The Neanderthal Kingdom

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“We cannot trust the flat foreheads,” said Obol, and the tall, broad-shouldered, burly and brown-skinned Neanderthal leader looked at his colleagues, his face grim. Obol was born and raised in Ochre Valley, located in what would eventually be known as Northeastern Africa. Obol hadn’t lived to see thirty five winters without becoming ruthless. Among the Neanderthals, the strong survived and the weak died. There was simply no other way.

As leader of a Neanderthal tribe, Obol was used to dealing with a multitude of threats. After all, he was the one who led the hunt, never knowing when a hunt might prove to be his last. In this savage land, there were many predators, from dire wolves to sabretooth cats, giant snakes and flesh-eating, gigantic pigs known as Entelodonts. The mammoths and the mastodons were also quite dangerous, as were the woolly rhinos, short-faced bears and giant sloths. Humans, of course, were the worst predators of all…

Obol remembered the days when his father, Matok, fought against the humans who invaded their former home, in the distant Fadru, not far from the Great Sea. The Neanderthal tribesmen fought bravely, but the physically weaker but quick-witted humans outnumbered them. With sticks and stones, the humans descended upon the mighty horde of the Neanderthals, and slaughtered them. Obol fled that day, vowing revenge upon the humans.

The Neanderthal folk, a race of burly, muscular, bumpy-forehead humanoids, had been the undisputed masters of the planet Earth for two hundred thousand years. They fought against the land, the harsh winters, and the ferocious beasts. They endured the cataclysms, the mass extinctions, and the rise and fall of the megafauna. Now, a new threat had emerged, another breed of humanoid known simply as the humans. These slender, nearly hairless, smooth-headed humans were vicious, and had already slain too many of the Neanderthals.

Obol, leader of the marauding band known as the Prowlers, advocated against his people tolerating the presence of humans in their land. At present time, the human tribe numbered only a few dozen members, but their numbers were on the rise. Wherever humans went, life ceased. The humans hunted the animals with wild abandon, killing for pleasure rather than to feed themselves. They were a blight upon the land, and Obol wanted this threat eliminated.

“Ha, Obol, you’re one to talk,” said a female Hunter named Mala, and she pointed to Obol’s mate Sela, who sat at the entrance of the cave, sewing a mammoth hide into a winter skin. Tall and dark-skinned, with a curvy body and a smooth face framed by long locks, Sela was definitely not a Neanderthal female. Sela was a human woman, from a dark-skinned tribe that had emerged seemingly out of nowhere. How Sela came to be Obol’s mate was quite the story.

“Sela is not your concern, Mala,” Obol said angrily, and Mala shrugged her shoulders, her eyes filled with defiance. Obol closed his canlı bahis eyes hard, remembering how the tribe had reacted when he’d brought Sela home. He’d gone hunting, and had been wounded fighting a pair of sabretooth cats. Obol, cornered by the fearsome beasts, was ready to make his last stand, armed with his spear. Sela came running, fleeing from a band of other dark-skinned humans. Apparently, the humans fought their own kind as well as the Neanderthals, and they showed mercy to no one…

“Husband, I can speak for myself,” Sela said haughtily as she approached the leaders circle. Obol’s heart skipped a beat as his mate came forward. Sela’s command of the Neanderthal language had grown in the two years since they’d met. Sela had proven herself to be a loyal mate, and she bore Obol a son, little Omak. Sela walked up to Obol and kissed him on the lips, and then looked at the assembled Neanderthal leaders.

“When Obol met me, I was an outcast among my own people, another tribe of humans killed my father and mother, and I swore revenge, I joined Obol after he saved my life,” Sela said sharply. The dark-skinned human female looked at the Neanderthal men and Neanderthal women, holding their gaze effortlessly. On the night they met, Sela and Obol freed themselves from their human captors and murdered them in their sleep before escaping. They’d been together ever since.

“We are supposed to trust a woman who slays her own kind and allies with her enemies?” said Mala, and the female Neanderthal laughed harshly. Sela looked at Mala and laughed, and then, before anyone could react, Sela grabbed a blade she kept in her tunic, and held it against Mala’s throat. She’d moved so fast that the other Neanderthals, including Obol, froze. They hadn’t seen this bit of treachery coming.

“Mala, if I wanted you dead, you would be, I am not your enemy,” Sela said, and she pulled the blade away from the Neanderthal woman’s throat, and put it back in her tunic. Mala breathed a sigh of relief, and looked at Sela with newfound respect. The Neanderthals are a strong breed, more than three times stronger than humans on average. While the Neanderthals are a noble species, believing in respecting the land and the animals, and living in harmony with nature, the humans are bloodthirsty, believing that the world is theirs for the taking. The world wasn’t big enough for both species…

“Sela, you forget yourself,” Obol said, somewhat angrily, and Sela flashed her mate a smile, before bowing her head, assuming a submissive posture. Obol shook his head, and a forlorn Sela retreated to the cave, feeling the gaze of every Neanderthal man and Neanderthal woman on her back. Not for the first time Sela wondered how different her life might have been if her family hadn’t been slaughtered by another human tribe. She wouldn’t have met Obol, and she wouldn’t be here…

When the meeting concluded, Obol returned to his cavern. Sela awaited, having bahis siteleri already checked up on their slumbering son Omak. Taking off his coat, which he’d made out of a sabretooth cat’s skin, Obol headed for bed, where Sela awaited. Please don’t argue and let me sleep, Obol mused, hoping that his wife was not about to trouble him with late-night talks and arguments. He silently prayed against such an event.

