Punishing a slutty sister

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Alison Carter was standing in front of her bedroom mirror, checking her reflection as she affixed her earrings. They were not her best ones but they were not the type she would wear outside of special occasions. Her son Adrian was sitting on the edge of her bed with his arms crossed, shaking his head. She had asked him for his opinion on a proper outfit to wear for her first date in over a year, but he had not agreed with any of her choices. As such she had chosen to mostly ignore his input.

“I don’t like this guy; Tobin was it? He looks shady.”

“What do you mean?” Alison asked as she left the bedroom and trotted down the stairs in her high heeled boots.

Adrian followed after her to continue their conversation. As they reached the bottom of the stairs, they both heard the sound of Riley’s door opening so she could follow them. Riley was Adrian’s older half sister.

“You would think you’d be clean shaven for a date, or at least use a clean shaven picture for your tinder pic,” Adrian continued to complain. “He looks scruffy.”

“Some men look better with stubble. He probably knows what appearance looks best on himself,” Alison defended her date whom she had yet to meet.

“If he has to hide his ugly face in his picture, doesn’t that prove he’s not a good fit for you?” Adrian argued.

“No one looks perfect a hundred percent of the time. He just wants to put his best foot forward. If things work out and we see each other for long enough, I’ll eventually see him exactly as nature intended him to look and I can make a decision if he is acceptable to look at. However, for now I am glad he has made the job easier. Tonight I need only look at his personality.”

“You’re way too optimistic. This is why you’ve been divorced twice.”

Suddenly, Adrian felt a sharp pain in-between his legs and saw white flashes in his vision. He fell against the kitchen island holding his balls in pain while his older sister laughed at him. “Don’t forget, it was your father that left last year. At least mine had the decency to fuck off before I was even born rather than waiting 14 years.”

“Riley, don’t kick your brother,” Alison scolded her daughter.

“Yes mother,” Riley agreed after the deed had been done.

“What the hell?” Adrian spat at Alison.

“Don’t use that language with me,” she scolded him.

“Don’t talk to Mom that way,” Riley joined in.

He gritted his teeth as he pulled himself to his feet, resting heavily against the island. Riley went to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of soda. “Hey, that one is mine,” Adrian reminded her.

She popped the cap and took a big gulp before responding. “Sorry, I already opened it,” she made an excuse.

“Mom?” Adrian looked to Alison.

“Riley, try to remember which things Adrian bought with his allowance. Adrian, if you put it in the fridge where everyone can see it, then anyone can take it,” she gave each of them a non-threatening instruction.

“Even if I hide it in the back, she still takes my stuff,” Adrian complained.

“If I can see it, than it wasn’t hidden,” Riley retorted. “Just keep it out of the fridge altogether.” She took another gulp to accent her victory.

“Who wants to drink warm soda?” Adrian argued.

“Not me, thanks,” she laughed while taking another sip.

“Behave while I’m gone,” Alison instructed them both.

“She doesn’t behave when you’re here,” Adrian spat angrily.

“Careful, or I’ll kick you again,” Riley warned him.

“No kicking,” Alison reiterated.

“Yes Mother,” Riley responded without the slightest intention of keeping her promise. No matter what she did to Adrian, her mother would just tell her not to do it again but never stop her if she did.

By the time Adrian was able to recover, Alison had already left on her date. The two siblings were left alone together. “Well, this is awkward,” Riley chuckled. When there was someone else in the room, Riley could play off of them and make her rivalry with Adrian seem justified. When it was just them, she had no room to argue anything. How could she convince the object of her abuse that she was justified?

The two of them had only a passing similarity in appearance. Like Alison, they were both slender, though Adrian had brown hair and lighter skin. Riley had black hair that she usually kept in a ponytail when at home. She also had bronze tan skin and toned muscles. She was a member of the track team at school and a bona fide popular girl. At the moment she was wearing minimal makeup, a tank top and track shorts. Her long slender legs were shining from the reflection of the fluorescent kitchen lights, as was her exposed forehead.

Adrian’s messy hair was dark with sweat from his painful ordeal. He was wearing a black t-shirt and red basketball shorts. He was not a starter on the team or anything and he was nowhere near as athletic as his older sister but he was still fit. At the moment he was still glaring at Riley as she tried to avoid his gaze.

“You’re going to burn a hole through me,” she whined. “Can’t you just let it go?” She had to try bargaining since she could not just lie like with Alison.

“I’ve done that too many times to count,” he reminded her.

