The Professor’s Women Ch. 10

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Female Ejaculation

This is the tenth installment of my story about a family with an interesting dynamic. Herein you will see how the professor is reunited with his daughter, and all their lives change for the better.


The Professor’s Women

Chapter Ten: Homecomings

As Jackson walked across the campus at the same time Kathy was talking to Audrey, he noticed a dozen or more men in black suits and dark glasses, wearing earpieces, and shoulder holsters, were swarming all over the Quad.

When he got to his office, one of these men was waiting for him. Jackson unlocked the door and invited the FBI agent in. Agent Gunther handed a list of names to the professor, and as Jackson looked at the list, he realized that most of the names were the people from the University who had tendered their resignations, earlier in the summer, and the rest were the local politicians and notables who had been swept up in the real estate scam that had just been unearthed.

Jackson opened his filing cabinet and gave the agent a copy of the list he had picked up in the Chancellor’s office his first day back on campus that contained the names of those on the agent’s list that were connected to the University.

When the agent asked Jackson how he had come into possession of his list, he pointed to the date, ‘7/8/2005’, and the heading, ‘The Office of the Chancellor’, and explained to the agent that he had picked it up the day he returned from vacation. The agent thanked him and left his office talking into his lapel as he walked down the stairway at the end of the hallway.

A few minutes later, Leslie walked in and asked Jackson, “Why are there G-Men all over campus?” Jackson told her about the ‘list’, and she said, “They’re about a month late, aren’t they?” Jackson just nodded.

About ten o’clock, Leslie answered the phone, and told Jackson it was from Saul. His lawyer asked him how things were. The professor told him about the FBI swarming all over the campus, and about the ‘list’. He told Saul that he had given Agent Gunther a copy of a list of resignations he had picked up at the Chancellor’s office his first day back, a month ago, and that coincidentally the names on his list matched most of the names on the agent’s list.

Saul laughed out loud saying, “Just like the Feds, always a day late and a dollar short.”

He told Jackson that this was the final ‘mopping up’, and as far as he knew there would be no more surprises. Jackson told Saul that his house should be done by week’s end, and he was going to have the girls start for home the following Monday.

After he hung up, Jackson let out a big sigh, and asked Leslie, “What do we have on the agenda for tomorrow’s staff meeting?” She told him there were a few requests for books and computer access issues, but nothing major.

He thanked her, and told her to let him know if anything needed his attention, because he was going to have coffee with his girlfriend. She smiled and waved goodbye to him as he walked out the door.

As he walked across the Quad, he noticed that all of the Feds had mysteriously disappeared. When he entered Kathy’s office, she was surprised to see him, asking him, “Are you ‘playing hookie’ darling?”

When he asked her if she would like to go for a coffee, she jumped out of her chair, and told her assistant that she would be ‘out’ for a half hour. They grabbed coffee from the commissary in the Art building lobby, and sat under a tree just outside the door.

He told her about the Fed’s and their ‘list’ and how he had the same list from a month before. She told him about her conversation with Audrey that morning, and how the poor girl had an orgasm when Kathy told her she could hold Jackson’s ‘Monster’.

She told Jackson about the very repressed background the girl had come from, and that, if handled properly, losing her virginity might be good for her mental health. Jackson said he agreed, but they should wait until after Dr. Stewart met with Audrey.

They finished their coffee and kissed goodbye, and as he walked back to his office, he met the construction foreman on his house renovation project. Jake told him that he had been trying to get in touch with him because the project was ahead of schedule. The subcontractors had finished with their work, and that painting and cleanup were all that remained. He also said that there was some furniture in their warehouse to replace the items that were damaged. He told Jackson that he would be able to start moving in Thursday or Friday, and if he wanted to stop by after four thirty, he could give him a tour. Jackson thanked him and said he would.

When he got back to his office, he called Kathy’s office. Her assistant told him that the professor was out, so Jackson asked her to tell Kathy to meet him at 204 E. College Avenue, after work that day.

At 4:30, as Jackson was walking down the sidewalk of the 200 block of E. College, he heard the familiar drone of the MG’s 4 cylinder engine behind him. She stopped alongside of Jackson, and asked him güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri why he wanted her to meet him here. He reached out his hand and said, “Come on darling, I want to show you our house.”