“Obol, I apologize,” Sela said, and she grinned at her mate, pressing her curvy body against his. Obol was not used to hearing his mate apologize. Sela was prideful and haughty, although her cleverness had proved useful to the tribe. Sela had taught the Neanderthals how to domesticate and ride horses, something which had proven useful to them while hunting. Obol and the other hunters found it easier to run down mammoth, bison and giant sloth on horseback before taking them down. They’d become much more proficient hunters under Obol’s leadership, thanks to Sela’s cleverness.

“We do not kill our own,” Obol told Sela, repeating the Sacred Law passed down from parent to offspring among the Neanderthals ever since the days of Arik the Law Giver, a legendary Neanderthal leader from eons ago. Sela nodded, and took Obol’s face into her hands. He was rugged, with a sloping forehead, a thick beard, and dark brown skin, and to most human females, the Neanderthal leader would have looked ugly. To Sela, Obol was her mate, the father of her son, and the man who saved her life. Sela kissed Obol passionately, and he embraced her.

“Make love to me,” Sela demanded, and Obol was more than happy to oblige. He laid Sela on the bed of furs, and admired her curvaceous, ebony-hued body. Sela was darker than most Neanderthals, whose skin tones ranged from lily-white to bronze, dark bronze, and dark brown. To most Neanderthal men, Sela would have looked ugly, with her nearly hairless body, her small size, and those huge round buttocks of hers. To Obol, Sela was his mate, the mother of his son, and the love of his life.

“Gladly,” Obol said, and he began kissing Sela from her head to her toes. The dark-skinned human female sighed happily as her Neanderthal mate made love to her. Obol kissed Sela’s nipples and sucked on them, while his huge hand slid between her thick, dark thighs. Sela gasped as Obol’s thick fingers began probing her vagina. Sela exhaled sharply, welcoming Obol’s touch. He was raw and passionate, with greater stamina than most human males, and Sela could not get enough of him.

“Yes,” Sela cried out, as Obol put her on all fours and caressed her thick buttocks. She arched her back, and pressed her bum against his groin. Obol’s member, which was twelve inches long, a bit on the short side for a Neanderthal phallus, but definitely bigger than the average human male, thickened as Sela excited awaited penetration. With a swift thrust, Obol buried his member inside Sela, slamming his penis into her vagina. bahis şirketleri Sela moaned, welcoming her mate inside of her. Just like that, the Neanderthal man and the human woman began to fuck like there was no tomorrow…

“Ride me,” Obol groaned, as he lay flat on his back, and Sela straddled him. The dark-skinned human female rode her Neanderthal lover hard, her breasts swaying this way and that as she impaled herself on his thick member. Obol and Sela fucked passionately, thoroughly enjoying one another. When dawn came, it found them in each other’s arms, happy as can be.

“Together we will be invincible,” Sela told Obol, as the morning sun greeted them. The couple checked up on their son Omak, and then went out to meet the other hunters. A Neanderthal female sentinel named Aya spotted a herd of mega bison down in the valley, and the hunters and huntresses gathered their horses and weapons, preparing for the hunt. With Sela and Obol leading them, providing them with stern leadership, brute force and lethal cleverness, no man or beast could stand before the Neanderthal band known as the Prowlers…

Sela proved instrumental to the success of Obol’s band, and the fate of all humans. When the Neanderthals were victorious over the humans, Sela encouraged them to take humans as captives, rather than murdering them. In time, many Neanderthal women took human males as lovers, and many more Neanderthal men took human females as mates as well. The result was a new breed which was different from both humans and Neanderthals. These half-breeds possessed the darker skin tone of their human parents, and the ferocity and strength of their Neanderthal parents, while lacking their sloping foreheads. They were an entirely new order of being.

In time, the half-breeds numbers began to spread, and they absorbed the Neanderthal population of Africa into their gene pool. Among the many breeds in the area, there were a group of cave-dwelling humanoid albinos whom the fierce human/Neanderthal half-breeds came into conflict with. The half-breeds conquered all of Africa, and thus a new race was born, the black race. The descendants of the Neanderthal/human half-breeds drove the albinos out of Africa. They fled to the lands that would later be known as Europe, Asia, and the Americas. They became the ancestors of every group of human not descended from Sub-Saharan Africa, the tropical domain of the conqueror Neanderthal/human half-breeds.

Omak, son of Neanderthal chief Obol, and human female shaman Sela, is the ancestor of the First True African. Scientists believe that all humans without Sub-Saharan African DNA are descended from Neanderthals, and this is erroneous. The Neanderthal traits of strength, intelligence, empathy and an abundance mentality are very much alive in Sub-Saharan Africans today, buried deep within their patrilineal DNA. By contrast, the traits shared by other, more ancient breeds of human, such as sociopathy, xenophobia, and a scarcity mentality, are very much alive among certain groups of modern humans today. Omak’s descendants endure hell on earth, but as the world was once theirs, so it shall be again. Let the truth be told…

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