“Well, it’s kinda your fault for being such a wimp. Why don’t you ever fight back?”

“Because Mom would actually punish me,” he explained.

“You just need to know how to play her. For example, no one is here but us. If you attack me but don’t leave any bruises, then when I tattle to Mom you can just laugh and say something like Riley is always hitting me and I barely tapped her.”

“Is that how you get away with it? Does Mom think you barely tapped my balls with your foot?”

“She can’t very well check them for bruises, can she? She has no idea how painful it is for a guy. She has had two failed divorces and she would love to kick both of those men in the balls. It’s such an easy target for me because Mom just can’t understand it as a real issue.”

“And you can?” Adrian raised a confused eyebrow.

“Oh yeah, I’ve kicked every one of my boyfriend’s in the balls at least once.”

“Before or after you broke up?” Adrian asked.

“Mostly after, sometimes it was the cause of the breakup. Men are so easy to control if you aren’t afraid to hit them where it hurts.”

“Where does it hurt on a girl?” Adrian posed a question.

“Well, women are weaker than men in general, so anywhere really. The whole reason we kick you there is so you can’t retaliate like we know you will.” Riley began to root through the fridge. After a moment she brought out a box of leftover pizza from the night before when Alison did not feel like cooking.

Adrian did not pay much attention until she opened the box to reveal that only one slice was left. “Hey, wasn’t there half a pizza before.”

“I already ate three slices,” Riley explained.

“That’s not fair, we always split the leftovers. You didn’t leave any for Mom or me.”

“You’re right. Mom might be mad. I’ll tell her we each had two and she’ll have to accept it.”

“Wait, give me the last slice,” Adrian demanded.

“No, I’m hungry. You can eat some of the cookies you bought. I left at least three.”

“You what?” Adrian ran to the pantry. Sure enough the cookies he had bought just yesterday were almost gone. He had not even opened the package yet. When he came back to the island, Riley was already eating the final slice of pizza cold. He stared at her with his mouth agape, confused at where his skinny sister put all of the food she ate.

Riley ignored him as he clenched and unclenched his fists. He was used to her acting like this but today she seemed intent on piling it on. When she saw how angry he was, she just started to laugh. “Here, you can have the crust.” She threw the end of the pizza slice at him. It was cold and hard anyway so she did not want it.

Without warning, Adrian kicked her directly in the crotch, exactly the same as she had done to him except from the front this time. Her eyes went wide in confusion as she grabbed between her legs while falling over. Adrian watched her squirming on the floor with her eyes crossed and her face turning red from holding her breath. “Get up,” he was unsympathetic. Girls did not have balls after all, so it could not have hurt more than a normal kick.

“I think you ruptured my bladder,” she whined. He looked down again to see a pool of liquid spreading out from her shorts.

He was a little concerned but he did not want apologize. “You’re fine,” he assured her.

“Do I look fine?” She grabbed the edge of the island and pulled herself back to her feet. After leaning over the counter she began to wiggle her butt until her shorts slid down to the floor.

“What are you doing?” Adrian asked.

“I need to go to the bathroom, but I don’t want to drip all the way there. Grab some paper towels and wipe my legs,” she ordered him.

Reluctantly, Adrian obeyed, grabbing a whole roll from under the sink and tearing off several sheets. He wiped between her legs first, but more liquid kept running down from her soaked panties. Without really thinking, he grabbed them by the waist and pulled them down. “Hey, stop!” Riley shouted.

“No one is here. Just walk to the bathroom like you do when you’re taking a shower.” He gave her a hard swat on the left buttocks. She made an odd sound while flinching a little too much. He snickered to himself but went back to wiping her legs without a word. After they were dry, he moved up to her crotch and pushed a paper towel right against her cunt which was already mostly dry just from being exposed to the air.

“Watch yourself,” she warned him through gritted teeth.

“Or what?” he pushed it a little further.

“It’s so rough,” she whined while squirming. “It’s like cheap toilet paper.”

Shrugging he set the paper towel aside and ran his fingers along her slit instead. “I see how it is,” she moaned, laying her head down on the countertop. He ran his fingers up and down the outside of her cunt for a while before spreading it with one hand and pushing his fingers inside with the other. “Mmm,” she moaned while closing her eyes. Apart from standing on her tiptoes which only slightly raised her crotch, she did little to attempt to escape.

“You’re such a slut,” Adrian giggled at her.

