The Petitioner

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She was sitting on the couch watching The Simpson’s, reading the evening news, and getting high. Her regular evening ritual. She had shucked off her work clothes as she hit the front door, and was left with only black lace boy shorts and a white tank top. She sighed as she hung up her work clothes and caught a glimpse of her ass in the mirror. Large, full, round, yet surprisingly firm for 42 years; the boy shorts looked quite perky stretched across her ass cheeks.

“You will never be confused for Kate Moss” Holly chuckled to herself, tossing her shoulder length blond hair behind her.

The Simpson’s theme song was just beginning when her dog rose to his feet and started barking. Exhaling a lung full of smoke and wrapping a quilt around her ample hips, she went to open the door.

Standing on her step was a guy – early thirties maybe – shaved head, spike earrings, and sporty glasses. He was holding a sheaf of papers and checking the house number when she slid the door open and said hello.

“Hi, I’m Robert, and I’m with NORMLS. I was wondering if you had time to sign our petition?”

“NORMLS? You mean the pot people?” Holly asked.

“Well, we like to think of ourselves as more than that.” Robert smiled and Holly noticed his eyes checking out her cleavage. Wow! What a nice smile. Even white teeth with a mustache – nice compliment to the shaved head. Holly was getting interested.

Robert started going into his speech about how we need to change our laws regarding marijuana, how many people were clogging up our jails and legal system because of simple marijuana use violations. Holly watched him. He was very cute – short, stocky and sexy. He looked right into her eyes and smiled as he spoke.

She finally interrupted him. “Um, Robert, do you want to come in? I mean, instead of standing out there on the step?” She backed up and opened the door, the sweet aroma of pot spilling out into the night air.

“Sure.” Robert looked up and smiled again, “thanks.” He followed her into the house.

Holly settled him on the couch and sat across from him. She dropped the quilt from around her waist, showing off her thick round thighs in the shorts. She propped her foot up on the coffee table. Robert almost slipped right off the couch as he glanced up and saw her sitting there, thighs exposed, breasts straining against the confines of the tank top. She picked up the pipe and relit it – drawing a quick hit and passed it across the couch to Robert.

“See – I’m already on your side.” Holly said as she expelled the smoke towards his face. Indecision crossed his face as he reached for the pipe.

“I’m not sure if I should be doing this on bahis firmaları the job.” Robert hesitated then set the pipe back down. “Maybe we should just take a look at this petition.”

Holly picked the pipe back up and scooted over on the couch next to Robert so she could see the papers. Their heads touched as they both looked down at the papers in his hands. She took another small hit as she sunk in closer to him. Their legs were touching. She could feel his warmth. She slowly let her breath out towards his ear. Robert clenched his papers and cleared his throat.

“Are you sure you don’t want some of this?” She whispered into his ear.

“Well, um, maybe just a bit.” He stammered.

She again lit the pipe but instead of handing it to him, she put the bowl into her mouth and leaned towards him, blowing smoke from the pipe stem. She got close enough to almost touch his lips as she blew him a shotgun. Robert sucked at the smoked, reaching out to touch Holly’s cheek.

“Whoa!” He coughed. “You’re killing me!”

Holly giggled, put down the pipe and brought her face back to Robert’s. He leaned in and gently kissed her lips, blowing the hit back at her. She held his chin and sucked in the smoke. He pulled her bottom lip into his mouth, sucking gently. She looked into his large brown eyes. He had a mixture of disbelief and anticipation on his face – so sexy. Gently she opened her lips and pulled his tongue into her mouth, without letting go she slowly turned and straddled his lap.

Her plump ass was nicely rubbing against his thighs and their crotches were nearly touching. She could feel the heat coming from her own body as she pressed against him, slowly rubbing her nipples against his chest. He reached for the tank top, sliding the straps from her shoulders, fingers gently touching her breast. He slipped his hand down to her nipple and heard her gasp as he rubbed the hardening button.

Pulling the top over her head she tossed it aside. Her full tan breasts were gorgeous and she knew it. Robert tentatively reached for her soft jiggling flesh, cupping them in his hands. She leaned towards him, aiming one large erect nipple at his mouth. He opened his mouth, let her guide the nipple home and began sucking. She moaned or rather growled and pulled back against his sucking, making him pull hard on the nipple. He released one and she guided the other tit to his face, urging him to take that nipple into his mouth. He glanced up at her face as he suckled and saw a look of pure pleasure. Slowly she fed him her hardening nipples – first one then the other – again and again. Each time she pulled back harder, making him suck harder and harder on kaçak iddaa those fantastic tits.

