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It was about 9:30 on a Saturday night. We were sitting on the couch, watching some movie, my arm around her, her hand resting casually on my leg.

“This movie is just too weird.” I said.

“I’m not into it either.” she said.

We both let the movie run a bit more.

She turned towards me, kissed me on the jaw, stretched a bit, and nibbled gently on my ear lobe. I closed my eyes and enjoyed.

She whispered softly in my ear, “Go into the bedroom, take every piece of clothing off, and then lay down on the bed. Close your eyes, and wait. Don’t say anything.” She kissed me quickly on the cheek and got up, walked through the kitchen, and went into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She never once looked back.

Those who know me, know that ‘orders’ are most often responded to with my doing exactly the opposite of the ‘order’. However, there are exceptions…

I got up, walked through the kitchen, and into the bedroom. I took all my clothes off, throwing them in the corner. I crawled onto the bed, arranged the pillows a bit, and lay down on my back. I put my arms at my side and closed my eyes, wondering what was up.

I waited a few minutes, thinking of different scenarios she might come up with. I heard the bathroom door open.

“If you are naked, in bed, with your eyes shut, don’t say anything. If you are not, you better speak up now!”

I waited, curiosity growing. I heard soft footsteps enter the room.

“Keep your eyes shut.” she said softly, her voice barely more than a whisper.

I heard her walking around the room, back and forth. I heard the flick of a lighter. More footsteps, and another flick. Steps yet again, and again the flick of a lighter.

Steps going out of the room, the hall light being turned off. I see less light through my eyelids.

Steps coming back in and around the bed.

Fingertips touch the top of my foot, lightly trail up my leg, over my hip, up my chest, over my chin, and stop at my mouth. 1 finger presses against my lips, reminding me about my silence.

I feel her hair brush my shoulder and then “Open your eyes, but say nothing.” I hear her voice whisper, just an inch or 2 from my ear.

I opened my eyes and looked at her. Her auburn hair cascading down in the candlelight, smiling at me. as she stood next to the bed. I allowed my eyes to wander down. Over her full bosom, naked for me to see. Down to her waist, clad in a black garter belt. Eyes wandering further south, her büyükesat escort shaved pussy was not hidden by panties, and black stockings made a nice contrast to her skin in the dim candlelight. I smiled and my eyes wandered, slowly, back up to her face.

She had a finger over her lips, smiling at me. “I can see you like.”

She put her left knee on the bed by my waist, left hand next to my shoulder, and then straddled me. Her hair cascaded over my face. She lowered her hips until her pubic mound pressed against my cock.

She leaned forward, as if to kiss me, but she veered off course and let her hair dangle over my face and neck. She whispered in my ear “Do only what I tell you, and nothing else. Remember, no talking.” She moved back and kissed me on the lips, our eyes looking at each other as our lips caressed each other.

She rolled over me, laying on the bed to my left. Her left stocking clad leg resting on my legs, her face next to mine. Her fingertips played with the hair on my chest. She kissed me, next to my eye, and again closer to my ear.

“I’m glad you did as I asked.” came the whisper. “I love seeing you naked.” She rubbed her tit against my arm, I felt the texture change as her nipple made contact. She slowly toyed with the hair on my chest, tantalizing me by letting her hand snake closer to my crotch.

“You like me in stockings don’t you,” came the throaty whisper, “you like my legs. You like my tit pressed against you. I can tell, your cock is getting bigger.”

Her hand slides down over my hip, teasing me.

“That’s good, very good. I want your cock hard.”, kissing my neck between every phrase. “Your hard cock makes my pussy wet baby.”

Licking my neck, in slow tantalizing licks, “You like my body I know.” She takes her hand off my chest, and cups her boob. “Look at my tit, how the nipple gets hard for you, wanting the caresses of your tongue. But it has to wait.” she whispers, just an inch from my ear. She lightly bites my ear lobe.

“You like my pussy, like it soft, and hairless. You like to caress it with your tongue, tasting it’s wetness, slipping the tip between my folds.”

Her voice barely a whisper “I love that. I love it when you use your tongue on my pussy.” My cock getting harder from her erotic dirty talk.

She reaches behind her, kissing my face softly. I suddenly feel very cold thick liquid hit my hardening shaft, and I flinch in surprise.

“Sorry baby.” çankaya escort she apologizes softly, but covers me well. “Stroke your cock for me baby.”

I reach down with my right hand, touch my cock, begin to grasp the shaft. I realize the cold liquid is lube. I wrap my fingers around my shaft, twisting my wrist and spreading the lube over my hardening shaft.