“It’s been a while,” she admitted. “Also it helps with the pain. If you touch my peehole it might stop stinging as much.” She adjusted her abdomen in an attempt to direct his fingers. She was surprised when he stood up and walked away. Peering over her shoulder she saw him opening the silverware drawer. When he came back he was holding a single metal chopstick. She tried to stand up but he pushed on the square of her back to keep her down. At the same time he lined the tip of the chopstick up with her peehole and pushed.

“Oooh,” she moaned loudly as he effectively plugged her urethra. Her eyes gaziosmanpaşa escort crossed again and tears ran down her cheeks. She had never felt such a sharp pain in her body before. “What the hell?” she gasped when she finally managed to regain her composure.

“It was either that or the pipe cleaner brush. I bet you’d love those bristles inside your peehole.”

“Come on, I’m not that much of a slut,” she argued. In response he pushed his fingers back into her cunt and scrapped his fingernails against the inside walls. She had to bite her lip to keep her voice down as her lower body shuddered. “I didn’t think you’d get me off at first but now you just might. As soon as I cum, this all stops,” she warned him.

“Wow, you’ve already made up your mind,” Adrian laughed.

“You started this, but it’d be pointless to have let you go this far if I don’t get off, right?”

“The mindset of a slut,” he teased her verbally while also teasing her cunt with his fingers.

With her mouth slightly open, Riley kept making small sounds with each push of his fingers. She also moved her head a little and clenched her lower muscles. Every time she did, she felt the stick in her urethra. Finally, she stood on her tiptoes again and shook her butt up and down as her abdomen contracted repeatedly. It was a very subtle orgasm but Adrian could see every movement of hers from his position behind her.

He could not help but admire his perfect perspective of his sexy slutty sister’s bare spread cunt as it bobbed with her ass. It was slightly lighter than the rest of her tan physique. She looked like she was trying to climb the island as if to escape but all she was doing was thrusting her hips against the edge with every spasm. A moment ago he was so angry at her but now he was enjoying causing her pleasure. He did not understand his own actions but at the moment he did not care.

After a while, her spasms subsided and she slumped down on the island. He touched the outside of her cunt and moved it around a little. “Stop already,” she pleaded.

“What are you being so inconsiderate for?” he asked. “I was supposed to be punishing you but instead you look like you just had the time of your life. At least let me enjoy myself too.”

“You’re not asking if you can fuck me, right? The answer is hell no,” her refusal was not very stern as she was exhausted. “We’re still siblings even if only through one parent.”

Adrian nodded in agreement. He had no real intention of performing incest with her either. But he still felt she needed more punishment. Giving her an orgasm was far too kind for the pain he went through earlier. Again he stood up and walked away. She did not have the energy to look but she heard him getting something glass from a high shelf. She concluded it was a wine bottle, just as he pressed the cold lip to her cunt. “Don’t!” she shouted as he shoved it inside. It clinked against the metal chopstick as it slid in.

She let go of the island and fell to the floor. The bottom of the bottle hit first and shoved the rest of the neck far into her cunt. At the same time the chopstick in her urethra slid all the way in and pushed the edge of her bladder wall. White lights filled her vision as she passed out from the pain.

Adrian stood above her with a perplexed expression. He would be laughing out loud if she weren’t already unconscious and unable to hear him. If it were only for today, his payback would be complete with this. However, Riley had made his life miserable on more than one occasion. He was not sure when he would get a chance like this again.

Riley’s body was lighter than he thought it would be. He had more difficulty propping it up than he did actually lifting it. He raised her butt into the air and leaned her against the island. With his fingers he poked at her anus slightly as her cunt was still occupied with the wine bottle. The hole opened up only slightly. Even while she was asleep she did not relax it enough for him to push his fingers inside easily.

When he finally had it spread enough to fit a finger inside, she moaned in her sleep and shifted. The ring tightened around his finger like an elastic band. With his other hand, he worked the wine bottle out of her cunt and set it down so he could finger both of her holes at the same time. She made noises but still did not wake up.

After a while of enjoying the sight of his sister’s face contorting as he swirled his fingers inside her asshole and cunt at the same time, Adrian came up with an idea. He uncorked the bottle of wine and pressed the rim to her anus. It took a good shove to get it past the tight opening. A little bit of the wine spilled out and ran down her back when he inverted the bottle but most of it ended up pouring into her asshole. He watched with a gleeful smile as the dark liquid swirled into the neck like a whirlpool and vanished inside his sister.