She got out of her car and looked puzzled as she asked, “Isn’t this the house you used to live in with Elizabeth?”

He smiled as he took her hand and said, “This is our house now dear,” and led her up the front stairs to where Jake was waiting on the porch for them.

They were led through the front door and Jackson was pleased that the living room, the dining room and the kitchen, although devoid of furniture, looked much like it did when he left in in early June. The painting was nearly done on the main floor, and Jake showed him the new ‘powder room’ under the stairway that was made possible by the total replacement of the plumbing.

Then Jake took them upstairs, where the smell of fresh paint was much stronger. They were shown the remodeled bathroom where the finish coat of plaster was drying. Jackson pointed to the large soaker tub, and the combination toilet and bidet, and said to Kathy, “We’ll have a lot of fun with those.”

She smiled and whispered, “I can’t wait darling.”

Jake showed them the new built-in closets and wardrobes in the hallway and both bedrooms before taking them back downstairs, telling Jackson, “We only had to do cosmetic repairs to the stairway, and what furniture that wasn’t damaged was put in storage. If you will come to the Facilities Building on Wednesday, I will show you the original furniture that was not damaged and let you pick out whatever you need to furnish the rest of the house from our inventory.”

As he was walking down the curved oak stairway, Jake told Jackson that construction on the new garage would start on Monday because the concrete pad would be properly cured by then. As they walked outside, Jackson thanked Jake for the tour, and the couple walked, hand-in-hand, to the green sports car parked at the curb.

As they drove to her condo, neither spoke a word, and when they walked through her door, she wrapped her arms around him, kissing him and said, “My God Jackson, your home is so beautiful. Do you really want me to live there with you?”

“Kathy,” he said, “the only way I want to live there now is with you by my side.”

She said, “I have been hearing about your house for years, but I had never seen the inside of it before today. Your home is so lovely, and it looks like a small palace Jackson. I would love to live there with you, but where will Traci sleep?”

Jackson kissed her and said, “There are two bedrooms on the second floor. She can sleep in her own bedroom at the end of the hall, that is, when she isn’t sharing our bed with us.”

Later, as they lie in bed enjoying post orgasmic bliss, Jackson said, “Now that things seem to be settling down, I think I will call Traci tomorrow and tell her to start driving home next Monday.”

Kathy said, “I can’t wait for us to meet darling, I remember how cute she was as a little girl, and I watched from a distance as she grew into a beautiful young woman.”

Jackson smiled and told his lover that Traci’s two bisexual cousins would be accompanying her on the trip, and said, “You will be awash in horny young pussy when they get here.”

She reached under the covers, and noticing his ‘Monster’ was erect again, climbed aboard and rode him until they fell asleep exhausted, and still connected.

The next morning, as they were getting ready for work, Jackson asked her where she thought a good place to have the session with Audrey. Kathy suggested the studio in the attic of her building. Jackson thought that was a good Idea, and he would meet them there at 10AM.

Wednesday morning at nine thirty, a mountain of a man walked through the doorway of Jackson’s office, and said to Leslie in his thick Scottish brogue, “Good mornin’ lovely lassie, would Dr. Powell be in?”

Just as she started to open her mouth, Jackson came through the door saying, “Good morning Dr. Stewart, you’re early.” The two men shook hands, and Jackson introduced his colleague to his assistant, saying, “Leslie, this is Dr. Stewart from Glasgow, by way of Urbana, and he is in town to help me with that special project I am working on. Hold all my calls or appointments until after lunch, please.” and the two men walked out of the office together.

As they walked across the Quad, Jackson told Wilfred about Audrey’s upbringing by her unwed mother, and how sexually repressed her adolescence must have been. He asked the Scotsman if that could have been the reason for her condition. The big man scratched his beard, and said, “Abnormal treatment during adolescence by a parent has been the cause of many psychoses in adults.” They reached the Visual Arts Department building and Jackson explained that they were meeting in a secluded studio where they would not be disturbed.