“Thats it baby, get it all over.” came the whispers in my ear. She reaches down, and plays with my balls. “Mmmmm, these balls are full of cum arent they baby, hmmmm? I want it, I want that cum. I’m gonna get it, I’m gonna get that cum.”

My hand starts to slide up and down my shaft, listening to her. My shaft hardening in my hand.

“Stroke it baby, I wanna see that hand going up and down your hard cock. I want the cum!” she whispers, with a little excited urgency in her voice.

I turn to kiss her, and she kisses my on the lips softly, looking into my eyes. She breaks the kiss and whispers “Do you wanna fuck my tits baby? Slide that cock between my tits, and spray your cum over my face and neck?” Her eyes never left mine.

It was so erotic, so dirty, so intimate listen to her talking like this, looking into each other’s eyes, just a couple inches apart.

“Maybe you prefer to slide that hard cock into my wet pussy, and shoot your cum into me. I love how that feels baby. I love how you tremble just a little as you shoot your creamy cum. Keep stroking for me baby.”

She kisses her way down my neck, to my chest. Kisses and caresses my with her tongue. Her hand sliding up and down my inner thigh, keeping pace with my hand sliding up and down my shaft.

She rests her head on my chest, looking down at my hand, sliding up and down my now rock hard shaft.

“Would you like me to take the head of your cock into my mouth, feel your hand bump my lips as you rub your hard shaft, just as you shoot your cum? Your hot creamy cum would land on my tongue. I could play with it, letting you squeeze every drop out of your cock and into my mouth. I would love that baby, love the feeling of you cumming in my mouth. So very tasty!” she whispered in my ear, emphasizing the word tasty.

“I want you to cum for me baby, shoot it all over. I wanna wrap my hand around your balls, feel them jerk and squeeze as you shoot.”

I listen to her, my eyes closed, just envisioning her words, my hand stroking my shaft faster.

“Watching you stroke your long hard shaft makes ankara escort my pussy so wet, love watching the precum drip out the head, onto your thumb. Wanna know how wet you make me?” she whispers.

Her finger touches my lips, and I open my mouth. She slides her finger in, and I close my lips around it. I taste her sweet juices on my tongue, swirl my tongue around her finger.

“Taste good baby? You did that, you made me wet. My pussy is all wet because of you.” and she kisses my lips, with her finger still in my mouth.

“Think of me, kneeling on all fours, in front of you. Your hands are on my ass… no… better yet, your hands are on my tits, making the nipples hard as you play with them. Your hard cock is deep in my tight little ass, filling me. Your pumping your hips back and forth, driving that big hard cock deep into me. I’m reaching between my legs, playing with my wet pussy as you fuck my ass. My fingers tickle your balls. You tell me your about to cum. Yes baby, cum for me, shoot your cum in my ass. I wanna feel you cum in my ass!”

She licks the soft skin under my jaw for a few moments.

“You would like that wouldn’t you baby? I would love it.” she whispers breathily in my ear.

My breathing is getting fast. The speed of my hand sliding up and down my hard cock increase in tempo.

“Your getting closer baby, I can tell. The cum is just boiling isn’t it? Release the pressure baby, cum for me. Let it go, shoot your juice all over. I wanna feel it, I wanna see it. You make me so hot, my pussy so wet.”

My breath is raspy, I feel the tension building.

“That’s it baby, cum, blast it all over! Cum for me, I want it!”

“Oh baby” I exclaim, unable to keep quiet any longer “I’m cumming!”

She quickly sat up, reached down with her left hand and cupped my balls. She bent forward and put her mouth over the head of my cock. My hand met her lips, and she slid her mouth down my shaft, following my hand. My hand glided up my shaft, pushing her head back, her tongue flicked my head.

That’s all it took. I groaned as I felt the cum shoot up my shaft, her hand gently squeezing and caressing my balls. Her mouth hungrily accepted the shots of cum, rolling her tongue around the head of my cock. My hand squeezed every drop of cum into her waiting mouth.

I lay there, totally spent, recovering.

She rolled over on top of me, her pussy resting on my softening cock. She put her hands on my chest. Opening her mouth as she locked at me, she licked her lips and smiled. She tipped her head back a little, and then swallowed.

“Mmmmm, baby, just what I needed.” She leaned forward, close to my ear and whispered “I love you.”

I wrapped my arms around her, and replied “I love you too.” in a whisper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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