She started growling again and began to very gently rub her crotch against his pants. Holly could feel his cock growing. The thin layer of lace covering her pussy was just making her hotter as she gently rubbed herself against him. She grabbed his smooth, bald head and held it to her nipples – not wanting him to stop for even a second. Robert pushed her tits together, trying to get both nipples in his mouth at the same time, sucking, licking and biting. The harder he treated those dark brown nipples the louder she groaned and the more she rubbed against his cock.

Suddenly she rammed her crotch against his as she held his head and cried “Oh god yes.”

Robert felt her orgasm flow over her. As he continued to pinch and suck her nipples he felt the ripples and twitching of her entire body. She practically convulsed on top of him. As her shaking subsided, she opened her eyes to see Robert, still gently holding her breast, watching her intently. Holly blushed, smiled and scooted to the floor between Robert’s knees.

She rubbed the wet spot left on his pants by grinding her pussy on him. His cock was in fine shape now and straining to be freed of clothing. Holly deftly unbuckled, unzipped and released his growing member. Sinking to her knees she lightly rubbed his cock. Feeling its silky smoothness as she brought it to her. God she loved the feeling of a hard, hot cock stroking across her face, mouth, lips. Delicately she stroked his cock as she looked up into those dark brown eyes. Never breaking the connection as she ever so slowly reached for his cock with her tongue. Gazing deeply into his eyes while she pressed that hot fat cock head between her lips.

Holly worked at wetting down his cock. Tenderly she sucked and licked until it was shiny and wet. Robert squirmed at the feather-light touch, hungering for more contact. He could just barely control himself from not bucking his hips at her mouth. Those eyes sometimes closed, sometimes watching his face as she teased and flicked his glands with her tongue. Finally she grasped his cock at the base and inch by inch worked it all the way into her mouth.

The compression on his cock as she started to suck was so damn hot. Robert grunted as she continued to feed his cock down her throat. He felt her grope for his balls and gently massage them between her thumb and fingers of one hand as she held him tight with the other fist. Now she started stroking his cock with her mouth. Deeper and deeper she swallowed up his cock till he could feel it pressing the back of her throat.

“Oh yeah” Robert groaned kaçak bahis and reached for her hair, pulling it back from her face as he wrapped it around his fist.

Holly moaned as he pulled her hair tightly into his hand. Urgently he guided her movements. She let go her grasp to fully take his entire cock. Faster now, she was fucking his cock with her mouth. Over and over she sucked and stroked as his cock slid right down her throat. Robert pumped his hips, gaining even more access. Faster still and Holly was moaning around his cock.

“Yes baby, here it is” Robert hissed and she felt his balls tighten. He raised his hips – and jolted back as she squeezed his balls and clamped her hand around the base of his cock, cutting off his orgasm. “What the….???” Robert cried, his orgasm missed.

Smiling, Holly looked up into his eyes. “Shhhhhhhh.” she whispered. “hold on a second.”

The mixture of let-down and high tension was wild. Robert’s cock was throbbing, wet, hot and needing to cum so bad. His head was spinning as Holly stood up, turned around and pulled those tight black lace panties down her full ass. She bent over the coffee table, resting on her elbows. Her pussy so wet and hot he could feel the heat. Looking over her shoulder at him, she stuck her ass in the air and smiled.

That was all the invitation Robert needed. Standing, still on shaky legs, he thrust the head of his cock at her dripping hole. White hot tight as he pushed into her cunt. Grabbing two handfuls of ass he dragged her to him, burying his cock deep into her. Slowly he stroked into that luscious pussy. She rocked on her heels, meeting him at every thrust, as deeper and deeper he pushed into her. Her sheath clung to his cock, clenching it as he moved faster and faster. Harder and deeper he slammed into her body, slapping against that ass with each stroke. His balls draw up, ready to spew their load and Holly’s crying out “Oh fuck yes – fuck yes baby!”

Robert’s eyes rolled back as the cum streamed from his body, furiously pumping into Holly’s pussy. He felt her clamp down on him and drag the rest of his orgasm from him. They both groaned as the last few thrusts empty their bodies. Panting and gasping they quake against each other, trying to catch their breath.

Shakily, Holly stands up, pulling Robert’s cock from her pussy. “Oh baby” she chuckles. “let me get you something for that.”

She disappears into the kitchen, returning with a warm wet cloth. Seating Robert back on the couch she submissively sits at his feet and proceeds to attentively clean his cock, gently wiping all traces of their mixed cum from his cock and balls. As she continues to minister to every last trace Robert can’t believe he’s getting aroused again. He yelps as she pulls his semi-ridged dick back into her mouth. Very lightly she sucks him totally clean, pulls him from her mouth and smiles up at him again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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