The Man with Magic Hands Ch. 02

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After the revelations of the party, I noticed more and more how my hands seemed to have unusual effects on women. A handshake would linger a little longer than necessary. Any kind of touch would create a little shiver, or a big smile. I would often receive comments like ‘what warm hands you have!’ It was fun to ask a random woman if I could just brush a bug off her shoulder and then watch her reaction as I touched her with my fingers – little electric sparks penetrating the skin and presumably making their way down to her loins.

And then, of course, there was dancing.

It’s surprising how little contact humans have in everyday life. As a graphic designer, I spent much of my life behind a desk. And although I played badminton and tennis, It’s very rare that you actually touch your opponents. I’m not sure if my ‘gift’ had any effect on men, but I shudder to think how life might have turned out if I’d played rugby!

But on the dance floor, skin contact is almost mandatory.

I wouldn’t say I was much of a ‘looker’ if you know what I mean. Not exactly Brad Pitt material. But I found myself heading out to the local club on Friday and Saturday nights, brimming with confidence. At first I struggled with approaching girls and asking them to dance. I was often met with indifference, or a firm put down. But once I reached over and rested my fingers on a girl’s arm, everything changed. Eyes would light up. Lips would part and curl into a smile. That was essentially how I met Laura.

“Sorry. Tired. Enjoying my drink,” she said at first. She was hovering at the bar with a couple of mates. Previously I would have been petrified of approaching a group of girls in such a situation. But not tonight. I touched her arm.

“Maybe later?” I said, resting my hand across her wrist. Her eyes lit up and she hesitated. I guess the magic had stirred something down below. She looked at me deeply.

“Actually, why not,” she said and took my hand. We trotted out on to the dance floor.

“Laura,” she stated, gripping my hands and pulling me into a bop.

“Rick,” I replied simply.

It was a lively song so little opportunity to touch but Laura was clearly enjoying herself. Like most men, I just tried to keep in time! After a couple of minutes the tune bahis firmaları changed and the tempo slowed. That was my opportunity to move in close.

“There’s something about you,” she murmured as we gyrated. My hands were brushing her bare arms, sending shivers through her body.

“People say I have magic hands,” I replied. On reflection that was pretty lame but I was beginning to think it might actually be true.

“mmm,” she cooed softly above the music. “So what else can you do with them?” She was grinning, enjoying my touch.

“Come back to my place and I’ll show you.” I reached around and slid my hands under her blouse, pressing my palms into the small of her back. She shuddered and pressed herself against me.

“I can’t wait that long!” she cried, grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the exit. I thought that maybe we were leaving, but she diverted towards the toilets and dragged me into the ladies.

“Oi! Girls room!” Shouted someone from the sinks.

“Fuck off,” said Laura sternly, pulling me into a cubicle. “I need cock!” She closed the door to a chorus of giggles from the room. “You go, girl!” someone shouted.

Laura pushed me against the wall and kissed me hard. Her hands were already tugging at my jeans and I wasn’t complaining, so I unclipped the buttons and she pulled them down unceremoniously. My cock sprung into view, already hardening from her kisses. She stroked it and kissed me again.

“I want you inside me,” she whispered.

Now I may be a little shy about approaching women, but there’s no hesitation when it comes to getting laid! I spun her around and she leaned against the opposite wall. Pulling up her skirt, I reached underneath and cupped her crotch through her panties. She groaned as I rubbed her, feeling the moisture through the cotton. She slipped them off, discarding them on the floor and spread her legs. I reached around with both hands and pressed my cock against her crack.

I kept one hand between her legs as I fumbled in my pocket for a condom. I was going to unwrap it but she stopped me from pulling away.

“Don’t stop,” she cooed, breathlessly. “I’ll do it.”

In a surprisingly agile move, she took the condom, ripped it open and reached around to place it over the head of my kaçak iddaa pole. All without turning. It’s surprising what you can do in the heat of lust. She was still rocking against my fingers. I rolled the johnny down with my spare hand and guided it to her opening. It slipped into her wet snatch and we both gasped.