Looking down at his own crotch he knew he was extremely turned on. Despite how much he disliked how his sister treated him, he could not deny she was attractive, especially with a whole wine bottle neck shoved inside her asshole. With some effort, he was able to hoist her into his arms and set her down on the island, lying on her side so the bottle in her butt would not fall out. He took his time spinning and pulling on it until it was right at the end of the neck. With one last tug, he pulled it out, unleashing a splatter of wine that quickly shrank to a trickle when her asshole was finally able to close, almost completely.

He poked at the hole a few times, causing her to moan in her sleep again. When she shifted, it opened enough for more wine to slip out. “I guess I’ll have to plug it with something,” he announced sarcastically.

After a few minutes, Riley finally awoke in a daze. She was confused about her elevated position. Her feet were propped on the edge of the island with her butt hanging off. Looking down she could see her cunt stretched around the neck of the now empty wine bottle. While most of it hand ended up on the floor, her dizziness proved she had absorbed at least some of it.

The final thing she noticed was a sore pressure in her butt. Her asshole felt like it was being stretched around something large. Looking behind her she saw her brother holding her in her precarious position on the island’s edge. He was on a stool so his height standing was about even with hers squatting. “What are you doing?” she asked drunkenly.

As if to iterate, Adrian pushed his hips against her butt, allowing his cock to slide inside her asshole and stretch it. “Raping you,” he admitted pompously.

“You don’t have the balls,” she laughed at him.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and leaned over her, pressing deeper into her asshole and also forcing her to squat on the bottle in her cunt more. She groaned as it stretched to accommodate more than the neck. Her eyes spun dizzily in her head and her breath was pushed out of her lungs as he compressed her body beneath him.

It was difficult for Riley to keep looking over her shoulder at Adrian so she went back to looking down at her cunt. While the neck of the bottle fit into her perfectly, the rest of it was stretching her and it looked oddly interesting to the drunk girl. Her cunt was wet, as if she was enjoying being violated by a thick bottle. The underside of her clit was sore and raw from being rubbed against the smooth glass.

She opened her mouth and let her tongue hang out as a stream of drool poured off of it. She had seen the many cocks of her boyfriends entering her but obviously they were not big enough to stretch the edges of her pussy and cause it to fold in on itself this way. She was more intrigued by how it looked than felt but she was still turned on. Her eyes glazed over as she spread her feet apart, taking the weight off of them and placing it solely on her cunt and the bottle. She had to grab it with both hands to keep it steady so she would not fall over.

Even from behind, Adrian could tell how messed up Riley was. Her expression as well as her actions; she was not resisting at all. She was entirely at his mercy. With a final shove, he buried himself deep in her asshole and began to cum. She moaned as she felt the warm goo splattering amongst the cold wine still filling her bowels. After six spurts, Adrian pulled out and stepped down off the stool to admire her round gapping asshole.

On more than one occasion, he had been able to hear his sister getting it one with a boyfriend in her room and had always tried to ignore it and found it gross. Now he was thinking back to the moans she used to make and hoping she looked just like this after getting fucked; naked sprayed out on her bed, unable to close her legs as cum leaked from her cunt or even her asshole as it refused to close.

With one hand still on her waist, he could feel her lower muscles moving in preparation to expel his cum and presumably the remainder of the wine inside her bowels. For some reason he did not want that and thinking fast grabbed the cork to the bottle and pushed it into her tiny asshole. Her anus went from gapping to puckered as it closed around his fingers the moment it felt the intrusion.

“What?” Riley gurgled in confusion as she fell forward on her face with her butt in the air. “Pull it out,” she whined. He slapped her ass a few times and even poked her anus but it was obvious he was not going to get his fingers in or the cork out until she relaxed more.

Instead, she rolled over onto her back and then lifted herself onto her knees, leaning slightly back so her cunt was thrust forward, almost at the edge of the island. She began to moan louder as she clenched her lower muscles around the fat bottle. She might have still been trying to expel her bowels but she was feeling it more in her cunt now.

Adrian grabbed her phone from her discarded shorts and snapped several pictures of his sexy athletic sister masturbating with a bottle in her cunt atop the kitchen island. He even caught a picture of the moment she threw her head back and howled in orgasm as liquid squirted out around the bottle. Before she lost control of her bladder, she grabbed the bottle and moved it so the lip was right in front of her peehole. Adrian obediently pulled the chopstick out so she could catch her urine in the bottle.