When they walked through the door of the studio, they saw the little waiflike redhead güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri sitting on the couch with Kathy. The large Scotsman walked over to the two ladies, and knelt in front of them. He lowered his voice, and spoke in a soothing voice, “My, what a wee bairn, let me look at ye.” Audrey looked up at the large, kindly man, and leaned forward into him, burying her face in his chest, as he wrapped her up in his arms like he was ‘Father Christmas’.

As he held her as she was sobbing, he told Jackson and Kathy, “Might we have some time alone, so I can have a talk with the child?”

They both nodded, and as Kathy turned on the small video camera set up facing the couch, she said, “We will be in my office, one floor down.”

About an hour later, the big Scotsman came through the door of Kathy’s office carrying Audrey ‘piggy-back’, and set her down after they entered the room. The young girl kissed the big man on his cheek and saying, “Thank you doctor.” She excused herself, and left the office.

Doctor Stewart pulled up a chair and sat down across from the couch the couple were sitting on, and said, “It is my belief that this young girl does not have PGAD. She does, however have deep seated anxieties about sex and her body’s reaction to arousal. I believe that this is rooted in the way her mother treated her when she was going through puberty. She said that her mother was ostracized by her whole family for having a child out of wedlock.”

The large Scotsman continued, “She told me that after she first menstruated, her mother treated her differently than she had before, telling her that she was going to Hell because she was cursed just like Eve. She told me that as long as she concentrated on her studies, and ignored boys, her mother treated her better. However, when she received her scholarship, her mother stopped talking to her, and she hadn’t heard from her since she left home. I believe the best way for her to recover is to spend time in a home with loving adults, like you two.”

“Are you suggesting that we have her move in with us?” Kathy asked.

“Not necessarily, I think you should let her dine with you, help her with her school work, and show her friendship and consideration.” Dr. Stewart said and continued, “If you can, arrange for her to have a Gynecologist examine her and put her on oral birth control. That way she will not suffer the same fate as her mother. After that, just being around a couple like you who have a normal healthy sex life will do much to quell her fears about sex.”

Jackson and Kathy told the doctor they would do their best for the girl and thanked him for his help. Dr. Stewart told them to keep in touch, and that he wanted to see the girl in thirty days to evaluate her progress.

Kathy checked her calendar and said that she had Wednesday September the 14th open. Kathy told the doctor that she would make a copy of the recording for herself, and send the original to him. They all stood, shook hands, and the two men walked across the campus together, discussing the case at hand.

When Jackson got back to his office, he grabbed his briefcase and told Leslie he was going to lunch. He grabbed a sandwich and Dr. Pepper from the student union and walked to his apartment. Once inside, he called Traci on his Tracfone, and told her that he would like for her to start for home the next Monday.

When she stopped screaming excitedly, he told Traci to drive Liz to Cousin Vinnie’s garage to have the oil changed and checked over to make sure she was ready for the cross-country trip.

He told her to tell Vinnie that he was going to have the twins return his Mercedes, when they drove back home after their ‘vacation’. He also told her that he would arrange for her to have a credit card to pay for travel expenses.

When he got back to his office, he called Saul, and asked if he could arrange to get a credit card to Vinnie by Monday, so that Traci and the twins would have a way to pay for their trip to Illinois. Saul said he would take care of it, and said he was excited to see Traci and the twins.

After he hung up, Leslie brought him his mail and memos from various department heads. He spent the rest of the afternoon reading and responding to the mail and messages by writing notes on the bottom of each memo or letter that needed a response, and gave them to Leslie to type up and send them out for him.

As he walked out of his building, he ran into Jake, who told Jackson that his crew had just put the finishing touches on his house. He said that the keys would be waiting for him in the Campus Housing office the next day. Jackson thanked him, and walked across the campus to meet Kathy at her car.

They both reached the car at the same time, and Jackson told her the house would be ready to move into the next day, and Kathy told him that Audrey was joining them for dinner. When they pulled into the parking lot of Kathy’s condo, the young student was waiting for them. After they had dinner, the güvenilir bahis şirketleri two ladies retired to the bedroom as Jackson was cleaning up the dishes, and putting away the leftovers.

A few minutes later, they asked Jackson to join them. When he entered the room, both of the women were nude, and reclining on the bed. They told Jackson to disrobe, and join them. He did, and stood at the foot of the bed, looking at the beautiful young girl who had a perfectly proportioned body with much larger breasts than he imagined had been hiding under the baggy clothes she normally wore.