“Oh yea,” I grunted as I thrust into her. I could feel her contraction almost immediately and she panted and groaned as I fucked her against the wall of the cubicle.

“My tits,” she murmured. “Touch my tits!”

I reached up with both hands and cupped her boobs. They were small but with very pert nipples and as I brushed my palms across them she came. As her vagina contracted I couldn’t hold back and thrust hard into her, pulsing as I came with her.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I grunted as I unloaded. It was only at that point that we both remembered it was a public toilet. It was very quiet outside the cubicle. Someone giggled and started clapping which was briefly followed by applause and laughter.


Laura turned out to be quite a voracious young woman. She was soon popping in most evenings after work.

“Just lay those wicked hands on me,” she purred as she stripped and lay back on the bed. I started rubbing her feet, moving up her calves and thighs. She shivered with anticipation. By the time I reached the inside of her thighs, I could see she was wet, droplets oozing from her labia. I stroked her tummy and brushed a finger over her pussy lightly.

“Yes please,” she cried.

“Not yet,” I chuckled. “Make it last!” I continued rubbing her torso, moving along the sides of her stomach towards her breasts.

“Oh, God, yes!” she cried out as I glided over her nipples. She arched her back and shook gently.

“For fuck’s sake, have you cum already? I’ve hardly touched you!” She just grinned like the Cheshire cat.

“You’re insatiable!” I said leaning across to kiss her.

“It’s not me, big boy.” she murmured. “It’s that electric touch of yours. Nobody else I know can do this to me.”

I climbed between her legs which she parted to make way. As I slid into her wet pussy, she shuddered again. I rather enjoyed the fact that, having satisfied my woman, there was no need to hold back. Sometimes a slow gentle kaçak bahis thrusting, or just holding myself inside her, like those Indian Tantric stories you hear, feeling her vagina throb. And at other times I would simply fuck her hard and fast, pounding that tight wet pussy as she arched and screamed. She clawed at my back leaving long red welts as I emptied my balls into her cunt. Then we’d collapse on the bed, panting hard.

I lay on my side one evening, taking in her gorgeous body, flushed and glistening.

“I wish all women were as easy to please as you are!” I said, although to be fair I can’t say I’d ever had any complaints.

“How many women have you shagged?” She asked.

“Not enough!” I replied. “And they don”t always come back.”

She stared at me. “I find that hard to believe. I’m hanging on to you for as long as you let me. In fact, I’d bloody pay you for it if I had too!” I chuckled at the thought.


Things had not been going that well at work. The company was losing money and it was a Friday morning when the boss took me to one side.

“Rick, you’re a great designer, but things are pretty bad. We have to do something to save money. How to do feel about cutting back to a couple of days a week?”

Obviously I was gutted. I loved my job. But after a chat I realised there really wasn’t much choice. It was going to be a struggle but I thought I might be able to get some freelance work to make up. I told Laura over the weekend.

“Babes, that’s horrible,” she sighed.

We made love as usual that evening and she was very quiet for a few minutes afterwards.

“I’m probably going to regret this,” she started, turning towards me. “But have you thought about massage?”

I was momentarily confused. “I’d love one, thanks,” I replied. “Can you start on my shoulders?”

“No sweetie. I mean giving massage. You have very, um… skilful hands. I imagine there would be quite a demand.” She grinned and the penny dropped. I thought about the idea for a minute.

“So you’re suggesting I offer some kind of erotic service?” I said. I must confess the idea had a certain appeal. “And you’d be Ok with that?”

“I suppose,” she said softly. “I mean, we’re not exactly an item. I can’t stop you seeing other women. And besides, you wouldn’t need to fuck them. Just use those magic hands of yours.”

I laughed. “A gigolo?”

“Professional Masseur,” she murmured. “With a very happy ending. You’d make a fucking fortune.”

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