Tropical Temptations Ch. 01

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It is early morning on our second day here. I get out of bed, leaving him asleep. In my bikini, I walk down to the edge of the sea, and watch the sun rise over the hills, the sky and sea constantly changing colours as it does so. I feel quietly excited, knowing that we are here for a number of days, and that there is little to do except unwind, and, as we have promised ourselves, and each other, enjoy a great deal of pleasure…

As the sun settles into the sky, I move back from the sea, and lie on a lounger by the swimming pool, looking out over the calm, and calming, now deep blue sea. I am feeling comfortably aroused by where I am, by the unspoilt beauties of the place and the sunrise, and by my comparative lack of clothes. I lie down on my stomach on the lounger, and undo the straps of my bikini top. My large breasts spill out, as they press against the lounger. The sun rises high enough to caress my back with its warmth, leavened with a light sea breeze. I am very aware of my body, and of my physical presence, here and now. I note the pressure on my breasts as I lie on them. I feel my nipples stiffen, and luxuriate in the blossoming between my legs. I clench my buttocks and press my crotch into the lounger and feel the pressure of it against my swelling lips and clit.

I am thinking about my lover, and the things we did together last night, and the very sexy things we talked about doing while we are here. As my thoughts become more specific, and graphic, my body responds of its own accord. I begin to slowly clench my buttocks, and rhythmically press myself against the surface of the lounger. This is soon insufficient for my increasingly insistent clit and my right hand slides down under me and slips inside my bikini pants. I touch my stiff desirous clit and start to rub it rhythmically, slowly at first.

I am slowly settling into a fantasy of multiple love maltepe escort in the sun, when my lover appears. He stands above me at the head of the lounger, wearing small, tight, dark-coloured swimming briefs, the remains of his morning glory very evident through the material. His appearance makes me flood with pleasure, and I let out an involuntary whimper.

“Here you are,” he says cheerily. “We both missed you when I woke up.”

“It’s nice out here,” I murmur, “Join me.”

He sits down on the edge of my lounger. I know that he is enjoying the sight of my nakedness: from my feet to the top of my thighs, a small bikini bottom covering my buttocks, and then an expanse of naked back, crushed breasts seen in profile, and my head to one side and smiling at him.

“Do you want some suntan oil on you?” he asks lightly.

I nod and smile warmly at him. He takes some oil into his hands and begins to rub it into my shoulders and down my back, and round the sides so he can feel the swelling of my breasts. Eyes now shut, I moan quietly with the pleasure of his touch, my finger continuing to pleasure my clit. His hands move down my back, to the top of my bikini pants and he rubs the oil into the small of my back. I sigh, and move my finger more rapidly on my clit.

He stops, to my disappointment, at the bikini line and stops touching me at all. I feel him getting up from the lounger and wonder where he is going, and if I should come before he goes. Then I feel him kneeling at the bottom of the lounger, between my slightly spread legs. He begins to rub oil into the back of my ankles, and calves, and works his way up, behind my knees, very stimulating, to the back of my thighs. His hands spread over my thighs, thumbs on the inside. He rubs the oil smoothly onto my inner thighs, stroking with his thumbs.

The pleasure of his touch, together mamak escort with my stimulation of my clit, is exquisite, and I sigh and lift my hips slightly from the lounger. My pussy needs to be filled, and I need to come soon. My legs spread wider and, with a sharp intake of breath and a groan, he notices, obviously for the first time, my hand moving inside the front of my bikini. He holds his hands still at the top of my inner thighs. I sigh and spread my legs a little wider.

“I want you,” I breathe.

He moves up the lounger and lies flat on my back, his long hard erection pressed between the cheeks of my bum, through my bikini. He seems to be escaping from his swimming briefs. With his teeth and tongue I feel him nibble and lick my ear, and breathing low, he murmurs,

“Come with me,”

And I move my hand more rapidly on my clit.

He pushes down onto me, his stiff erection filling the crack of my bum. His hands insinuate themselves under me and cradle and squeeze my big tits. I lift my hips towards him. He begins to move on top of me. My breathing gets faster, I moan loudly and , head flung back, I come luxuriously.

As I recover, he kisses my cheek and raises himself off me. Standing at the side of the lounger he pulls my bikini pants down and off. I get a sweet frisson as he kisses my now bare buttocks, and I hear, and then watch, as he takes off his own briefs. His long, hard erection excites me and my pussy silently screams its desire to be filled. But he has other ideas. He oils my buttocks and, after a light and stimulating slap, he turns me over. He smiles down at me, and I smile up at him, hoping that he will soon fill my gaping need. But starting from my shoulders he begins to oil me: my shoulders, my breasts.

“Kiss them, suck them please,” I silently plead.

He squeezes my nipples and moves down to ankara escort oil my belly to the line of my pubic hair. My pussy is soaking wet, and my clit is throbbing with desire. But then he starts again at my feet, then my ankles, calves, knees and thighs. I am swollen and wet, my clit and nipples stiff and I am teetering at the top of a slope to an inevitable huge orgasm. My body is now oiled all over, apart from the area within my pubic hair, and that area is wet with other juices. I cannot stop myself, and begin to rub the oil on my big full breasts, squeezing them and pulling on my nipples, and my hips begin to move of their own accord, needing further completion.

“Fuck me please,” I whisper.

But he has other ideas. He kneels above my shoulders and cradles my breasts with his warm and oily hands. Leaning further forward, his tongue seeks out my stiff clit, and begins to tease and lick it, before taking it into his mouth and sucking hard. His fingers slide deep into my wet and eager pussy. My pussy screams

“Yes, yes, fuck me hard”.

I raise my hips and moan in exquisite pleasure. His hard erect cock rubs between my breasts as he eats my pussy. Through the miasma of pleasure I use my hands to squeeze my breasts together, so his cock can fuck me between my oiled and very excited tits. The pleasure is overwhelming, as I lick and want to suck his balls. His fingers are deep inside my pussy, fucking me and his thumb slides into my bum. I am over the hill now and speeding to wards a powerful and multi faceted orgasm. My legs spread wider as I lift my crotch to his mouth. I lick and suck his balls as he moves faster and faster between my tits.

The explosion starts deep within me, and I shout my pleasure into his balls as I come hard and long into his mouth and fingers and thumb. Releasing his tight balls as I come, I feel him stiffen even more, and with a shudder and a deep moan, he begins to squirt his hot abundant come all over my belly.

We lie together for a moment, his balls on my cheek, his cheek on my pussy, before we untangle ourselves, and make our way back to our hut for more fun and frolics before breakfast.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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