She bit her bottom lip to keep her voice down and stared forward at her brother with her eyes crossed as her whole body shook. When she realized he was taking pictures she let go of the bottle and folded down the middle two fingers on her hands like a punk rocker and posed with them beside her face. He loved how innocent her bit lip expression made her look; trying to maintain her composure while obviously enjoying her orgasm and showing off her enjoyment with her hand signs. She was a slutty contradiction, just like his feelings for her.

By the time her orgasm subsided, her cunt had become haymana escort so slippery that the bottle had just popped out and rolled to the edge of the island where Adrian caught it and set it on the kitchen counter. After catching her breath, Riley refused to look up at him. She was too tired to express how upset she was with him. She just kept her eyes averted while reaching out to him and flexing her hands, silently instructing him to pick her up.

Unfortunately for her, watching his sister cumming for minutes at a time had turned Adrian on again. Rather than picking her up he pulled her to the edge of the island by her legs so they were dangling off the side. He then pulled her knees apart so he could get a good look at her wet and stretched cunt. The outside was even a little puffy from rubbing against the smooth glass too much.

She blushed as she waited for him to be done staring at her most private of places. Just because she had showed it to more than a few boyfriends, did not diminish how important it was. Having her brother look at her there meant they were sharing something she had only shared with her boyfriends in the past. She tried to force her legs closed but Adrian held them apart, staring at her glistening pink hole like it was the most mesmerizing thing.

She bit her fist to stifle her complaints. If he did not stop staring at her cunt now then he would never hesitate to strip and touch her in the future and she knew it. She had to regain some of her dignity or she would forever be his slutty pet for him to do with as he pleased. Just as she resolved herself to slapping him to make him let go of her, he yanked on her legs and pulled her off the island. Her face reflected her shock as she fell right onto his now completely hard cock with her legs still spread. Her stretched and wet cunt slid over his cock with ease. She squealed and spasmed in his arms as she felt it slide further into her than the bottle could, even if it did not stretch her as much.

She punched him in the chest a few times but there was not enough room between them for her to build the momentum to cause him any discomfort. He pulled on her ponytail to force her to lift her head. Her cheeks were bright red and her eyes were swimming with water. He kissed her without warning and forced his tongue past her teeth.

Riley’s eyes fluttered as she struggled to keep them open. Compared to being kicked in the crotch so hard she pissed herself and having her urethra fucked with a chopstick or her cunt fucked with a bottle, he was being downright gentle with her and she could hardly keep from reciprocating. She wound her tongue around his while running her fingers through his thick hair.

Most of her boyfriends were older than her and liked to fuck her and be done with it. They didn’t give her the chance to be affectionate with them at all. Her brother was younger and she was used to messing with him, so touching his body like this came naturally to her. She was loath to admit it, but this was better sex than she had ever had with any other boy.

Her blissful enjoyment was ripped away from her when she felt something warm splashing inside her cunt. Her eyes shot open and she pulled his head back from hers by his hair. He quickly set her down on the island again. “Are you kidding me?” she was more than a little annoyed. She did not know if her younger brother was a virgin but she had hoped he would last a little longer, especially after having already cum inside her asshole.

She lifted one leg and propped it on the island with her heel so she could get a good look at her cunt. It was still shiny with her own cum but now it had his distinct white goo running out of it. When she saw her phone still in his hand, she snatched it from him and took a picture from a low angle, making sure her face was not visible but enough of her body was so that anyone who knew her personally could recognize her.

Adrian watched in confusion as she tapped out a message and sent it. She then handed her phone back to him so he could see what she had done. She had posted the picture to a group chat with five of her female friends. The caption simply read “Adrian is such a quick shot.” His face turned red in embarrassment. Before he could even attempt to remove the image, several replies began to pop onto the screen.

Belle: “What a loser.”

Sarah: “Do you mean fifth period Adrian or your brother?”

Natalie: “Of course she means her brother. Why would she date that loser?”

Sarah: “But… her actual brother. Isn’t that a little gross?”

Natalie: “He’s hot, isn’t he?”

Belle: “Too bad he’s a preme.”

Sarah: “I can’t wrap my head around this.”

Joyce: “Don’t panic. Just keep it a secret. We all knew Riley had a thing for her brother and it’s not like they are even fully related, so what’s the problem.”

-Sarah has left the group-

Natalie: “Stuck up bitch.”

Joyce: “She’ll come around. We all had to deal with her being a dyke so she can learn to deal with Riley loving her brother.”

Belle: “I don’t think it’s the same thing.”

Natalie: “No, but it’s hella interesting. It’s some next level Game of Thrones shit. Riley, do you have more pictures? I want to see everything.”

