and sprinted down the stairs, to unlocked the front door to admit Woody.

“You’re la..”, she started to say but the words died in her throat.

She was about to tell Woody that he was late, when he held out some Sterling Silver roses to Victoria.

“I stopped to get you these, cause I know they’re your favorite rose, out of all the ones you like”, he stated quite simply, and giving her a disarming, sheepish grin.

Victoria threw her arms around Woody’s neck, kissing him quite soundly on the lips, letting the tip of her tongue trace along the outline of his full upper lip, which you couldn’t really see due to the thick mustache he wore.

“Oh, Woody,” she breathed quietly, and nestled her nose into a fragrant blossom and inhaling deeply, uttered, “They’re beautiful! Thank you!”

“I’m sorry,” she continued, “Come on in, I’m in the Dining Room, trying to pack all the stemware in the box provided.”

With that, Woody closed the heavy front door and locked it. He knew Victoria didn’t like people just entering through the front door ~ even if there were others who shared the house with her. There was one other female in the house, Erica, and she didn’t like unexpected visitors either.

Victoria kept up a running commentary as she went into the kitchen to find a vase for the roses. Their frangrance was already permeating the house, and it was beginning to smell like her mother’s garden back home. Woody followed the sound of Victoria’s voice, until he came to the door into the Kitchen that led off the Dining Room.

Upon entering the Kitchen, he stopped dead in his steps. There was Victoria, rummanging under the sink, bent over one of the underthesink cupboard doors, with her ass almost in his face. He was totally unprepared for this luscious sight. His palms were suddenly very sweaty and he wanted to feel Victoria’s ass cheeks, soft and pliable in his grasp, and to hear her moan as his entire length rammed her tight little hole, repeatedly. He wanted her, and he wanted her now!

Woody was brought up short by another sensation; that of feeling his 8 inch cock starting to swell with mounting desire for Victoria. God! How he wanted to sink his shaft between those round cheeks. He was so lost in his thoughts that he wasn’t aware of Victoria emerging the victor from her rummangings under the sink with the vase in her hand. Victoria was about to say something to Woody, when she noticed the oh so very evident bulge down the left leg of his pants.

Victoria couldn’t stop herself from staring and suddenly wondering what it would feel like to find her suddenly wet pussy impaled on that obvious bulge. She was unaware that her breathing had changed pace or that her breasts were heaving in sudden desire, until she felt a hand against her ass cheek pressing the seam of her jeans deliberately into her crack. The pressure was gentle, yet büyükesat escort firm; leaving her no doubt of where Woody’s thoughts were. She looked up to find Woody’s intent gaze fixed on her breasts. The pressure of his hands increased and now one was pressing the seam at the front of her jeans against the lips of her throbbing, wet, pussy. Victoria barely had time to place the vase down on the counter, before Woody was scooping her up in his arms.

“Where is your bedroom?” he growled low against her ear.

“Down the hall, on your right, next to the bathroom,” she replied.

Woody was very close to running down the hall, holding Victoria in his arms, so urgent was his need to bury his cock inside her. He could smell her arousal through her jeans and he wanted to bury his face, his tongue and/or his cock deep within it. He reached her room and the door to it, and was through it in record time. He walked the short distance to her king size bed and dropped her in the middle of it, went back, locked the door, and returned to the bed, crawling onto it until he was on his hands and knees, straddling her beneath his legs. Woody lowered his body to Victoria’s until he could feel her heat and dampness through her jeans. He rubbed his arousal against her throbbing mound, making her groan in desire.

Raising himself up onto his knees, he reached for the button on Victoria’s jeans, undid it and then slid the zipper down. He backed off the bed, briefly, and pulled her jeans from her lower body. It was just as he has suspected. She wore nothing beneath the jeans, she was bare inside them. Her pussy was exposed to him, and the scent of her arousal much more pungent then even through her jeans. With a groan, he pulled her toward him until she was near the edge of the foot of the bed, with her legs draped over his shoulders. Their gazes locked as he started to lower his upper body and face toward her waiting pussy with its thatch of light bush. The hair around it glistened with beads of her nectar. He hands were acting on their own. They were already spreading her lower lips apart and a finger was idly slipping up and down her waiting wetness. He never broke eye contact as he lowered his face those last few inches and his mouth latched onto those wet lips and his tongue ran across the engorged, swollen clit.

Victoria gasped at the initial contact of Woody’s tongue with her swollen clit and squirmed with delight as she felt a finger slide within her wet pussy, hearing the squishing noise her juice made as his finger fucked her pussy, first fast; and then slow. Driving all the way to the end of his finger and withdrawing almost to just between the nail and the first knuckle. She squirmed as his tongue joined his finger. She wanted more from him now. But she didn’t know quite how to tell him. So she opted to show him.

“W-W-Woody?” she finally managed to find her voice, unaware that she’d lost it. She got no response. She tapped him on the shoulder. He opened his eyes and looked at her, slowly taking his mouth from the sweetness he was so busy lapping and licking. She tasted so sweet! Even sweeter than he’d thought she would.

“Woody? Let’s take a shower. I’m hot and sweaty from packing and moving, but I want to be sweeter smelling for you. May we go take a shower?”

He nodded, not wanting to move his mouth from devouring her sweet nectar. He gave one more long, slow, lick; diving his tongue deep in her pussy, sucking as much juicy nectar from her çankaya escort as he could. He reluctantly removed his mouth, picked Victoria up and unlocking the door, dashed into the bathroom, right next to her room. He locked that door now, the third door he’d locked since he’d arrived at the house. He turned and his gaze locked again with Victoria’s. He inched closer to Victoria, reaching out to grasp her hands as he did.