Audrey’s eyes got huge and she said, “Oh my God, it really is that big!” She crawled to the end of the bed, and when she touched his flaccid ‘Monster’, it twitched. She grasped it with both hands and watched it grow to full size as she stroked it.

When it started leaking pre-cum, Kathy said, “Go ahead, taste it dear, you’ll like it.”

She stuck out her tongue and licked the ooze off of the head and said, “Yummy!” She was fascinated by the way the foreskin retracted when she was stroking it, and took the head into her mouth and started sucking on it.

For some reason, Jackson was so aroused by the young girl’s action that he lost control for the first time since he was a teenager, and erupted. Audrey was so surprised that she couldn’t swallow all of his seed, and it filled her mouth and leaked out all over her face and chest.

As she was coughing, trying to swallow his load, Kathy started licking Jackson’s emissions off of the young lady and swallowing them. After she was finished, she helped the young girl lie down. Jackson crawled between her legs, and started licking the young girl’s vulva.

Audrey started moaning and squirming from his ministrations, and he inserted one, then two fingers of his right hand into virginal vagina until he felt her hymen. When her juices started to ooze out of her, he wetted the index finger of his left hand with her juices, and inserted it into her rectum. This pushed her over the edge, and she came with a blood curdling scream, and lost consciousness.

When the young girl opened her eyes, she saw her two companions involved in energetic lovemaking. Just as Kathy started convulsing from her orgasm, Jackson pulled out of her, and Audrey took his place, licking, sucking, and fingering her professor until she came down.

As they lay together, Audrey told the two, “I want you to make me a woman,” as she held Jackson’s ‘Monster’.

“Audrey dear,” Kathy said, “A cock like that is not for beginners. Trying to take Jackson may cause irreparable damage to your body. Your first time should be with someone more ‘normal’ sized.”

Jackson added, “My dear sweet girl, in my life there have only been six women who have been able to accept me without pain or extreme discomfort. I would love to be your first, but if I ruined you, it would haunt me for the rest of my life.”

“I have an idea.” Kathy said, and reached into the drawer of her bedside table, retrieving a realistic looking pink rubber phallus about six inches long and about one inch thick. She handed it to Jackson and said, “Would you do the honors, dear?”

Jackson took the instrument and plunged it into Kathy’s vagina to lubricate it. Next he placed a pillow under Audrey’s butt and started to lick her labia and clitoris. When she started to moan and squirm, he pulled the lubricated toy out of Kathy, and gently inserted it into the young girl’s virginal vagina until he felt her hymen.

He slid it in and out of her several times until their eyes met, and he asked, “Are you ready?” She nodded, biting her lower lip in anticipation. He started pushing until he felt her barrier start to yield, and retracted. He pushed back in again, and this time her hymen broke, causing her to gasp and involuntarily raise her hips, driving the toy completely into her.

When the young girl composed herself moments later, she grabbed his hand and said, “I’m ready, fuck me now!” As he started slowly stroking in and out of her, she started to moan, “Yes, harder, faster, I love this!”

As Jackson increased his speed and intensity, Kathy started kissing Audrey, and playing with her nipples. Time seemed to stand still for the three lovers, and Audrey grabbed ahold of Jackson’s cock with one hand and stuck two fingers of her other hand inside Kathy’s vagina. Finally, all three experienced a mutual orgasm, and they collapsed together on the bed, and fell fast asleep. Jackson and Kathy woke up about an hour later, and covered the sleeping girl with a blanket. They walked quietly into the living room, and sat together to talk about what had just happened.

“What have we done Kathy? Did we go too far? Have we ruined this poor child?” Jackson asked.

“I don’t think so darling. I believe she will be fine.” Kathy said.

“What should I do if she wants me to fuck her with my ‘Monster’?” Jackson asked.

“I don’t think that will happen, but if it does, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” Kathy answered.

Just then the young girl walked out of the bedroom, wiping the sleep from her eyes. She climbed on the couch between the two nude adults and said, “I know this may sound strange, but I don’t feel horny any more. My mind seems to be clear for the first time since I had my first period.”

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