Belle: “Are you sure you’re not a dyke?”

Joyce: “Congrats, Riley. I know how much you’ve always wanted this. Tell us all about it at school later.”

-Joyce has left the group-

Belle: “Yeah, congrats, for now at least. Still kinda hoping you mean fifth period’s Adrian but I’ll ask later. Since you’re not responding I’ll take it you’re busy with round two. At least he recovers quickly, I guess.”

-Belle has left the group-

Natalie: “Remember to send those pics. If I don’t see Adrian’s face then I’m just going to assume you’re messing around with Todd and playing a prank on us.”

-Natalie has left the group-

Adrian handed the phone to Riley again. “Explain this?” He pointed to the line where Joyce stated Riley had a thing for him.

She shrugged. “I talk about you a lot. Maybe they got the wrong idea.” Her face was red and she was obviously still drunk which probably contributed to her poor decision to share the picture with her friends in the first place.

“So you don’t like me?” Adrian asked.

“Are you stupid? You think this was all a setup by me? You’re the one who’s been messing with me for the past hour. Are you so full of yourself that you think I like you? If I send a picture like that, of course they are going to fill in the blanks, but it doesn’t change the fact that I didn’t start this.”

Adrian gritted his teeth as he took the phone back from her. He stared at the last line about her boyfriend Todd for a long time before coming to a conclusion. He went back to the image of her masturbating with the wine bottle and captioned it, “Much bigger than yours,” before sending it to Todd’s name in her contacts. He was not sure what he planned to accomplish by trying to make her boyfriend mad. He had thought that after everything he had done to Riley today they were perhaps getting closer, if not as siblings then as a couple, but the harsh reality was that she was not even single for him to date.

“What did you do?” Riley tried to grab her phone. Adrian set it on the island just out of her reach. When she leaned toward it, he grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her right off onto the floor. “Ow, what the hell?” she whimpered. “Let me go.”

He ignored her cries as he dragged her all the way to the stairs and then threw her at them. She was able to catch herself on the railing to keep from getting hurt. He glared at her until she started to climb them obediently. He followed behind her, making sure she could not slip past him and escape. When they got to her bedroom, opened her top dresser drawer and took out two things, a remote vibrator that he had known of for a while due to the noise she made with it at night, and a sewing kit.

Her eyes went wide when he retrieved two safety pins from the kit. “What are you going to do?” she whimpered in fear. He pulled her shirt off over her head so she was finally fully naked. She stood petrified and shivering as he grabbed her left breast and pinched it until her nipple stuck out enough for him to push the pointed end of the safety pin through. “Is this about calling you a quick shot? If I apologize, will you stop?” she begged.

He ignored her and grabbed her other breast. She winced as he repeated the process, piercing both her nipples. When he was done, she let out a held breath. She was again surprised when he kicked her feet out from under her, knocking her to her knees. He then bent her over the side of her bed and pushed the safety pins through the top part of her bedding, effectively pinning her nipples to her bed so she could not move without tugging on them.

She tried to keep as still as possible as he positioned her butt propped on her knees. He slapped it a few times before spreading it to reveal her cunt. It was no longer glistening as her cum was starting to dry, but his was still leaking out of it. With just his cum for lube, he shoved the cock shaped vibrator into her cunt, making her yelp. She shook her head, pleading him not to turn it on to no avail.

The moment it began to buzz, her whole body jerked. Her nipples tugged on the bedding and began to bleed. She kept her mouth shut as tears flooded her eyes. He slapped her butt again before standing up and taking out his own phone to film her writhing on the floor.

After watching her shaking her butt while keeping her chest as still as possible for a long time, he got bored. He left and went to his mother’s room where he retrieved one of her cigarette lighters. Riley heard him flipping it open and lighting it. “What the hell are you doing?” she screamed.

He shushed her as he brought it close to her face and then her chest. He held it against one of the safety pins until the metal became hot. “Stop!” she pleaded. He moved to the other pin instead and got the same response from her. “Why are you doing this to me?” she sobbed in fear and confusion. He even noticed liquid running down the insides of her thighs and it was not cum from an orgasm.

“How full of piss are you?”

“I drank a soda an hour ago,” she reminded him.

Rolling his eyes, he grabbed her hair again and yanked her away from the bed. She screamed as the pins pulled on her nipples but they deformed and popped open before her flesh actually tore. She panted with relief as he dragged her into the bathroom. She thought he was actually going to let her pee properly but instead she suddenly felt her head being pushed into the toilet and under the water.