“Touch me, baby. Undo my jeans and let my cock out. You know you want it and me. Undo my jeans and let my cock out,” he begged harshly into her ear. He felt the button come undone and heard the zipper come undone. Soon, his 8 inch by 2.5 inch cock was free; throbbing and bobbing in front of him ~ eager for Victoria’s touch. She reached out and touched him, tentatively, shyly.

As Victoria shyly, grasped Woody’s cock, he took off the rest of their clothes and left them in pools at their feet. Victoria pulled gently on this rock hard rod in her hands, leading his toward the waiting, running shower. Once inside the shower, she was reaching for the soap and body scrub puff and was working up a good lather all over his body, leaving nothing nor any part of him untouched. She washed Woody’s chest, his back, his legs, and finally his ass cheeks, and she slowly, and lovingly, washed between the crack of his butt cheeks. She also washed his cock.

Woody washed Victoria just as slowly and just as lovingly; taking extra care with the crack between her ass cheeks and with her pussy. Unable to wait to sink himself within her velvety softness, he quickly rinsed her off, gathered her into a huge bathsheet, and spirited her back into the bedroom; leaving only briefly to go pick up their clothes off the bathroom floor and then locking the bedroom door against any other intrusions.

Before Woody touched his mouth or tongue to either her ass, or her pussy again; he opened one of the drawers in the headboard and took out one of his favorite toys that she had told him she had. After he lubed it extremely well, cause he knew her tender hole was too tight and not used to being fucked, he gently rolled Victoria onto her side, lifted her left leg, and pulled her ass cheeks apart, exposing her tight puckered hole to his view.

“Take a deep breath, honey. There’s no way around this. It’s going to hurt just a bit cause you’re so tight,” he verbally walked her through the first steps. Then he spread her ass cheeks further apart, watching as the small hole opened just a bit. He pressed the well-lubed tip against the opening and pushed gently, yet firmly.

“No, no, no, Woody. It’s hurting,” she said in a low voice.

“Take another deep breath, honey. This is the only way you’re going to get used to it and to be ready for me to fuck your tight ass. I know this hurts, but not for long,” he cautioned and pushed again until the tight opening gave way and the tip slid in. He pushed the rest of the plug in until it was completely swallowed inside her hole. He tapped the base of it, sending waves of pleasure through Victoria’s ass and pussy.

Victoria relaxed against the plug’s invasion and Woody rolled her onto her back. Settling his body between her legs, he again opened the drawer in the headboard, and pulled out a Teal 8 inch vibrator and flicked it on, setting it humming into life. Spreading Victoria’s lower lips apart he dipped the humming vibrator deep into her wet hole and waited for the sigh he knew she would utter when she came. He didn’t have long ankara escort to wait. He heard it almost at once. When she came, he moved the vibrator to rest against the base of the plug that was still deep within Victoria’s tight ass. Sensing the time was right, he rolled her over onto her tummy and pulled her upper body into place so her ass was straight in front of his cock.

Woody quickly pulled the plug out, with an accompaning plop and after lubing his 8 inch cock with the juice from her wet pussy, he drove his cock into her ass. He was still for a few minutes as she adjusted to his entire length being in her ass. Feeling her relax inside, he began to fuck her; each stroke stronger than the one before. He pulled her body into an upright position against his chest and the fingers of one hand moved to play with her pussy and the other one went to carress her breasts.

“Oh BABY! Oh HONEY!” he said against her ear. He felt her squirm against him as he felt her ass getting ready for its own climax. He drove into her harder, feeling his balls slap against the back of her thighs and getting wet with her pussy nectar.

“Oh, Woody! OH! OH! OH! OH! OOOOOHHHH!” Victoria screamed. He was now driving three fingers into her wet pussy, and his 8 inch cock could go no deeper into her ass. He felt his own climax building and knew it was going to be a large, sticky load he dumped, and he wanted to dump it in her ass. He wanted to pump it deep.

“Honey?” he hissed, “I’m getting ready to cum. Do you want it in your ass or your pussy? Tell me where you want me to fuck you till I cum.”

When Victoria could find her voice, she told him.

“I want you to cum in my ass, Woody. Like we talked about. Then I want you to do it again. I had no idea your cock could feel so good. Oh, BABY! Don’t stop. Fuck me, please!”

With that, he bent her body forward, and pulled her hips and ass into his groin area, feeling his cock go deep in her ass, again and again. He started fucking her ass faster and faster, feeling it grip his shaft tighter and tighter. Soon he felt his load start to shoot into her welcoming ass hole. He groaned as he came. He could feel it pumping out of his hard cock and into her waiting ass. Soon, his entire load had been shot into her ass, yet still he was hard.

He eased their bodies down onto the towel that he had thrown around Victoria as they stepped out of the shower earlier. With his still hard cock stuffed in her tight ass, he reached for the covers and pulled them up, laying down behind her as he did so. He felt his cock jump as the last of his load shot itself in her ass. As he snuggled Victoria against his chest, with his cock still inside her ass, he knew that the impending road trip home, was going to be filled with nights where they explored the wanton desires they had only talked about in the dreams they had written about to each other.

Woody gave a few soft thrusts of his hips, and felt his slowly softening cock respond with a few last spurts of cum deep inside Victoria. They fell asleep, just as they had talked about. With his cock still inside her ass, refusing to fall out. It actually fit quite nicely inside her ass. He’d let them get some sleep and wake her up later, while he was going to be fucking her pussy and having put the plug back in her ass to keep the rest of his load inside her. Then he’d dump another load into her pussy later, pull out the plug and put his cock back into her ass. He could not wait. He felt himself growing hard again and filling her ass with his length.

He gently kissed the ear of his Victoria as she lay slumbering in his arms.

“Your ass pleasures have only started, honey. Just wait.” Soon, he was asleep as well, dreaming of the road trip and all the lovely nights they would be spending together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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