She gripped at the outside of the porcelain bowl and even bent her fingernails a little trying to pull herself up. She had stopped peeing until he grabbed the vibrator and shoved it against her bladder. Her whole body shook ankara escort for a while but eventually she went ridged.

He pulled her up and stared at her rolled back eyes. She was not reacting at all. He leaned her against the toilet and pushed his cock past her slightly blue lips. Once it was lodged in her throat, she began to gag and flail. She spat it out along with several mouthfuls of water.

He left her sputtering against the toilet as he took more pictures of her. Would Natalie want to see these as well? She seemed to be a voyeuristic freak. After panting to catch her breath for a long while, Riley lifted her head and posed her fingers in a victory V next to her face. She forced a smile as he snapped more pictures. She had completely given up resisting.

A while ago she was worried he was staring at her cunt too much, now she was afraid he would accidentally hurt her if she did not calm him down. When he stopped taking pictures, she grabbed his thighs and pulled him toward herself, shoving his cock down her throat again. She immediately vomited but it was only water with a little orange coloration from the pizza she had.

As she bobbed her head back and forth on his cock, she repositioned herself onto her knees and pressed her legs together, clenching the vibrator inside her against her bladder. More liquid ran down her legs and onto the floor. They were in the bathroom but not a drop of her urine had made it into the toilet.

When Riley felt Adrian’s cock stiffening inside her, she pressed her head as far as she could until the tip popped into her throat completely. Watery vomit sprayed out of her nostrils into his pubic hair. He patted her wet hair before pulling her head off of his cock without cumming in her throat as she had expected.

When he left the bathroom, she tried to stand up to follow him but her legs were too weak. He returned a moment later with another one of her dresser toys, a vibrating egg on a cord. She gulped nervously as she wondered if he would be pushing it into her asshole. She had forgotten the cork inside her butt until that moment but now she wanted it out as soon as possible.

To her surprise, he placed the plastic egg in her mouth. She waited for a moment before spitting it out, making sure it was lathered in her saliva so he could push it into her without difficulty. However, he just pushed it back into her mouth and kept his hand over her lips so she could not spit it out. She waited again until he got annoyed and pushed his fingers into her mouth, shoving the egg into the back of her throat where it became lodged.

She made a squelching sound with her throat as she felt the lump on her neck from the outside. With the dial on the end of the cord he turned it on, causing it to jump to life inside her throat. She began to gag immediately. She flailed her arms around and knocked her knuckles against the toilet painfully as she scrambled to her feet. She tried to pull on the cord in her mouth to get the egg out of her throat but he pulled her body against his. She winced as she felt her bleeding nipples touching his shirt.

His cock was still slick with her vomit and slipped between her legs easily. He made sure it curved up and pressed against her cunt, next to the vibrator still inside her. She whimpered while shaking her head. He ignored her and sat down on the toilet pulling her into his lap. She let out a muffled scream as his cock slid into her wet cunt right beside the vibrator. While the two were not as wide as the bottle from before she felt more stretched.

With her knees on either side of his waist, she tried to lift herself off of him only to have him push her back down. She sputtered, almost spitting out the egg in her throat but it was lodged to tightly. Drool was forming in her mouth because she could not swallow it and it was running out of the corners and down her front, making her bare chest shiny.

After staring mesmerized at the pink plastic lodged in his sister’s throat, Adrian took a moment to admire that her breasts were not as bright as her crotch which meant she had taken the effort to tan topless at least once recently. She really was a slut.

Riley’s eyes rolled back as she lost herself in the sensation of her brother bouncing her on his cock with a vibrator in both her pussy and her throat and a cork in her asshole. He seemed obsessed with filling her up and blocking her holes so she just had to writhe there with fluid inside her. She almost laughed as she imagined her brother would be just as satisfied fucking a water filled blowup doll. Of course, laughing was painful on her throat though.

She was brought out of her thoughts by the warm sensation of Adrian’s cum filling her cunt and spreading around the vibrator as it shook inside her. He may have been a little quick, but he certainly could cum multiples times in a row. As the vibrator in her cunt was now lubricated, it moved around more until she began to cum as well. As she threw her head back, drool spilled down her cheeks. She clutched at Adrian’s shirt as her whole body shook and her knees became bruised rattling against the toilet seat.

When she tried to swallow her drool on instinct, the vibrating egg slipped further into her throat, lodging itself in such a way she could not breathe. She stood up and jumped off of Adrian’s lap. She stumbled straight into the bathroom wall and fell over on her side, coughing and sputtering while tugging on the cord of the egg.

Thinking fast, Adrian stood up and kicked her in the stomach. She spat out the egg at the same time the vibrator in her cunt slid out, covered in a mixture of their cum. Even the cork in her asshole popped out, forcing her to clench her anus to keep from expelling her bowels. She stood up as quickly as she could, clutching her stomach. She hopped over the side of the bathtub and laid down again before finally relaxing her anus and letting the wine from nearly an hour ago finally spill out of her body.

Adrian leaned over the edge of the tub and starred at her with concern. She wanted to complain that he went too far, but she had already given up a long time ago. Instead, she pulled herself up just enough to kiss him before laying back down. Adrian turned on the water so that she could clean herself up before he left the bathroom.


Riley had no idea when she fell asleep in the bathroom. When she awoke she was in her own bed and it was past midnight. Her mother was probably already home if she was not spending the night out with her date. Riley quickly flipped on her bedroom lamp so she could see herself properly.

Although she was still naked, almost all evidence of her ordeal was gone. She had been cleaned thoroughly, presumably by Adrian. The only remaining proof was the bruises. She could feel them when she touched the roots of her hair or the edges of her cunt. There actually were purple marks on her stomach and yellow ones on her knees. The red hand prints on her butt were gone and the pin holes in her nipples had closed almost completely.

After finding her phone on her night stand, she took a picture of her bruised stomach. None of the other marks were proof of what Adrian had done. Even if she wanted to tell on him and get him in trouble no one would believe her.

She did not really want to get him in trouble though, not for this. If she told their mother, they would probably end up in some sort of family counseling. Deep down, she knew why Adrian had snapped. She had abused him for far too long. It was inevitable he would fight back one day. She was actually surprised her waited this long.

It almost seemed fitting that he had chosen to rape her rather than just beat her up. Fighting a woman is considered an unmanly thing, which is why Adrian had put up with her for so long. Now he had a solution; treat her like a woman in the worst way.

She almost laughed at her brother’s ingenuity. How interesting would the world be if all bitches like her only ever got raped as punishment for acting like they do? For her who is already close to being a slut, it was like no consequences at all.

Riley was scaring herself a little by how easily she was justifying Adrian’s incestuous actions just by telling herself she deserved it. She was likening it to a parent spanking a misbehaving child. If her father had not run off before she was born, would it have been his job to discipline her instead of Adrian’s? Would he have bent her over his knee and spanked her naked ass until it was red. Would he have gone further like Adrian and put his fingers in his daughter’s butt or maybe even his cock.

Perhaps no matter what, her life would have ended up like this. Perhaps she really was that much of a slut. As she tried to dream of a father she did not know violating her when she was just a child, she began to touch herself between her legs. With no face to assign to her father though, she kept thinking of Adrian instead.

After a while of getting nowhere, she threw off her covers and leapt out of her bed. She made a beeline from her room to Adrian’s and did not even knock before entering. She dropped down on his bed and curled up next to him. “What’s wrong?” he mumbled without opening his eyes.

“Did you clean up the kitchen?” she asked.

“Of course I did. You were too out of it for anything. I’m telling mom you drank that whole bottle of wine by yourself, by the way.”

“Okay,” she did not argue. Instead she crawled into his arms from below and nuzzled herself against him with her butt resting against his crotch.

“What are you doing?” he finally asked.

“Someone hollowed out all of my holes today, so I’m feeling empty and lonely.”

“Go snuggle with Todd,” he grumbled.

“I’ll do that tomorrow, but today, you’re all I’ve got.”

“Do you want me to fill you up again?” He touched her butt and realized that she was naked. Instead of answering, she wrapped his arms around her waist and closed her eyes. He really wanted to fuck her so hard she would forget all about Todd, but he was actually quite tired. He had cum inside her three times already. If she was still in his bed in the morning, he would ream her with his morning wood.

Every day since Adrian could remember, the two siblings had fought over everything; the bathroom in the morning, who got to shower first, what food belonged to whom, what to watch on TV. That night, he dreamed of never having to argue with Riley again.

He would watch anything with her if she just sat on his lap the whole time. They could just share the shower. Rather than rushing to get to the bathroom first in the morning, he would just let her have it. She would need it more after all she would be limping with his cum leaking out of her. Every day she would trot down the stairs in front of him and he would smack her pantyclad ass as it bounced, hanging out of her school skirt.

He was looking forward to life with his sister more than ever before.

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